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She’d finally done it. She’d quit.

No one ever had expected it. Least of all, her.

But she’d finally done it. Gotten a job in a larger city. She was about finished with work and he was having a small going away party for her at his house. Something outside that turned out to be larger than he had thought. But fun just the same.

One problem. She wasn’t there. Or really late. Depending on the outcome.

He couldn’t believe she’d pull a no-show after all they’d been through together. He was still adjusting to her quitting. He had been drinking a lot.

Finally, she walked in. She was greeting people as she walked in. She was two hours late. She was wearing a white-buttoned shirt and jeans, so it wasn’t like she was taking all that time putting together her wardrobe. And honestly, that was really how he wanted her to look tonight. Like her. No pretenses.

She made her way over to him. There was something different about her. She didn’t look away when she caught his eye.

“Hey. How’s it going?” she said.

“You’re late,” was his response.

“Yeah, I know. Sorry about that. I wanted to make a grand entrance. Plus I was busy. Remind me someday to tell you why,” she said, and she had a smile in her eyes.

She circulated around the small get-together. Every once in a while she’d catch his eye, and again, where she’d normally look away, she’d keep it. Challenge him.

It stood out because she challenged him in most ways. Except for this one. So for her to finally challenge him in this department might be something to reckon with. It almost made him nervous. Almost. Mostly, it made him smile.

Especially now that she was leaving. While he was upset, it made what happened tonight less crucial, or high stakes. Not that he would actually do anything with her, but his reserve was a little more down. She was smart to give him a few hours to drink before she got there – if her goal was to get him at the right moment, she had.

He was talking to someone when she moved behind him. It might have been a little crowded, but nowhere near as crowded as she made it out to be. She held onto his hips and pushed her body against his as she pressed behind him. No one else could see what she did, but his heart did pick up a little speed. He turned quickly to see who it was, but he knew.

As she moved away into the crowd, he caught her eye again.

“Excuse me,” she said. Her eyes were lit with a fuse. It was sparkling, spitting fire. The only thing he didn’t know was what the fuse was attached to – what would blow when it reached the end. Knowing her, it was probably an M80.

“Any time,” he said. He smiled at her. He probably should not have been enjoying her attitude. But he couldn’t help it. It was all in fun. Right?

It was about an hour or so later after she arrived when he realized he didn’t see her anymore. He looked around a little bit, but he thought better of asking anyone if they had seen her.

She had gotten dropped off, so he couldn’t check for her car. He was puzzled. Then he thought about it for a few minutes. He got another drink. And then something made him go upstairs and check his room. Maybe it was that fuse.

He opened the door and she was there. Sitting on his bed.

She was leaning back on her hands. Her legs were crossed and she was barefoot.

“Hi,” she said. Her smile was warm.

He closed the door behind him, and crossed his arms, leaning against it. He did not want to get too far into the room. Too far into the situation. Too far into trouble. But still, he couldn’t help but smile back.

“Hi,” he said.

“Took you long enough,” she said.

“What if I didn’t come up here till the party was over?” he said.

“I’d have waited,” she said.

“What if I came up here with a girl?” he said.

“I thought of that, of course, Mr. Popularity. I would have said I had too much to drink and needed to lie down for a few minutes,” she said.

“Are you surprised to see me?” she said.

“No. I’m surprised you have clothes on, to be honest,” he said.

“I can change that pretty quickly,” she said, getting up from the bed.

“But I never know with you. I have never met a man like you,” she said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he said.

She stood in front of him now.

“Well, I have never met a man who would turn down repeated offers for a no-strings-attached blow job. That man would probably be able to turn down a naked woman in his bed. And I’ve never met another man who would do either of those things,” she said.

He wasn’t sure how to take that.

“Sorry I have self control and am not trying to take advantage. I guess that makes me a bad guy,” he said.

“It doesn’t make you a bad guy. I like a challenge. I’m just telling you why I am not naked already,” she said.

She pulled his arms from the crossed position to her hips. He didn’t resist. She moved her mouth close to his. She didn’t kiss him. Yet. But she noted he didn’t pull away. With his back against bedava bahis the wall, he didn’t have far to move.

“But I’ll also tell you that I am going to make it difficult for you to say no this time,” she said.

He smiled. We’ll see about that, he thought. This was a game he won either way, so he did not mind playing it.

“Oh yeah? How so?” he said.

She moved her mouth to his neck now. Then to his ear.

“You’ll see,” she whispered.

She moved her mouth to his again, so close. He did want to kiss her. Her mouth was almost at his. He could have taken control right there. But he wanted to wait. He didn’t want to let her off the hook that easy.

She brushed his mouth with hers. It was hard to not kiss him. But she saw he was responding. His hands tightened on her hips quickly. He leaned into her mouth slightly. She thought that he might not have even realized it. Both of them were breathing faster.

“You want to kiss me,” she whispered.

“Maybe. But I’m not going to,” he said. He was close to breaking, though. Close. He didn’t want her to know that.

But she did. She smiled. And pulled back.

Her fingers went to the top button of her shirt. His eyes followed them.

“Are you looking? I’m surprised. A man with your strength of resolve would be able to keep his eyes on mine while I open this button,” she said, as she opened it.

“You’re right. Minor setback,” he said, smiling at her. He kept his eyes on hers now. The world’s most intense staring contest.

“Ok, make sure you don’t look. I’m on button number two,” she said.

Her shirt was halfway open. She wore a thin, pale-blue bra that was almost transparent. Not that he would know. Because he wasn’t looking.

“You want to look,” she said.

He didn’t say anything. Just looked into her eyes.

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted to do this for you? Show you everything. Have you look at me. I want your eyes on me,” she said.

And he knew that. Knew it by the shirts she wore around him all the time, bending over. It was almost indecent sometimes. He did not complain.

Her shirt was fully open now. Her breasts were spilling out of the bra. She moved his hand to her side, to her naked skin, just below her bra.

And he could feel her warmth. And feel the strap. And he looked then.

Her eyes closed knowing he was looking. She let the feeling wash over her.

His other hand moved to her other side. He had wanted to see her. Had thought about it many times. This was not even enough.

He pushed the shirt off her shoulders and her knees were weak for a second.

She held onto his shoulders, still standing there while he looked at her. He moved his hands up to touch her. He traced his fingers over her bra. It was soft. He found her nipples through it and her eyes closed again. Her grip on his shoulders tightened.

“I’m not going to be able to stand up much longer if you do that,” she whispered.

He put his finger to her mouth.

“Shhh,” he said.

In a quick move he took her by the arms and switched places, so she was against the door, and he was in front of her. He pushed her against the door hard. She gasped.

“So, you were saying you were going to test my self control?” he said, as he traced the seam of her bra, the tip of his finger just underneath, until he got to the front snap holding it together.

He toyed with it and she covered her eyes with the back of her hand. She couldn’t breathe.

“If someone was looking at the two of us right now, who do you think they’d say was the one about to lose control when I unsnap this – me? Or you?” he said.

She was trembling.

“You win,” she whispered. She didn’t know why she had bothered trying to play this game. It was one she always lost, one way or the other. This was a much better way to lose than usual, though.

“Not yet. I haven’t even gotten started,” he said.

He leaned in to kiss her then, his arms moving to pull her to him, and she felt faint. He could feel her weak and holding onto him. It was amazing to feel the effect he had on her. All this time he somewhat discounted much of what she said as flirtatiousness or an ego boost, but he could feel it now. She wasn’t kidding.

His tongue found hers and he moved back toward the bed, pulling her along with his arms, kissing her softly, her mouth hungry for his, until they were both lying on the bed, face to face. He pulled away. She rested on her back, looking at the ceiling for a minute. He leaned on his hand, propped up on his elbow, looking down at her. He found her bra again, tracing her nipples through the soft fabric.

Her back arched slightly. Something about him touching her nipples sent her over the edge. They were extra sensitive anyway, but him doing it. It was intense. She was embarrassed with her reaction. And she knew it was going to get more intense when he reached again for the snap in the middle.

“Don’t,” she said.

He ignored her, and with a quick casino siteleri snap he had it open. She had been barely held in by the skimpy material of the bra anyway, so with the release of the snap, she was utterly naked on top.

He looked at her for a few minutes. He had thought about what she looked like. He kept his hand moving on her skin, but just below her breasts now, on her belly, making small circles with his fingers, teasing her.

She knew he was looking at her, and it made the orgasm simmering so close to the edge start to bubble and boil. She had to hold on to it. She didn’t want to admit how intense her reaction was. And he hadn’t touched her yet.

He still looked at her. Her breasts were bigger than he thought. Her nipples were hard and dark pink. He was teasing himself as much as her holding back from touching her, and now he had to.

She opened her eyes to look at him as he slowly moved his hand up to hold her, cup her in his hand, and she felt warm and lusciously heavy, and he moved his fingers to her nipple, holding it between his thumb and forefinger, and rolled it gently.

Her back arched. Her fingers clawed the bed. She gasped.

“You have to be quiet….there are a lot of people still outside..just outside the window,” he said, smiling.

She had forgotten. But it didn’t matter. She wouldn’t be able to be quiet anyway.

He worked her nipple with his fingers, until he reached his arm behind her back to pull her, pull it to his mouth. Oh God, she thought.

“No…,” she said. She pushed him back.

He tried again and she pushed him back again, looking in his eyes.

“You can’t,” she whispered.

“Why?” he said, still working her nipples with his fingers.

“Because…,” she blushed. It was cute.

“If you do that, I’m going to…,” she said.

He stopped.

“Going to what?” he asked, smiling.

She covered her face with both hands.

“Ah…,” he said.

“And the problem with that is?” he asked, resuming his teasing and tugging on her nipples.

“It’s…it’s too fast. Embarrassing. I’m not usually like this. It’s just when it comes to you,” she said, still covering her face. She felt the blush.

He smiled again. He stopped and pulled her hands from her face.

“Again, I’m not seeing a problem,” he said.

“It’s just … I know you like a challenge. But I’m so close…so close. I’m right on the edge. I’ve been trying to hold on. But if you do that, I’m done,” she said.

“Well if you don’t believe me …does this feel like I’m turned off by the idea you are so turned on you are about to come?” he said, and moved one of her hands to the front of his jeans. He felt hard against her hand and she inched closer to exploding.

Her fingers found the button and worked to open it. He grabbed her hand.

“Not yet. After all that talk, I’m not stopping now,” he said.

He took her face in his hand and looked in her eyes.

“I’ll make a deal with you. Right now, I don’t want you to hold back. Just let it go. I want you to give me all you’ve got. And then after that…after that. You make me work for it later. How does that sound?” he whispered.

She couldn’t breathe, but nodded. He kissed her mouth and moved it down to her neck. She closed her eyes tightly. Her fingers dug into his back.

“But you have to be quiet…,” he whispered into her neck.

His mouth was on her collarbone, and he licked it. She sighed. Her fingers dug tighter into his back.

He was so turned on by her response. He couldn’t wait to get her all the way. He was losing control himself.

He wrapped his arm behind her back and pulled her to him, and he felt her back stiffen, waiting, waiting.

He lifted her in his hand, and reached out to her nipple with his tongue, barely touching it, circling it.

She felt his tongue, warm, wet, on her hard sensitive nipple, counted to three in her head, still holding back, and then she felt him pull her nipple into his hot, wet mouth, sucking it gently, working it with his tongue.

She ran her hands into his hair. She wrapped her leg around his hip, pulling them tightly together so she could feel him hard against her. They were body to body, everywhere.

“Oh…yeah…now…right now,” she said and he felt his dick get harder. So hard. He felt her shudder. He felt her start to sigh and moan and put a hand over her mouth. He worked her nipple deeper into his mouth. He worked it harder with his tongue.

And she came. She was so tightly against him he felt it shudder through her from her hips to her heart. And he didn’t stop. He pulled her nipple out of his mouth and teased it with his tongue again and then worked it gently with his teeth and he again had to cover her mouth as she started to cry out. And she came again.

He moved to the other nipple as she grinded her hips against him and sighed his name. He was not as gentle now, working it hard with his mouth, with his tongue, with his teeth and she was getting bahis siteleri louder now, it was so hard to keep her quiet. But it didn’t stop him.

What did stop him was a knock at the door.

“Hey, man, what are you doing? You’ve been gone a while?” one of his friends said.

He smiled at her. While he answered, he opened her jeans and pulled them off. She covered her eyes again.

“I’m not feeling great all of a sudden,” he said, and she looked at him as he ran his hand up her thigh and put his finger to his lips for her to be quiet.

His friend was still at the door, and tried it but it was locked. The sound of the knob turning made her heart jump.

“I locked it so no drunk assholes try to raid my room while I was laying down,” he said, and his fingers ran up her thigh and to her panties, moving her legs open, and she arched her back, biting her lip hard. He smiled again.

He moved his fingers to push her panties out of the way, and moving her legs open more, he teased her amazingly wet pussy. She grabbed a pillow to cover her face and swallow her scream but he pulled it away. He wanted to watch her face, watch her struggle with being quiet. Especially with what he was going to do next.

“I’ll be back down in a little while,” he said, as he slid two fingers deep inside her.

Her voice creaked in her throat. Her hands went into her hair. Her back arched. She shuddered and shuddered.

“Ok man,” his friend said, and it sounded like he left.

She pushed him away.

“You’re fucked up,” she whispered.

“I’m just way more in control than you are. That’s all,” he said, smiling at her.

“Fuck that,” she said.

She’d wipe that smug look off his face. Right now.

She pulled him off the bed to stand next to it. She pulled his shirt over his head.

She kissed his mouth, slowly, teasing it with hers, moving her body close so her nipples were rubbing against his chest, and as she worked her tongue into his open mouth, she reached down to the button of his pants, opened it, and slid her hand inside to find his hard dick.

She held him, stroked him first, her tongue deeper into his mouth, pushing her breasts against his chest, her other hand in his hair, and then she did something she’d wanted to do for a long, long time.

She dropped to her knees.

She looked at him while she opened his pants, pulled his dick free of them, hard in her hands. She looked at him while she stroked it, up and down.

“Do you know why I pulled you off the bed?” she whispered to him.

His hands were in her hair.

“Because the first time you come in my mouth, I want it to be with me on my knees in front of you. That’s where I belong. Right here,” she said.

He closed his eyes and his hands tightened in her hair. She could see his control was starting to slip and she hadn’t even touched him with her mouth yet.

She smiled.

She licked him first. Softly. That gentle touch caused his hands to tighten again. She was more turned on by his reaction than what she was doing. So far.

She teased the head of his dick with her tongue, making small circles She licked him like an ice cream cone, eagerly. Tasting him. Then she moved him into her mouth, her hand still stroking him, softly, slowly, easing him a little at a time into her hot mouth.

It was so hot and wet. His knees got a little weak. He held onto her shoulders, trying not to show it was for support, but she knew.

And her tongue. It didn’t stop. Her tongue was twirling over the head of his dick. Teasing it, making circles. As she slid it into her mouth, she ran her tongue agonizingly, slowly, back and forth along the bottom, working it, every inch that her mouth released, her hand held and stroked. There was no part of his dick unattended to for a second, and her fingers held and stroked his balls. His knees got weaker.

He could hear her sighing as she was sucking him, tasting him, swallowing him, and her tongue just didn’t stop moving, teasing, her wet, hot tongue working his dick every place he wanted her to.

Her hand got tighter and moved a little faster. Her mouth slid all the way down on him, her lips tighter and looser, her tongue moving faster, pulling him all the way to swirl around the head again and then all the way down again, until finally she held tightly to the base of his shaft, and finished him off with a good, hot unstoppable blow job.

He was unable to stand. He held onto her shoulders. Her mouth wouldn’t stop. He wanted her to and he didn’t, because he was losing control. Her hot mouth, swallowing him in and out. In and out. Getting faster, tongue working him harder, faster and faster she went. She dug her fingers into the backs of his thighs. His hands were buried in her hair, pulling it. Faster, he thought. Faster.

Then she stopped. She looked up at him.

“Don’t stop,” he said.

“Are you losing control?” she said, smiling.

“Fuck yes. Just don’t stop,” he said.

And she knew. She worked his dick harder, faster, and she came while she did, he could see it in her face and hear her, and he was almost there, she could feel him trembling. She sucked on him, she turned her head side to side so her lips twirled around him, faster, faster, he thought, oh yeah. Now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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