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Coach’s Conquests Ch. 10

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After showering and cleaning up, Bret headed for the parking lot and his Jeep. The site was unbelievable. They there were, all the Lakeville cheerleaders, in bikini tops and denim jean shorts, washing cars and helping to serve barbecued hamburgers, hot dogs and the trimmings.

The crowd was large; it was obvious the girls were rolling in the money. Pamela was also there. She had changed into white shorts and a white T-shirt. When she saw the coach, the T-shirt immediately came off, revealing the same Navy bikini with gold anchors she had worn at the lake. Either she had only one bikini or she saw how impressed the coach was with that one and wanted to repeat the performance. Either way, it worked. Her tits were barely held in by the blue bikini top. He wasn’t the only one to notice. While most of the parents had gone home, the Lakeville players and other students were hanging around, some attempting to flirt with her.

But she made it known she was the enemy. She was from Valley Falls and didn’t want anything to do with any Lakeville people. Well, Lakeville boys, at least. There was one Lakeville man who interested her.

Monique Sellars, decked out in her black and white number, was flirting with the coach, too, trying to get him to take her inside the school to figure out the stats.

“We could crunch some great numbers, I bet,” she whispered, almost rubbing against him.

“Maybe later,” he whispered back. “I have some family coming into town, and I’m not sure how long they’re staying.”

Monique seemed disappointed, but went about washing cars, serving barbecue canlı bahis and generally having fun with her schoolmates. She did notice Bret and Pamela making small talk — and that didn’t sit well.

When Bret and Monique were alone again, the Lakeville senior said, “I can’t believe you’re talking to her. She goes out with their quarterback, you know. Basically, she’s a slut.”

“Well, she seems nice enough. She’s nice enough to help you with your fundraiser. Cut her a bit of slack.”

One thing Bret didn’t want to do was piss off Monique. He had fucked her in his basement, and that didn’t need to get out in public. So he had to be careful. He smoothed it over by whispering how hot she looked in her bikini and promised her a night together soon. Very soon.

When most of the people had cleared out, Bret approached Pamela and made small talk, looking for a sign from her.

He got none. But he did get a smile from Renee’. And therein was a problem. Renee’ and Monique were best friends; Renee’ and Pamela were cousins. He was wondering how much of all of this was going to get back to Renee’ and how much she’d tell the other girl.

Did he even care? At times, he cared very much. He liked his job, he liked his life here and he liked being 3-0. At other times, he didn’t care; he was thinking with his other head. And he liked his young, sexy pussy.

He announced to whomever would listen he was heading home and got in the Jeep. He did remember Pamela had mentioned something about leaving him a present under the seat of the Jeep. He was hoping something would be bahis siteleri there when he left.

Once out of site of the school, he reached underneath and sure enough, found an envelope. He left it there, not wanting to run off the road while his cock grew extremely hard. When he was home in his garage, he opened the envelope and found a note along with a pair of sheer, yellow panties. They were Pamela’s cheerleading panties. The note simply said, “I know where you live. I plan to be there tonight. Don’t worry about Renee’. I have so much dirt on her she’d never tell. I hope you enjoy the panties.”

He smelled them, and they smelled exactly like he thought they would: young, hot pussy. He would hopefully have the real thing that night.

The coach took his mind off the Valley Falls cheerleader by watching the film of the game. His team had played very well. Had the Valley Falls quarterback not messed up, the game likely would’ve ended 0-0. These teams would meet again, and the coach knew it might come down to the wire again. He left the tape out on top of the VCR. He knew he would look at it again numerous times before the next game between Lakeville and Valley Falls.

The doorbell rang at 9 p.m. that night. Bret, in shorts and a T-shirt, looked out the window but saw no car. He looked through the peephole and saw the gorgeous Pamela George in all her beauty.

He opened it, smiled and invited her in. She was back in her cheerleading outfit, the white top seemingly tighter than before. She sat on one of the coach’s bar stools in the kitchen, which adjoined the living room, bahis şirketleri sexily crossing her tan high school legs. He wondered if she had replaced the yellow panties she had left in his Jeep. He tried for a short time to look, but then realized he’d probably find out soon enough.

Bret leaned on the kitchen island and the pair made small talk, beginning their conversation by replaying when they first met at the lake, she telling him how hot he looked and he telling her the same. She asked him about the black girl, Tamica, and he lied, telling her he just needed to get her out of there since she was a star basketball player.

The talk moved to the game that day. She told him Lakeville got lucky, and he told her he could’ve had the Valley Falls quarterback kicked off the team had he wanted. She agreed and said she did owe him one.

He smiled, she smiled and she approached, pushing him back against the island. He could see the outline of her nipples pressing against the top and wondered if she’d taken her bra off, too. Bret couldn’t wait to get his mouth around those tits or his cock in that tight pussy. He thanked her for the panties and the note. She asked for a souvenir from him. He said he’d oblige, very soon.

They spoke briefly about the car wash and about Monique. Pamela had sensed the tension between the coach and Monique and asked if they were sleeping together.

Again, the coach lied. “A school girl crush,” he said. “And extreme jealousy of you, the rival cheerleader.”

“Happens a lot,” she said, and then, “Where’s your shower? I need to get some of this grime off me.”

“Down the hall, to the right,” the coach said. “Need some help?”

“Not yet,” she whispered, leaning in very close to him, “you’ll have your chance to help soon enough.”

END 10

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