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Concert Fling Pt. 02

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Double Penetration

“I didn’t know you had a man,” Gary spoke, his sense of morality suffering from having watched me end a phone conversation with my boyfriend as I had put his cock in my mouth. My boyfriend thinking I was in a concert, which heightened the pleasure of being a bad girl. He had called a few times already. I had felt the phone vibrating against my thigh while Gary was fucking me from behind. It was extra orgasmic. I like being naughty.

Ending the phone conversation I had continued to suck Gary’s cock wanting him hard again. One thing was on my mind and it wasn’t my boyfriend, well, kind of, but he was in the very back of my mind. I had several more hours of play and maybe even another phone call. I had my hands cupping Gary’s ass, pulling his body into my face and deep-throating him. That is when he raised his concern about me having a man.

I pulled his cock out of my mouth and stroked him, squeezing tight at the base, rubbing my saliva into his shaft, keeping him rock hard. Men with stiff cocks make terrible negotiators. Pausing my grip at the base I rubbed the underside ridge with my thumb. “Maybe you should have asked a few more questions before you bent me over you couch,” I floated, looking him in the eye. “Do you want me to stop?”

I put his head back into my mouth, stroking the shaft too, but keeping my eyes on his. He tried looking me in the eye, but was unable to focus as my breasts were still bare, my hand was stroking his hard cock, my lips delicately wrapped around his head, and my jeans, halfway off, showed my sweet thighs. His gaze took it all in, until he scrunched up his eyes, putting a hand on his forehead. It was cute.

I was tempted to play with him a bit and teach him to be more cautious, but he was my kind of one-night stand, and we both needed some good loving, so I went another direction. “Why do you think I am out all alone on a date?” I asked, but didn’t want him to answer. “Why do I look so sexy? And yet my boyfriend is at home?”

Gary was quiet. He was looking off a bit. With his stiff cock still in my hand, I knew he was mine. “My boyfriend loves this Gary. My boyfriend likes it when I find a good lover.” I spoke reassuringly. “He is gonna want to hear about this. Again and again.” I took him back into my mouth and took him all the way down until I gagged. Taking my sweet time, I ran the length of him out and the all the way back in, nice and slow, until I gagged again. Then I slowly slid him out, sucking so sweetly, until I was nibbling and licking his head. Looking up, stroking his cock, which was engorged, I said, “I will probably never fuck you again, but I am going to remember fucking you as my boyfriend asks me again and again how it happened, what you did, what I did, how much I liked this or that.” I paused, “What would be nice for me is if I could ataköy türbanlı escort remember this night as a perfect one, because however it ends I am gonna be retelling it.”

“How could any man let a woman like you sleep with other men?” He asked wonderingly, as if to worship me. It pissed me off though. As if he was gonna be a better man? Some men get so weak and sentimental at the most frustrating of moments, and try to turn a night of fun into an epic romance failure. That bullshit sense of needing control and needing to assauge guilt for getting exactly what they want. I had a good man at home, I was here for the good fuck. I wanted to go hard on him, but morality gets tricky, and can make for a limp dick, quick.

“Are you really gonna complain about my boyfriend’s kinks? Right now?” I let my voice rise towards the end. I abandoned his cock and pulled all my attention to myself, as if hurt. I stood up to leave, purposely getting at my pants in a sloppy way, my curves mesmorizing him. I feigned being flustered as if my feelings were hurt and I was now in a rush to escape. My jeans struggling to get up and over my ass, I paused, looking at him again with a slight pout. Moaning, he reached out and grabbed my shoulders. He pulled me into him, kissing me. His hardness pressed against my abdomen.

He began to talk but I just shushed him. I had his cock in my hand again slowly stroking him. Keeping my eyes on his, I said, “Can you show a girl a good time tonight? I missed my concert.” I pouted my lips and just kept stroking his cock. “I met this really handsome man that kept telling me how beautiful I was. I thought I was the first pretty girl he had ever seen. I let him sweep me off my feet and for one night I hoped I could make his dream come true. I am sorry I didn’t tell you. I am such a bad girl.”

Grunting, he began moving forward, more or less carrying me with him. His stout frame moved and I with it. His arms held me with strong hands around my waist. His kisses turning passionate and focused again. I was shuffling backward, heat rising inside me. My jeans fell to my knees. I tripped back onto his bed. For a moment he just stared down at me, breathing rapidly and kind of groaning. His cock was jutting out, swollen with need. “You are so beautiful,” he reminded me. I laid there looking sexy, my feminine powers drawing him into a tight focus. My pussy filling up with juice, knowing what was coming.

He got at my legs and placed both of them on one of his shoulders, not bothering to strip my jeans. My legs pinned tightly together, clamped there by his thick arm, made for a tight pussy. I squirmed a bit in excited anxiety. He was barely in control now. His other hand got a grip around my thin waist and pulling down on my hip, he steered ataköy ucuz escort his cock into my wetness.

He pushed all the way into me, my wetness allowing him unhindered access, even though my pussy was stretching around his hardness with a sweet pain. He held there for a moment, looking deep into my eyes. I shuddered and looked away. I was scared now, and loved it. He slid himself out, keeping his eyes on mine. Then with savage strength, he thrusted, his cock went right back up into me and punched the pleasure spot. And then again. And again. His body tight with sexual energy. He had been holding it in for long months. My wetness receiving all of it. All of his pounding. All his crashing waves.

I was so turned on. I needed this passion. It felt so good. His desire had me so wet and eager to be taken. His strong torso coming with every thrust. His groin area kissing my wet thighs, my juices dripping down into the crack of my ass. His cock, his hard cock, finding clear entry, over and over again. His balls tapping against my ass in rythym to his surges. I could feel the deep erotic energy rising between us.

My warm creamy insides gripping him like so many slippery fingers. Holding in vain, for no matter how tightly they held him, the slip was too great. His hardness escapes, only to plunge back in, down into the deeps, the slight pause coupled with his grunt, and then the hasty retreat. Again and again he drives into me, and every time my body tries to hold him, to milk him, to get that precious seed. My hips powerless to help in this position, still they writhe to accommodate his need. Wanting all of him, my mind fades. His cock is getting harder, longer. I am only aware of the exploding pleasure, the union of his energy into my body. My pussy is so tight with my legs held together. He feels bigger. His rough hand is gripping my ass. I moan as an orgasm slowly builds and breeches my walls and takes me away. My noises excite him more. His tempo increases. Deeper, harder, faster.

For moments I am simply in a sea of ecstasy. I am in another place. A place of sweetness and sublimity. I hear the moans and the gasping, but it is far away. My vision comes back, settling on his face. He is close enough to kiss almost. His eyes are closed, concentrating fully. His body weight is leaning on me, my legs naturally stretching to their max with each deep thrust. My ass is soaking. I can feel my juices and his earlier cum running deep into the crack of my ass.

He really wants me to have it. By silencing him, I gave him one recourse to make good this situation. Men and words were often poor partners, but a man with a purpose and a direction that he doesn’t have to try and understand, is what makes the world go round. He had found his path. He was ataköy üniversiteli escort making good now. In his mind, he was a champion. So he fucked me like one. I knew he had it in him. His whole body was cooperating in this endeavor. He was my Lancelot of the evening and he had a lot of lancing to please the most beautiful woman he had ever fucked.

Unable to break his grip, submission was my only option. Having cummed so recently, he wasn’t gonna cum quick. It was the best. I orgasmed again. And then he rolled me onto my tummy. My legs hanging limply off the side, he got my ass in his hands. I felt a stab of fear as it seemed that he was gonna put himself into my booty, but I arched my back and he went right back into my wet yoni. Thrust after thrust, he buried himself, getting even deeper penetration. With every thrust he was batting my g-spot and it got real orgasmic. Time got plastic. He was fucking me so good. His body so tight with tension. He hadn’t been with a woman in a while, and never with a woman whom he found so beautiful. Beyond that a woman that was loving his cock, no complications, no games, no qualms; nor was I even a future concern. He knew I had my own life to return to. This was his one night to enjoy me fully or win me forever. All that was leading to the biggest release of his life.

He was giving deep, full-bodied grunts with every surgee. His body working so hard, his balls trying to manufacture more cum. I turned around. Sweat was glistening on his chest. A vein in his forhead was pulsing, his eyes clinched shut. His hands holding tightly onto the flesh of my ass cheecks, his cock slurping in and out. I cummed again. Opening his eyes, he met mine as my juices once again salivated all over and around his pounding cock. Listening to my moans, and maybe I did call his name, he grunted, going into a convulsive spasm, his thrusts now staying deep inside me, tagging my g-spot like a speed bag. And then I felt the shiver go all the way through his body and into his shaft. And then again. His eyes rolled back up into his head. I cried out, burying my face into his blankets. I could feel the special warmth of his seed spurting deep into me, covering my nodule. His cum came slowly though, working itself to the end of his cock, as he spasmodically fucked me. It was timeless and sublime. I faded as he cracked open and cried out.

He was collapsed on me. My face pressed sideways into his blanket. He was kissing my exposed cheek and ear in an incoherent way. He was so blissed. I was too. I had drool running out of my open mouth. His cock was still in me, spasm-ing, shrinking in increments. We were exhausted but our hips still gyrated and rocked with aftershocks. My insides were so warm and satisfied, so full of our creams, that I could feel it running out. My thighs were soaked. The blanket, underneath my pubes was soaked. I love the feeling of my juices all messy from being fucked so good.

He turned my head so he could kiss me. I felt a little surge down low as our tongues met, but it was just a tease, for he was spent. So was I. Kissing was nice. We did that for a long while, just settling back into our bodies.

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