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Conference Connection

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She had worn a flower in her hair everyday since he’d known her. She seemed to have a fondness for carnations and never once had he seen a rose grace her dark tresses. It was just one of her many quirks, but one that he found himself obsessing over more and more frequently. He also found himself wondering how long her hair really was. It was always up in some way, a simple braid or an elegant chignon, a tight bun or some curly concoction wreathing her head. He wanted to be the one to let it down, to take handfuls of it when he pulled her lips to his for a long, sweet kiss. As he sat at his desk he watched her walk down the hall, pretty sure that she had no idea that he even existed.

He sat at his desk absorbed in what ever it was he was working on. She enjoyed watching him, he had amazing hands, his fingers flying over his keyboard, quick, efficient, and mesmerizing. She found a blush creeping into her cheeks as she wondered what hands like that were capable of doing, wondering what his hands could do to her body. He had a great smile, even though it wasn’t a feature he showed off very often. They had worked together for a few years now and the only words they had ever exchanged were the friendly, Hi’s, while coming into the building. Some day she would gain the courage to have a real conversation with him.

The memo was waiting for him when he came in the next Monday. The company wanted to send him to a conference on how to better communicate with customers. What he read was that the company would be giving him an all expense paid trip to Vegas. He was smiling until he got to the end and found out that he would be going with one other associate, that always added stress to a trip since then he had to at least pretend to pay attention to the conference. Taking the memo he walked to his bosses office to get the details of the conference and to see if he could find out who the other person was that would be coming.

This was the first time that the company had asked her to do anything of this nature. She was excited since any type of extra training would mean that she was a little more valuable. As she skimmed her memo she saw that she would be going with a more experienced associate so that she could learn how to navigate a conference. This last part made her a little nervous, she had always kept to herself and didn’t really know anybody else. She had always feared that creating a relationship with others at the office would put her and her job in danger.

His boss would only tell him that his partner was a woman and that she had never been to a conference before. He was told that he would have to stay close to her during all parts of the trip so that she could learn how a conference ran and to make sure she didn’t get lost. His spirits were dropping the closer this trip came, he didn’t want to be a babysitter to a new chick that he would have to be lead around by the nose. At least there were entertainments to enjoy in Vegas during their down time, surely he couldn’t be expected to spend every minute outside the conference with her as well.

He had been given an address and a time to pick her up. He hoped when he got there that she would be ready and wouldn’t keep him waiting, getting through the airport was bad enough. When he pulled up to the curb he just honked the horn, if she didn’t hear it then it wouldn’t be his fault and he could just go on to Vegas alone.He didn’t have to wait as long as he had been expecting as the passenger side door opened.

Honking, really? Wow, this trip was starting off on a great note. Good thing she had been ready twenty minutes ago. She was shouldering her other bag when he honked at her again. Agitated now she locked her front door, took a deep breath, and headed to his car. She watched as he leaned back and got comfy, obviously this jerk thought since she was a woman he would have a few minutes to take a nap. She enjoyed making him jerk alert when she opened his door.

It was her….

It was him….

They stared at each other across the car absolutely shocked that this was the person they would be spending the next week in Vegas with. He broke the silence first.



Great opening line she thought, here she was finally face to face with the one person in the office she wanted a relationship with and all she could sputter out was hello. This was obviously going to be a great week. She wasn’t great at talking to men in the first place, was already nervous about the trip, and this is who she has to deal with! At least she was getting her wish to get to know him.

His mind flew into overload. There was no way he would be getting anything out of this conference, this was the woman of his fantasy and he would be spending the week with her in Vegas. ataşehir escort He knew enough about how these conferences worked, they would learn what was required but, beyond that he knew she would present to much of a distraction for him to pay any attention.

They drove to the airport, not in complete silence but with a stilted conversation mostly about the weather. He did find out that this was her first time flying and that she had been with the company almost too long not to have already been sent to some sort of convention already. He helped her get through security and boarding, it wasn’t until they were finally in their seats that he saw how nervous she really was. He reached over and took a hold of one of her hands. Making eye contact with her, he started to tell her a story about a princess and other such silly nonsense. He was able to get her relaxed enough that she had started to giggle, some of his work was undone when the safety lecture was presented, but she seemed okay for the moment. He didn’t get his hand back before they took off though, and she squeezed surprisingly hard as the jet lifted into the air. Once they were in the air he ordered them both a cocktail and silenced her objections by first reminding her they were free and second that they wouldn’t have to do anything professional until the opening dinner of the convention tomorrow night.

The flight had been better than she had expected it to be. If she had to admit it flying had been terrifying to her, she was glad that he had been there to help her through it. She was surprised when he took her hand but more so when he started telling her nonsense in his pursuit to calm her down. It hadn’t mattered what he had been saying to her however, she had been content just to watch his lips moving. When he got her a cocktail after lift off, her first impulse was to turn it down, but he convinced her to drink it. Now with them descending into Vegas she realized she was actually a little drunk. She enjoyed the feel of his hand holding hers as he took hold of it again, she was glad it was there because thoughts of what she wanted him to do to her kept her from thinking about the fact they were plunging back towards the ground.

It took a little time to get out of the airport and to the hotel. He left her in the lobby and went to get their room keys. The last cocktail from the flight was just now starting to kick in and she learned that she was a quite a bit drunker than she had first thought. Now all she wanted to do was make it to her room before she made a fool of herself. The way she was feeling, she knew that most if not all of her inhibitions were gone, a hint of a suggestion from him right now would have her stripping him naked before she could stop herself. He was heading back toward her so she pulled herself together just enough to face him.

“We have a bit of a problem, this conference is larger than they thought it would be and some of the rooms ended up getting double booked. One of our rooms was one. There is no chance of us getting another one here tonight, and the lady at the counter said that she would be amazed if we could find anything else available either.”

“So we stay here, one room is better than none. Did you find out if it had a double bed?”

“She didn’t say,let’s just go up and find out.”

He had expected her to freak out when she found out that they were going to have to share a room, the way she accepted had taken him back for a few seconds. He recovered quickly as he watched her walk towards the elevator. She wasn’t too steady on her feet, it was then he realized how drunk she must be.

When she reached the elevator she turned to wait for him, flashing him a smile that had his cock growing hard. She was gorgeous and with the way she held herself, the way that she was so unconscious of her body made him sure she had no idea how gorgeous she was. He turned to a machine close to the elevator and put a coin in, hoping to give himself just enough time to adjust before he had to face her again. An added bonus came when he won a couple hundred dollars from his pull.

She watched as he came closer, thinking to herself how much fun she could have just teasing him, wanting to get just a taste of him. She smiled at him, surprised when he took a small detour to a machine near where she was waiting. When he actually won something she took the few steps to him and placed a kiss to his cheek. It was meant to be sweet and innocent, a simply expression of joy to show she was happy for him, but she knew she’d made a mistake as soon as she made contact with him. With her arms wrapped around his neck, she was suddenly close enough to press her whole body against him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her avcılar anal yapan escort to him for just a few seconds, but she was shocked when they turned to the elevator and he left an arm draped around her hips. They were alone in the cabin, the chemistry between them was undeniable, and the kiss that happened next was inevitable.

The kiss was pure lust. They reached for each other at the same time, his hands spearing through her hair, her hands grasping his shirt. Lips and tongues colliding fast and hard. He used his hold in her hair to tilt her face to his more completely and deepened the kiss even further, thrusting his tongue into her mouth, reveling in the taste of her. She gave into him letting him lead the kiss, tangling her tongue with his, while at the same time become increasingly frustrated because she wanted more. He took hold of her bottom lip in his teeth and nibbled lightly on it, afterwards sucking on her tongue, and she moaned. He pulled her closer to him wanting to show her how hard she was making him.

They stopped only because the elevator did. He grabbed her hand and led her to their room. The moment had been broken however, and once they were in there were a few moments of awkward silence. She went to her bag and found her pajamas, going into the bathroom she took a minute to compose herself. When she had planned for the trip she had been alone in a room to herself so she had packed something comfy, a cute little night gown that left very little up to the imagination. She decided confidence was the key in this case and since she looked fantastic in it anyway she walked out of the bathroom with seduction on her mind.

His mind went foggy when she walked out of the bathroom. Her hair was still up and whatever it was she was wearing was perfect. It clung to her curves, showing him that her body was more amazing than he had ever imagined, it ended just past the curve of her ass and had him casting about for a reason to make her bend over. Then the thought of her bending over had him growing even harder. She smiled at him, a hint of insecurity in her eyes, but her body language was pure sex.

“The night gown wasn’t planned to be seen, I had thought of course that I would be alone during the trip. I’m honestly a little embarrassed.”

He had no words to tell her how amazing she looked, so he just reached out and pulled her toward him. He backed them up to one of the rooms chairs, sat down, grabbed her hips and dragged her onto his lap. Her hands were around his neck, and their lips met again, this time somehow with more heat than the kiss they had shared on the elevator. With his hold on hips he re-positioned her so that now she was straddling him. Breaking their kiss, he kissed her neck and filled his hands with her tits. He kissed and licked his way down her throat. He used his teeth to move the straps of the nightgown down then pulled a nipple into his mouth. He sucked hard, rasping his tongue over the hard peak, turning and doing the same to the other side. She was rolling her hips in tight excited circles, delicate moans escaping her, he could tell she was working her way towards an orgasm. He moved one hand down and wrapped it around her waist, holding her closer and pressing his cock onto her clit, he sucked a nipple harder into his mouth. What had been subdued moans turned into adorable shrieks, devouring her tits more aggressively, he held her more tightly to him moving his hips so cock rubbed her clit more fully. She came hard, screaming his name as she did.

Taking a few breaths to compose herself, she let herself collapse onto him, and buried her face in his neck. She started to kiss down his chest, undoing the buttons of his shirt as she went. She kissed down his tight hard abs and was soon on her knees in front of him. Looking up at him, she smiled as she started to take off his pants. She didn’t break eye contact with him when she wrapped her hand around him. She watched as the feel of her hand grasping him made his eyes roll back in his head. When he looked at her again, it was to watch as her tongue reached out and licked around the tip of his cock, again she didn’t break eye contact. Moving her hand she started at his base and licked up to the tip, ending in a small kiss. She repeated this a few times, each time taking more of him in her mouth when she kissed him. Soon she was pulling half his length into her mouth before she would stop to lick him from base to tip again. He wanted her to take him all. About the time he thought he wouldn’t be able to take any more teasing she slid the full length of him into her mouth, he could feel the tip of his cock at the back of her throat. She sucked hard on him, moving her tongue over, across, and around avcılar bdsm escort his shaft while keeping her lips firmly at his base. She moaned when he put a hand on the back of her head, and again when he started to fuck her mouth. Her moans were going a long way towards making him cum faster than he wanted to, but he also hadn’t expected her to be so good with her mouth.

“Can I cum in your mouth?”

He expected a nod or some sort of sound in answer, instead she slid him out of her mouth, licking his shaft as she did, only breaking contact at the last second. She breathlessly answered.


No pause after that simple word, she simply took him all again. Sucking and licking harder and faster than she had been. He came within seconds of her answer. She left her lips on him for a long few moments after he finished, she was smiling as she stood up in front of him.

He stood, taking his shirt off the rest of the way as he did so. He reached down to the hem of her nightgown and lifted it over her head. Hooking an arm around her knees, he carried her to the bed. He laid her down gently, kneeling beside her on the bed, to run one hand down the length of her body. He bent and kissed her. This time their kiss was sweet, longing, but still filled with passion. His hand found her pussy, she was wet, slick, and hot. He slid a finger deep inside her at the same time he slid his tongue over her lips, he caught her gasp in his mouth as he deepened both motions. She was moving her hips in time with his finger, he caught another gasp when he slid a second finger inside her. He put himself between her hips and without moving his fingers he covered her clit with his mouth. This time it wasn’t a moan but a scream that escaped her. He pulled her clit hard with his mouth, sucking on it while sliding a third finger into her pussy. He started to alternate between licking and sucking her clit, fucking her with his fingers, harder and deeper the closer she got to cumming. She grabbed his head in her hands, holding him in place when she came, he removed his fingers and used his tongue to lick away the juices flowing out of her.

He covered her with his body and started to kiss her again. She was still very wet, so he slid into her with ease. She breathed out his name again when he buried himself deep. She felt amazing stretched tight and hot around him. He stayed buried for a few heartbeats, leaving a kiss on her neck, before he started to move. He stared with long, slow strokes, and soon she had wrapped her legs around his hips and was matching his pace. He found first one of her wrists then the other, took them together in one of his hand, and held them above her head. Holding her down he continued with the long slow strokes until she was gasping, at the point of begging for more. He licked her neck, sweet and nice, innocent and tender, then on a hard quick thrust he bit her.

“How do you want me to fuck you?”


He let her wrists go and sat back on his knees. Her calves went over his shoulders, he bent forward a little and her feet were over her head, he started to fuck her hard and fast, the new position allowing him to go deeper than he had been. This position last a while, until he brought her back to the edge of cumming again. Stopping just before she did he let her feet down, and moved them again, this time flipping her over. He entered her from behind, he grabbed her hips and somehow started to fuck her even harder, even faster. He felt her pussy start to clinch around him and once more his name was screamed. She was cumming again, the feel of her clenching around his cock was too much and he started to cum with her. He collapsed on top her her, pushing her under him onto the mattress.

Once he regained some composure, the first thing he noticed was that her hair was still up, and somehow the flower hadn’t fallen out yet either. He was amazed by this. Leaning on one arm he pulled the flower out of its home in her hair. He kissed the nape of her neck, then started to run the flower across her shoulders and down her back. She let out a small mew of pleasure. He moved off her, trailing the flower to her ass, over it and down the inside of her thigh. He rolled her over and moved it to the other thigh and up, over her now very sensitive clit. Up her stomach and to her tits. He used the flower to circle first one breast, round and up, moving lightly over her nipple, watching as it grew tight and hard at the attention. He did the same to the other side, then moved it up to her neck, and ended by tracing her lips. She was completely relaxed now, nothing had ever felt so good as what he had just done to her, the whole evening had been more than she had ever fantasized that it could be. He put the flower on the bed stand, and started kissing her again. Then wrapping her in his arms, he rolled to his back and put her head on his chest. As they fell asleep all either of them could think about was how they would fake what they had learned at this conference because there was no way they were leaving this room until they had to go home!

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