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Note: Just trying to expand the experience of the Fiona character.


Fiona took a deep breath as she set the parking brake. She was here. She was going to have dinner with Victor. An unexplained feeling of nervousness swept over her. She felt out of her element. She was in front of a strange house, meeting a man she knew almost nothing about. She met Victor at the gym, where Frank had been working out with him. She had accepted his request to come to his house for dinner because he was one of Frank’s friends. He had assured her that dinner with Victor was perfectly safe, and would be a memorable experience. Fiona thought about the times she had pimped Frank out to her friends as a booty call. She wondered if he was turning the tables on her. Victor was a bit unusual. He had an accent should could not place. That afternoon a box had arrived. Frank had mentioned that Victor planned everything down to the last detail. She recalled opening the box with Frank.

“It’s from Victor, for tonight,” Frank said with a grin.

“What is it?” she asked.

“I don’t know, open it and see.”

Fiona took the lid off the box. Inside was a blouse, neatly folded, with a skirt underneath. She removed the blouse and held it up. The blouse was a white long sleeved top with black buttons down the front. The material felt soft and cool. It was very thin. The skirt was pleated black leather. It long enough to reach mid-thigh

“Victor, ” Frank said, ” plans everything down to the last detail. That is you attire for the meeting with him.”

Fiona removed the skirt and looked back into the box. Under the skirt was some underwear. A white lace bra, panties and a thong. The panties were lace. The thong was a black T back. A handwritten note said ” Your Choice, Victor”. Under the bra was a set of bracelets.

The bracelets had a mechanical, angular look. She picked one up. It was light, and the inside was lined with some kind of plastic or rubber. Fiona slipped on on her wrist. The lining was comfortable.

“Can I ask you some questions about Victor?” Fiona inquired.


“You have never mentioned him before, how long have you known him?”

“Probably ten years, but in the last year I have probably only spoken to him once or twice. He’s a busy man.”

” What does he do?”

“He owns a company that make prototypes. Mostly for the aerospace and medical industry. He is probably one of the smartest guys I know.”

“Why did he invite us to dinner at his house?”

“I think the invitation was just for you.”

“Really, you think he was hitting on me?”

“No more than any other guy you talk to, which means absolutely.”

“Do you think I should have dinner with him?'”

“Yes, Victor is brilliant, charming and entertaining. He’s also a bit twisted, but a good guy overall.”

She stepped out of the car and walked to the door. The house was a two story brick house on a double lot. The landscaping blocked the other houses from her sight. She rang the bell. Almost right away the door was opened by a handsome man with sandy blonde hair. He was wearing a blue oxford shirt and slacks that fit him exceedingly well. He greeted Fiona and escorted her to the dinning room. Victor was standing by the table, waiting for her. He was wearing a loose fitting linen shirt and grey wool slacks. Victor walked over to meet Fiona.

“I don’t mean to rush things, but I am anxious to get started. I’m looking forward to knowing more about you,” Victor said as started towards the table.

“I’m going to enjoy learning more about you. I thought I knew all of Frank’s friends. You seem to have come from nowhere.” Fiona replied.

“Frank likes to maintain plausible deniability about our friendship,” Victor said, smiling. ” As do I. When the two of us are together, well, we get into interesting situations.”

“I see,” Fiona replied, walking away from the table to inspect the room.

“I know most of Frank’s secrets, I don’t think you will shock me with anything.”

“We will certainly see about that, ” Victor responded.

Fiona looked around the room. The walls were lined with bookshelves. Some contained books, other sculptures. Some had pictures of Victor in a variety of scenes. From the photographs it appeared Victor was a man who was well traveled. It appeared that he had spent some time in the military. There were also photographs of fantastic landscapes. Frank was in several of the pictures, including one of Frank and Victor kissing each other. Fiona paused to look at that one more closely. Both men were shirtless, and locked in an embrace.

“Everyone always stares at that one. I wish I remembered what was going on.” Victor said.

“So you aren’t making out?” Fiona questioned. She was already imagining Frank and Victor kissing passionately, hands caressing each other.

“Perhaps. You will have to ask Frank. He spent some time talking to everyone that was there. It’s quite a story, but I don’t remember enough of it to do it justice. We had been celebrating all day, most of that night is a blur.”

“You have to give me a least a hint of what happened,” Fiona insisted.

“I think it was a dare. Probably ataköy anal yapan escort at least a double dog dare. Then everyone started chanting for us to kiss. So we did, obviously.”

“If you don’t remember what happened, why don’t you take it down?”

“I did, and several friends asked me to put it back up. It seems they have fond memories of that evening.”

“I will ask Frank about that,” Fiona replied.

“Please , sit down. Stephan is bringing dinner in.”

Reluctantly Fiona turned away from the picture and headed for the table. Victor met her there, pulling out her chair. When she was seated he walked to his own chair.

The food was served by a the man that answered the door. It started with a salad, then an extravagant looking chicken dish.

“I didn’t take you for the type to have a butler,” Fiona commented.

“A more appropriate term for Stephan would be manservant, He is my chef, personal trainer and business assistant. He is also an excellent masseur.”

When Stephan returned more wine, Fiona looked at his hands. They looked large and strong. She began to imagine him in his role as masseur when Victor’s voice brought her back.

“Do you know why I invited you here tonight?” Victor asked, toying with the remains of the food on his plate.

“Frank said you wanted to know more about me. But that’s not all, is it?”

“You are correct. Fiona, you are a woman that gets what she wants. I doubt you hear the word no very often You are intelligent, attractive and drop dead sexy. I admire that. But you are missing out on part of life. Occasionally you need to let life control you, instead of you controlling it. Let me take you to a place where you don’t have control.”

Fiona thought about what Victor was saying. She was not sure if he was right about giving up control. To her , it sounded like more of a challenge. She decided she was going to beat him at his own game.

“I’m willing to give it a try, ” Fiona said with a smile, ” when do we start?”

With that remark, Victor tapped his finger on the table. Fiona felt her wrists being pulled against the down. She pulled back, but it was no use. Her arms might as well have been glued to the tabletop. She looked at her arms. It was the bracelets, somehow that is what Victor was using to pin her in place.

“I have always identified with the villain in movies, or at least the anti-hero,” Victor announced dramatically, “By now you have figured out that the bracelets I gave you do more than just look good. They have an iron core, and the magnets inside the table are holding your arms down with about two tons of force. You will break your arms before you break free. “

Fiona was both frightened and intrigued by the sudden change. Victor was correct, her arms would not budge. Despite Frank’s assurances that no harm would come to her with Victor, she felt a bit panicked. She focused on Victor’s speech as he continued.

“The bracelets are built with a linkage that tightens when a magnetic field is applied, but the polymer liner will keep it from pinching your, or leaving much of a mark. When I found out that some people would pay me to take away their free will, I decided I had found my true calling. I make money with my business, but this is my true passion. Imagine, forcing people to do things they said are terrible, but enjoy. I’ve seen a lot of hypocrisy, but somehow I have learned to live with it. You seem different, you are going to be a challenge. “

Victor paused and looked right at FIona, ” You sly dog, you’ve got me monologuing. Frank said you were good, and he was right.”

Victor stood up and began to walk towards her. She watched as he picked something up on the table behind him. It was a riding crop, solid black, with a leather tip. He smacked it against his palm has he got closer to her. She looked at his hands. Victor’s hands were small, almost feminine. Quite a contrast to his muscular forearms. Fiona sat in her chair, no longer struggling against her restraints. Victor was behind her now, blocking the chair from moving with his hip. She considered pushing back against him. Then she recalled watching him in the gym. She doubted she had the strength to move him.

” You have a few choices. You can ask me to release you. Stephen will bring coffee and dessert, and we can conclude our evening, You can do as I ask, or you can continue to resist.”

Fiona considered her options. If she asked to be released, she would never know what he had planned. She wasn’t quite ready to do as he asked. She strained against the bracelets to let him know her decision. Victor walked around her. In one swift motion he hooked his foot around the leg of her chair and jerked it out from under her. The chair clattered loudly across the floor. She caught herself just before her ass landed on the floor.

“I see you decided what you are going to do,” Victor said.

Fiona slowly stood. She conceded this small battle, but was determined to win the war. Her wrists were still firmly held to the table. As she straightened her legs, the blouse hung low and a rush of cool air filled the open space. If her nipples had not ataköy bdsm escort already been erect from excitement, the temperature change would have firmed them up. She felt the end of the riding crop sliding up the back of her left leg. She was feeling aroused, against her better judgment. Despite being restrained she was comfortable. Frank was right, Victor planned out every detail. The bracelets held her securely, but it was not painful. The shoes Victor had supplied were more comfortable than most high heels she had in her own closet. She felt him flip her skirt up onto the small of her back. It was just the right length to stay put, exposing her ass. Another perfect detail from Victor.

” I see you chose the thong, that’s what I had hoped for, ” Victor said from behind her.

“I spend a lot of time making my ass look good, I didn’t want panty lines to spoil the view,” she replied.

She felt the tip of the riding crop sliding along her abdomen, coming to a stop between her breasts. Like a blind man with a cane, Victor was learning the contours of her body. The tip followed the curve of her breast until she felt it against her erect nipple.

” Are you cold, or is this for me? ” Victor asked as he tapped the end of the riding crop against her.

Fiona bit her lip as Victor pressed the tip against the pebble hard protrusions on her breast. A chill ran down her spine. Victor moved the crop between her tits again. She wondered if he had an erection. Maybe this wasn’t sexual, maybe it was just about showing he could dominate her. He rubbed the bottom her breast with the riding crop. Fiona tried to think of something else, but her mind kept coming back to him. As the crop traced the curve of her breast a moan escaped her lips.

“That’s a good girl. You know this is what you want,” Victor whispered in her ear.

Fiona felt the heat building between her legs. She wondered if her body was going to betray her again with another moan, or by making the thong soaking wet. She could feel him dragging his toy across her body again. It came to rest on her ass. He pressed the tip between her cheeks.

“Are you going to fuck me?” she asked. Fiona thought once they were both naked he would fall to her charms. He had to want her. Every man she knew would be crazy with desire if they found her in this position. She was pretty sure some of the women she knew would as well. Yet somehow, he resisted.

“It sounds like someone is getting a little presumptuous.” Victor replied, tapping her ass with the crop. He slid it under her thong, pulling the material away from her body. She felt a rush of cold air on her vagina.

“Well, at least one of us appears to be ready to fuck,” he said, letting the thong snap against her skin. ” But appearances can be deceiving. I don’t think you are really ready”

Fiona felt the tip of the crop moving across her ass and back down her leg. He lightly smacked her calf, then moved back up. The tip pressed against her pussy, pushing the silky thong into her wet flesh. With a flick of his wrist he bumped it against her clit, and she drew a sharp breath.

“You can enjoy this Fiona, I won’t punish you for feeling good.”

She could tell from the direction of his voice that he had crouched down behind her. She imagined he was admiring the view.

“I think I will keep this,” Victor said as he hooked the crop under the thong and pulled them down to Fiona’s ankles, ” as a souvenir.”

Another moan escaped from Fiona as the riding crop slid between the lips of her wet pussy. She wished it was his cock. Fiona wanted to feel him thrusting inside her. She tried to move back, to bump against him, but was stopped. He was standing on the thong, immobilizing her ankles. He began to move the riding crop up and down, faster and faster. Over and over it pressed against her clitoris. Fiona began to writhe with pleasure. As she twisted, the smooth material of her bra rubbed against her erect nipples.

Victor traced a line from her pussy across her ass and up her spine. He stopped between her shoulder blades. Slowy the tip of the riding crop moved back down. He paused again in the small of her back. Fiona felt her muscles begin to spasm and contract as the wet leather tip slipped between the cheeks of her ass. Finally she felt it spread the lips of her sex again.

” You fucker!” Fiona hissed as she realized he was going to make her come without actually touching her. Her orgasm washed over her. Wave after wave of pleasure caused her to cry out. She felt the inside of her thighs getting wetter and wetter. Finally her knees buckled. Victor put his arm around her waist, and slowly lowered her to the floor.

Fiona open her eyes and realized her wrists were no longer stuck to the table. She turned to face Victor, expecting to see him with smug grin on his face. His expression was actually stoic.

“We are done for tonight, but I would like to see you again” he said plainly,

“And you expect me to come back?”

“I fully expect you to comply,” he said, reaching into his pocket. ” Do you like the bracelets?”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Are they something you might wear? 1 I have been told that they look like a prop from a Transformers movie.”

“I actually do like them, but I’m not sure if they are worth the risk that comes with.”

“Could I see them for a moment?” Victor asked.

Fiona slipped them off and handed to him without a second thought. He fidgeted with them for a moment,using something he had pulled from his pocket. After a minute, he handed them back to her.

“I have removed the part that works with the magnet, now they just bracelets. I hope you enjoy wearing them.” he stated plainly.

“That’s it?” Fiona asked. ” You feel me up with some toy and send me home?”

“That is all for tonight, although I do have some homework for you.” He handed her a small box. ” Open that after you leave, I will contact you about our next meeting.”

Stephan was waiting at the door. Fiona wondered if he had been watching. She tried to read something in his expression. Stephan was a closed book. Either Victor had trained him well, or he had been in the kitchen cleaning up. He opened the door as they approached.

“Will there be anything else tonight?” Stephen asked.

“Yes, start a bath, and I would like a massage,” Victor replied.

The door closed behind them. Victor walked her to her car, and watched her as she drove away.


Fiona pulled onto the highway. It was late, the the road was mostly deserted. Her mind was filled with images. Victor’s smile, the riding crop, the handsome manservant. She wondered if Victor was done with his bath. She wondered if Stephan joined him. She decided that he did not, but rather stood by the tub, towel in hand. Perhaps Victor was getting a massage from Stephen now. Fiona pictured the scene in her head. Victor laying on his stomach, a small towel covering his ass. She recalled from seeing him at the gym that he had very little body hair. She could see Stephan’s strong hands spreading oil over Victor’s muscular body. He would start at the head of the table, caressing Victor’s shoulders Soon he would be sliding his hands all the way down Victor’s back. Maybe his fingertips would slip under the towel, probing the firm buttocks underneath. Fiona’s nipples began to swell at the thought of Stephan touching Victor.

Fiona’s arousal was interrupted by the car’s navigation system announcing her exit. She had turned it on to find Victor’s house, and somehow it knew she was heading back.

She began to think about her homework assignment. She had opened the box as soon as Victor was out of sight. Her assignment was to blow the first man she encountered. She wondered if Frank had invited any friends over. It might be a bit awkward if she encountered one of them. Frank had watched her go down on his friends before, but that had been different. Everyone had been a participant in one way or another. The idea of Frank, and possible some of his friends, watching her performance both excited and concerned her. A phone call could fix everything, but she decided to take a chance. Victor did not say she had to stop with the first man.


Fiona pulled up in front of the house. There was a light on, so Frank was probably still up. She cautiously reached for the box Victor had given her. After removing the lid she peered inside again. It contained only a small piece of paper and a long silk ribbon. She unfolded the paper and read it aloud.

” Walk up to the first man you see after opening this, hand him the Silk Ribbon and tell him to make you suck his dick until he comes.” The words echoed in Fiona’s head. That bastard. She was so horny that this little assignment actually sounded like a good idea. Fiona wondered again if Frank had any friends over.

Fiona slowly folded the silk ribbon up until it fit inside her hand. One step at a time she walked towards the front door. With each step she recalled an event at Victor’s house. She wondered what happened with Victor and his manservant. She thought about being trapped at the table. She remember the feel of the riding crop on her breast. She imagined Victor crouched behind her, his eyes fixed on her pussy has he slid her thong to the floor. Fiona was so lost in thought she almost ran into the front door. One hand went to the doorknob, the other clutched the ribbon. She swung the door open. Frank was on the couch. He was alone. Fiona walked straight to him.

“Make me suck your cock.” she half whispered. She opened her hand enough to let the ribbon unfold. Frank looked at her, then at the ribbon. A grin spread across his face. Fiona stood, waiting. She had been thinking of having a cock inside her for most of the evening, and Frank’s would do nicely. She licked her lips as Frank took the ribbon from her hand. Frank stepped behind her, but she continued to stare straight ahead. The silk was soft and cool against her wrists. Frank was no doubt tying some overly complicated knot. Fiona wondered if Frank had ever tied up Victor. She felt his hand on her shoulder, pushing her down to her knees. Again she felt the ribbon on her skin. Frank was tying the ribbon around her ankles. Fiona took a deep breath. She was on her knees, wrists and ankles bound together. Her nipples were clearly visible through her blouse, and there was nothing to stop the wetness running down her thighs.

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