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Confession CYOA

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Big Tits

First of all I want to thank the people that liked and favorited the story, and quickly follow it up with a laugh at the expense of nearly all the people that commented. Apparently you don’t know what CYOA stands for and you can’t recognize a formatting error when you see one. Also wanted to point out that not a single person that was mocking my work was signed in. All of you were anonymous when you called it ‘pathetic’ etc.

It seems Literotica removed a good portion of my formatting, including the numbers that were supposed to lead you through the different storylines. This submission should fix that. Lastly, if you want to get the best experience with this story, open a word document and copy paste all the pages onto it. Then use Ctrl+F to find and replace “John” with the name you want, and do the same with “Sarah”. There, now you’re ready to read and have a good time. Do feel free to leave criticism, but I’ll only pay attention to the constructive comments.


As the sun sets at the end of yet another day, you keep yourself busy with dinner followed by a couple of distractions, as you usually do on Friday evenings. You’ve just finished cleaning up after yourself when the sound of a sharp knock at the front door makes you jump slightly. At this hour no one ever knocks, so you’re immediately curious and just a little bit suspicious as you make your way towards the entrance to your home. You’re going over any and all possible reasons for someone being at your place this late when you open the door a crack, to reveal Sarah standing outside, and jittering nervously when she sees you peer through.

“Hey John!” She greets you with a big smile and a small wave.

“Sarah… Hey. What are you doing here?” You reply whilst knitting your eyebrows together in confusion. You were glad it was someone you knew coming to your place this late, but it also raised more questions than say, a Jehovah’s witness.

“I just needed to talk to you, I was in the neighborhood and figured you were probably still up. Is this a bad time or can I come in?”

“Oh right, sure, sorry about that.” You apologize for what is obviously rude behavior considering the situation, and let her in. She hangs her coat on her arm as she walks in, looking around at your interior decoration. You walk behind her, locking the door and starting to ask about why she’s at your place this late before she turns around and interrupts you.

“John, I really like you.” She blurts out, obviously nervous but determined. “I’ve liked you for so long, at first I thought it was just a crush but it just got worse, and I know we’ve known each other for a while and I think I might… I think I might be in love with you.”

She takes a deep breath after her long-winded declaration, throughout which she’s taken a couple steps closer, ending up a mere foot away from you. Her breasts even closer than that as she breathes trying to keep her nerves in check. She’s so close you think you can smell the shampoo in her hair, distracting you slightly from the issue at hand; from this sudden and unexpected confession.

You’d always entertained the thought of being with Sarah, much like you thought about any attractive woman in your life, but she wasn’t asking to go on a date, she was confessing her love to you. Your eyes wide and moving down her body, you kick your mind into gear as you mentally review Sarah and the relationship you two have had so far. To be fair it’s been quite simple and platonic up till now, with a few moments where you wondered if there was more to be had from your time together.

You’ve been lusting and admiring Sarah from afar ever since you met, eventually falling in love with her as well. You’ve never made a move because you weren’t sure she even liked you that way, but hearing her say those feelings were mutual makes you happier than you’ve ever been.
You cup Sarah’s face and kiss her, go to


You’ve been physically attracted to her for a while now, but have only ever been interested in getting into her pants. You decide to see how far you can get with her despite not really loving her. After all, you’ve wanted to see what she hides beneath her clothes for a while, and if she truly loves you she won’t mind showing it… Over and over…
You’ve always wanted to have a sex slave… Go to


You’re not interested in Sarah at all apart from her body, and even that isn’t all that special to you. However, it would be interesting to see how far she’d go to show her ‘love’.
You decide you want to see how far you can get her to go to prove herself to you. Go to


You cup Sarah’s face in your hands, feeling her warm skin on your palms, and press your lips against her own. Her eyes widen for an infinitesimal moment before the both of you let your eyelids fall. The sensation of her soft mouth opening up to let your tongue in intensifies as your eyesight disappears, followed by the soft fabric of her clothes upon your body. She pushes her breasts into your chest, her breathing becoming labored as she mewls into your mouth. Your fingers practically claw at her clothes as your cock hardens against her, resulting in a small gasp of need and arousal from the beautiful woman in your arms. You take the opportunity to playfully bite at her lower lip, eliciting another gasp and a smile from Sarah before she moans again.

“Please… John… It’s so hot in here…” She whispers with a smirk, having already dropped her jacket ataköy türbanlı escort on the floor. “I feel so… Overdressed.”

Have her strip for you. Go to .

Undress her yourself. Go to .


It’s been half a week since Sarah confessed to you, since you told her to live with you and ‘see if you’re compatible’. You didn’t really worry about scaring her off since you didn’t reciprocate her feelings towards you, so you shamelessly began to take the lead in the relationship. You decided that you would take a chance: if she submitted you’d have a (possibly literal) sex slave and she’d be happy to be with you. If she didn’t and ran off, then you’d find someone else eventually; maybe someone you actually care for.

Imagine your surprise when Sarah seemed completely at ease and even glad to obey you. You expected her to resist, and she did… But only slightly.

You wake up in bed next to the naked form of your new companion, and roll towards her to press your morning wood against her ass. She moans gently and twitches her head towards you. “Morning John…”

“Morning Sarah.” You respond and breathe in the scent of her hair; your cock only gets harder as you catch a glimpse of her breasts underneath the covers.

Have her crawl under the covers for a morning face-fuck. Go to #8.

Use her ass. Go to #9.

Get up and go use your computer at your desk, strapping her underneath it. Go to



“I don’t believe you.”

“W-What?” Her brow furrows and her eyes narrow in confusion. She was obviously expecting acceptance or rejection, not disbelief.

“I don’t think you actually love me.” You explain, your eyes impassive and unmoving from Sarah’s own. “I think you just… I think you’re just lonely or maybe you’ve got this fantasy of me in your head, or maybe you just want someone to buy you things. I don’t think you actually want to be with me.”

You say all this slowly, with a serious and unflinching gaze focused on her face. She almost seems to recoil at first, confusion turning to frustration, and slowly to desperation as she finally speaks up.

“I promise it’s none of those things John, I do love you and I want to… I can prove it, just give me a chance…” It seems that your mistrust has only made her more motivated, and you can tell she’s right where you want her; she wants you even more, and is now making up her mind about proving her dedication to you.

“What could you possibly do to prove that you supposedly love me?” You ask her with the smallest of smirks on your lips.

“I- I don’t know, I can… What can I do to make you understand? How can I prove it to you, how can I make you trust me?” She asks, looking deep into your eyes with just a hint of desperation on her face.

Convince her to slowly get naked, aiming to get a nice video on your phone in the end. Go to


Have her use her hands to prove her dedication. Go to



“I know how to solve that.” You reply with a smile. Your arms wrapped around her, you lead her into your bedroom. She looks slightly confused when you let her go and sit on the bed facing her, your erection obvious as you stare into her eyes.

“Take them off.” You give your instruction with a rare amount of confidence, and you immediately notice the shiver of excitement ripple up Sarah’s spine when the meaning of your words sinks in.

She starts off with small, shy movements, unsure of where to begin, how to be sexy… But the confident and reassuring gaze you keep focused on her slowly changes that. She’s soon swaying her hips and twirling on the spot as her clothes fall to your bedroom floor. You’ve fantasized about this very moment before, but none of those thoughts can compare to the real thing. The way her breasts push at her bra, the luscious bouncing of her ass as she moves, the way her hair flutters about… All of it just makes your heart pound; when her bra comes off followed by her other piece of underwear, your chest is beating like a stallion’s and your cock is pushing at your zipper, begging you to let it free. It doesn’t have to wait long before a warm, soft hand presses down on the sensitive bulge between your legs, and Sarah looks deep into your eyes with a loving smile.

She licks her lips as she speaks. “Is that a roll of quarters in your pocket or…” She laughs a little, unable to keep a straight face at the corny quote. Her expression instantly becomes sultry and serious as she kneels in front of you, rubbing her hot cheek against your cock, stroking it with her face through your pants whilst never breaking eye contact. “Should I kiss this swollen part of you better… Or are you going to really claim your woman to start with?” Her voice is barely above a whisper, breathy and heavy with arousal.

Have her suck your cock. Go to


You can’t wait, take her now. Go to


As your lips meet hers, you push your body up against her abdomen and chest; her back is pressed up against the wall whilst your hands roam her body. She smiles around the numerous kisses you place upon her skin and squirms in excitement when your fingers dexterously slide her clothes off of her body. You do all this ataköy ucuz escort while moving sideways towards your bedroom. She’s seemingly content to remain submissive and follow your lead, soon finding herself in her underwear at the foot of your bed.

You take half a step back, admiring her hair and eyes before letting your gaze lower to take in her breasts, her hips and ass, and her legs. With a final movement for both your hands, her bra and panties are pulled off with a small gasp escaping her lips. She seems nervous and slightly shy, but her expression assures you she’s enjoying this. A lot.

Said expression turns sultry and resolute a moment before her hand moves between your legs, taking your now hard cock and churning balls in her palm. Your breath catches in your throat as Sarah grins at you and massages your balls, moving you over to the bed and sitting you down on the edge of your bed.

“Oh you poor thing… So swollen… It must be painful. How should I get rid of this… Pressure?” Her tone is playful and innocent and she holds up a finger to her lower lip, meanwhile sliding her other hand down towards her nether regions. “Should I kiss it better? Or would you like something more warm and… Wet?” She almost moans at her own dirty talk, but her eyes stay wide and maintain eye contact with you as she speaks.

Have her suck your cock. Go to


You can’t wait, take her now. Go to


“I hope you’re a good ‘kisser’.” You answer her with a grin and slide your fingers through her soft hair, pushing her face into your crotch with a groan. The feeling of her cheek on your pulsing member is soft and gentle, just enough to send shivers of pleasure through your lower body, but not enough to actually bring you off. With a smirk and a deep breath, Sarah opens her lips and slowly latches onto your zipper with her teeth. She teases you, the edges of her eyes crinkling in amusement as your zipper is pulled down bit by bit. You stroke her hair and grip it occasionally in pleasure, wanting her to go faster, but she seems determined to turn your balls blue before she empties them. Another thirty seconds pass before she finally lets go of the metal between her teeth, and suddenly buries her face in your crotch, using only her mouth and nose to fish out your cock.

She licks and kisses her way across your underwear until she finds the gap in the front, and pushes her tongue through it. Her warm, wet tongue finally comes into contact with your blisteringly hot skin, and the feel of her saliva on your soon to be freed cock makes your heart skip a beat. In fact you immediately wonder if you passed out momentarily, because the next thing you know your cock is out of your pants sticking straight up. Sarah is practically purring as she covers it in kisses, and gives you one final look laced with arousal before parting her lips and sucking greedily on your throbbing cockhead.

The sensation is unbelievable. You’ve never had a woman suck on you so lovingly, so desperately. Her eyes are half closed as her head twists this way and that, pushing itself deeper and deeper on your shaft in a leisurely corkscrew motion. Her lips are pressed tightly around you as she sucks and licks at the same time, her cheeks caving in until your thick meat pushes them back outwards when she takes you deep enough.

Time passes imperceptibly slow as your body reels in ecstasy, and all of a sudden you’re pulled from your blissful coma; Sarah is gently pushing your cock into her throat, and your eyes widen as she keeps the turgid member embedded balls deep in her mouth. She seems to push down her gag reflex and eventually pulls back, breathing heavily as she nuzzles your saliva coated cock.

“Please John… I love this but… I need you…” She moans up at you, her breath feeling cold and tingly on your skin as she breathes on it. A low, wet sound is echoing in your bedroom, and you realize Sarah has been playing with herself this whole time, teasing lower lips at the same time as she’s been sucking on your cock. She looks ready to climax, her face flushed and her breath shaky.

You can’t wait anymore. Take her now. Go to


As you desperately try to get your breathing under control, you slide a palm onto Sarah’s neck and she nuzzles into it, her eyes hooded. You use gentle nudges and movements to lead her upright and onto the bed. You lay her on her back and spread her legs, grinding your saliva coated shaft against her dripping pussy. She moans indecently at the sensation and next thing you know she’s pulling down on your pants, quickly getting them off whilst you get rid of your shirt. Once completely naked you fall upon her and bury your face into her neck. She smells so sweet and feminine, but there’s a distinct scent beneath her perfume… The scent of arousal is pouring out from her skin, or you could be imagining it… Either way, you kiss and nip at her soft skin and grind your hips onto her crotch, forcing mewls and moans of frustration from that luscious mouth of hers.

She finally has enough and wraps her indecently spread legs around your hips, her heels digging into your buttocks and pushing your diamond hard cock into her tight, gushing hole. She gasps and squeals in sudden pleasure whilst you barely suppress a growl of primal arousal. “Oh John… You’re stretching me so good…” She whispers in ataköy üniversiteli escort between breaths, and becomes unable to speak as you begin to thrust into her hot cunt. You feel her inner walls coil and spasm as your gentle strokes turn into a sharp, merciless, dominating pounding. You can hear the bed squeaking slightly above the echoing smacks of your balls on her ass, and bite her earlobe. The sharp feel of your teeth makes her squeal, and she tightens even further on your juice-covered cock. Seems you’ve found a sensitive spot, and you split your thoughts in two. One half makes you move your head up slightly, and pushes your mouth onto the tip of her ear. She twitches and moans as you do, her thighs slowly beginning to spasm as the pleasure of having you inside her starts to overtake her nervous system.

The other half of your mind however, is focused on pounding her tight little cunt as fast and hard as you can whilst still brushing the base of your cock on her clit. Just as her eyes start to roll back into her head, you have a thought and ready your muscles for the final stretch. Sarah has gone limp save for the arbitrary twitching of her thighs and abs, so she doesn’t realize what you’re planning until you straighten your back, pulling your chest off of hers. You keep thrusting as you do so, and take great pleasure in watching her breasts shaking and swaying with your harsh strokes. Your hands grab onto her hips, and just as you think her tongue might loll out of her mouth, you flex your body, twisting and pulling and pushing in a very specific sequence.

The result is immediate. Sarah’s eyes go wide as you rotate her so that she ends up face down, but do so without pulling your cock out of her tight hole. She practically screams as she cums; her arms are unable to support her weight so she just flails about with her ass in the air being pounded by your hips. Her thighs are trembling and spasming uncontrollably as her climax rips through her, and her cunt tightens around your shaft like a vice. Another couple of thrusts is all it takes to push you over the edge, and with a satisfied grunt you bury your member as deep as it will go into your lover. Your balls tighten and you fill Sarah with your seed, her barely-conscious but appreciative mewling giving you the motivation to send another couple of spurts into her before collapsing on top of her.

The two of you cuddle as you pull the blankets over your sweaty bodies; her face is buried in your chest as you hold her close, and realize how much your life has probably changed in one evening. The warm arms of unconsciousness wrap around both of you, and you fall asleep kissing her forehead.

The End.


You grin at the thought of what you’re about to do, and Sarah gasps when you grip her hair in your fist. She moans as she understands what you’re planning, and lets you drag her under the covers until her face is pressed up against your throbbing erection. She licks and kisses the sensitive tip until you rotate her head so that she’s facing upwards. At the same time, you roll over slightly so that you’re face down on the bed and your cock is pushing directly downwards against her nose and lips. You feel her fingers move up the back of your thighs until her hands are pressed into your ass, and slowly feel your cock sink into her hot, wet mouth. You take your time, keeping your hips hovering above her face and leisurely letting them fall to bury your cock into her mouth.

She grips your hips even harder in response, digging her nails into your skin somewhat when the tip of your member reaches her throat. A grunt escapes your throat and you move your hands to the sides of her head, pinning her in place for what is to come. She tenses up a little in expectation, but try as she might she can’t stifle the sound of her arousal and moans just loud enough for you to hear. You smile to yourself as you flex your abdomen and plunge your shaft past her sucking mouth to force it into her throat. She squeaks in excitement and her nails clench into your flexing buttocks as they start to swing back and forth. You can feel the tight walls of her throat clenching around your member and the sounds of her gagging only egg you on, pushing you to thrust harder and faster. You let her breathe every so often, using the tension in her hands to tell when she needs to catch her breath.

As you both get used to the rhythm you start to relax, your mind going on autopilot as you fuck her face relentlessly. She’s moaning and mewling every few minutes, obviously enjoying this to some extent, and you can feel her tongue slide out to lap at your balls at the end of every instroke. You tighten your grip on her hair and grunt in pleasure before pulling your cock out of her mouth with an audible *pop* when it moves past her lips. She’s confused, having expected a nice bellyful of your cum. You move your hips backwards and straddle her abdomen, and her eyes sparkle with understanding; she presses her breasts together and you immediately thrust your cock between them, enjoying the feel of her soft skin on your crown. You slide in and out of that lovely valley of flesh and your balls are pressed up against her abs. You can feel your climax coming closer, bubbling up and building in pressure with each stroke.

As you let her give you a titfuck, Sarah catches her breath and licks at the tip of your cock every time it comes close enough to her mouth. Eventually you feel your seed begin to boil and you move your hips above her face once more. Her eyes go wide as you force your shaft balls deep into her gullet and just let go. Your body flexes all over, your legs and arms shaking slightly as you shoot stream after stream of your cum into her before your eyes roll back into your skull. Your vision goes dark, and the last thought you have is about what you’ll do to her once you wake up again.

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