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Coming Home

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Only a few moments have passed since I have gone upstairs to go and get changed out of my work clothes when you follow me into our bedroom to get your book from your bedside table.

But you walk in just in time to see me taking my clothes off, and all thoughts of your book go away when you see what underwear I have on: my red lacy bra with matching red lace French knickers…

And the realisation that I was wearing something so sexy underneath my sedate, prim and proper skirt suit when going to a business meeting created a sudden hunger in you and sparks of desire show in your eyes. It might have been fuelled by the fact that I was bent over picking something up from the floor when you walked in..? You certainly got an eyeful of my partially dressed body in a suggestive pose!

You cross the room, and I just stand there, letting you drink in the vision of me in red lacy underwear. You tell me I am gorgeous, that you love me and that you want me. This starts my arousal; I adore hearing that you want me. When you reach me, I can feel my skin react to your nearness… or else it is a reaction to the visible proof of your desire that is causing your trousers to bulge. You smile when you see the look on my face: it tells you I want you too, and love seeing you’re aroused and showing your desire for me. It causes a corresponding heat in my body that I can feel all over.

You whisper my name, and I can feel my mouth going slack with the need for your arms around me and your lips on mine. You gently touch my lips with your finger, tracing the outline and caressing my jaw. Your lips follow your finger, and I feel your teeth nibble my bottom lip. Your tongue traces my lip, over my throat and down to the little hollow at the base of my throat. Straightening up, you look into my eyes, and all I can do is smile. I love you so much, and can’t wait to feel more.

I don’t have long to wait: your hands cup my face, and you kiss the tip of my nose and my eyes. Your hands then slide down my neck, caressing my throat as you move your fingers over my skin.

Feeling your breath on my skin gives me goose bumps, because I know it means there will be more pleasure to follow. The sensuous feeling of your hands trailing down the skin of my back is part of that pleasure. Not knowing where your hands are going to go next, or how much teasing and torturing – if any – you will do, is adding to the anticipation.

I enjoy seeing the look on your face that tells me you can feel me melt under your hands, that your loving me is making me both breathless and wobbly-kneed. This is a feeling you enjoy as much as I do!

Now that your hands have had their fill of my shoulders and upper back, they are making their way down to my breasts, slowly, ever so slowly. This is a delicious torture – for both of us, because I know you love playing with my nipples and my pussy. And I know that seeing the effect it has on me, is a turn-on for you.

You reach the edges of my red lacy bra, which reveals as much as it conceals. You love the matching red lacy knickers, as they give you easy access to my pussy. I am getting wet from the sensations of you stroking my skin and the anticipation of what will happen next. But you are not paying any attention to my pussy just yet. It seems you are intent on taking your time!

Your fingers are slowly making their way underneath the lace of my bra, and my nipples are eager to feel your touch. I have closed my eyes to better concentrate on the sensations and I am unconsciously holding my breath in anticipation. You then surprise me by scraping a fingernail along my nipple, causing it to harden and contract. This feels so good, and I can feel myself getting wetter. You are making it even better by suddenly pinching my nipples: you know how I much I like that. I can just hear the word “gorgeous” being whispered. This turns me on almost as much as the actual playing with my nipples.

You are normally so quiet when we play… but I love hearing your noises and whispers. Such a turn-on. I can’t help it but my hands are straying to your belt, trying to pull your shirt out of your trousers. However you are pushing them away: “Not yet,” you say, “not yet.”

I can feel your hands on my waist, and then sliding along my hips: following my curves, and you tell me how sexy I am. I will never tire from hearing that! Your obvious love for me and my body definitely makes me feel sexy!

I want to reach around my back to undo my bra, but you are pushing my hands away, telling me again not to do anything and to just let you have your fill of me, and let you have your way with me.

One of your hands is sneaking back up to play with my breasts, and the other one is slowly and oh so casually stroking my buttocks. You are keeping your fingers on top of my knickers, and all my wriggling is not persuading you to slide your fingers underneath my knickers.. not yet anyway…

Your mouth is busy worrying my lips, you know bedava bahis how to turn me on by kissing me. Your fingers are pinching and twisting my nipples, and then your mouth trails back down my throat and makes it way to the edge of my bra. Your tongue follows the line of my bra for a few moments, teasing me more and at last your mouth now goes to find my nipple, with the intent of nibbling and sucking it to get even harder. I love having my nipples played with, and at times it can make me cum without you touching my pussy or my clit. Right now I am loving the added sensations of the wet fabric on my skin and they are adding to my rising excitement.

Your fingers finally are undoing my bra, and I am beginning to feel very weak in the knees. You push me towards the bed, and when I feel the edge at the back of my knees, you just gently push me back onto the bed. You drink in the sight of me, on the crisp white duvet, in my red lace French knickers, and with a blush of excitement on my face. I beg you to take of your shirt, so I can feel your skin, and you give in this time, and let me undo the buttons of your shirt. I eagerly caress all the skin I can reach, but you distract me by at the same time returning your attention to my breasts. You are starting on them in earnest now, and are licking around the whole of my breast making ever decreasing circles. My nipples are feeling tight and impatient; they want to feel your tongue on them! And at last you reach my nipple and let your tongue lash it and flick it and then suck it into your mouth really hard. I arch my back to give you more of my breast to suck on but you just move your head back. My pussy is really getting wet now, and I am having a hard time keeping my legs still.

Your hand is playing with my other nipple, twisting it and pinching it, then just lightly caressing it. I love every second of this, but am not feeling enough of your skin on mine! I try to pull you up to my face, to kiss you but you resist. You are again telling me to let you do what you want to do and not interfere; to just let you enjoy teasing and pleasing me! I acquiesce and let you do your worst.

You move over and position your body at the middle of my thighs, effectively clamping my legs closed by going to sit on top of my thighs. You let your hands trail from my breasts to my waist, loving the curve of my body. Your hands then move from my hips to my thighs, and I am trying to move my legs a little to…. give you better access to where I want you to go. You stubbornly refuse to take any notice of my hints and keep my legs enclosed between your strong thighs, and just do what you want to do. And I love it.

Your hands stroke my legs, but you carefully refrain from coming anywhere near my pussy. Your fingers come tantalisingly close, but you go around all of the skin that is covered by my French knickers. And you refuse to slide your fingers underneath them… for now. You stroke over the top of my pussy mound, but don’t touch my clit. I can smell my arousal by now, and I know you can and I am sure that my knickers are soaked with my juices. You love the smell of sex, and you like seeing me hot and in lust… good thing that is an easy thing to achieve with you around!

Your hands come ever closer to my pussy and your fingers start to brush at the edges of the knickers. My legs are trembling with desire for you to just get on with it, and rip off my knickers and play with my pussy lips. But you know me too well, and you love bringing me to the edge of that orgasmic cliff and then let me teeter there for a little, because you know all too well how much better and deeper the orgasm is when it then finally comes. It would appear that this is the treat you have in store for me today.

You keep a close eye on my face and when my heated blush spreads to my breasts you know I have reached a level of excitement that brings orgasm close. You still have not touched my pussy, and it is freely leaking my juices by now. You lean forward over my body, once again nibbling and biting my nipples, and making sure they are not feeling ignored and are helping to keep me excited.

You then take pity on me, or else your own desire to see and touch my pussy is getting the better of you, because you move away from my thighs and your hands move to the inside of my thighs and across the inside up to the top of my knickers. And this time they are holding on to my knickers when they slide back down my thighs, and pull the knickers off with them. And still you tease me, by splaying your fingers out over my body when you do this, coming oh so very close to my pussy lips and yet not touching it at the same time! The knickers get flung into a corner of the room somewhere, but I am barely aware of it. I am very aware of the cooler air suddenly flowing over my wet pussy lips though. It is a pleasurable sensation and I open my legs a bit more.

I can feel that my pussy is excited and opening up for you, in readiness casino siteleri for your hard cock and the fucking I know will follow. You move your head across my body, and your tongue traces a path to the top of my pussy. I tremble in anticipation; I love it when you lick me. Especially if you then start to play inside my pussy with your fingers, and if you want to send me to heaven, you will play with my ass at the same time. The only thing better would have to involve more people!

You lick alongside my pussy, but not till after you have given a quick teasing flick of your tongue over my clit. My clit is by now grown and oh so sensitive, and it loves the long slow licks I know you are good at. But for now you are just teasing it, just to make sure it is not feeling left out.

Your hand is still playing with my nipple, and all of this just feels so good!

At last your fingers start playing with my pussy, stroking it a little while your tongue still dances around the edges. I can do little else but lie back and you can tell from my sighs and my moans that I approve of what you are doing. I am not sure I am still capable of coherent thought at this point. I am so hot, so wet and so in need of your hard cock; I want to feel it slam into my pussy! “No gorgeous, not yet.” you say, reading my need from how wet I am, from how I move, from simply knowing me so well.

Ooohhh… you slid one finger into me.. My pussy clamps onto it, trying to stop it leaving! But I am so wet, that you slide your finger in and out very easily. You finger-fuck me with one finger for a few moments, and then add a finger. This makes the feeling much more intense for me, and you love seeing how your big long thick fingers slide in and out my cunt. My pussy is red from excitement, and literally dripping my juices down the crack to my bum. You smear some of it around my ass, and I love feeling your fingers explore around my asshole. Your tongue is now playing with my clit, and you make the long slow strokes that will bring me to orgasm very quickly. But just as you think I get too close, you stop licking – making me moan in disappointment – and just add a 3rd finger to the 2 that are already fucking my pussy. Ohhh that feels so good, but I am eager to feel fuller and feel your hard cock in me. You take away the hand that was still playing with my nipples, and start to undo your trousers. I realise this at some point and help you tug them off, even if that means you have to stop finger-fucking me for a moment. Your cock loves the feeling of freedom and bounces right up to your navel. It is dripping some pre-cum, and I adore seeing that. It tells me that you are just as excited as I am, and I love licking it off your cock. But you keep it away from me, partly because you want to do this today on your terms, and partly because you are so excited that you think you might cum if I slide my lips over your cock.

So you return your attentions to my pussy, once again sliding 3 fingers into me. You are trying to put a 4th finger in, and your thumb is teasing my asshole at the same time. “Ahhhhh yesssss” is all I can say because you are still licking my clit and playing with my nipples at the same time.

You can tell from the movement of my hips that my orgasm is close now and again you stop! You are sooo mean!

You tell me to stretch my arms and legs out, so I am spread-eagled on the bed. You find some of my scarves and tie me to the bed. This alone has me close to cumming; you have never done this before.

To complete it you find the airline blindfold that is lurking in my underwear drawer and put it over my head. You are definitely feeling playful today. Nice!

I can hear you open a drawer and am guessing you are getting something out of our toy box, but I can only guess, as I can’t see what you are doing. You refuse to tell me what you are pulling out when I ask, and therefore I jump at the touch of the cool plastic to my hot and wet pussy lips. This not being able to see is adding a whole new level of sensations and excitement!

You push the egg into me, and I realise what you are doing. It feels good to have it in my pussy, and I can’t wait for you to turn it on. Your breath is tantalising close to my clit, but you don’t touch me, you just look at me. If I could see you I would be able to see that special hot smile you have during our playtimes.

I can hear you rummaging in the toy box a bit more, and am curious to find what you are going to find in there now. It is not long before I find out because after some more sucking and biting on my nipples you put my nipple rings on them. They are really tight and I catch my breath. You know me well enough by now that I can take that pain, and that it turns into a pleasurable feeling in just a moment.

I feel your body move off the bed, but you are not telling me what you are doing, and then I can hear the door open… What are you doing, I am lying here on the bed, and bahis siteleri you walk away?? Leaving me tied to the bed, with my nipples being pinched by the nipple rings and the egg in my pussy??

I can hear you going downstairs (what are you up to?) Ohhh.. halfway down the stairs you finally turn on the egg; I cannot help but squeal a little at that and immediately I am more than a little distracted by the feelings in my nipples and pussy! It is not long before you come back up, but I have no idea what you did or why. And when I ask, you tell me “Sshhhhh, wait and find out…”

Then I hear you take your jeans off, and you are moving around in the bedroom. You tell me I look so hot and so sexy with my body stretched out on the bed, with my nipples being stimulated by the rings, and with my dripping pussy in full view.

Then I hear something that explains what you went off to go do: I hear your camera click! You are taking photographs! I am so excited that all it would take to push me over the edge to orgasm is a feather light touch of your fingers or tongue anywhere on my body! However, you are not obliging me, and just keep taking pictures. I find it incredibly arousing not knowing what exactly you are going to do next, or knowing exactly what you are recording with your camera. And what will you do with these pictures?

Then I feel your body on the mattress, and the vibrating egg suddenly stops. A disappointed moan escapes my lips, and you use that opportunity to place your dripping cock to my lips. I eagerly open my mouth, but you again refuse to co-operate. You just leave the tip of your cock on my lips, and the best I can do is lick the drooling pre-cum off your hot cock. I can hear the camera click away while I do that. I can’t wait to see what the pictures look like!

You pull your cock back away from me, telling me that if you let me continue it won’t be long before you shoot your load of cum all over my face and in my mouth. I tell you I want you to, but as before, you have other plans!

You bend over I guess, because suddenly I feel your tongue on my clit, and I tell you it will only be a minute before I cum if you keep doing that! You keep going though, and within seconds I am cumming so hard that I almost lose consciousness for a moment or two. You keep up the licking of my clit and the manipulation of my pussy, but gently in order to let me come down from this high.

I hear you take more photographs, and say how hot this is.

Once I have recovered a bit and find my voice again, I tell you: “Fuck me! NOW!” Yet you ignore me, and instead you pull out the egg. Ahhh.. that feels good too. I guess I am still on a high because I can feel the excitement rise again.

I think you will now fuck me, because your body moves over mine and I can feel your torso scrape across my nipples – which feel like they are on fire by now. You ask me if I want you to remove the rings, but I say:” No, leave them for now, it still feels good! Just fuck me! Please??”

And fuck me you do…. But not with your hot hard cock, which must be close to exploding by now. No, it turns out you are going to fuck me with my new vibrator.

Ooohhhh.. that feels so good sliding into my pussy, and I am so turned on by the fact that you are doing this, instead of me playing with it by myself. You move it around a bit, and spread the juice that is still leaking out of me around my whole pussy and across my ass too. For a moment I think you are going to penetrate my ass with the vibrator, but you move it away again, and then I feel it slide into my pussy again. And again and again.

It is not long before I scream and cum again. I beg you to fuck me, but you are steadfastly ignoring me.

Well, sort of. You get off the bed and remove the scarves that tied me to the bed. You tell me to leave the blindfold on though. You tell me to lie still, and after some manoeuvring you have it so that your mouth can reach my clit and pussy, but I can just reach your cock which is dangling above my mouth, dripping some of your pre-cum into my mouth. You tell me to lick it off, and to suck you gently.

At last I get a chance to make you feel as good as you did me! Eagerly – yet slowly at the same time I take you into my mouth, and you feel so good in my mouth. And I love hearing the sharp intake of breath you take when you feel the heat of my mouth around your rock-hard cock.

I love the taste of you, and enjoy giving you pleasure so that is what I set about doing. You let me love you with my mouth, and are not yet distracted enough to stop licking my clit and pussy. I can even hear you take more pictures, but still I cannot see of what exactly!

However my range of movement is limited in this position so for a brief moment I let you slip out of my mouth and ask if we can roll over, so that you are lying on your back, and I can then be much more creative in sucking you and licking you all over.

You happily agree, and I place my pussy over your face, and set about trying to get the last drop of cum out of your hard cock. You tell me you don’t want to cum in my mouth, you want to cum in my pussy. Hmm.. we’ll see, I quite like to suck you till you cum in my mouth, but you rarely let me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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