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College Fund Ch. 04

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The two guys who Ally had told me to watch, slid out of their booth and I saw them walk out the back door of the bar. One was short, maybe my size, about forty-years old; the other was older, bald and quite fat. Earlier, I had witnessed the fat guy push a twenty-dollar bill to the younger man.

“The younger guy is Eddie,” said Ally. “He used to work at the fitness center…he loved to party – he never saved any money and now has to do things like this to get by…”

“So what was that all about?” I asked him.

“Oh, I think it’s safe to assume Eddie is now in the backseat of the fat guys car blowing him,” said Ally casually. “Helluva way to earn a donation, huh?”

“Kind of sad, actually,” I said. “You brought me here to see this?”

“You’re a sharp kid, look around – tell me what you see – I’ll get us a couple more drinks,” he said then walked to the far end of the long bar.

To be honest, it became depressing now that I knew what was going on in here.

I watched another forty-year old man, dressed in ridiculous-looking short-shorts and skin-tight tee shirt, talking to an older guy on the next bar stool. The young fairy was giggling at something the old guy said…it sounded phony, but the old guy was lapping up the attention. He placed his hand on the fairy’s back then worked it underneath the tee shirt. The fairy first patted the man’s thigh, then began stroking it. I wondered how much the old man would be donating to the fairy.

Probably not much, I thought, as I turned my head and spotted four more ‘Odd Couples’ – aging queers hustling older men…none of the horny old men looked as though they had any real money, but I guess a boy has to do whatever he can to earn ‘donations.’

I had only recently admitted to myself I was gay, and right now, sex with hunky men is my main interest…love and companionship? Not so much…but watching all these older fairies having to demean themselves just to get by in life, well…I hope ten-years from now I’m in a relationship with a great guy and I won’t have to hang out in this seedy bar and hustle backseat blowjobs.

Ally returned with the drinks and settled into the seat across from me. I didn’t wait for him to talk.

“I guess the lesson to be learned in this place is that there is nothing more pathetic than an aging queer,” I said.

Without missing a beat Ally corrected me. “No, there is nothing more pathetic than an aging queer who never matured enough to realize beauty and good-looks fade…”

Then he asked me, “Have you seen the movie ‘”Pretty Woman”?

“Yes, I have,” I said.

“Well, at sometime in their lives, all these fairies fantasized they were Julia Roberts and that a rich and handsome man would save them from places like this…that isn’t how life works.”

Point well made….

I looked for Andy every day, but did not see him in the pool, gym or locker room. He had been so shy and unsure of himself, I secretly hoped I would have another opportunity to help bolster his confidence.

I felt bad that I’d scared him away. I figured he was a librarian or bookkeeper or some such job where he worked by himself during the day, and at night, I pictured him sitting alone at home in a tiny apartment, illuminated only by the flickering images of gay porn on his computer screen, furiously jacking-off.

I hoped I at least had given him something to fantasize about while he masturbated.

I bring towels to Marko and Nick in the locker room; the two construction studs who have what I consider a rather ‘unusual relationship’ for manly men like them.

They had completed a vigorous workout and as I wait with the towels I stare at their sweat-glistening sculpted chests while they peel off their gym shorts and jockstraps. My eyes go from their chests to their genitals the moment they lower their jocks…oh my goodness – my heart pumps harder as my gaze locks onto their long, flaccid cocks and gently swaying scrotums.

As Marko takes the towels from me, I feel Nick standing behind me lifting my tee shirt. I feign to struggle but am powerless against these two strong men. Marko pushes down my shorts, squeezes the bulge in my jock then strips the jockstrap from me, too.

They stand on either side of me, place hands beneath my arms then lift and carry me into a shower stall. I find their strength exhilarating and arousing.

It had been a slow day, heck, a slow week for that matter, any donation is better than no donation at all.

With a bar of soap in each hand, I lather their hard bodies while they engage in passionate kissing. I have mixed feelings watching them kiss. On one hand I find it disturbing to see two big studs looking and sounding like girly-men…on the other hand, my prick becomes hard as a rock from the lip-smacking and their sighs of “Oooo” and “Ahhhh.”

As part of our deal, I don’t touch their cocks until they become fully erect from the kissing. I envy their obvious delight in one another. They are both manly men and it puzzles me when I wonder about them in bed together at night as to which of them assumes gaziantep escort the submissive role.

“NOW!” I hear Nick command me. Is Nick the dominant one?

I soap both hands and grasp their hard cocks and vigorously stroke them. Their kissing will go on until they both climax.

It’s not as easy to masturbate two cocks at the same time as one might think. Sometimes I get so caught up in the excitement, my timing breaks down, and I have to momentarily stop to regain my focus and rhythm of the strokes.

I admire men with stamina, but at times like this I would prefer a little less staying power…my hands and wrists tire after ten-minutes.

My eyes remain locked on their erections. My own balls are beginning to ache. My prick is absolutely throbbing, and I know from experience once I milk them dry, they will leave me standing here alone to take matters into my own hand.

I hear Marko cry out “YES” and I frig them both faster and harder. I aim their cocks at my stomach and when they both finally erupt, I feel the hot sperm and semen as it lands squarely on my flesh. As predicted, like most men, once I make them cum they ignore me and leave me standing alone in the shower.

My hand immediately begins stroking my agitated prick then abruptly stops. My former boss, Earl, is my last client of the day, and I decide to save my orgasm for him.

As I did for my first encounter with my old boss, I waited five-minutes past our scheduled start time then burst into the massage room.

“Sorry for being late, Boss, but I couldn’t help it…” I blurted out after I closed the door.

I then looked at him and saw he was already naked, even more disturbing was he was brazenly fondling himself, and didn’t stop when he looked directly at me.

I quickly regained my composure and continued with the play-acting.

“Please, Boss, I know you said I only had one more chance, but I swear the rear-tire on my car was so low I had to stop and put air in it!” I tried to explain.

“I am tired of all your phony excuses, boy…I am going to have to let you go – I need a boy I can rely on every day!” he said convincingly.

“Boss, please – I need this job – my mother depends on me – please, Boss, I’ll do anything to keep this job!” I said in my best ‘begging’ voice. Then added: “Punish me if you want, Boss – make me unload the fertilizer truck by myself, anything, but please don’t fire me!”

I saw his eyes glaze over. A thin smile spread across his lips.

“You’re a naughty boy who deserves a spanking, aren’t you boy?” he hissed thru his clenched teeth.

The moment he uttered the word ‘spanking’ I saw his prick rise to full erection. He was ‘into’ the game; perhaps it was the first time he would actually live-out one of his fantasies.

“Boss, you want to spank me? Isn’t that against the law?” I asked him.

“Who’s going to know? You think they’d take your word over mine? I don’t think so, boy, now, if you want to keep your job you are going to tell me what a naughty boy you’ve been and how much you deserve a sound spanking – understand me, boy?” he spit the words at me so convincingly an icy shiver raced up my spine.

I hesitated for effect then looked at him thru watery eyes (I had pinched my thigh so hard it brought tears to my eyes).

“Yes, Boss…I am a naughty boy – I deserve to be punished – please spank me and let me keep my job, boss…I’ll do whatever you say, boss,” I said in my most thoroughly submissive voice.

I watched his hard cock bob before him as he walked across the room and sat on the edge of the loveseat.

“Get over here, boy!” he ordered.

I stood close enough to him that his hands were able to touch me…one stroking my inner thighs, the other caressing my buttocks thru the gym shorts.

“Take off your shirt, boy!” he commanded.

“Is this necessary, boss? Can’t I at least keep my tee shirt on?” I asked, giving him the opportunity to scold me some more.

“THAT’S IT – GET OUT OF HERE – YOU’RE FIRED!” he shouted at me.

“No, please, Boss – NO…” I cried out and immediately peeled the tee shirt up and over my head and tossed it on the floor. I hooked my fingers into the waistband of the shorts, but he stopped me before I could push them down.

“If you don’t do everything I tell you, and I mean EVERYTHING – you’re fired – got it, boy?” he said loudly.

“Yes, sir – I mean yes boss, I understand, boss!” I said in a small, quivering voice.

“Lock your hands behind your back!” he commanded.

“Yes Boss…” I said and did what I was told.

He caressed my thighs and buttocks a good thirty-seconds then I felt his hand brush against my crotch. It was then I understood what he expected of me. When he resumed his stroking and fondling, I relaxed and allowed his gentle touches to give me an erection.

The next time time his hand wandered over my crotch I heard him clear his throat then his hands lowered my shorts and jock to my knees. When it was freed, my erection stood straight out from my crotch.

“MY GOD – YOU HAVE A HARD-ON – WHAT A DIRTY LITTLE BOY…” he shouted then forced me across his lap, my shorts and jock bunched at my knees.

SMACK – his big hand came down hard on my ass. It surprised me more than it hurt.


He was seriously into the game. At first, I experienced more of a stinging sensation than actual pain.


Now it was turning into a real spanking – more painful – but each time he rested, he gently stroked my buttocks reveling in their rounded firmness.


My ass was on fire – I had to fight to keep from crying out…tears began rolling down my cheeks onto the floor…if he didn’t stop now, I knew I would begin blubbering like a baby…


Holy crap – my butt was a quivering mass of bruised and battered flesh…the simple act of his stroking my flesh was incredibly painful…this man really knew how to administer a spanking!


“You’re damn right you won’t be late again!” he said calmly.

Then – SMACK – one last hard and painful spank that opened the floodgates – I cried like a school girl…

He gently pushed me off his lap and positioned me on my knees between his open legs. My face was inches from his angry-looking hard cock.

His hand caressed my hair; he said gently, “Kiss it, boy!”

I had to think fast. Should I just obey his command, or continue the game and enhance the orgasm I would be giving him.

“B-B-But Boss – I’m not gay!” I protested.

I saw more precum ooze from his cockslit.

“Boy, I don’t give a god-damn whether you’re queer or not…this is for MY pleasure – not YOURS…one last chance, boy – you either do what I tell you to do or you’ll never work here again! Either kiss it, or get the hell out of my office!” he said with obvious excitement.

I made a small, but audible whimpering sound then pursed my lips and kissed his cockhead.

“That’s a good boy,” he softly said then patted my head. “Kiss it down the shaft to the base and all the way up again!”

“Y-Yes, Boss,” I meekly said and obeyed his command.

“Now boy,” he said, “…use your tongue – lick my cock just the way you kissed it!”

I made a special point of choking on a sob and asking, “Do I have to?”

“If you want to keep your job – yes, you have to!” he replied.

I licked his hard cock until it was glistening with my saliva. I could feel it throbbing under my tongue, and knew once he had me suck it, he wouldn’t last very long.

“Good, boy, you’re doing fine…that’s it – keep that tongue moving…oh yeah…” he moaned.

My own prick was now throbbing. The pressure in my balls was unbelievable – I was caught up in this game as much as he was.

“It’s time boy,” he groaned. “Wet those pretty lips of yours and slide them over my cockhead!”

I decided to play my role to the hilt.

“Noooo, Boss – please don’t make me do that – please don’t turn me into a cocksucker!” I whined and pleaded with him.

“Too late, boy,” he said loudly. “The moment you got a hard-on from kissing my cock I knew what kind of boy you were…now you’re going to suck it for me or you’re out of a job AND I’ll make a phone call to your dear mother and tell her I fired you cause I caught you sucking-off a couple of your co-workers – is that what you want, boy?”

In my most whining and pitiful voice yet, I cried, “Noooooo, please don’t do that…I’ll do what you want, Boss – please don’t tell my mother that– pleeeeezzzzzzz….”

He sat back on the seat in triumph and said, “Suck my cock, boy, and you better do a good job…who knows – if you can swallow my entire load I might even give you a raise and let you suck me off every day!”

For dramatic effect I whimpered one last time before I drew his hard cock into my mouth.

I was right – it took me less than three-minutes to bring him off. His climax was incredible. I had to hang onto his exploding cock for dear life while his hips and lower body wildly bucked and thrashed about. He pumped at least six powerful ropes of sperm and semen into my madly sucking mouth until his balls were empty.

As he gasped for air, I licked his now-limp penis clean of all excess juices and wondered if we were finished for the day.

We had skipped the massage and went right into the ‘happy ending’ and now I waited to hear what he wanted next. He had given me a sizable donation, more than I thought he could afford, so I had a feeling this wasn’t over just yet.

“Let’s skip the massage today, boy, and head straight to the shower!” he said.

“Yes, Boss – whatever you want, Boss,” I replied.

He laughed when I was on my feet and my erection stood out from my crotch.

“My God, you’re a dirty little boy, aren’t you?” he said.

I thought for a second before responding. He sounded as though he was shifting into another role-playing game.

“Yes, Boss, I am a v-e-r-y dirty little boy!” I said.

Hr gave my ass a gentle smack and I yelped from the pain.

He took my hand and led me to the shower stall. He adjusted the water temperature.

“Stand still, you dirty little boy – I’m going to clean you all over!” he said firmly.

“Yes, Boss,” I replied.

True to his word, he soaped my back, chest, thighs, legs…carefully avoiding my increasingly agitated prick.

I was dizzy with lust; my balls ached; I prayed to God he wasn’t teasing me – that he would help me cum…but I didn’t think he was the type of man who would touch another man’s cock.

And then – Thank You Lord – he proved me wrong.

His soapy hand took hold of my throbbing prick and he masturbated me like he had done this for someone else before me.

“Ohhhh, Boss….” I moaned.

My balls began rising; my body quivered and trembled…I was close – oh so close when his hand abruptly stopped moving.

“Noooo, please,” I groaned, “…don’t stop, Boss – pleeeezzzzzz….”

He chuckled and said, “Tell you what, boy…I’m gonna hold my hand still and you can finish yourself, okay?”

“Ohhhhhhhhh…” I moaned and immediately began thrusting my hips back and forth sliding my prick thru his lightly clenched hand.

He was making me literally fuck his hand if I wanted to cum. It would have been humiliating if my balls weren’t aching so much.

His hand was applying the exact pressure I loved to feel on my cock. I moved my hips faster and faster sliding my prick back and forth thru his hand. It was embarrassing and wonderfully thrilling at the same time.

“Oh – oh – oh – oh…” I moaned as my climax was seconds away.

Then SMACK – his free hand spanked my tortured buttocks and it sent me careening over the cliff.

“OHHHH-OHHHH-YES-YES-YES-YES-YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS….” I shouted as my body convulsed with violent spasms and cum shot straight out of my prick hitting the wall of the shower. “OHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….”

My body finally came to rest – all my strength had been drained.

I heard him say, “Look what you did to me boy…”

I didn’t know what he meant until I saw his cock standing firm and proud.

Without saying a word, he simply moved a finger back and forth over my lips, and in a post-orgasmic stupor, I dropped to my knees and satisfied him one more time with my mouth.

Ally was squinting hard at his computer screen when I entered his office. I decided to have some fun with him.

“Please don’t fire me, sir, I’ll do ANYTHING to keep my job! How was I to know that man was the Pope when I snapped a wet towel on his bare butt?”

Without looking at me, Ally quickly said, “The tattoo of the Cross on his ass should have been your first clue! He told me to forgive you…he wants you to say ten ‘Hail Mary’s’ then give me a blowjob!”

I laughed out loud as I peeled off my tee shirt. I pushed down the gym shorts and jock then posed for him naked with my hands locked behind my head.

Ally stood and came around the desk. He saw the angry purple welts on my buttocks and exclaimed, “What the hell happened to you?”

“Oh, that’s nothing…my four o’clock got a little carried away – don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt much,” I lied.

In a voice so icy cold it gave me a chill, he asked, “WHO gave you permission to let him do that to you?”

“Well, uh, I, uh—” I stammered.

“After all this time, you still haven’t read the contract you signed?” he snarled at me.

“Well, you know, we were just playing a game,” I said defensively.

“Your contract is quite explicit – you are not permitted to engage in ANY type of physical acts which may leave you visibly damaged!”

“B-But he wanted to do it – he gave me a large donation too – aren’t I supposed to make our guests happy?” I asked in a trembling voice.

“I’m very disappointed in you, John,” he said.

“When he called me ‘John’ I knew I was in a big trouble.

“Go on – get out of here…don’t come back until ALL the bruises are gone!” he said.

“What? No, really, I mean—” I mumbled.

“Do you honestly think our guests want to see your soft white flesh all battered and bruised? You’re suspended until your little ass is milky white again…”

“But that will probably take a week or so – I need to work – please, I’ll do anything – isn’t there some other job I can do here?” I asked.

“While you’re sitting at home – WHEN you can sit that is – I want you to think about your selfishness…we work as a team here – that is why we have rules in place…now your co-workers are going to have to work harder with you gone…maybe a week without any donations will make you realize how immature and selfish your decision was!”

His words stung. I left his office and dressed in the locker room. On the drive home I finally understood I’d made a huge mistake, but of course, it was too late.

For some reason, the pain from the spanking grew almost unbearable. I shifted and squirmed on the seat. The pain became a constant reminder that I don’t know as much about everything as I thought I had…that I’m still young and dumb and full of cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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