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College Games Pt. 02

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Continuation of the story of how V and Steph get closer together from a distance. Comments are welcome!


I wake up in the morning to the sound of my alarm. My groggy eyes open and look to my side to see that Mary is still sleeping. My mind starts to wake up with me and immediately I start thinking about V. My hand involuntarily moves down my body and slides into my shorts I was wearing and moved directly to my pussy, lighting rubbing. The fact that I was waking up and immediately starting to touch myself was a change I didn’t see coming a few weeks ago, but now I can’t think of a better way to start my morning. I’m thinking about how I touched myself in the food hall, took a picture of my pussy, and even took pictures of Mary, all for V. I’m thinking about the way that all of those tasks made me feel, how I want to do more, how wet it all makes me. I slowly slide a finger through my lips, rubbing up and down, feeling the wetness, and then move back to my clit, moving my finger around slowly and gently, taking in the feeling, making sure not to wake Mary.

My free hand pushes the covers down off of my body exposing what I’m doing inside my shorts. The quick rush of cool air over my body sends a shock through me as I lay there, still gently rubbing my pussy. I reach over and grab me phone with free hand and open Whatsapp, and our special group chat. The picture function opens and I take a photo of my hand in my shorts. I send it to V.

Me: “Look what you’re making me do ;)”

I put the phone down and continue to play with myself, sliding both hands into me shorts now so I can slip a finger into my pussy while my other hand continues to rub my clit. My head turns to the side again to look at Mary and make sure she still isn’t awake. V asked me the other day if I thought Mary was sexy. Here I am laying, rubbing my pussy with Mary sleeping right across from me, and I am realizing that she really is sexy. Her blanket slipped off during the night and she is laying with her back to me. Light grey leggings cover her legs and I can see the outline of her panties hugging her ass. The plain white tank top she has on has move up exposing her lower back. I love V, but I still think Mary is sexy. I continue to stare at Mary as I rub and finger myself. She moves a little and I freeze, but then continue as she settles back into position. Her ass looks so good in her leggings, her legs are so long. “Mmm” I moan to myself quietly as I continue. I can just imagine what V would think right now. She would probably like that I was laying here exposed playing with myself right in front of someone.

I check the time and realize I need to get up to get to class. I slide my hands out from under my shorts and lick my fingers clean. What has gotten into me? The messages from V have opened something up in me, something that I never knew was there. I feel turned on almost all the time, and I struggle just to keep my mind focused on other things. V doesn’t know any of this yet, but I have a feeling she has some ideas. I just sent her a picture and message about me touching myself, that is not something I would have done even a few weeks ago. As much as I want to focus on school, I just can’t shake this desire, I don’t even know what it is, but I know it’s starting to take over. The biggest problem is I love it.


I walk back into my room after having a shower. My day hasn’t been that great. Classes were hard, I got a bad grade, and I haven’t received any messages from V. After all of that the only thing that would at least make me feel a little better was to have a shower. Mary is sitting up on her bed working on her laptop as I walk in. She is still looking as sexy as ever. I put my stuff down on my bed and pick up my phone from my desk. Thank god there is a message from V.

V: “Hey babe, sorry for not sending you any messages today, just been busy”

V: “Loved your message this morning though ;)”

V: “You’re really getting turned on by all of this aren’t you?”

Me: “Ya, just a little bit, lol”

V: “I feel like you’re ready for a little more…”

V: “What do you think babe? Ready for a little more fun?”

Me: “Oh god yes! :)”

Me: “I’ve been waiting for more!”

V: “OK good… what are you planning to do tonight?”

Me: “Well I was thinking of going to the common room to watch a movie maybe”

V: “hmmmm perfect.”

V: “Show me what you’re going to wear.”

I reach into my draw and pull out a pair of sweatpants, some cotton boy short panties, a white t-shirt and a white bra. All extremely comfy items. Oh, and a pair of pink cotton socks. I use the app to take a picture and send it to V.

Me: “What do you think?”

V: “No. Not even close”

Me: “What do you mean?”

V: “I thought you liked being risky? And having fun? And maybe even a little slutty?”

Me: “You think I’m slutty?”

Is that really what V thinks? I’m slutty now? I know I’ve been feeling differently, and something has been happening to me, but I don’t think slutty xslot is what I’m going for… is it?

V: “Well you aren’t a slut, but I definitely think you like the feeling of showing off”

Me: “Uh… OK”

Me: “Well what should I wear then?

V: “Well, the socks are OK, and the t-shirt”

V: “But, no sweat pants… do you have those loose shorts you got last summer?”

Me: “Ya”

V: “OK good, so wear those.”

V: “But… no bra, and wear a thong.”

Immediately I feel a rush go through my body. My mind races over the outfit V wants me to wear and I think about how much more revealing it is then what I would usually wear anywhere, but especially the common room. The t-shirt was worn out, and without a bra I am worried everyone will be able to tell, and the shorts are short and loose, and barely cover my ass. And then a thong too? I know how the shorts move and anyone would be able to tell I don’t have regular panties on when I walk. All of the negative thoughts rush through my mind and then subside as the rush of how turned on I am hits. The thought of people seeing me dressed like this has got me excited.

Me: “Ummmm… I’m excited V ;)”

V: “I’m glad babe”

V: “Is Mary there?”

Me: “Ya why?”

V: “Good ;)”

V: “Better get changed then”

V: “And do it without the robe…”

I couldn’t believe what I just read. Get changed without the robe? How could I possibly do it? Maybe in bed? My heart started to beat faster as my mind raced through the possibilities.

S: “How am I supposed to do that? In bed?”

V: “No, do it standing up…”

V: “Come on babe… don’t you want to make me happy?”

V: “Setup your phone and live stream…”

Mary was still behind me working on her laptop, her legs bent up as a wedge, her covers up to her waist, a black t-shirt covering the rest of her body. I knew there was only one way to do this. Drop the robe and go for it. I knew that my body would be on full display for Mary to see. It made me nervous, it made me a little scared, but more than anything it made me excited. My pussy started to moisten as I thought about it. Being on complete display to someone other then V, someone I wasn’t really close too, someone I didn’t really know. The excitement kept growing and I couldn’t wait to get started anymore, I was almost shaking with anticipation. I placed my phone by my pillow propped up so V would get a good view of what I was doing.

V: “Wait… turn your phone so I can see Mary’s reaction… I’m curious ;)”

My mouth dropped just slightly as I read her message. My excitement grew.

Me: “I like that idea…”

Me: “Getting started…”

V: “Good girl…”

Mmm when she called me “good girl” it gets me so hot. I placed the phone now in my blanket so that it was propped up. Mary wasn’t paying attention, yet, so I checked to make sure that the video would catch me, and Mary so that V could see everything she wanted. I pressed start and started my little show.

My hands grabbed all of the items that V mentioned, the thong, the shorts, and laid them out on my bed. I was breathing heavily, faster, anxiously. The nerves were incredible but also so exciting. My fingertips were rubbing together, ready to get started. Mary still wasn’t looking my way but she would be in a second. My pussy was moist and only getting wetter the longer I waited.

My hands came to my bathrobe belt and loosened it, slowly, still nervous, still cautious. The belt came apart and my robe separated. Mary still couldn’t see anything, but now V had a clear view of what was happening. My neatly shaven bush was on display and the robe hung on my breasts like one of those expensive dresses. A message popped up on my screen.

V: “Keep going”

My shoulders shrug and I feel the robe come off of them and stop at my shoulder blades. I can’t tell if Mary is looking or not, but I know she will be soon. My arms release from me sides removing the tension holding the robe in place and it starts to slowly slide down my arms, inching its way down my body, exposing my back to Mary, and my intimate parts to V. Standing there, half naked my breathing starts to calm, a new sense of excitement comes over me, one that is less nerve wracking and more in control.

V: “Amazing babe 😉

The encouragement from V makes everything better. Knowing that V wants me to do this, that she likes this, that I’m doing this for her, makes everything better. I know I need to do this, I want to do this, this is the rush that I’ve been looking for. I drop the robe further down my arms, my ass coming into Mary’s view, I keep going slowly, inch by inch around me eighteen year old body until I reach the end of my hands, the robe sitting just at the top of my thighs. I release. The robe falls to the ground and I’m standing there, V watching me from the front, and Mary from the back. I can feel Mary’s eyes burning me skin from behind. That feeling you have when you know someone is looking was intense. Only V would xslot Giriş know for sure right now, but I was as close to certain as possible. Mary said nothing which was either good or bad. Whatever it was I had no choice but to continue.

My hand reaches for my pink thong, I bend over, as little as possible, and slide my left leg through, and then repeat with my right leg. As much as I was loving this, I was still feeling nervous about the repercussions, and that was the worst part. What would happen after this? What would Mary say? How would I feel tomorrow? As on display as I was, I didn’t want to go too far too fast, so slow movements and no bending was my plan.

V: “T-shirt next… let Mary look at your ass a little more ;)”

Huh? What? Was Mary really looking at my ass? In disgust? My heart started racing again. What was happening. What was happening to me? A few weeks ago I never thought like this, I would never have shown my body to anyone other then V, and now here I am getting excited about being naked in front of my roommate. It was like a new part of me was coming out. It was scary and exciting and nerve wracking and amazing.

I grabbed my t-shirt from the bed and slide if over my body. Now I was covered. Was Mary still looking I wondered? I relaxed a little more, but also felt a little disappointed. The excitement of being nude was gone, of showing off was slowing.

V: “Now the shorts babe”

Again I try not to bend over while placing my legs through the shorts and pull them up. They are even shorter then I remember. They stop just above me hips, and definately show off the bottom of my ass cheeks to whoever is behind me, and in this case that is Mary. Finally I feel covered, relaxed. I let out a deep breath. I wonder what Mary was doing? Still staring?

V: “When you put on your socks, bend way over, give Mary one last view of your amazing ass”

I could feel my eyes bulge as I read the message. That means Mary WAS still staring. I felt a shock go through my pussy again at just the thought of someone staring at me, admiring me, maybe even wanting me. By this point I wasn’t going to deny V anything so I bent over, basically touching the floor and slide one sock, and then the other, on to my feet. I lingered for what felt like minutes but was only seconds, pretending to adjust the socks. My ass was on full display, the shorts pulled up tight in between my cheeks, a mound forming over my pussy. The feeling of doing this on purpose, to show off was the most amazing thing.

I stood back up and looked at my phone.

V: “Ask Mary if she wants to go to the common room with you.”

Shit. I hadn’t thought this far ahead. Actually facing Mary, looking into her eyes, seeing her reaction, speaking too her, none of this hit me before. Doing everything with my back turned was one thing, actually looking someone in the eyes after what I had just done was completely different. My heart started to pump hard again, but there was no way I was going to stop now. The desire to do these things was taking over. I turned around slowly, my eyes ready to meet Mary’s. As I turned I heard rustling behind me a hard crack of a key on a keyboard. I realized at that point that that was the first computer sound I’d heard since I started. My turn continued, and when I finally completed my 180 I saw Mary back in her starting position, looking at her computer, legs bent, covers up. The more I looked though the more I saw. There was no hiding her blushing face, her Irish descent was not helping. She was beat read and that made me feel good in a way. She saw me, it was obvious, and the blushing seemed to indicate she liked what she saw. If she was angry she would have said something, but here she was trying to hide the fact that she looked at me.

“Hey Mary… I was wondering if you wanted to come down to the common room with me, I think everyone is watching a movie”

It took a second, but Mary finally turned her head towards me. Our eyes met. I looked straight at her as she spoke. The excitement in me was growing, the embarrassment in her eyes was glaring.

“Ummm no, I think I’m just going to stay here and work… thanks though” Mary said back in a soft tone.

“No problem! Come join me if you want.”

Part of me was glad that I was going to be able to leave the room and catch my breath a little, but the other part of me was thinking about Mary joining me, us sitting next to each, us touching each other, being in public, our hands reaching out, her feeling my leg… What is happening to me? Why am I thinking liking this? This can’t be right. Do I want to cheat on V? Even though I thought that I had a feeling that V wouldn’t even care right now, she was as into this game we were playing as I was and she obviously wanted me to show off to Mary. Whatever was happening it was fun, and scary and amazing. I couldn’t wait for it to continue, even if I did need a few minutes to catch my breath.

V: “You did so well babe!”

I smiled as I read it, knowing V was still xslot Güncel Giriş watching.

V: “Mary was watching you the WHOLE time. You could tell she liked what she saw. Her face was getting so red. 100% she was getting turned on by seeing you.

Me: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so red, lol”

V: “So you liked it then?”

Me: “Loved it!”

Me: “Part of me was scared, but the rest of me was loving it”

V: “Want to keep playing?”

Me: “Uh yes! :)”

V: “Awesome… well why don’t you head down to the common room and keep live streaming so I can see what’s going on”

I grab my phone and pick my robe up off the ground and throw it on the bed. I tell Mary that I’ll be back in a couple of hours. My mind goes to a place where I think maybe she will stay in the room and get off thinking about me. Just the thought of it makes me a little more excited. As I am in the hall walking towards the common room a new message pops up and I check it.

V: “Let me see what you look like one more time”

OK? I think as I move my phone away from me so V can see my whole body again. My hand moves the phone around a little to give V some different views. Just doing this in the middle of a public hallway makes me tingle with a little excitement. Who does this? Especially in public. How can it be that I am the one doing this?

V: “I want you to tie your t-shirt in a knot so your sexy midriff is showing”

V: “But show me where you’re going to do it so I can approve it ;)”

I didn’t even question it. I did exactly what V said. I leaned against one of the walls in the hallway, one hand holding my phone out so V could see, and the other grabbing my shirt, at first right near the bottom edge.

V: “Higher”

I moved my hand up an inch or two.

V: “Higher”

My heart started to thump harder and harder. Two more inches.

V: “Higher”

I moved my hand up and it was now sitting just below my breasts.

V: “Perfect. Tie your shirt”

Of course I did exactly what she said. I put my phone inside the waist of my shorts to hold it, and then tied my shirt into a knot on the side. I looked down at myself. The shorts sitting just on my hips, my shirt up just below my bust, my midriff on display for anyone to see. I loved it. I was nervous, I was going to walk into a room with my peers dressed like this, something I would have never done before, and even though I was scared I was excited, I wanted it, I wanted this feeling all the time, it was a rush, my new drug.

I showed V what I looked like now and she replied.

V: “Perfect babe”

V: “Now you’re ready lol”

My feet start moving forward and head towards the common room. I can feel the air as I walk breeze up my loose shorts, over my exposed midriff, and it all comes together to feel amazing. The opening to the common room is just ahead and my breathing starts to increase again, I’m about to walk into a room full or people, dressed like I’ve never dressed before, all because V wants me too. No, that’s not right, or not completely right. V does want me to, but so do I. I want to go into this room dressed like this. I want to feel the rush of people looking at me. One deep breath and I walk in. A few eyes turn to see me as I step inside, but most people continue with their conversation. My eyes scan the room for a place to sit and spy surprisingly an open lazyboy type chair. Who knows hold old it is. Dark brown fabric that looks like it’s been here since the beginning of time. But a seat is a seat, and dressed like this I don’t mind being a little bit hidden by the big arms of the chair.

I move through the room towards the chair, my head nodding and smiling to people as we make eye contact. Their eyes are looking at me, I can feel it. Some in disgust, some intrigued, but they were on me. Guys and girls, it didn’t matter. My heart was racing. I plop down on the chair, my legs hanging off the chair, relieved to have gotten to my destination, and now a little hidden from all the prying eyes.

V: “Show me your view”

After reading the message I take my phone and move it around while it is in my lap, showing V what I can see, but trying not to draw too much. There are a few people seated in front of me talking on the floor, two girls and two guys. The movie has just started but no one is paying that much attention. I see the people in front of me turn to look at me quickly before going back and talking, chuckleing, almost pointing with their eyes and laughter. It was obvious to me, and I’m sure it was obvious to V, that they were talking about me.

V: “Those people in front of you have definitely noticed you”

V: “What do you think about that?”

Me: “Well it annoys me a little that they are laughing at me.”

V: “Babe, don’t worry about that… how does it make you feel… knowing people are taking notice of you”

My mind worked on the questions for a minute before I came to the conclusion.

Me: “I like it”

Me: “Being noticed”

Me: “People staring”

V: “Does it turn you on?”

My mind went to my pussy…

Me: “Yes”

V: “Well then don’t worry about what the other people are doing, just think about how it makes you feel… if you like it keep doing it…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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