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Coming Undone Ch. 01

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While you are in the shower, I ready myself for you. I clear off the dining table and lay a soft blanket across it. I strip down and climb on the table.

I hear the water turn off and listen to you dry off. I hear you exit the bathroom and I call out to you telling you that I need help with something. You tell me to wait a minute and let you get dressed. I let you know that it can’t wait, I need your help now.

You walk into the room and I’m laid back onto the table, my legs propped up and spread wide. My fingers are slowly stroking my pussy for you. Spreading it open so that you can see the juices starting to flow out.

With a smile, you silently move across the room and kneel beside the table. I can feel your breath along my thigh as you kiss your way up to my swollen pussy. You take a deep breath, drawing in the scent of passion.

You move my hand. You use your tongue and lick me from my ass up to my clit. I hear you tell me how sweet it tastes. You take your finger and start to play with my clit, making it swell even more. You have a light touch at first.

You use your tongue to clean up the juices that have dripped out. As your finger still massage my clit, you insert your tongue into my wet bahis siteleri pussy. You start to move your tongue in and out, your face covered in my wetness. You take your finger from my clit and insert it into my juices, covering your finger.

As your tongue starts to work on my clit, you insert your wet finger into my ass. You start to fuck my ass with your finger and your tongue returns to my pussy and you start licking it harder, inserting your tongue now and then. You can feel my orgasm growing with every lick.

You start to suck on my clit, still fucking my ass with your finger. You insert a second finger now. Moving faster, sucking harder, my orgasm starts. You lap up my juice as it pours out of my pussy. My orgasm slows now.

You remove your fingers from my ass, stand up and lean in to kiss me. I can taste my cum as our tongues tangle inside my mouth. I can feel your hard cock brushing against my thigh now. I want to feel you inside me badly. I tell you that I want you to fuck me.

You stand up taking in the sight before you. You grab my legs and pull me closer to the edge of the table. In one quick move, you sink your cock deep into me.

As you cock enters, another orgasm canlı bahis siteleri sweeps my body and I scream out as I cum on your cock. You start to pump your hard cock in and out of me, pulling me to you with each thrust. Deeper, harder, faster with each thrust. Another orgasm washes over me and my pussy grips your cock tightly.

My juices are flowing freely now. It is running down my ass onto the table making a large puddle. You pull your cock out of me. I can feel the head of it against my ass. You ease the head of it in, allowing me to adjust and relax before you ease it in the rest of the way.

You see that I have a dildo on the table beside me. Once you have your cock completely in my ass, you pause and reach for the dildo. Not moving your cock, you slip the dildo inside my pussy. I cry out because of the fullness.

You slowly start moving your cock in and out of my ass. At the same time, you move the dildo in and out of my pussy, the juices pouring out, covering your cock and keeping it lubed. I reach up and start to play with my hard nipples. Pulling them and making them harder.

You start moving faster, fucking my ass harder. Shoving the dildo inside me matching your güvenilir bahis thrusts. I reach down and start rubbing my clit. You like when I do that. With the other hand I take the dildo from you and start fucking myself with it.

You grab my legs and pull me onto your cock harder now. I can feel your cock growing harder, swelling, needing to release your cum. I scream out to you that I’m cumming again.

As my pussy squeezes the dildo, you can feel the spasms in my ass and it’s just what you need to send you over the edge. I can feel your cock throb inside me as it feels my ass with your hot sticky cum. Feeling that sends my body into another intense orgasm.

As our orgasms slow and then stop, you lean to me and kiss me deeply. I remove the dildo from my pussy as your cock slips from my ass. You lift me from the table to my feet. You guide me to the shower and turn on the water. We step into the shower and you gently wash my body from head to toe.

I reach for you to do the same but you stop me. Before I can say a word, you place a finger to my lips telling me to not say a word. After you have rinsed my body, you wash and rinse yours. You turn off the water and we step out onto the rug.

You dry yourself quickly and then softly pat my body dry. You pick me up, walk into the bedroom and lay me onto the bed.

With a wink, you tell me that we have only just begun. The table was just the appetizer. My heart leaps in anticipation of what is to come…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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