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Cum for Me Daddy Pt. 01

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Big Cock


All characters are above 18 years old. The story is mostly, but not strictly under the incest/taboo genre.

Big thanks I’m sure Evie will be happy to pick you up.”

“I sigh, “You never change, Michelle; alright then. See you back home tomorrow.”

“I’m really sorry, Josh. See you tomorrow, then. Love you.”

I’m Josh Laverson; I’m happily married to my wife, Michelle. Well, I’m not sure if I would use the word, ‘happy’. We are still together I guess. We are definitely not as passionate anymore, with the many years of marriage behind us. Michelle, is kind of a workaholic, you see; so I guess it’s more accurate to say, she’s married to her job.

Many of my friends were surprised when they heard I proposed to Michelle. We are quite the opposite in character. I was a former model that now works in the media industry. I own my own agency. I am very open minded and understandably wild in my youth. Michelle, on the other hand; is very smart and beautiful. She was an accountant at the company where we used to work together; but she is the opposite of me. She had more traditional values and was the kind that likes to stay at home or at the office.

I guess that’s what they say about opposites attract. There is nothing wrong with our marriage; it’s just that we’re too comfortable with each other. My job requires me to fly all over the world and at times I would be away for months. I’m also always surrounded by models and attractive people in my work, but I’ve never once strayed.

We have a wonderful daughter, Evie. She just turned 18 a month ago. She’s definitely a daddy’s girl. Even though I don’t spend that much time at home, we’re very extremely close. Some would even find her a little too affectionate towards me.

I arrived back at the peaceful town of Greendale. The airport was awkwardly quiet. The pandemic has restricted travelling. I can’t believe it has been three years; they flew by just like that. I was in another country for business when this whole thing started. The pandemic came quickly and I was stuck in that country for three years. Can’t believe I missed most of Evie’s teen years.


My thoughts are interrupted as I heard a familiar voice. It was Evie. I saw her running excitingly down the aisle towards me. She is still as petite as I remember, but she’s definitely has more feminine features now.

I smiled as she jumped up into my arms. We embraced tightly as I swung her around in my arms. I was slightly embarrassed, as I felt her breasts squish up against me, as she gave me a kiss on my cheeks. I definitely didn’t remember that the last time we hugged.

“I missed you so much,daddy.”

“I’ve missed you, too, baby girl. How have you been?”

We kept in touch weekly on video call, but it’s never quite the same to see someone in person.

Evie is a bright girl. She’s studious like her mother. Growing up, she went to an all-girl’s catholic school. Something I always argued against with my wife. I eventually lost the fight as I wasn’t around enough with all my travelling. Michelle is really strict and trained Evie to excel in her studies.

“I see Mom really isn’t here.”

“Yeah, you know Daddy, work.”

We smiled at each other as I leaned in to fix Evie’s glasses, as it looked like they were going to fall off her nose. I brushed her shoulder length hair aside to pinch her cheeks. Evie flashed the most beautiful smile as the cutest dimple formed on her cheeks. Evie wrapped her fingers around mine, as we walked out of the airport to the cab.

My hero daddy is finally back home. I missed him so much. I always feel safe around him.

We arrived home and as expected, Michelle still wasn’t home. She’s at the office as usual. I unpacked and head back downstairs to see Evie in the living room watching a show.

I patted her on the head as I walked pass her. Evie looked up and smiled before she pounced on me, causing me to fall back on the couch. We are usually playful like this. She knew I am sensitive to tickles so she vigorously jabbed her fingers into my sides. I am rather tall at six foot three and pretty well built, a contrast to Evie who is only around five feet; yet my daughter easily bullies me around.

As she was on top of me tussling, I quickly realized how much she’s grown into a woman. Despite her wearing her usual jumper, I notice her breasts jiggling and swaying in front of my face. Her shorts also exposed most of her shapely legs as I felt her smooth fair skin rub against me. What’s wrong with me? I quickly snap out of checking my own daughter out.

Daddy always smells so nice. I know he always lets me win because there’s no way I’m stronger than him. I don’t know why, but I feel a little excited and nervous this time. My heart is beating quicker than usual. Maybe it’s because it’s been three years since I last saw him.

I finally held on to Evie’s wrist to calm her down. We were both giggling and laughing. We caught Etiler Escort each other staring into each other’s eyes as Evie smiled looking down at me. She leaned down and showered kisses on my cheeks, also something she always loved to do.

We giggled as I kissed her back multiple times on the cheeks. As Evie was moving around trying to avoid my tickling hands, my kiss landed on her neck and she shivered a little while exhaling softly in reaction to it.

Gosh, I don’t know why, but my body is reacting differently to the games we used to play. I feel excited and my heart is pounding. Daddy’s accidental kiss on my neck, for a moment, felt like an electric surge went through my body. It felt…good.

A wave of guilt suddenly went through me as I realized how sexual our games seem, now that she is an adult. I cleared my throat and stopped as I tried to straighten myself up. I let her hands go and they fell on my chest as she used them to hold herself up.

“Someone’s been working out,” Evie teased, as she felt my firm chest against her palm.

I laughed nervously. “Well yeah, nothing much else I can do during the lockdown.”

Daddy keeps himself in great shape despite his age. I know he used to be a model and is still attractive, as many of my friends never fail to remind me. Yet, I somehow find myself reacting differently as I am starting to notice his physical appearance a little more.

Evie drew circles with her fingers on my chest. She slumped her body on mine, as she rests her head on my chest. I felt my heartbeat quicken as I felt her body pressing against mine. Snap out of it, she’s your daughter. I keep telling myself. I quickly held Evie up and put her on the couch.

“So, have you decided on what you want to do now you’re done with high school?”

“Well I’ve already applied to a few.universities; I’m waiting for their replies.”

“Okay, that’s good. So….are you dating? Do you have a boyfriend?” I smiled cheekily at Evie.

Evie’s cheeks instantly turned red as she blushed. She can never hide her embarrassment.


“Come on, there’s nothing to be shy about.”

Evie shyly nodded her head.

“So when are you going to introduce him to me? You know, get my approval? What’s his name?”

“Don’t tease; you know how shy I am in front of boys. We’re not really at that serious stage. His name is Brian.”

“Well, I know you went to an all-girls school. Plus the pandemic definitely didn’t help anyone’s social life. But you’re not a little girl anymore. It’s totally normal to have a boyfriend.”

“I know daddy, I just don’t feel comfortable talking about it.”

“Okay, baby girl. Just know that I’m here for you.”

“Thanks daddy.”

Evie leaned in to give me a kiss on the cheeks. At that moment, I heard keys jangling and the door open. Michelle finally came home. I got up to greet her.

“Hey, honey!”

“Hi, sorry I couldn’t pick you up…”

“I know, you have more important things to do…”

“Hey! That’s not fair…”

“I’m just playing.” I reached out to embrace my wife who I’ve not seen in two years. We start to kiss passionately until I noticed Evie staring, from the corner of my eye.

Michelle gently pushed me away when she noticed Evie. She is never comfortable being intimate in front of others. Our family of three ate dinner together and I decided to have an early night since I was pretty tired from travelling.

I said goodnight to Evie before hurriedly returning to my room. Michelle was already on the bed reading.

“Oh honey, I missed you so much.”

“I missed you, too.”

I leaned in to kiss her and my hands quickly wandered down to undress her.

“Oh, I’m sorry honey. I’m on my period today.”

“Really?”I sighed, “… Alright then” I was extremely bummed with that.

Michelle is a rather polite and traditional. That also meant our sex life is rather plain and straightforward. I guess she just has a low sex drive and this certainly attributed to our overly mundane relationship.

“I’m going to sleep now. I have an early meeting tomorrow. It’s great to have you back home,honey.” Michelle said.

I woke up late the next day as I was jetlagged. I checked my phone and saw a text from my wife.

“Will be pulling an all nighter tonight. Won’t be home early.”

*sigh* What’s new? I thought to myself. I went downstairs and saw my daughter, Evie. She was reading in the dining room.


“Morning, Evie, have you had something to eat yet. I’m sorry I overslept.”

“I’m not a kid anymore dad. I made us something.”

“Oh wow, you know how to cook now?”

“Just simple dishes.”

“That’s my good girl.”

I patted Evie’s head and she flashed her sweet smile. We proceeded to have our brunch.

“Dad, can I go out later?”

“Oh, do you have something to do?”

“No, just want to hang out with my friend.”

“Ah, Fatih Escort Brian?”

Evie blushed.

“Daddy! Stop teasing!”

“Haha alright, need me to fetch you anywhere?”

“No, he’s coming to pick me up.”

“Well, okay then. Take care and stay safe Evie.”

“I will dad.”

A couple hours later, Evie was picked up by her boyfriend. Now I’m all alone by myself at home. I spent the day tidying up the house and took a nap. I woke up close to dinner time and was still alone in the house. I squeezed my cock and took my phone out. I urgently needed a release; I don’t reckon I’ll be getting any from Michelle any time soon.

I opened my regular porn site and started to stroke my cock. The video started with a hot blonde giving a very sensual blowjob. Oh that’s hot. Michelle was never a fan of blowjobs. I can’t remember the last time I received one. My cock was rock hard quickly. I watched intently as the girl slowly licked and sucked the cock hanging in front of her, wet slurping sounds escape her mouth. I could see her tongue twirl all around his cock as she made love with it with her lips.


I was about to cum when I heard loud noises from downstairs. Sounds like someone’s home and making a lot of noise. Fuck! I quickly pulled my shorts up and tried to get my boner to go away.

There was quick footsteps running up the stairs and I heard Evie’s room slam shut. Hmm, Evie is home a lot earlier than I thought.

I went to her door and knocked gently.

“Evie, is that you?”

“Yes, leave me alone,dad.”

Evie sounds really angry, something I’m not used to seeing.

“Okay, just let me know if you need anything.”

Evie didn’t come down for dinner. Something must have upset her badly. The next day, I finally saw Evie and Michelle. I don’t even know what time Michelle came home last night.

“Morning, how are you, Evie?”

Evie’s eyes were swollen, evident that she has been crying all night. She didn’t reply to me and quickly ate her breakfast and left the table.

“What time did you come home last night?”

“Uh late, must have been 4:00am, I guess.”

“Are you really that busy?”

“You know how it is during audit season. Honey, I’m sorry.”

“Well, did you at least notice something wrong with our daughter?”

“Yes I did, something happened?”

“She went out with her boyfriend yesterday, and came home like this.”

“She has a boyfriend?”

“What? Don’t you know?”

“She hasn’t mentioned it to me.”

“At least try talking to her, okay?”

“You know she’s a daddy’s girl. If she’s going to tell anyone, it’s you.”

“Urgh.Fine, I’ll try again.”

I approached Evie’s room and knocked on the door.

It absolutely breaks my heart seeing my little girl all heartbroken. The day went by dreadfully slowly, and I was already bored out of my mind. Michelle was busy on her laptop working, as usual, and my daughter locked herself in her room.

I walked past Evie’s room and heard sobbing. Gently knocking on her door I called out to her.

“Hey, baby girl, everything alright there?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“You sure? You can talk to me you know. I’m here for you.”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Okay then, just let me know if you need anything. I love you, Evie.”


A few days passed and Evie was clearly not herself. She looked depressed and kept to herself. She still didn’t leave her room and whatever food we gave her mostly remained untouched. I am really starting to get worried. I couldn’t stand it anymore and knocked on her door.

There is no answer, I tried to open, but it was locked. I’m starting to get afraid.

“Evie, are you in there?” I knock harder on the door.

“Evie, open the door!”

Still no response.

“I’m going to knock down the door, Evie.”

I smashed through the door and found Evie laying in bed unconscious.

“Evie!” I shook her, trying to wake her. She’s breathing, but unconscious. I hurriedly carried her down and brought her to the hospital.

The doctor examined her and hooked her up on a drip.

“She appears to be fine, just very weak. Seems like she hasn’t been eating lately. She’ll be alright in a couple of hours, but I’m going to arrange a psych evaluation for her.”

“Okay.Thanks, doctor.”

A couple of hours passed and finally, a doctor came to see me.

“Evie is diagnosed with depression. She wouldn’t disclose much, but I hope you know the cause.”

“She wouldn’t talk, but I do have an idea.”

“Well, I hope you’ll do your best to support Evie. Whatever it is.”

“I will.”

“You can take Evie home now.”

“Thanks, doctor.”


Evie still kept quiet and to herself the whole journey back. She retreated back to her room. I gave her a couple of hours before approaching her.

“Evie, lets hang out.”

“I don’t feel like hanging out, dad.”

I Halkalı Escort didn’t want to give up, so I bought some drinks and snacks, and planned to get Evie to leave her room.

“Look, we don’t have to talk, let’s just watch a show. I brought snacks.”

Evie didn’t answer. I knocked and opened her door. I saw Evie curled up on her bed.

“Come on, get out from your bed.”

Evie didn’t say anything and dragged her feet from her bed to the couch. I turned on the movie and we watched it together in silence. I started to open the packet of chips and popped open a can of beer.

Evie watched as I took a sip.

“Can I have one?” she said softly.

“A beer? You sure? I guess you could. You’re an adult now.”

I passed her one of my cans. She slowly opened it and took a sip. Wincing at her first taste. We didn’t say a word for most of the movie. All of the sudden, Evie burst into tears. She was sobbing. I didn’t know if I should say anything.

I decided to just sit next to her and put my arms around her, consoling her. Evie cried even louder and buried her face against my shoulder.

“He broke up with me,” she finally whispered.

“I see, it’s not the end of the world, Evie. You’re going through what everyone went through. I know you’ll overcome it.”

“Dad, no, you don’t get it. I know I would’ve broken up with him one day. But…”

“What happened, baby girl?”

“He was heartless. We were hanging out and slowly we started to…you know…get intimate. He asked me to…suck his…thing.”

“Uh…I see…”

“I honestly think it’s disgusting and don’t really know how. I’m technically not a virgin, but we only did it once and he only lasted for a minute. Still I tried…”

“Tried to?”

“Pleasure him with my mouth, but I guess I failed. He seemed to be in pain and he pushed me away calling me a clueless virgin. He said I didn’t know anything about sex and it sucks being with such a clueless person.”



Evie was sobbing furiously and she seemed out of breath as she held my arms back.

“Evie, breathe slowly, you’re going to get a panic attack.”

Evie was prone to panic attacks whenever she was too nervous when she was younger. She always has had a strong intention to excel at whatever she does. This is why she’s always top of her class. Honestly, I would attribute that to her mother constantly giving her that pressure. We had many fights because of this. I, personally, do not believe in being just book smart.

Evie’s sharp breaths interrupted my thoughts. I hugged her to calm her down.

“Breathe, Evie. Breathe!”

Fortunately, she seems to have calmed down.

Daddy always makes me feel safe. I honestly feel like shit and I hate failing at anything. Least of all, failing at something as basic as sex. I’m so embarrassed. I’m such a loser.

“How do I find that boy, Evie?”

“NO, DON”T DAD! He’s right, I really don’t know anything. You know I don’t have much experience with boys.”

“Still, it’s not your fault. You’re still young Evie; this is something that should come naturally.”

“But all my friends and girls seem to know everything there is to know. I feel such a failure.”

“Don’t worry about other people. It’s not wrong to be innocent or pure. You live your life, Evie. You don’t have to follow the social norms.”

“But how will I learn? Do I really need to date around like everyone to learn?”

“Look, it should come naturally. You shouldn’t pressure yourself into giving in. Only do what you feel comfortable with. You shouldn’t force yourself, and he definitely shouldn’t be pressuring you into doing it. It should ALWAYS be a two way thing.”

“I know dad, but…”

I’ve never saw my daughter so sad and hopeless before. I could almost feel her sadness by looking at her. It’s such a heartache. We sat there silent for awhile. I feared she might have inherited a low sex drive from her mother. Teens her age would usually be eager to explore sexuality.

“Evie, I believe most people learn by watching…you know porn?”

“I’m aware of that dad, but I don’t enjoy watching it. I feel dirty and disgusted.”

“Yes, it’s true that there is a lot of distasteful porn. But there are good ones, as well. When you’re first exposed to it, it might sometimes seem foreign and, at times, disgusting.”

Evie was quiet and sobbed quietly. It breaks my heart to see the stream of tears roll down her cheeks. We sat there quiet for awhile.

“Will you help me,dad?” Evie said suddenly, breaking the silence.

“Of course, Evie.”

“I mean can you teach me…you know, about sex?”

I cleared my throat a little at the sudden awkward question.

“Uhrm, I think mom would be better to teach you, baby girl.”

“No, she won’t. You know she won’t.”

I paused and realized Evie’s right. Michelle is so uptight, she’ll avoid such situations at all costs.

“You’re right.”

I kept silent, trying to think of any repercussions that might occur from this. I have to be careful, if I were to thread on this thin line.

Evie grew agitated again as negative thoughts filled her head. She started hitting her head crying. I was afraid she was going to have another panic attack.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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