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Coercion Ch. 03

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Coercion – Ch 3

Kelly left the lab at four on Friday. She had parked her car over in the student lot and Don knew she had to change and stash her regular clothes there before she went to meet Randall. She had shown him the outfit she planned to wear that morning before they had left for the school. It consisted of a plaid skirt, cut several inches above her knees, and a light yellow blouse with ruffled collar. She wore flats on her feet and her only underwear was a black thong. “Not really comfortable,” she had remarked, “but he’d expect a hot little teeny bopper like me to wear something like that.”

“Teeny bopper?” Don teased. “That expression was old before you were born.”

“Well, I heard it in a movie once. Anyway, I have the recorder all set. I’ll turn it on before I go into his office so he won’t see anything but my purse. By tomorrow, we should have him.”

Now, as Kelly left, she told Don, “I expect I’ll be back home by ten tomorrow. From what Jan said, he never keeps the girls later than he has told them.” Then, sarcastically, “He’s so considerate.”

Don watched her from the lab window until she disappeared around the corner of another building. This is the hard part for me, he thought. Now the waiting starts. But it had to be a lot harder for Kelly. He closed his work, knowing he would accomplish nothing else that night, and shortly after five he started for home.

Don spent a very edgy night. He ate a TV dinner for supper and first tried to read a novel. When he couldn’t concentrate on that, he turned on a movie, but that, too, proved no distraction. When he finally went to bed at eleven, it was another two hours before he slept and when he awoke at seven the next morning, he felt as though he had rested no more than an hour or two.

For the next three hours Don fidgeted around the house, not able to concentrate on anything. A quarter after ten he heard Kelly’s car pull into the drive and half a minute later she came in through the garage door. Before he could say anything he saw the look on her face. It was a combination of anger and frustration and something else he couldn’t identify. She was carrying the recording device in her hand and set it down on the kitchen table on her way towards him. She dropped her coat on a chair and headed to the hallway door without saying a word. But before Don could make a sound she stopped and turned towards him. “Don, I’m going to take a shower. Make us a fire, pour me a Scotch, and I’ll tell you everything when I come back. OK?”

Don nodded dumbly. He moved to the family room and soon had a nice log fire burning in the hearth. He retrieved the bottle of Scotch and poured a healthy amount into each of two glasses. Neither he nor Kelly drank much at all. Wine with dinner and occasionally, like now, a single glass of Scotch. They had found that both preferred the “good” stuff: single malt, well aged and straight, so the smoky flavor mingled with the smooth taste.

He sat down on the love seat facing the fireplace and waited. Kelly was spending a long time in the shower. In fact, Don realized, she was spending longer than he had ever known her to. When at last he heard the water stop, he looked at his watch and found that forty five minutes had passed. He heard the hair drier going and in a few more minutes, Kelly appeared in the doorway. She was wearing a terry robe, her hair had been dried and brushed and hung down her back. The look of frustration was still there, but her face had softened and she seemed more composed and a little less tense.

Don walked over and handed her the drink. He waited while she took a long swallow and then led her back to the couch. He sat and she lowered herself beside him, snuggling close and resting her head on his shoulder. “Hold me for a minute,” she said. Don pulled her close and slowly he felt more of the tension leave her.

Finally she began to talk. “I know you’re wondering, so first I’ll tell you, we haven’t got anything we can use.” Don looked surprised, but before he could say anything, Kelly continued, “No, the unit worked OK. But the bastard made me leave my purse in the car. I couldn’t object without it sounding suspicious. Anyway, let me just tell you what happened.”

She took another drink and then began. “He was ready when I got to his office and we left immediately for his car. Once we got inside he drove off campus and we started out Route 35. But he pulled over in a mile or so and made me put on a blindfold. A very good one. I couldn’t see a thing. I tried to keep track of where we went, but he made so many turns I quickly lost any idea. That doesn’t really matter. We do have the GPS data, so we can pinpoint exactly where he took me.”

“Anyway, we drove for about forty minutes and then pulled into a long gravel drive. When he stopped the car he let me take the blindfold off and I could see we were at a small farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. Couldn’t see another house at all, just fields and woods. He told me Kadıköy Türbanlı Escort to get out and when I started to bring my purse and back pack, he said to leave them in the car, that I wouldn’t be needing them.”

“We went inside and he was very polite – took my coat and everything. He’d brought some carry out dinner and he said we’d eat first. He didn’t say first before what, but he didn’t really ask: he just told me to get the food ready. I set things out on the table and he even held the chair for me as I sat down. I acted very nervous during dinner. Actually, I didn’t have to act too much because I wasn’t real sure what he was planning, but nothing happened at all.”

“But when we finished eating he said something about being ready for his dessert. He took my shoulders in his hands and pulled me towards him. He simply said, ‘Take off your blouse.’ I tried to pull back and told him that I’d changed my mind, that I didn’t want to do this, but he didn’t pay any attention. He held me in place and said, ‘It’s a little late for that, Kelly. You don’t have any choice.’ I decided that this might be a good time to give in a little and went ahead and took off my shirt. He took me into a bedroom and had me kneel down in front of him. You can guess what happened next”

“When he finally came – all over my face – I thought he would leave me alone for awhile, but he wasn’t done. He made me strip the rest of the way and then started pushing me towards the bed. I told him ‘No’, but he pushed me onto the bed. When I tried to fight back a little, he pulled out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed me to the headboard. He told me that either I did what he wanted, when he wanted, or he’d force me. To make the story short, he fucked me, and left me cuffed to the bed. I spent the entire night like that, naked and cuffed, and he had me twice more before he let me go.”

She turned to look in Don’s face. “I knew I was taking a chance on that, but I was still surprised at how it made me feel. It wasn’t like when we play at all. I was so helpless and it just felt like he was using me and I didn’t have a damn thing to say about it. I’ll get over it, but I can’t help but think how much worse it would have been for a real, inexperienced freshman. I mean, I’m used to sleeping nude and even tied to the bed sometimes. But for someone who never had, it would have been really traumatic. I’m just mad that I didn’t get any hard data. He even wore condoms, so we couldn’t even use DNA even if I could convince someone I didn’t agree to the whole thing.” She became silent for a few seconds and then said, “Now, Don, just hold me close for awhile.”

She quickly finished the rest of her drink and pushed her head down against Don’s shoulder. He gently stroked her hair and lightly rubbed her neck, feeling the tension recede. After some time had passed he noticed her breathing had settled in to a slow, regular rhythm and he realized she had fallen asleep. He held her for a while longer and then arranged her so she was stretched comfortably on the couch. He added a light cover and then moved to another chair to let her rest.

The fact that Kelly had been effectively raped only increased his concern. Of course, he didn’t blame her for anything. He had never understood how any man could feel disrespect for a woman who had been ravaged although he had heard and read enough to know that some did. Instead, he now worried some that maybe he had encouraged her too much in this venture and that maybe they should just withdraw her from the class and drop everything. So far they hadn’t gotten any real evidence that they could use to bring down this predator.

Kelly slept for several hours. Twice Don built up the fire again and the sun was sinking behind a thick bank of clouds in the west when Kelly finally began to stir. Don left the book he had been trying to read and quickly moved over beside her as she awoke. Kelly blinked open her eyes and looked up at him. “Hi,” she said, and her voice seemed normal and the tension seemed to have vanished from her body.

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

Kelly thought for a few seconds. “Actually, not too bad. I’m still angry and frustrated that we didn’t get anything usable, but otherwise I’m all right.” Don looked at her with a somewhat inquisitive look on his face, a little disbelief showing in his features. Kelly smiled at him. “No, really, I’m all right. I was pretty well prepared for what happened and it didn’t get to me enough to do any real hurt.” Then she grinned at him with her usual sense of humor. “I told you I’ve been fucked before. Just usually I want to have some say in the matter.”

Don hugged her to him and kissed her. “Maybe we should just drop this whole thing,” he suggested.

Kelly’s face flashed with hard determination. “No way! Now I want to get him even more. It’s just I’m not quite sure how. I’m sure he won’t let me take anything inside, so I don’t know where I can hide the recorder. Let me Kadıköy Otele Gelen Escort think about it for a while.”

They fixed dinner, working together in the kitchen in companionable silence. As they ate they talked about other topics and Don was surprised to see that the events of the previous night really didn’t seem to have hit Kelly too hard. After dinner Kelly brought the recorder out and dropped it onto the table. “Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.” She picked the unit up and examined it. “Maybe we can use it to make our own porno movies,” she kidded.

Don smiled at the remark. “Well, if we do, at least we could put it in the right place and leave it there,” he quipped. “Mount it in the playroom and we could get some good shots.”

Kelly started to replace the device on the table and then stopped. She held it up and looked thoughtfully at it. “Don, do we have enough parts to build three more cameras and transmitters?”

“I suppose so, but if he won’t let you take one inside, what good will three do?”

“I don’t need to get the recorder inside, just the cameras and transmitters. If I could do that, the recorder could stay outside in the car. That would be close enough to still get a good signal.”

“Yeah, probably. But if next time is anything like this one, how could you get even one camera in place. Even if you could smuggle it inside, he made you strip and he certainly wouldn’t let you take a camera into the bedroom.”

“No, I’m sure I couldn’t bring it in with me. So I’ll just have to put them in place first.” Don looked at her, curiosity plain on his face. “I don’t think he goes out there except when he’s taking a girl,” Kelly continued. “And Wednesday night I know he won’t: he has a Department faculty meeting then.”

“Are you seriously thinking about breaking and entering his house?” Don asked. “You don’t even know where it is. And how could you get in if you did?”

Kelly smiled back. “Ah, but we do know where it is. At least we will when we read out the GPS data. That part, at least, didn’t depend on getting the unit inside. And as for getting inside – well, I noticed that the door lock was one of those they tell you never to rely upon. All I need is a thin strip of plastic. And even if he caught me there, what would he do? He wouldn’t want the police involved. He just wants to use me, not have me create a big case with a lot of accusations.”

Don studied her for a minute. “You really want to go through with something like that?” Kelly nodded. “Even though you know he’ll probably rape you again next time?” Another nod. “Well, then, there is only one thing wrong with your plan. We’ll have to wear rubber gloves so neither of us leaves any fingerprints that could later be used to prove entrapment.”

“Don, you don’t have to go with me. I can place the cameras and it would probably be a little more awkward if you got caught there than if I did.”

“Then all the more reason for me to go. With two of us we’ll finish twice as fast. Tomorrow we’ll start on the cameras and transmitters.”

Kelly moved over to him and put her arms around his neck, kissing him hard. “I love you, Dr. Jefferson.”

“And I love you, Dr. Madison,” Don whispered.

“Then take me to bed and prove it,” Kelly whispered back. “Show me it can still be good after last night.”

It took a lot of work, but by Monday night they had three small camera and transmitter units which could send video and sound to the receiver and recording unit hidden in her purse. Each camera was only an inch long, and half that in diameter. Since they only needed to operate for twelve hours or so, one battery would power each unit – if they could turn them on when needed. They had discussed several methods of activating the units, but each required some kind of receiver with the camera which would have increased the size. In the end they settled on the simple plan of using the timing unit from a digital watch and setting the cameras to come on at six on Friday night.

Wednesday night they waited until six thirty and then drove by the campus building where Randall’s meeting was to be held. His car was parked outside and since the meeting was supposed to start at seven, they felt he would be very unlikely to be done before they finished and, even if he was, the chances of his coming out to his country place were still almost zero.

The GPS data had given an exact location for the house and Don and Kelly had no trouble finding it. The drive was the only one within a half mile in either direction and was curved so that when they drove up it to the house, they were completely hidden from the road. Kelly hadn’t seen Randall deactivate any kind of alarm system, but they checked carefully for evidence of any before taking a thin plastic ruler and sliding it around the old door frame to release the latch.

With both of them wearing surgical gloves, they moved inside and Kelly led them directly into Kadıköy Ucuz Escort the bedroom. “I want to put them where we can get anything he does in here,” she said. They ended up putting two up in corners with the crown molding and the third in back of a dresser where it looked out from between the top surface and the bottom of the mirror, aimed directly at the bed. Unless Randall did a thorough examination of the room, he would never see them located as they were back in the shadows. In less than thirty minutes they were finished and left, carefully resetting the lock and replacing everything as it was. By nine they were back home.

Kelly was wound up with excitement. When they came inside from the garage, she threw her arms around Don and hugged him to her. “Now we can get that bastard,” she exclaimed. She kissed him again and her hand slid down his back, across his rear and around to the front where she grasped him through his jeans.

“Horny little wench tonight, aren’t you?” Don teased.

“You know it, Lover. I’m high as a kite and I need to be sorely fucked.”

“Do you mean fucked sore, Woman? Or maybe sore and fucked,”

Kelly laughed. “I didn’t, but that sounds like a good idea. Take me downstairs and beat my body first. I’m one horny female tonight.”

“Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to disappoint a horny female. Especially one I’m in love with and am going to marry. So lets get you naked and into the playroom, Wench.”

Laughing, the couple made their way downstairs. In five minutes Kelly was indeed naked and strapped to the new table Don had finished. This device was only about a foot wide and three feet long. And of that three feet, there were two small wings which folded down to leave only a fourteen inch long surface. All of it was padded and covered in the leather like material and there were a number of straps and eye hooks for fastening the victim. Kelly had her ankle cuffs clipped to either side on the legs at one end so that she faced away from the table, her legs open and spread. The leaves were folded down and she was arched backwards over the smooth surface, her arms stretched behind her head and attached to the bottom of the legs on the other end. This left her face up – or rather pussy up -, fully open and exposed, her flat stomach stretched tightly and her clean shaven pussy as her highest point.

Don, also naked now, began to slowly tease her breasts. Her nipples were already hard and protruding, but he rolled them between his thumbs and fingers, making them even more firm and engorged. He sucked hard on them with his mouth and ran his tongue teasingly around their edges and along the creases of her flattened breasts. He kept this up for ten long minutes and then stepped back to pick up a cat with soft leather tails. He began to gently lash her exposed front, often snapping the ends against her nipples and sometimes landing them across her hairless mound. He began to increase the strength of the blows until he had her making small cries and gasps at every blow. Then he stopped again and began to once more torment her hard nipples.

After a few minutes of this treatment, Don picked up a pair of nipple clamps and let them close over the hard nubs as Kelly sucked in her breath and made small moaning sounds. Next he took a pair of long, thin cords and laced them through two screw eyes on the ceiling directly above the girl’s chest. He tied one end of each cord to one of the clamps and then held up two large fishing sinkers for Kelly to stare at with wide open eyes. He fastened one to each cord and let them drop, their weight pulling her nipples towards the ceiling and stretching her breasts upwards from her arched chest. Don could see the grimace on her face as the two heavy weights suddenly pulled at her swollen nipples, but she didn’t cry out. Don checked the clamps and tightened them slightly. Then he added another pair of weights to the first two and lifted them up several inches. Kelly watched wide eyed as he let the weights fall until they came up short against the cords and this time she could not hold back a sharp cry.

Don moved back once more and picked up a slightly heavier cat which he began to swing against her stomach and thighs, landing near, but always, missing her pussy and stretched breasts. He swung harder until Kelly was crying out at almost every blow. Then he began to land a few on the now supersensitive flesh of her swollen pussy lips and her tits. He continued for a minute or two and then dropped to his knees between her legs where he immediately applied his mouth and tongue to the hard nub protruding from its hiding place at the top of her slit. He licked and tugged with his lips and even bit lightly with his teeth.

Kelly had been becoming steadily wetter and more excited. Now, as Don attacked her clit directly, she began to loose control and began to tremble as she started towards a climax. Don, whose own excitement had his cock rigid and sticking straight out, stood and plunged into her soaked slit. He began to pound into her and torment her stretched nipples with his fingers as her moans turned into loud cries and joined his own excited sounds. In less than a minute he was spurting stream after stream into the stretched girl as she convulsed uncontrollably against her bonds.

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