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Daddy’s Shed Ch. 08

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Sweetie moaned again as she pushed and rubbed the vibrator hard against her clit. Her cunt was throbbing and slick. She wanted more than anything right then to be filled with her Daddy’s cock. Her eyes were closed, but moving to scenes that her mind was replaying. Her lips were slightly parted as her breathing started to increase. Occasionally, the tip on her tongue flicked along her lips playing to the sexual anticipation and tension.

“Daddy, Fuck me,” she sighed as she plunged the bulbous head of the cock dildo into her tight slick hole.

“Oh Yes! Fuck me hard, Daddy!” Amy screamed as she rammed the dildo in again and again.

She was laying with her bad leg propped up on pillows while she was curled up in almost a fetal position. She loved the feel of even this artificial cock filling her … the vibrations that made her cunt and asshole tingle with sexual stimulation … and bringing her eventually to an orgasmic release. She was so intent on reaching climax that she didn’t even hear the door of the bedroom open — wasn’t even aware that she wasn’t alone as she endeavored to bring herself to climax.


Mr. Henderson entered Don’s office and looked around briefly before making eye contact with Don. He closed the door, locked it and crossed over to a conversation area consisting on two plush leather chairs.

“Don. I wanted you to know personally that I feel you are a great asset to this company. This expansion wouldn’t be taking place if it wasn’t for all the hard work you have done.”

“Thank you, Mr. Henderson. I believe in what your company is doing and I’m looking forward to working here for some time. I think …”

“Excuse me a moment, Don,” interjected Mr. Henderson. “Let me finish because what I have to say is quite serious and involves you personally.”

Don raised an eyebrow. Was he getting ready to be sacked? He nodded at Mr. Henderson to continue.

Henderson eased himself down in a chair and motioned for Don to join him there in a more relaxed setting. Don got up from the desk and joined him.

“There’s something I think you should know now that we’re going to be working quite closely together,” said Henderson as he licked nervous lips.

“Before I hire anyone, I have an extensive background check done.” Henderson looked pointedly at Don.

Don nodded affirmatively and waited for Henderson to drop the other shoe.

“I know that Amy is your daughter and not your wife,” he said in a little puff of breath.

Henderson looked as Don eased back into the chair and smiled at him.

“I know that you did,” said Don. “I was wondering when you were going to mention it?”

“We’re much more alike than you know,” said Henderson pointedly with a smile of his own. “As I told you at the hospital, if you truly love someone then age doesn’t matter. Besides, she’s not underage and I personally understand the situation, you could say.”

“I’d like to say that I’m the only one with this information, but that’s not the case,” Henderson said with a frown. He cleared his throat before continuing.

“I just found out today that the investigator I hired has given the information to your ex last night. She’s on her way here. I’ll make sure that both are dealt with.”

Henderson cleared his throat again before proceeding. “I’ve been thinking that since this International expansion is due to the hard work you have given to my company; that some sort of promotion is in order.”

Henderson stood and motioned for Don to do so as well. He offered his hand to Don. İstanbul Escort “How does partner sound and you fly out to take charge of the International Division?”

Both men smiled, nodded and shook hands. Henderson reached into his breast pocket and handed Don an envelope.

“I’ve made arrangements. Everything will be handled on this end and I mean everything.” Henderson smiled again, turned and left Don’s office.

Don looked in the envelope, proceeded to pack up his desk and left the building. He didn’t bother to even call Amy. He smiled as he thought of how his Sweetie would love this surprise better than what he had originally planned.


Adam parked his car about a mile down the road from her cabin in a secluded wooded area. It was the only place he knew that his car couldn’t be seen. He grabbed the duffle bag off the back seat and started his short hike. She was going to be alone tonight and still mostly confined to her bed — perfect.

‘No nurse tonight except for me,’ he thought. ‘…and what I’m going to take your temperature with is going to have you shivering alright!’ he chuckled.

He paused when he heard some voices and the sound of a dog bark. Looking around quickly, he ducked behind some thickets before he could be spotted.


Don opened the front door of the cabin and was about to call out that he was home when he heard Sweetie’s excited voice moaning upstairs. He quietly closed and locked the door, slipped off his shoes and clothing before climbing up the stairs. He could hear his Sweetie begging for him to fuck her and a smiled played across his lips. He quietly and slowly turned the door handle without making a sound. He pushed and the door slid silently a crack for him to peer inside the room. He smiled at his Sweetie lying on the bed.

Sweetie was shoving the dildo into her slick wet cunt. Her body was covered in perspiration as she laid curled half humping and shoving trying to bring herself to orgasm. If his cock wasn’t already hard and throbbing, this sight would have gotten it there instantly.

Don quietly and quickly stepped over to the bed and looked down at her face so intent on reaching orgasm. He quickly moved into action. He got on the bed which instantly caused her eyes to open at first in shock to be replaced by lust. He pulled the slick covered dildo from her cunt and replaced it with his own throbbing cock.

Sweetie let out a moan of pure pleasure at being filled. Her Daddy was kissing and nipping along her neck. His hand reached over to cup her breast. His fingers kneading her hard nipple caused little explosions of sexual excitement that made her hot cunt throb around his hot cock. His hot breath and kisses on her ear made her lean back into him as much as she could.

“Tell Daddy what you want Sweetie?” came the strained voice that made her tremble each time she heard it.

“Fuck me, Daddy! Please, Fuck me!!!!”

Don started ramming in and out of her. She came almost instantly since she had almost been there to start with. Her scream of orgasm turned to a constant moan of pleasure by the time Don with filling her with jet after jet of his cum. When he finished, he pulled his Sweetie to him. He loved her so much and had done so much so they could be together.

It was a few minutes before he was calm enough to pull his softening cock out of her and eased over onto his back. Sweetie, careful of her leg, turned so she could cuddle next to her Daddy. He smiled and kissed her İstanbul Escort Bayan deeply and passionately.

“Daddy loves you more and more every day Sweetie.”

“I love you too, Daddy.”

“Daddy has a real big surprise for you!” Don said excitedly.

“Besides this!” smiled Amy as her hand started caressing his cock and it twitched despite the fact that he had just cum.

Don smiled at her eagerness. “Yes Sweetie. Now, lay still while I explain things.”

Don explained it all. Amy went from lust to fear to happiness.

“Mr. Henderson is so nice, Daddy, to do this for us,” she exclaimed. “I never would have thought anyone would help us.”

“Be that as it may be, my Sweetie, we need to get cleaned up and gone. He’ll ship everything to us,” said Don as he got off the bed.

“I’ll get the bags packed while you clean up.”

Amy smiled as she grabbed her cane and proceeded into the bathroom. What a wonderful surprise and here she thought it was going to be a boring day.

By the time Don was loaded and driving to the airport, the sun was setting on what turned out to be a fortunate chain of events.


Adam sat crouched as the voices of two men talking softly were getting closer to where he was hiding.

“Shit,” he thought. “Just what I need are two hunters.”

Adam stiffened when the thicket started shaking and he was eye to eye with the hunting dog. A low growl issued and fangs bared as the dog faced off with him. He started to shake in fear and felt the hairs rise on the back of his neck. He swallowed hard as he heard someone approach his hiding spot.

“What you got there boy?” said one man as he circled around for a look. He took a look at Adam and called the dog to him.

“Thanks for calling your dog off,” said Adam as he slowly rose to a standing position and adjusted the duffle on his shoulder. He stared at the man nervously as the hunter looked him up and down.

“He gave me quite a start. Early in the season to be hunting. What are you after?” said Adam as he was grasping on how to handle the situation of why he was hiding in the thicket himself.

The hunter smiled slyly and stared into Adam’s eyes, “You.”

Adam felt the pain only slightly from the dart shot into the side of his neck before his world went black.

Facing off with the dog had made Adam forget that he had heard two voices. The second man walked slowly to the crumpled body, knelt and retrieved the dart.

“Let’s get him back to his car. Mr. Henderson’s going to be pleased.”


Julia Anderson was more pissed off than she could ever remember being. First, it was the inconsideration of her sister. Deb had insisted tearfully that she come and help her when her husband, Tim, had died. Then she got a live in boyfriend and asked Julia to leave on the premise that she had made a pass at him. Julia didn’t want him or any other man.

Then, she had to deal with that Slatanz asshole private detective and pay him $3,000 for the location of her daughter. Now, she was racing across the country to get Amy. Slatanz had laughed at her after she had given him the money too. He had said they were 1,000 miles for each 1,000 dollars. Told her she had better start driving because he knew she didn’t have the money now to fly there. After he had given her the information, she had stormed out of his office and building.

She had been driving solid until last night. By then, she was just too tired to trust herself behind Escort İstanbul the wheel of the car. She pulled into the next motel she came to, got her room and basically collapsed on the bed clothes and all. She never heard the door open, never saw the men standing by her bed and never felt the dart hit her neck.


Amy smiled as they pulled up to the private hanger and saw the jet. “That’s for us, Daddy?”

Don parked the truck and caressed her face. “Yes Sweetie. It’s Mr. Henderson’s private jet. By the way, how do you feel about living overseas?”

Amy smiled brilliantly, “Anywhere, Daddy, as long as you and I are together.”

“We are going to have to learn the language and new customs, but, yes, we’ll be together Sweetie.” Don leaned over and kissed her passionately and lovingly.

Amy smiled after the kiss. “Daddy?”

“Yes Sweetie?” said Don as he stared into her loving eyes.

“Can we have another shed?” she smiled teasingly.

Don cupped her breast and tweaked her nipple. “You bet Sweetie and much, much more!”


Adam was confused when he woke. He was completely naked, in a dimly lit room and lying on a bed. As soon as he sat up, his head began to throb. His mouth was dry and he was extremely thirsty. He felt as if he’d been drinking for days except that he remembered the dog and the hunter. He remembered the pain in the side of his neck. He raised his hand but didn’t feel any soreness.

Adam began to scan the room. First, he noticed there were no windows and his heart started pounding in fear. Just where was he? Then he saw the carafe of water on the small table across the room. He slowly stood, closed his eyes and breathed deeply to clear his head. He staggered a bit, but finally made it across the room. Just as he reached for the water, he heard the door being unlocked.

A man stepped inside with a gun and smiled. “This is for you if you try anything.” He nodded to someone outside and moved aside.

The next man through the door was his father. “I see you are awake.”

Adam’s mouth opened in surprise, “Dad?”

“I tried to warn you, Adam, so now I’ve taken on the responsibility for your actions. Yes, I know all about the women you’ve raped and what you were planning on doing. The solution was simple. This is where you will remain.”

“Dad, you can’t do this!” Adam shouted.

“I can and I have. I’m not without feeling though, Adam.” Henderson nodded to someone else outside the door. “I’ve brought you a companion to share your room. She’s older than you, but I’m quite sure you’ll work out living arrangements. You’ll either get along or kill one another.”

Another man came in forcing a naked woman in front of him. He had her securely by the arms and her mouth was taped. He shoved her across the room at Adam and she tumbled into him. As soon as she righted herself she took the tape off her mouth and grabbed for the water.

“Goodbye Adam,” said Henderson as he left. The door was securely shut and locked behind him.

He walked down the hall to another room and opened the door. Stephanie was sitting in one of the chairs looking at the different monitors as Adam and the woman were fighting over the water. She was shaking for head negatively and rolling her eyes.

She looked up and smiled at Henderson as he entered. “You would think that they’d at least go into the bathroom and get more water.”

He chuckled as he always did when she stated the obvious. He reached down and cupped her breast feeling the nipple harden under his manipulation.

“He’ll be fine Honey. Every animal of his type needs a cage,” he said with a twinge of sadness.

Stephanie stood up and kissed him passionately while her fingers stroked his hardening cock. “I know Daddy. We’ll take care of him.”

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