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Coffee Shop Indulgence

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She had gone to bed tired but lay awake thinking of him, again. She loved to sleep naked, so as she thought of him, her fingers gently traced small circles over her breasts and firm belly. Her nipples hardened from her knowing touch and the picture she had in her mind of unzipping those fine linen trousers he was wearing that day in the coffee shop. She imagined his cock hardening at her touch as she fetched it from his boxers in order to see it and play with it. She could feel herself getting wet as she ran a hand up the inside of her thighs, brushing her fingers softly against her wet slit. Parting her pussy lips, she slid a finger into her hole while she used her other hand to expertly flick and rub her hardening clit. Her fantasy had him with a fine cock. She pictured it fully aroused in her hand and thought it to be just right in length and thickness. In her fantasy, she dropped to her knees, badly wanting to taste him, to feel him burst in her mouth. She imagined cupping his balls as her mouth engulfed him. She took it deep into her mouth and then would slowly bring it back out running her tongue along it and over his peehole when she did. She wanted to taste him, imagining his cum would be sweet and overflowing her willing mouth as she desperately tried to swallow it all when he erupted. With her eyes closed, she rapidly flicked her excited clit and sucked on the fingers of her other hand. Her orgasm hit quickly when she used the palm of her hand to forcefully rub her sopping pussy as she saw herself looking up at him after he released his load into her mouth. It was a matter of minutes before she was sleeping soundly.

There were other fantasies. In another favorite, she imagined waking next to him. They had spent hours the night before fucking and he would be lying on his side sleeping satisfied next to her. She imagined herself wanting more. Wanting his tongue licking and probing her, wanting his cock driving in and out of her, wanting to taste his cock after he had cum inside of her. She turned to her side, already wet and gently ran a finger between the back of his thighs, stopping to slightly tickle the little bit of his balls that were exposed in his sleeping position. She heard a soft moan when the finger ran up and down his crack. She smiled knowing he was ready for more. As she imagined him rolling onto his back and easily sliding onto his cock, she slid her vibrator into her soaking pussy. She saw herself leaning forward while she sat full of cock facing him. He lifted his head and, cupping her breasts from each side, forced them together so that he could suck and playfully bite her nipples. As she rode his cock, she felt the vibrations of her toy touching that special spot in her pussy. Clenching down on it, she soon felt the rush of her orgasm causing her to cry out and buck her hips in ecstasy all the while thinking she was milking his cock with her contracting pussy.

These fantasies and others had all occurred over the past two weeks since she had first laid eyes on him. It was a Friday morning while getting in line at the coffee shop. Since it was in her neighborhood, she was a regular there. The place was crowded as usual. Walking by him, she gave him a brief smile and got one in return. He was wearing sunglasses so she couldn’t make much of any eye contact. She guessed he was in his forties. He had short sandy brown hair that had some gray on his sideburns and speckled throughout. In line behind him, she studied his face. She noticed that he had a very light beard. Probably due for a shave soon, she thought, but she also liked men who appeared to have a slightly disheveled look. Betturkey She surveyed the way he was dressed: fashionable but casual. He had on a light blue shirt that looked like silk. He wore it out of a pair of light tan linen trousers. He was wearing sandals. She assumed it was a “dress down” day wherever he worked. Standing behind him, she guessed he was probably six feet tall and probably weighed one hundred eighty to one hundred ninety pounds. Somehow she knew he was athletic. She didn’t get any clues from the loose fitting shirt that covered his upper, but he definitely had an outstanding butt. Gazing at his, she realized how much that feature appealed to her and she had a secret urge to touch it.

He was next in one of the lines and she was hoping to tune in to his voice, when she heard a “Can I help you?” directed at her by the counter-person at the other cashier.

They ordered their drinks almost at the same time and, once hers was taken as she was waiting to pay, she glanced over at him. He turned his head in her direction at the same time, smiled, and she felt something stir inside of her. She was only having coffee so her drink was ready quickly. He apparently ordered some kind of specialty drink, so he had to wait. Since she had an hour before having to be her office which was ten minutes away, she sat at her favorite table and decided to people-watch. That is, people-watch one person in particular. She saw him standing across the shop glancing at a newspaper while he waited. She sipped her coffee trying not to stare, wondering about him. Then she saw him put the newspaper and go up to the counter. His drink was ready and, if she had been paying attention, would have heard them calling his name. No matter, she watched as he exchanged a few words with the person who handed him the drink. Then, something that was said made him laugh. Having heard his laughter and watched his sweet ass walk out the door, she knew more than ever that, somehow, she just had to meet him.

She spent the next few days obsessing about him. Each morning she’d go to the coffee shop – hoping he’d be there. No luck. At home, she fantasized about seducing him and using her vibrator or fingers, brought herself to a delicious orgasm on several occasions.

Later in the week, since she was a regular and a friend of the coffee shop owner, she asked her about him giving a vague description.

The owner laughed and said: “A little help here. That could be any one of a thousand men. How about describing him with as much detail as you remember?”

Since she had memorized every detail and beyond – masturbating to those parts she could only imagine, it was easy to give her friend his description.

When she did, the owner smiled and said dreamily: “I know who you’re talking about. He comes in once, maybe twice towards the end of the week. He may not be the most handsome guy out there, but there’s something about him…”

So she asked: “Do you know anything more about him? Is he from around here? Is he married? What does he do for work?” The owner said: “Slow down, girl. The only thing I know about him is that he probably lives nearby. And the only way I know that is because he came in one morning looking a little sweaty and dressed as though he’d been jogging.”

She paused then added: “And if you think he looked good dressed the way you described, you should see him in running shorts.”

She smiled, happy to get at least a little more information. Her friend said: “I have a suggestion. Buy his drink in advance. After he orders it, we won’t charge him and tell him Betturkey Giriş it’s a gift. When he asks from whom, I or whoever is working the register that day, will point you out where you usually sit. That might get him to stop over and say thanks.”

She left the coffee shop with two pieces of information. Like herself, he was a runner. Also, as she did, he lived somewhere nearby. So she made a plan to be sure she went for a run everyday, to drive a little more slowly around the neighborhood just in case he might be in his yard, and to be at the coffee shop at the end of the week.

She was athletic enjoying a good game of tennis, rollerblading, and going for a leisurely run. So the running part would be easy. As she looked in the mirror before leaving the house that morning, she thought she might turn some heads. She was five foot eight with long legs and shoulder length strawberry-blonde hair. Her weight was always around one hundred twenty pounds. Her 34C breasts were snug in her sports bra and her firm ass was nicely defined in the low rise running shorts she’d put on. From just looking at her someone might wonder why an attractive woman in her late twenties wasn’t living with or married to someone. And beyond looks, she was had a college degree, a well-paying job as a graphic designer and even owned her own two bedroom home. But at this point in her life, she still wasn’t ready to settle down. She loved her independence and the fun that provided.

So she went for a run that morning and the next morning. She didn’t see him. She spent extra time at the coffee shop towards the end of the week and even on the weekend. She didn’t see him. There was no sight of him as she drove thru the neighborhoods around her house. Frustrated, but still smitten, she did sketches of him at work – sometimes looking at them later while weaving various sexual fantasies about him that made her wet and needing to masturbate.

She continued her regimen for a few days into the following week hoping she’d see him. She was about to give up – realizing this was making her crazy, when upon returning home from work one evening she was standing at the end of her driveway going thru her mail. She happened to glance up and there he was running along the other side of the street. The last couple of days had been scorching hot, so he didn’t have a shirt on. She watched mesmerized – noticing how shiny his skin looked from sweat. She saw that he was muscular but not overly so and that he didn’t have much, if any, chest hair. She felt a stirring inside as he passed by directly across from her – raising his hand to acknowledge her as he did.

All she could muster in response was a weak “Hi” but then realized he didn’t hear since he had some ear buds in.

She watched him go up the road, holding the image of his fine ass as long as she could and resisting the urge to hop in her car to follow. She turned and went in the house feeling that hope had been restored.

Now, it was two weeks after that initial encounter and another busy Friday morning at the coffee shop. She was sitting at her favorite spot, sketching on a notepad and people-watching when she saw him come in. He was wearing sunglasses and dressed casually as before. This time the shirt was a cream-colored Tommy Bahamas style worn with black linen trousers. She turned the page of her notepad and wrote something as he approached the counter to order his drink. The owner, her friend, was working the cashier and smiling, exchanged a greeting with him. She saw him reach into his back pocket to get his wallet and then her friend said Betturkey Güncel Giriş something to him. The owner then pointed her out and when he looked to see who had paid for his beverage, he was treated to a wave and sexy smile.

With coffee in hand, he walked over to the table where she was seated. It was in the corner near the hallway to the back office and restrooms. She liked it because from there she had the clearest view of customers as they stood at the counter placing orders.

When he got to her table he smiled and said: “Hi there. Thanks for getting me this,” nodding at his drink.

She smiled and said, “I have something else for you as well.”

With that, she stood up, handed him the note she had written and went to the bathroom. As he stood reading her note, she was in the ladies room removing the panties beneath her floral sundress.

Her note read: Fuck me, now! Ladies Room. (Wait 30 seconds and knock once).

She stood inside the door waiting, wondering if she had just done something stupid. Then she heard one knock and quickly opened it, locking it behind him.

He started to say something but she said: “Shhhhh…”

Dropping to her knees, she unbuttoned his trousers, pulled down his boxers, and gripped his semi-hard cock. She admired it for a moment. She didn’t like cocks that were to big and his felt just right. Probably six inches, she thought, before putting it in her mouth. He was fully erect in seconds and she was tempted to suck him off just to taste him, but then thought otherwise. She took his cock out of her mouth, stood up and then turned to lean over the sink as she hiked her sundress up over her waist.

Her pussy was dripping with anticipation as she urgently whispered: “Fuck me!”

She felt him move against her ass and lean over her as his cock found its target and slowly entered her slippery hole. She moaned softly and as he began to thrust in and out of her, she reached down and began to play with her clit. He cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples as their fucking pace picked up. She wanted this to be quick and with all the build-up she had imagined, knew it would be. Her orgasm hit like a tidal wave and, she placed her mouth on her arm to stifle the urge to scream out in pleasure. Within moments, she heard him groan and shudder. She squeezed down on his cock and felt his contractions as he ejaculated inside her.

After catching her breath for a minute, she turned to see him buttoning his trousers. Realizing this was risky and could prove to be embarrassing; she unlocked the door and opened it a little. Not seeing anyone waiting to use the ladies room, she quickly signaled him to go out.

He smiled and whispered: “Thanks, again” as he left.

She re-locked the door, washed her face, then straightened her hair and smoothed her dress before returning to the table where her coffee and notepad sat.

He was nowhere in sight. She sat down and thought about what had just happened – feeling a little shocked over what she had just done.

A smile crossed her lips when she heard: “Hope you saw the ‘Out-of-Order’ sign I put up on the door.”

She looked up and saw her friend, the owner, smiling at her. The owner handed her a crumpled sheet of paper that said exactly that.

She then sat down across from her and said: “I was in the back office playing ‘look-out’. So, tell me, was he any good?”

She blushed and was about to say something, but then heard a cashier call the owner from the counter.

As her friend was getting up, she said: “Thank you.”

Then she added: “I’ll have to tell you all about it when you’re not so conveniently busy” and they made a date to meet at a local pub that evening.

She spent a few more minutes finishing her coffee before heading to her office – wondering all the while, when she might see him again.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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