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Coed Love Story Ch. 01

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*Many thanks to Jill for being my inspiration for this story*


Chapter I – The Bully

Combing her hair in the morning, she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. In her opinion, her shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair was ordinary, her blue eyes were ordinary, even the freckles on her nose were ordinary. “I don’t know what Peter sees in me,” she thought. They had been neighbors and best friends forever, and as per usual; the close friendship had blossomed into their first relationship in their awkward teen years. Peter had been her first kiss at 13 and now, they were finally off to college together. Somehow, they had managed to make it through junior and high school, despite Peter’s identity crisis and Nicole’s insecurities. She still loved Peter and it was obvious to everyone that Peter was in love with her, too. However, he had been too patient in the bedroom. If she hadn’t initiated and insisted on it, both of them would have been virgins coming to college. Sometimes she wondered if there was something missing in her relationship.

The door to the bathroom slowly creaked open and she blushed. It was the hot guy living on her floor that came in. Of all the things about college, coed bathrooms were the things she was dreading the most, but maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. The guy flashed her a dazzling smile and then went into the showers. Each shower stall was completely private, but once the water came on, Nicole found her mind drifting off to what he must look like naked. It was a guilty pleasure of hers; imagining strangers, and then she would run off to Peter and try to get him to have sex with her. Although their rooms were in different buildings, it was still fairly close by and she was at his dorm room in 10 minutes. Knowing he was alone in the room, Nicole threw herself at him, only to be gently let down by the supposed fact that the walls were thin enough for neighbors to hear them.

They were no longer virgins, however they didn’t have sex too often. And when they did, reality was somehow never like how she imagined sex would be; she wanted him to grab her in the throes of passion, whisper her name, pull her hair, or just anything that would show her how much he wanted her. However, it was always very caring and gentle, which was sometimes plain frustrating. As for her needs, they weren’t exactly met. It wasn’t for lack of trying, it just never happened.

It took Peter a week to finally be in the mood. He called his girlfriend on the phone, saying he had a surprise for her; it was his way of saying he wanted to sleep with her. When Nicole came over to his room, he opened the door, hugged her tightly and proceeded with his routine, starting with the light kissing and handholding. 15 minutes and one condom later, he tried to cuddle with Nicole on the bed, but she said she needed to go back to her room and finish an assignment. Once she was alone in her room (her roommate was still out) she went through her drawers for the vibrator. Imagining it was the hot guy from the showers rubbing against her, she stroked her clit with the ribbed toy. In her mind, he was teasing her, making her beg for release as he circled his tongue on her wet pussy. Within a few minutes, a warm sensation spread through her body starting at her toes.

After the pleasing throbbing subsided, she headed to the bathroom and took a nice hot shower. The loofah felt really good on her skin in the aftermath of her orgasm. Remembering at the last second that it’s a shared bathroom, she loosely wrapped the towel around her body before leaving the stall. When she turned around, she bumped into someone – a guy. Actually, the same guy she had just been fantasizing about to make herself come…

“Oh it’s you”, she mumbled confusingly, her voice trailing off. She had not meant those words to come out loud. “Yea, the guy who showers all the time; that’s me. But, you should call me “Brad” for short. And you’re the girl who’s always combing her hair.” “It’s Nicole”, she mumbled, trying not to stare into his eyes too much.

She headed for the door as quickly as she could, but she wasn’t fast enough to miss him dropping his shorts before going into the shower. As the door slammed behind her, she could swear she heard his laughter. “If I had an ass like that, I’d be happy, too”, she thought.

Brad kept occupying her thoughts all throughout the night and was still on her mind the next day. Intro to Philosophy was easy enough to pass in the morning, but there was no way she could concentrate on Calculus with him on Nicole’s mind. So she made an adult decision and skipped that class to go to the student center and hang out. Luckily, Peter was in a different class, so he would never know.

On her way to the center, she was passing by the outdoor pool, when she saw Brad coming out of the water. As if he could feel her stare, he turned around and met her gaze. Recognition kicked in, he waved at her before grabbing his bag and running over to her. She was trying illegal bahis to control herself and not blush when he reached where she was standing.

Judging by his dreamy swimmer body and the worn swim cap in his hand, he hung out at the pool a lot. Which is why it was confusing when he asked Nicole if he could borrow a towel. Somehow she already knew it was too good to be true, but played along all the same. In a daze, she nodded and they walked back to their building. She had seen the playful spark in his eyes when they first met, but it was unbelievable that a guy like Brad would be into her; she wasn’t attractive or sexy. It was easy to miss the signs if you didn’t believe in yourself…

Despite what she’d been telling herself, Nicole’s heart started racing when he closed her door behind himself. She was occupied with finding a towel in the closet, but when she turned around, he was right in front of her. Without so much as a questioning look, he leaned in for a kiss and she found herself surprisingly yielding. His kiss was so exotic, his tongue so foreign; she needed to explore further. Brad’s muscular arms wrapped around her ass, they were involuntarily moving toward her bed, when she realized her roommate might be back any second. She pulled back with hesitation, long enough to say “roommate”. Brad grinned his charming grin as he took her hand and led her to another bathroom on the floor.

Before she knew what was happening, they were in a shower stall and she was pinned against the cold tiles. With one hand, he held both her hands pinned above her head and his other hand was going up her skirt, trying to win a race against an invisible opponent to reach her pussy. He felt Nicole shiver as he went under her panties and his finger dipped into her, feeling how wet she already was. The wetness got smeared over her sensitive clit and his thumb was all over it. She was an easy conquest, but her submissiveness made Brad very, very hard. He wouldn’t even have to go down on her to make her come like she had never come before her. He could tell how close she was; he nuzzled her neck as his thumb became more persistent, bringing her to the edge with his hot breath on her neck. She got hot all over before he could feel her clit throbbing under his thumb and her eyes rolling back in pleasure.

He let her recover her breath for a few seconds before slowly moving his hands to her top. He was now giving her the option to stop him, but all Nicole could do was stare at him through half-dazed eyes. Brad didn’t mind doing all the work, as long as both parties got what they wanted. He unbuttoned her shirt and quickly snapped her bra with expert fingers. Kissing his way down from her collarbone to her breasts, he moved down on her body and took her panties off. He moved back up and unzipped his shorts, revealing his now very erect cock to her eyes.

He was searching her eyes for any rejection, when she fixed the situation by grabbing his cock and slowly jerking him off. His dickhead rested against her wet pussy and teased her opening as she kept touching him. Then he lifted her right leg by the knee and rested it against his ass, which gave him a good angle to push forward. His dick slid right in and Nicole felt completely filled for the first time. He was thicker than Peter was and she was biting her lips with pleasure, trying not to be too loud as he invaded her. She held onto him and enjoyed herself thoroughly as Brad moved in and out of her with increasing pace. He was still being gentle and holding back, out of fear of both scaring her and coming too quickly.

The first round didn’t last too long, either way. He pulled out instinctively, aiming onto the shower tiles and then cleaned himself up with some water. Nicole thought they were done; Peter never quite recovered after the first quick round, so she was used to abrupt and awkward ends. She was pleasantly surprised when Brad started kissing her again and rubbing against her seductively, keeping her where she was. He was hard again in a very short period of time, which Nicole hadn’t expected.

“Are you ready for me now?” he asked with a sexy smile. She was scared that he was going to tear her apart, but also excited about it. So this was what sex could be like – finally as good in real life as it was in her head. Nicole shyly nodded her head in answer, giving in to his command.

Foregoing the teasing this time, Brad got inside her in a swift motion. She was wet and ready. With his thrusts getting deeper and harder, she tried to hold onto something to steady herself, but the tiles didn’t provide a niche for that and she felt like she was slipping. Brad sensed her imbalance, which in his state was frustrating. He quickly pulled out and turned her around to face the wall. With a guiding hand on her lower back, he put her in a bent over position, her red pussy looking directly at his still erect cock. Brad loved this view; he loved watching his dick go in and out of a girl so willing to casino siteleri bend over for him.

Nicole felt his hands on her ass and his thick head pushing her swollen lips apart. He reached even deeper inside her, exploring further and making her feel things that she only thought pornstars felt. Her breasts were jumping with every thrust and she arched her back in pleasure as he rammed his dick in her. She was still aware enough not to moan loud, but she couldn’t hold back a small whimper here and there.

She was being a very good girl. Brad wanted to reward her good behavior by coming on her back. She had very defined back dimples, which he adored, and he definitely appreciated her curvy ass. For now, he was just holding onto it, but he wanted to do so much more to Nicole. Without realizing, he was already fantasizing about their next time, which was unusual for a guy like him with a wandering eye. He did pull out just in time to lightly spray her back and did his best not to groan too loudly.

Smiling, Nicole straightened up and turned to face him. She planted a light kiss on Brad’s lips and got a passionate one in return. As he left the bathroom, she turned on the hot water and dabbed herself clean, enjoying the water on her sensitive skin.

She woke up the next morning, feeling completely satisfied. And then her first conscious thought hit her; she had cheated on her first love and despite everything, the only reason she was feeling guilty was because she was going to break Peter’s heart. As she stared at the ceiling, she even got mad at her long-time boyfriend for never making her feel like Brad had done. The force of rationalization was strong with this one. Although she would never have imagined herself cheating, she had also never considered that other boys would be interested in her. No, not boys – but guys were definitely looking her way on campus. Maybe she wasn’t as ugly as she thought.

Nicole rushed to class, her head still struggling with the dawning self-realizations. She was so pre-occupied that she almost tripped over in shock when she saw Peter at the classroom’s door, waiting for her. He was still the same guy she had known and loved for years, but she had changed drastically in a single day. There was no way he would understand. She managed to give him an absent-minded kiss on the cheek and they found their seats in the room. Throughout the class, she kept staring at Peter and sometimes their eyes met and he smiled at her very sweetly.

After the class, Peter hurried over to her. He was saying he was going to be a little late for dinner, because he had to work on a project. Or something like that. Nicole was only half listening. She nodded, half smiling and said she might enjoy a late night treat more than regular dinner. Her hidden meaning completely lost on him, Peter rushed off to the library. She didn’t even know why she was still trying, when she knew perfectly well that his brain just didn’t work like that! Still, she kept hoping…

When she knocked on his room late at night, she was still hoping Peter would come through for her. Maybe open the door in his boxers, or do something else spontaneous and sexy. Nothing could have prepared her for the scene that awaited her.

Peter opened the door, wearing an Optimus Prime t-shirt, holding a giant bowl of popcorn. When Nicole stepped inside, she saw his roommate was on the couch, also wearing a Transformers t-shirt. Disappointed far beyond her dreams, Nicole tried very hard not the pout – it wasn’t a good look on her. But as much as she tried, something broke in her in the middle of watching deleted scenes from whatever Transformers movie the three of them were watching so intently. Mumbling something about her period starting got both the guys grossed out enough that they didn’t ask her any questions as she got up to leave. Peter might have sent her a greasy air kiss from where he was sitting on the couch, but Nicole really wasn’t looking back as she left.

Her hopes completely redirected, Nicole even thought about lingering around the bathroom on her floor, in hopes of running into Brad. She didn’t know where his room was, she didn’t have his phone number, she didn’t even know his last name! It was unimaginable that she already preferred spending the Friday night fucking a random (but insanely hot) guy to watching a movie with her loving boyfriend. And as luck would have it, Brad was returning to his room alone after a random date with an uptight girl who hadn’t put out.

He saw Nicole at her door and practically ran before she closed it…

Once inside her room, he didn’t even wait to catch his breath as he jumped on the bed. Trying to keep it playful, he sat up and patted next to him, gesturing for Nicole to join him on the bed. Instead, she stood before him, a quizzing look in her eyes. It didn’t take much to sense her sexual frustration and her skirt didn’t put up a fight as his hands crawled up her legs.

“I like you in poker siteleri a skirt,” he murmured, pushing aside her panties. He was once again surprised by how ready and yielding she was to his touch. His right index finger went exploring inside her and his thumb rested on her clit, feeling it swell with the circling motion. Her knees buckled and she lay on the bed to get more comfortable. Brad moved up on the bed, his body pressing on hers, and his right hand kept playing on her thighs, slowly creeping back between her legs.

He dropped his pants in record time and then he turned his attention back to Nicole’s needs, but before long, his need was growing, too. He pulled her to the edge of the bed and wrapped her legs around his neck as he knelt by the bed. She was right in his face, her nether lips now a shade darker from arousal.

Nicole could only barely comprehend what Brad was doing to her. It felt like his tongue was on her clit and inside her at the same time, tasting all of her and going back for more. She could feel getting wetter and hotter and wished Brad wouldn’t stop. She thought about putting her hands on his head and just keeping him there, but didn’t quite have the courage for that, so she settled for however long he wanted to eat her out. She would be coming pretty soon, either way.

With his tongue on her clit, Brad slowly dipped a finger inside her and curled it upwards, looking for the magic spot. In that position, it was actually fairly easy to locate; he had Nicole squirming and moaning, and in a few minutes she came, fairly quietly but intensely. He couldn’t wait a second longer to fuck her, so he lifted her legs and guided his throbbing head towards her warm and welcoming pussy. As his dick slowly pushed her lips apart, he resumed playing with her clit. Once the entire length of his dick was inside her and his hips connected with her curvy ass, he groaned in the back of his throat with the sweet sensation of being fully engulfed by her. He picked up a comfortable pace, his balls slapping against her ass as he held her by the waist.

Moving slowly, Brad leaned forward and brought his hand to her collarbone. Nicole was arching her back in response to his thrusts, which broke their eye contact and left her neck exposed. As an idea began to form in her mind, she moved his hand to her neck and pressed it lightly on her throat. With the angle of his thrusts rubbing her just the right way, the slight pressure on her throat was a great sensation before she felt a giant orgasmic wave move through her entire body.

She closed her eyes, in anticipation of having to go through with the rest until Brad had come, too. Her brain felt like it was full of cotton and she felt a certain dullness in her senses. Thus, it took her a couple seconds to realize Brad was no longer fucking her. In fact, he wasn’t even in her, anymore. When she opened her eyes and propped herself up on the bed she knew why.

Peter was standing in the doorway, with an incredulous look on his face. Not minding his naked body so much, Brad started yelling at him. “What the hell are you doing here? Wait, is that you, little Peter? I thought I taught you all the valuable lessons you needed, including staying out of my business!” “I’m not in high school anymore.” Peter mumbled. It definitely didn’t come out as confident as he would have liked. “That’s my girlfriend. What are you doing here?” “She moved on to bigger and better things. I don’t know why you’re surprised she preferred me to a loser like you! So why don’t you get the hell out of here now and I postpone the reunion of my foot and your ass for another hour or two!”

Nicole didn’t know what to say or do. Peter finding her in bed with a stranger was terrible, but them knowing each other was horrifying. Judging by Peter’s stance, her hot bathroom guy was actually Peter’s high school bully. She had never even known he had this kind of trouble in school. As she stood up with tears in her eyes, she realized Peter was also crying, but after one last scared look at Brad, he turned around and closed the door behind him. He wasn’t brave enough to even slam the door…

“That almost killed my buzz” Brad said, shaking his head. “but don’t worry about it, sweetie, I know how to take your mind off him.”

Instead of forcing himself back in her, he led her to her bed and rolled her on her belly. Tracing invisible lines on her back with the lightest brush of fingers over a few minutes really started to relax her. As his touch traveled down the back of her thighs and lightly grasped her ankles, Nicole felt a wave of calm. And then Brad slowly spread her legs, dragging her ankles across the soft sheets, exposing her pussy to the cool air in the room. He let her feet dangle from the sides of the bed and turned his full attention to her pussy.

Nicole couldn’t believe she was allowing this to happen. She should have been running after Peter and begging for forgiveness or yelling at Brad that she never wanted to see him again. Instead, her hips rose off the bed and moaned into the pillow as Brad’s thick fingers slid in and out of her dripping wet pussy for what felt like hours. When he suddenly began swirling his fingertips against her clit she came loudly and collapsed onto the mattress.

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