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Daddy Crosses the Rubicon Ch. 3

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Chapter 3: Inappropriate Fantasies

God, he prayed as he cruised toward his house in the suburbs, maybe with Miriam out of the picture for good, the nightmares will stop. Wonder if she has anything to do with them, he thought; I doubt it. The nightmares, “The Dream,” he had begun collectively calling them, were always identical, and in the last six weeks they had been occurring not only every night in his sleep, but also even in his daydreams. They could occur anywhere and anytime; at home, at work, hell, even mowing the grass. “The Dream” was a sickly perverted dream that simultaneously aroused and disgusted him. It was a technicolor atrocity of forbidden lust which both repelled and enticed him, forcing him to wrestle with the yen and yang of his sensuality; compelling him to struggle impotently for control of his sexual energy.

Memories of “The Dream” welled up from his subconscious even as he sped toward a new life free of Miriam and responsibility, and so powerful was its hold on him that all thought of his recent crime dissipated. He drove on autopilot as the terrible images flooded into his mind, filling it like a movie on a screen, bright, clear and fully focused. It was Laura, his baby, his gorgeous teenage daughter, with her long blonde hair, flashing blue green eyes and soft, gentle laughter.

In “The Dream,” they are always together, alone, in the ski boat. The sun is high in the sky and it’s uncommonly hot. She is wearing a daring bikini, which seductively and inappropriately exposes her ripening body. Even in “The Dream,” his face would burn with shame as the sight of her unselfconsciously moving about the boat produced unwanted erotic sensations. She says she wants to ski, but he says no; they don’t have anyone to spot for her while he drives the boat and it’s too dangerous to let her ski without a lookout. She pouts and stamps her feet petulantly. Just like her mother in some ways, he thinks, but her bouncing breasts are twice the size of Miriam’s. Then, she smiles coyly at him and runs her fingernail down his chest to his belly, while looking into his eyes with a look that’s sultry enough to steam crabs; a look that even now, existing only as a pale memory of “The Dream,” causes his pulse to quicken.

“Please, daddy, just for a little while; I’ll be careful, I promise,” she pleads as her fingertip teases the knotted string at the waist of his trunks.

I wonder what that finger will do, if I say no, he muses, as the words to refuse her form on his lips, but they die unuttered. He has not the will to deny her.

“OK, darlin, but just a little while,” he relents, ruefully looking down at her hovering finger.

The lake is crowded. He aims for empty water and advances the throttle, accelerating to pull her up. She rises expertly on a single ski and gains her balance quickly. He eases back the throttle back. The bow drops slightly as the boat reaches planing speed. His eyes scan the crowded water ahead to avoid the other boats. He glances back quickly and sees her skiing smoothly over the choppy water. She throws up a hand in a wave with the flat of her hand facing him; the signal to put on speed. She’s a speed lover that one, he thinks, easing the throttle toward wide open.

They hurtle toward the opposite shore. Closing rapidly with the shoreline, he begins a wide turn to reverse course. Laura, hair flying, swings out in a wide arc, jumping his wake and throwing up a rooster-tail of spray. He returns his eyes to the front just in time to see another boat cut directly across his bow. He spins the wheel evasively, hard to starboard. The shape of a boat flashes past, a narrow miss, and he frantically spins the wheel to resume course. Instantly, he feels the boat lurch forward as though kicked from behind. Throttling back, he looks to the stern and sees a few feet of slack ski rope trailing a frayed, broken end just behind the boat and, receding in the distance, Laura, ensnared in whipping ski-rope, crashing into the water at high speed.

Desperate, he turns the boat around and speeds to his child. She is hopelessly tangled in rope and struggling to extricate herself. The rope is pinning her arms to her sides. Her bikini top has been torn off by the impact and she looks frightened and dazed. As he approaches, she slips beneath the surface, with her eyes looking at him helplessly. He frantically stops the motor and dives over the side, swimming deep, guessing at the direction of her descent and praying to intercept her. In the murky darkness he finds her, struggling feebly to escape the encircling rope. He gathers her in his arms and, with a Herculean kick, propels altyazılı porno them both toward the surface. They break into the sunlight, gasping for air, several yards from the drifting boat.

“It’s OK, honey, you’re safe now, so let’s get that rope off of you and get back in the boat,” he says reassuringly. He begins trying to untangle her, and finds it easier to unwind the rope by simply turning her around in the water. Slowly, helping her turn with one hand and pulling rope with the other, he begins to disentangle the frightened girl. She spins slowly in his arms heedless of her nakedness. With each pass, her pert young breasts, full, yet immature, rotate toward him.

Round, perfectly shaped, with light pink aureoles surrounding the small hard buds of her darker nipples, her breasts lift proudly and heave with the exertion of her experience. Occasionally, as her back turns toward him, his hand inadvertently brushes across those swelling breasts. He feels the resilience of her fullness against his hand and marvels at the firm texture of her flesh,. Finally, she is freed, and he positions her with her back toward him once more. He pulls her tight against his chest in a classic lifesaving embrace and speaks to her calmly.

“Sweetheart, we’ve got to swim to the boat. It’s not far and you don’t have to do anything, just lie back and let me tow you. Can you do that, honey?”

“Yes, daddy, just give me a minute to get my breath back, OK?” she answers.

“Sure, baby,” he answers and pulls her closer.

His arm holding her against him passes just beneath her breasts. He feels their weight upon his arm, and a flush of urgency courses through him. He pulls her tighter, fighting the rising sensations, but that just causes the slippery flesh of her bosoms to press harder against his arm. She lies passively in his arms, lightly gasping for breath, enjoying the comforting embrace. The smooth skin of her back presses hard against the firmness of his chest. His feet churn, treading water. Her taut, thong clad buttocks unexpectedly press against his loins, and he feels a surge like a bolt of electricity rippling through his body.

Oh, my God, he thinks desperately, oh no. The pressure of her full, rounded buttocks pressing him is overpowering. His cock twitches, shudders like a sleeper waking from a deep sleep, and begins to grow. It rises urgently to press along the cleavage of her cheeks seeking to follow the thin string of her thong into the crevise. Jesus, he cries to himself, don’t do that; it’s your daughter. But his flesh has its own mind, and a will that resists restraint. In spite of his feeble protestations, his erection strengthens. Laura’s gasping diminishes. He whispers hoarsely, a hint of desperation in his voice, “Are you feeling better?”

She nods affirmatively, but responds, “Just give me another minute or two.”

He groans inwardly. His cock is approaching full erection; it is pressing her like an iron bar. Surely, she feels it; she must know what is happening here, he groans with inward despair. Almost as if responding to his unspoken fears, she shifts slightly in his arms, and the movement causes her breasts to caress his forearm. The hard points of her nipples drag hotly across his skin; her buttocks undulate suggestively against the bulge in his trunks. His cock jerks reflexively, and an involuntary gasp slips from his lips. Wantonly, she presses her full hips against him; he feels her cheeks spreading slightly to accommodate his length.

She looks back at him over her shoulder and smiles; a smile which he cannot reliably distinguish between seductive and sweet. Almost imperceptibly her buttocks wriggle in a subtle caress of the protruding flesh of his cock. Confusion, dread and desire swirl in his mind like the flames of an out-of-control conflagration. Good God, he thinks, she can’t be encouraging me; this can’t be happening. But his fully aroused cock responds to the implicit invitation with another involuntary jerk. Oh my God, I know she felt that, he moans pitifully, just as she turns her face toward him and says huskily, “OK, daddy, I’m ready.”

He immediately begins to swim toward the boat, propelled by an uncertain urgency. His powerful strokes bring them quickly to stern and the hanging ladder. He helps her gain a purchase on the slippery rungs and watches as she ascends to the gunnel. She climbs gracefully, her nude breasts bobbling enticingly. At the top, she hops into the boat and turns to watch him climb the ladder. Embarrassed by his obvious arousal, he clings to the bottom rung using the murky water to conceal himself.

“Daddy?” türkçe altyazılı porno she pleads imploringly, “Come up here and get in the boat, please.”

Blushing with crimson embarrassment that’s hot enough to boil the water he’s hiding in, he lifts himself onto the ladder and reluctantly begins to climb. He bends at the waist, trying as best he can to conceal his state from her inquiring gaze. She’s waiting for him, watching expectantly, and she extends her hand to help him over the stern. His eyes meet hers as he reaches the top of the ladder. A sultry warmth has replaced the wild, fearful look in her eyes. He takes her proffered hand and steps from the ladder to the slippery gunnel of the rocking boat. Her eyes drop instantly to the bulge in his swimsuit. The wet fabric clings transparently to the rigid length of his cock, outlining it perfectly and leaving nothing to her imagination. Seductively, a smile flickers at the corners of her mouth, and her pink tongue sweeps suggestively across her lips.

“My, my, daddy, just look at you,” she whispers, and her fingers tighten their grip on his hand.

His mind swirls, excitement and revulsion writhe in mortal combat in that instant, and he loses concentration. His bare foot slips wildly on the wet gunnel. Balance lost, he totters for an instant at the top of the ladder, half in the boat and half out. Instinctively, she yanks his hand, jerking him toward her, into the boat. Lurching forward, he falls into the girl, knocking her to the floor, and sprawls across her body in a confused tangle of arms and legs in the bottom of the boat.

Stunned, he lays still for a minute, collecting himself. He is instantly aware that the girl’s lithe body is beneath him. Her firm breasts rise to meet the full weight of his chest; her nipples press hard into his skin like a pair of white-hot rivits. Her smooth, flat belly rises and falls beneath him with the steady rhythm of her breathing. She has spread her legs to receive the weight of his hips, cradling him with the soft saddle of her loins. The length of his rigid cock, throbbing with forbidden desire, presses into the resilient, nearly nude mons of her pussy.

Oh Lord, his mind reels, struggling against the rising tide of his lust. His resistance begins to ebb, eroded by the certain knowledge that nothing but the flimsiest of cloth separates him from the Nirvana of her warm, wet sheath. Wantonly, she lifts her hips beneath him, rubbing herself against his maleness, and she looks directly into his eyes with lustful anticipation. His heart lodges in his throat; his pulse pounds wildly at his temples. He is breathless and faint, almost giddy with arousal. The movement of her mons upon his penis triggers exquisite sensation. His cock throbs in reaction, causing her eyes to blaze with delight. Immediately, she lifts her hips again to caress his hardness, and elicits an audible groan from his slightly parted lips.

I’ve got to stop this right now, he thinks, nearly frantic with mounting confusion, and he tries to summons the will to resist his passion. He fights the present with the past attempting to recall the voluptuous girl writhing passionately beneath him as a toddler, but the hardening points of her breasts pierce his thoughts and block the attempt. With dwindling conviction he struggles to lifts his head, lips parting in protest, and tries to break free of her embrace. She counters by throwing her arm over his neck, and, in a throaty voice that is heavy with sexual promise, she utters the single command, “Stay.”

“Uuuuh,” he groans, as his breath rushes out of his lungs like a man punched in the stomach.

Startled and stunned, he hesitates on the narrow ledge of his sanity, off balance and uncertain, and, in that instant, he is lost. Her lush, candied lips touch his. Softly, they caress his mouth, and he tastes the incredible sweetness of her youth. Eagerly, her lips awaken, moving aggressively against his passivity. Her tongue slips past his last defenses to sweep into the warm cavern of his mouth like a swallow fluttering in a summer breeze. Blood pounds in his head. Her tongue, a sweet serpent of cunning desire, flicks sensuously at the corners of his lips and delves into the darkest recesses of his lust, fanning the flames of his emotion. She kisses him with an eager, unrestrained passion the like of which he has never known, didn’t dream existed, and pulls him closer to her eager mouth. Still, he resists her and the swelling storm surge of his arousal.

“Baby, baby,” he mouths in protest, puffing weakly against her moving lips, “We mus…”

“Shhhhh, daddy, it’s OK,” hd altyazılı porno she interrupts, and her mons caresses his length once more to quell his fear.

With surprising strength she pulls his mouth tightly to her lips silencing further protests. Her tongue delves erotically, swirling, sweeping his hard surfaces and cajoling him to abandon hesitation. Crumbling, he yields to her. His tongue responds, meeting hers, cautiously at first, then with growing abandon, entwining, dancing in an urgent, unchoreographed minuet of moist passion. His hands embrace her face; his fingers entwine in the damp tendrils of her hair to hold her gently as his lips churn against hers.

Sensing surrender, she purrs and spreads her thighs, hunching again, but more wantonly than before. She strokes the length of his cock with her pussy and gurgles her lust against his mouth, leaving him no doubt of her intentions. Capitulating totally to his forbidden lust, he answers with a ferocious thrust wedges the tiny triangle of fabric cloth between her pussy lips. His hardness rides her cleft, splaying her lips like a plow breaking the earth. She shudders under him and mews as his cock scrapes the sensitive bud of her clitoris.

“Mmmmmm. That’s nice, daddy,” she gasps, the words breaking heavily around the taut spike of his tongue. He groans and sends his cock on another intoxicating slide along the sweet heaven of her parted lips. Her hand, featherlike, dances down his body, weaving a trail of goosebumps on his bare flesh. Her fingertips pause for the space of an expectant gasp or two at the band of his trunks. Holding him close and kissing him deeply, she slips her fingers under his trunks and seizes his throbbing prick in her hand.

“Ohhh, baby!” he gasps as her cool fingers encircle his red-hot cock.

Her fingers tighten. She moves her hand on his pulsing shaft. Down, then up, then back down again, her fingers caress his heated flesh. She holds him against her body, jacking him off, and she directs his taut cock head to her clit, rubbing herself with him through the thin fabric of their swimsuits. He shudders at the exquisite stimulation; his cock twitches uncontrollably in her tantalizing grasp.

“Oooo, daddy, your cock’s so big and hard; I’ve been wondering what it would feel like to jack you off,” she whispers heatedly, and her hand slithered up and down his shaft eagerly.

Her lewd words ignite a cataclysm in his mind. “Argh,” he screams through clenched teeth. His back arches, and his muscles go rigid.

She bites the tip of his tongue, moaning as her fist tightens on his swelling flesh, “Cum for me, daddy. I want to feel it gush out of your prick.”

“Laura, baby,” he wails helplessly as he begins viciously slamming his cock through the girl’s tightly encircling fingers and his cum, white hot and thick, erupts from the tip.

Goddamm, he thought, waking from his daydream and glancing at the speedometer. He was rocketing down the freeway at 84 miles an hour and nearly oblivious to everything but the pounding erection in his pants. Lifting his foot off the accelerator, he looked down at his lap and noticed a spreading stain on his trousers. Sweating hands griped the wheel tensely. Goddamm. Always the same; every time. He fights his emotions, really fights, but he can’t resist his awful urges and he capitulates; too weak, too spineless to protect his daughter from her own father. And, in the moment of his greatest failing, as he surrenders to the irresistible beast in his loins, she touches him, coaxing him to cum for her, and he shoots his cum into his pants. “The Dream” always ends like that, whether he’s asleep or awake, and he wakens from it to find his body soaked in sweat and his cock gushing cum into his shorts.

What in the hell is the matter with me, he agonized, wheeling the car past the imposing stone pillars at the entrance to his subdivision. Why am I having dreams that involve my own daughter, he interrogated himself relentlessly. Hell, we don’t even kiss good night any more, and I sure haven’t seen her naked in years and years. Bewildered, he shook his head and temporized. Well, sure, I know what she looks like now that she’s grown. Swim suits and padding around the house in bra and panties took care of that. Sure, I’ve noticed that her breasts have filled out, and her hips have widened nicely.

And, of course, I’m aware she has the body of an athlete. Hell, she is an athlete, lettered in soccer and basketball in high school and studied dance for years and years. Modern dance, jazz, tap, ballet, you name it, she excelled at it. Sure, I’ve watched her dance at recitals, moving with the grace of a cat across the floor, spotlighted, her shapely legs flashing. Sure, some of it was pretty exotic, but I never looked at her like that, not really. Why, she’s just a little girl; my baby. Not like that, never, I couldn’t.

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