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Crush Ch. 02

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After Kate left the train, I began to wonder whether the whole thing had just been a daydream; the most amazingly elaborate and erotic daydream. Rather than pinch myself, I found myself patting my pocket and feeling the soft material that had been slipped inside. I was desperate to look but daren’t on what was still a relatively busy train and committed to waiting until I got home.

I couldn’t wait to get off the train and completed what was usually a 10 minute walk home in record time. As soon as I’d shut the front door, I slipped my hand inside my pocket. Inside, I found a black lacy thong covered in a generous sample of my semen. Kate’s underwear felt so soft, like satin, and my mind slipped back to how it had felt around my manhood.

I decided to get out of my work clothes and noticed something else in the same pocket. A small piece of card upon which was written the following:

“These are silk and are to be washed by you, by hand. When they are clean, you may call me.”

Turning the card over, I found a mobile number.

I put Kate’s thong in the sink to soak before pouring myself a glass of red wine. As I sat down to enjoy my drink, it hit me. There had been no time for Kate to write the card after she met me on the train. She must have written it before I boarded. What I had assumed was a spontaneous and erotic meeting MUST have been premeditated by Kate.

After finishing my glass of wine, I finished washing out Kate’s lacy knickers, gently squeezing out the excess water and setting them aside. My chore completed, I dialled the number and waited.


“Hello Kate. This is Matt.”

“Hi Matt. I assume that you’ve finished my washing?”

“I esenyurt anal yapan escort wouldn’t be calling you if I hadn’t.”

“Good boy. I like a good boy. Well, sometimes.”

“Do you now. I must ask you something, Kate. How long have you been planning this?”

“Haha busted. I’d spotted you looking at me a few times on my way home and thought you might enjoy our little adventure. So, would I be right to assume that you enjoyed it, Matt?”

“You have no idea!”

Kate and I arranged to meet the following evening. She would text me as she boarded the train at her station which would give me enough time to leave work and walk to mine.

The following evening could not come soon enough. I’d been distracted all day and at 5:55pm, my phone finally buzzed.

“I’ve just boarded the train. Coach B. I’ll save you a seat. Out of interest, are you left or right handed?”

“Right. Why?” I responded but received no answer.

I quickly gathered my things and set off for the station. Fortunately, the trains appeared to be running to time on this occasion so when I arrived at the platform, there weren’t as many people as the previous evening. I positioned myself where I believed Coach B would stop and waited.

After a few minutes, the train arrived. With my heart racing, I boarded Coach B and looked up and down the carriage for Kate. I saw her at the far end in a group of four seats with two people opposite her and an available seat next to her as promised. She was wearing a white halter neck top, a long black maxi skirt with a slit up the left side and a pair of white, high heeled sandals. She looked amazing.

“Hi esenyurt escort Matt” she said as I sat down to her left. “Good day?”

“Meh, so so. Yours?”

“About the same. Did you remember to bring your homework?” she said with a smile.

“Of course! How could I forget.”

“Good.” she said before leaning in to whisper into my ear “because I’m not wearing any today.”

A little taken aback it was all I could do to reply with “Really?”

“Yes. Would you mind getting my shawl down from the luggage rack above my head, please?”

I passed the paisley pashmina to Kate and she laid it across her lap before pulling out her phone and apologising as she needed to send a quick text. Just then, I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. As I took it out, I saw it was from Kate.

“How would you like to touch my pussy?”

I quickly responded with “Absolutely. Your place or mine?”

Her response took me by surprise; “Neither. Right here, right now.”

With that, Kate took my hand, slipped it under her shawl and rested it on her bare left thigh.

My phone buzzed again; “Go ahead and touch me.”

As my fingers moved northward, I could feel the heat and moisture grow. Kate slowly parted her legs allowing me greater access to my goal. As I reach her mound, I found it to be hot and humid like the Amazon but as smooth as the surface of a calm lake.

I was anything but calm now. My heart was racing both with the passion of touching Kate’s cunt for the first time and the excitement of where this was happening. I looked across at the two passengers facing us; an elder gentleman and elder lady. They were each reading esenyurt eve gelen escort books and I wondered whether they were together, a couple perhaps. Confident that they were both distracted by their literature, I returned to the task in hand, so to speak.

Using my index and forth fingers, I gently parted Kate’s lips. This allowed me to stroke her slit with my middle finger. I could immediately feel how wet she was. As I turned to look at Kate, I tentatively dipped the tip of my finger inside her up to the first knuckle and watched as she bit her lower lip. I mouthed “OK?” and she responded with a firm nod of her head.

The tip of my finger now lubricated, I slowly began to rub Kate’s clit which was protruding from its hood. As I moved my finger on the spot, I watched Kate intently. She alternated from biting her lip to opening her mouth and I was delighted to see her eyes rolling back as I varied my touch. Watching her allowed me to see what she liked most.

Kate leant over to my ear and whispered “Keep circling my clit and I’m going to cum for you very soon” before softly nibbling my earlobe. As she moved back to her original position, I was able to witness her growing arousal over the next few minutes. I could tell that she was close so increased my speed and pressure.

After around 30 seconds of this rapid fingering of her clit, Kate leant over to my ear once more and breathlessly sighed “I’m about to cum, Matt… Matt, I’m cumming. I’m cumming! Yes, yes, I’m cumming for you!” I felt her body tense up then relax before she grabbed my wrist firmly and quietly begged me for mercy.

As we began to relax, and things got ‘back to normal’, I asked Kate if she’d like to come to mine for dinner.

“That would be lovely, let me just change some arrangements.” Looking across at the two passengers sat opposite, she said “I won’t be needing that lift from the station this evening, Uncle David and Aunty Joan, but thank you for the offer.”

I am sure that my jaw dropped and suspect my face was a picture.

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