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Daddy Washes My Hair Ch. 3

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Mom, Jim and I sat around the breakfast table discussing what might happen that night when Dad came home. Mom said there was something she wanted to teach me to surprise Dad. She asked Jim if he would be willing to join us and assist in her demonstration. We went to her bedroom and Mom had us sit on he end of the bed. She took my hand and pulled me up. She slowly began to unbutton my blouse kissing the skin area revealed behind each open button.

When they were all undone she lifted the blouse from my arms and dropped it to the floor. Reaching around she unzipped my skirt letting it fall to the ground. As I stood there in my bra and panties Jim made a move toward me. Mom held up her hand and ordered him back on the bed. She unsnapped my bra allowing my breast to fall free. Kneeling before me she pulled my panties down holding them as I stepped out of the leg holes. Still on her knees she kissed my pussy and rose to kiss my nipples. Mom then led me back to the bed to sit once again.

She took Jim’s hand and motioned for him to stand. Beginning the same ritual, Mom kissed his chest as she undid his shirt. As she lowered his pants she kissed the head of his cock. Jim went back to the bed and sat. We were both naked sitting on the edge of the bed with mother standing before us. “Now it’s your turn to undress me,” she said. We moved to her. I stood on her right and Jim on her left. I undid a button on her blouse and Jim licked the revealed skin. Jim unbuttoned the next and I licked the area.

We continue to trade back and forth until her blouse was opened and cascaded to the floor. I unzipped her skirt and Jim pulled it down over her ample ass and thighs. Kneeling in front he kissed her bush through the panties. Standing up Jim lifted the underside of her left bra cup and her boob popped down. As Jim kissed the erect nipple I released her right tit in the same manner. We each bursa escort bayanlar put one hand on the front elastic of her panty with the other on the back band. Together we rolled her pink panties down on themselves until they were past her hips and fell to the floor. We kissed her pussy and butt.

“That was nicely done,” Momma said. “See it doesn’t have to be Wham Bang Thank You Mam.” I asked if that was what she wanted to teach me and she said no. I was instructed to get a bottle of Almond Oil from the dresser. She told Jim to lay on his stomach. His cock was so hard he had to push it down between his legs. It strained against the bed as he lay there. Mom poured oil in her cupped hands and rubbed it over the front of her body. Extra amounts were applied to her tits and pussy. She straddled Jim at his waist and poured more oil on his back. She began rubbing his back and arms with her hands and then leaned forward to rub him with the entire front of her body. Back and forward she glided. Then siting up she used only her pussy to massage his back. She moved up to his neck and down to his butt. Moving her body clockwise and changing to an undulating motion, she was driving Jim crazy.

Jim tried to respond to her but she stopped him. “Is this your first pussy rub?” She asked. Jim nodded his head yes. He spoke in a hoarse voice, “Mom your cunt is so hot and soft. It feels fantastic.”

“Yes I know son. I love the way it feels too but you can’t move till I tell you.. June, I want you to give your Daddy a pussy rub tonight. You won’t believe the sensation your pussy feels.” She continued by raising above Jim’s butt and sliding down each leg. When she got to his foot she stood on the floor and raised his heel against her labial lips. The smile on her face told me she was in heaven. After repeating this action on his other leg and foot she bayan sarisin escort bursa told Jim to roll over on his back. As she applied more oil to herself and Jim she mounted him at his waist and began to ride his chest and arms.

Before moving back on his legs she raised herself to his face and proceeded to cover his chin, lips, nose, forehead and all with her juices. As she retreated Jim’s face was covered with a dew not found on any lawn. Riding his leg she paused at his kneecap and rode it as she had his heels. When she came to his foot she stood and carefully slid each toe into her hot box. Jim’s cock was springing up and down with excitement. After she finish the other leg she remounted Jim by easing her swollen pussy onto his stiff shaft. Jim motioned to me. I straddled his head, facing Mom. Jim ran his tongue into my slit as Mom grabbed my tits. I leaned forward and kissed her as I ran the palms of my hands across her nipples. Our threesome continued till Mom and I felt Jim’s body shake as he unloaded in Mom’

Jim went out to visit some friends and Mom and I prepared dinner. Dad arrived an hour before we were to eat. Jim came home shortly after. Everyone seemed so happy and chatty at dinner. I think it was the anticipation of what was to follow. As we cleaned up Dad invited everyone into the living room. He motioned for me to sit next to him on the couch while Mom sat on his other side and Jim was next to her perched on the sofa arm. Dad had a Photo Album which he opened. There were black and white pictures of two people. They must have been taken years ago The young woman was wearing a corset that pushed her tits up. A man, about her age, was sucking on her nipples and shoving his fingers in her pussy. Other shots included her sucking his cock and he eating her pussy. The last picture showed them fucking.

As Dad turned bursa eve gelen eskort the page he asked if anyone knew who the couple was. Jim said he wasn’t sure but it looked like a young Grandma and Grandpa. Yes said Dad that’s my parents. The photos on the next page were in color. Grandma and Grandpa were older and a young man appeared fucking Granny from behind while she sucked Grandpa. “Is that you Dad?” I blurted out. “Yes dear, that was my eighteenth birthday present. My parents started a lifestyle that we are continuing today”

“Mom what about you?” I said. Mom turned the pages to the back and showed pictures of her Dad fucking her while she sucked on her mother’s tits. “That was my eighteenth birthday,” she answered. “When your Dad and I married we didn’t realize how much we had in common. One summer both our parents came to visit at the same time and the truth came out. We had quite a party and really got to know our in-laws, if you know what I mean.”

By now Jim had his cock out and Mom was stroking it so fast he had to slow her down. I unzipped Dad’s fly and his dick popped out like a Jack In the Box. I leaned over and took it in my mouth as he slide his finger between my butt crack. The book fell to the floor as I stood up. Taking his hand I led him upstairs to his bedroom and the bottle of Almond Oil. I slowly undressed him which drove him crazy. I made him sit on the bed and watch me strip before him. “No touching,” I said as I swayed my naked hips toward him. Pushing him down on the bed I rolled him over on his stomach. Covering us both with oil I slithered my body over his covering every inch of his muscular frame. Mom was right. My pussy tingled and felt so hot as I guided my open lips to bring us both unbelievable pleasure. Daddy’s kneecap was really erotic and his favorite seemed to be the toes. I ended the pussy rub with a frantic fuck. As we collapsed in each others arms. Mom and Jim stood at the foot of the bed and gave us a ‘standing ovation’.

The family lifestyle continues today even though I married and moved out of town. Mom and Dad will be here to celebrate my twins, Debbie and Dave’s eighteen birthday next month.

Oh yes, Daddy still washes my hair when he visits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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