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Compromising Position

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Compromising Position

I am not sure how to write this tale but my instinct tells me to set the stage, briefly describing where we are now and then going back to the beginning as a way of explanation.

The present is summer break, mid-July, and I am hanging out in my best friend’s apartment waiting for him to get dressed to go out on his boat. We are typical, more or less, 18-year-old boys in a time when 18 was more grown up than today. No cell phones or internet and we had to be content driving around in old cars, smoking cigarettes and drinking beer. Nevertheless, life was good.

My friend Carl was a bit of a character. A bit spoiled since his parents had their own business and made a decent living. They also indulged him to compensate for the lack of attention they gave him due to their working almost seven days a week. He was also tough, having three older brothers who didn’t spoil him or indulge him meant he had to take a lot of hard knocks. But he was fun loving, handsome, good natured, sexy and attractive. The girls liked him and his uninhibited ways but so did most people who knew him.

As I sat in the corner of the couch in my tee shirt and bathing suit, thumbing through a magazine, Carl walked out of his room, naked, holding his bathing suit. He stopped by the arm of the couch facing me, his half-erect penis pointing in my direction and started chuckling, asking if I wanted to hold it. His sense of humor sometimes got sexual but since we were still feeling the effects of puberty and our own sexual awakening, this was as natural as breathing to us. 18-year-old boys joked about sex, talked about sex, dreamt about sex but never had much of the real thing. Asking me if I wanted to hold his dick was goofy fun for him.

However, there was something different about his tone this time and it seemed that there was an underlying message coming through the smile and laughing. I told him to go point that thing in another direction since I was not interested but today that response was proving unsatisfactory. Carl responded that he heard from one of our other friends that I was seen in bed with an older guy, someone who gave blowjobs to the local boys at his house and who we would visit when we were in the mood for such a thing; if I would go to bed with this fellow why wouldn’t I at least stroke his dick? He saw from the look on my face that he struck a chord with me and did not want to back off, plus it was fun for him to see me in such an uncomfortable position. Carl was horny and if he could have someone play with his dick, it would be the beginning of a good day.

Although no one ever discussed the matter when I was in earshot, I was indeed caught in this compromising position very late one Saturday night and Carl was waiting for just the right time to confront me with the information. I had hoped that I had gotten out of bed quick enough and managed to get dressed without too much attention that night so the guys who arrived, friends of ours and guys also visiting a gay man for sex, would not make much of my presence. They may not have said anything at the moment but clearly the story of what, or rather who, they found when they entered the house had made the rounds in our circle of friends.

When İstanbul Escort I climbed into bed with this guy, Ray, it was the first time I had ever done such a thing. I had visited him with the other guys several times and had gotten blowjobs but that was it. This particular night I went to see Ray with another boy but stayed later just talking to him since my friend had to leave before I did. Ray and I were alone in the house and during our conversation he confided in me saying that he really felt like getting fucked and asked if I would be interested in doing it with him. He said that he struck out with the other guys and hoped that I would agree since he was getting very horny. He also said that he felt that I was different from the others although he did not explain the remark. He promised that it would be fun and he would be grateful.

When he saw that I did not immediately dismiss the idea he suggested that we get comfortable on the bed and talk about it, maybe take off our clothes and relax since he knew that I wanted a blowjob anyway. The suggestion appealed to me for a couple of reasons, the first being that I had often wondered what it would be like to be completely naked with him while he sucked me off instead of the usual pants down version and, secondly, I had begun to wonder about my own sexuality and being in bed with another man might help my understanding of my own feelings, so I readily agreed.

We stripped quickly and I placed my clothes on the chair by his bedroom door. I was going back into the kitchen for a beer when Ray came up to me, naked, and blocked my way. He told me that I looked really attractive when I was naked and reached out for my hips. Pulling me towards him, he said that he wanted to kiss me and asked if that was okay with me. I hesitated a bit since his request surprised me and he took this as an affirmative response; he then kissed me on the mouth, gently inserting his tongue after a few seconds, and then pushing deeper. His kiss excited me more than I thought it would and I readily returned it, absently wondering how many dicks had been in his mouth that night. I felt myself melting into his arms, my penis becoming aroused and pushing against his as we embraced.

In a matter of seconds Ray was leading me into the bedroom where he guided me onto the bed. Clearly the matter of having sex with him had been decided by my actions rather than my words. I shifted to the middle of the bed and stretched out on my back while Ray laid down next to me. He leaned over, half on top of me, and kissed me again, harder and more intense this time, and I started gently squirming under his weight, feeling all the electric sensations while mentally drifting away on a soft cloud and returning his kisses. Ray kissed my cheeks, then my neck, moving down my chest stopping at one nipple and then over to the other. I was lost in a wave of pleasure, feelings so intense they remain unduplicated even to this day. He then kissed my stomach, my abdomen, and then took my stiff penis into his mouth to give it some much needed attention.

I was on the verge of orgasm and I think Ray knew it because he gently stopped what he was doing and moved back up to kiss Anadolu Yakası Escort my lips again. But Ray was far from finished. After kissing me for a brief minute, Ray straddled me and reaching down, placed my erection right against his anus. As he continued to kiss me he let his weight push my hard cock completely into his ass. He began to rock forward and back and in a matter of a few minutes I had the most intense orgasm, shooting hot semen into his ass as I held him tightly and literally screamed in pleasure. Ray slowly stopped his movement and rolled off to the side. A minute later he got up and went to the bathroom, returning with a warm washcloth, and proceeded to wipe me down as I lay on the bed totally drained.

Unlike females, males don’t want to spend much time cuddling after orgasm and would gladly go to sleep or simply leave the premises. However, the same rules do not necessarily apply to 18-year-old boys. Boys can relax a while and then with a little stimulation can easily be ready to have sex again. Ray did not have an orgasm yet and was intent upon having one with me this night so in a little while he began gently kissing my neck and massaging my nipples. My reaction, and my erection, signaled that his stimulation was working and now Ray wanted his turn at pleasure. We had not spoken about it, and I had only visited him to be on the receiving end of oral sex, so what is the protocol? What is assumed to be appropriate and what is out of bounds? How should we approach the subject? Most of the guys would be highly offended if they were asked to jerk someone off and requesting a blowjob was out of the question. But I had willingly undressed and gotten into Ray’s bed, made out with him as if I were a girl, I had anal sex with him and had gotten blowjobs from him in the past. This somehow put me into a different category.

Ray laid on his back next to me and taking my hand in his, guided it to the pubic hair above his penis, all the while looking into my eyes for reaction. Now it was my turn to lean over to kiss him; I kissed his mouth, then his neck, his chest, his nipples. With only the slightest of pressure Ray directed me towards his stomach and I went the rest of the way on my own. Kneeling over him, I slowly and gently took his erect penis into my mouth. I looked up at him and saw that he was intently watching me lick the head and take it into my mouth; the pleasure was obvious when he closed his eyes. Surprisingly I had no problem taking the full length down my throat and then I moved my head up and down, allowing the excess saliva to lubricate his stiff cock and kept going. I got lost in the moment and was intent on giving pleasure to someone else, listening to the sounds. Soon I heard Ray moaning, getting louder and then I felt him stiffen and grab my head in both hands to hold it still. He released a big load of cum into my mouth and while I expected it I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the feeling of it forcefully hitting the back of my throat and the taste. I looked up at him and saw him looking back, smiling. I had finally given a blowjob to the man who did the same to me quite a few times in the past, my thank you to him. He was happy to be on the receiving İstanbul Escort end for once and I was happy to satisfy him.

We only had a few minutes lying in bed before we heard someone at the door. It was standard for the guys to rattle the screen door to let Ray know that he had company and if the door was unlatched guys would let themselves in since Ray expected people to stop by. Ray had not locked the door tonight so the guys just walked in as usual and Ray and I had to scramble. Ray got up and grabbed his robe from the back of the door. I began trying to get out of bed to make my way to the chair to get my clothes and it was at this point that someone looked in and saw me getting off the bed naked. Usually guys getting a blowjob would just unzip their pants or sometimes if the pants were tight, they would pull them down onto their legs. It is highly unusual for someone to be in bed completely naked, unless something else was taking place. I quickly, but acting nonchalant, got out of bed, walked to the chair to retrieve my clothes and got dressed. Nothing was said but I knew that I was the center of attention.

Carl was still looking at me with a big smile on his face, penis still pointing at me, and he repeated his question about me holding his dick. He said “Come on, you know that you want to. It’s alright, I won’t mind and you know that I would never mention it to anyone.” The last part was a bit of a joke because nothing is secret very long between boys. Here was the defining moment, the moment of truth. Carl knew that I had been caught in bed with Ray so he had the upper hand and was fairly confident that he could get me to stroke his cock if he “promised” not to mention it to anyone else. I knew that I had been seen in bed with another man, stories about what took place in that bed would be left to everyone’s imagination so whatever Carl let slip now would be nothing more than additional icing on a cake. Obviously, in my mind anyway, it did not matter what I did or didn’t do in response to his request at this point so I may as well have a little fun.

I looked at Carl and told him that he didn’t give me much choice and if that is what he wanted then I would do it but he had to promise that he would not tell anyone. He laughed and readily agreed. But, to his surprise, as I took his cock into my hand I slid off the couch onto my knees and then I slid his dick completely into my mouth. The look of surprise on his face was priceless and in mere seconds he had a rock-hard erection. I worked up and down on his cock and occasionally looked up at him, watching him enjoy what I was doing. Carl had a large, beautiful dick and I enjoyed taking it down my throat. I also enjoyed sucking and licking the head, so much so that I was really getting off myself. It took a several minutes of hard work but eventually Carl started moaning and encouraging me to go faster and take it deeper down my throat before he stiffened and shot his load of cum into my mouth.

I held Carl’s cum in my mouth for a little while so that I could let the taste linger and also to let him watch me swallow it. The perfect ending to a great blowjob. If Carl is going to tell a story about me it may as well be a good one and something that can be easily laughed off as ridiculous if it comes back to me. If he does keep it to himself and decides that he would prefer to get a blowjob from me rather than going to Ray or someone else, that would be fine with me. It seemed like a win/win situation and one that could lead to many fun afternoons and evenings.

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