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Damn Good Tip

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“Brad, could I ask you for a favor?”

“You know how I feel about favors,” I replied to my boss. Five minutes till I left. Just five lousy minutes and I would have been gone. Damn the luck. I looked at my boss and rubbed two fingers together. He gave me fifty dollars.

“Brad, you’re killing me. All right, fine. Fifty bucks. You might even like this errand.

Please take Mrs DuBarry home. Her husband took off, and she is stranded here. Just between us, he took off to go see his mistress after they had a little ‘discussion’ here. Please don’t say anything about that. We don’t want to piss the poor woman off even more. I’m glad they were in the private dining room tonight. It got pretty ugly,” my boss had the power of understatement.

“Hate to tell you boss, but we heard every single word in the bar. They were very loud… Her husband John has some big balls just leaving her here, and traipsing off to see his girlfriend. I have been watering down her drinks for two hours now. By the way, have you heard about this new invention? It’s called a cab.” My boss raised his eyebrows.

“She doesn’t want to go in a cab. And she asked me to ask you specifically. I think she likes you. Tell me you brought your car.” He sorta asked me, sorta told me.

“Yes I brought the Lincoln. I’m not crazy enough to ride the Suzuki in the rain. Why does she like me? I only served her some drinks after her husband left. And I listened to her bitch and complain.” I should get a medal for my patience and understanding. She had left me a twenty dollar tip. That would cover my ear ache!

“I guess it’s your charm and sparkling personality. Or maybe because you’re tall. My favorite explanation is that she’s drunk, and she needs a shoulder to cry on. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Don’t forget you work on Tuesday night,” he smirked.

“Which reminds me. Your wife called about five times. I’m supposed to throw you out and send you home. It sounds like you should go. I’ll make sure Mrs. DuBarry gets home safe and sound. Go on, I got shit to finish up before I leave,” I told my boss. He was supposed to leave at ten pm. It was two am now. He was a classic workaholic. He did not like to delegate at all. His wife Karen hated the extra hours, and had told me time and again to send him home.

“Fine, fine. Don’t forget to lock up. I’m supposed to remind you about Monday night. Karen is expecting you!” He gave me the look… His dirty little wife and I would fuck like bunnies and he would show up and “catch us”… And join us. It was their game. It wasn’t a regular thing, just now and then. I did not mind, I got laid, and my boss even tipped me really well for banging his wife. He got off on it. He loved it, and Karen loved my cock. Dirty, dirty girl! She adored my cock. I think she only liked me! And only because I was attached to it!

Karen was racked, packed, stacked, and gorgeous. I was just a tool for their weird marriage, but she was very tight, and loved anal sex with my dick. She would sometimes be pre-lubricated and put me in her asshole before she got me in her coochie.

Yes, I was being used, but if it feels this good? Use me up. And my boss would always tip me… Sometimes $50, one time $100 when we double fucked her with me in her coochie and him deep in her ass. He loved that. I ate her pussy out before I fucked her. Karen loved that as much as my cock, maybe more! I don’t think my boss liked to eat her out, so having me there sorta relieved him of that “duty”. I enjoyed giving a woman cuniligus, and it helped me pay for my college, which is not cheap. Then when we were both inside her, she went completely apeshit, she came so incredibly hard, and many, many times. I did cheat a little as I reached down and played with her big clit. Her screams were audible twenty miles away, easy! Karen loved it! She did not want me to leave. Truth is, I think she only liked me for my tongue and penis. Oh well. I’m objectified. I can live with that. Karen occasionally said she loved me, but I really doubt that.

Does that make me a whore? Ok, so I’m a whore. Neither he nor his wife ever complained! I think they love the naughtiness of a sexy threesome, and Karen loves having two men’s dicks in her holes at the same time! She always came like crazy when she was double penetrated. He loved it when I ate her out as well. She really enjoyed having two dicks in her mouth! He loved to watch me suck her cunt! As I mentioned, my boss did not enjoy cunnilingus, so he lived vicariously through my cunnilingus! His loss, Karen’s pussy is delicious!

He mentioned several times that he would pay me handsomely for me to just come over and eat her out. He would pay me fifty bucks. I bet Karen would have given me a thousand!

She got off so hard when I ate her out. Sometimes she clamped her thighs around my head when she hard climaxed, and then she would squirt! It was not pee but only her sex juices, and she almost drowned me when she did that. After we were done, she isvecbahis yeni giriş slipped me an extra $50 or even a hundred for her huge orgasms that she enjoyed so much.

One time my boss asked me to come over and just eat Karen to a couple of climaxes, and he would pay me. I told him she better not have a load of his jism in there, or there would be violence. He said she is very happy to clean herself out when she hears I’m coming over. If she is wet, then it is her own super excitement from the anticipation of seeing me! I’d like to believe that, and truth be told, even at Karen’s wettest, she never smelled or tasted like a man’s spunk. Thank you for small favors! She always tasted wonderful. I would gladly eat this woman out every single day for nothing but as a poor college student, to get paid to do what I love and enjoy? It was wonderful. I got her motor running, and she was extremely multi-orgasmic. I could suck her pussy, and she was capable of climax after climax, having a big orgasm every three or four minutes. I typically ate her for thirty or forty minutes, so you can do the math. She came hard a lot. Many, many times. She loved my cunnilingus! She wanted me to fuck her girl friends. I was going to think about that. They are not anywhere near as good looking as she is. Almost all of them are married. I did have other obligations as well. I said I would have to think about it.

My boss never said it, but each and every time that I visited she got scorching hot, and my boss got the benefit of that. She fucked him like crazy after I gave her a bunch of orgasms. Their sex was good for many days afterwards. I really think that I helped them, at least a little. My boss certainly thought so. I asked him about my being with his wife all the time.

“You okay with that boss?” I always wondered why he wanted me, an extra guy with a bigger Johnson than his, in bed with his beautiful wife! It didn’t make any damn sense to me. The whole thing felt very weird. But they were happy with it.

“You know how she gets. I will be balls deep inside her every night for the rest of the week. If we ever have a kid, we are gonna name it after you!” His explanation still seemed weak. I didn’t press him. He was letting me bang his wife now and then. Why would I rock that delightful boat? Especially when both my boss and his sexy wife were happy with me, and begging for me to come over more often, not less. Karen could not get enough of me or my golden tongue! He must have raided the trust fund for all the money he was giving me! They were a very different kind of couple! I was getting my college education paid for by making Karen come again and again. There are worse ways of making money than fucking a beautiful willing and wet woman.

“Wait! You want a girl named Bradley? Doesn’t sound right to me. How about Brandy? Isn’t that her Mom’s sister’s name? Hell of a sight better than Bradley! Give her my best. Now get going so I can lock up.” I wanted to get going. And I still had to drive a drunk home. Again. I had driven quite a few drunks home. At least I made a few bucks doing it. Sometimes I had a hell of a mess to clean up. Sometimes I was asked to fuck the pissed off wife. There is nothing more fun than revenge sex! Oh yeah.

That was fun.


The altercation between the DuBarrys had been loud and brutal. Lots of yelling and cursing. Many turned heads, and tongues would be wagging as the gossips had a field day. After all, having a good old fight like that in the middle of a restaurant, well…it just wasn’t done! Especially when the subject was his cheating! They were off to the races!

One of the lovely hostesses then bravely asked the couple to please tone it down, or step outside. Mary Morehouse, one of the best hostesses, was without fear, and so very nice, people usually did what she asked without any question. She was sweet, pretty and very kind. I liked her very much. She was also stacked! I don’t know what size she was, but she was way bigger than catelopes, more like honeydew melons! And they were stand up melons, not drooping at all.

Of course me being a dirty dog, I just loved Mary’s triple ‘D’ size tits! Mary was sexy as hell. I wanted to date her, but as a bartender, I was not supposed to date the sexy hostesses, or the sexy waitresses. Damned rules!

Of course when did I ever let that stop me? One Tuesday night there was no business, so we both got sent home early at about seven-ish. I was just walking out the door to get to my car and Mary Moretit (what I called her in my mind) asked me to walk her to her car. She said there was a guy from the bar who was bothering her, and would I please walk her to her car? No problem.

We got out there, and sure enough, this huge college guy was waiting for her. I let the anger and rage flow through my body as I saw him go to touch her. That was very bad for him!

“Brad!” She screamed for me, but I was already moving and I gave it the sumo isvecbahis giriş wrestler rush. I just smashed into this huge guy as fast as I could go, my shoulder to his solar plexus and then fists to his face. I would not win any style points for the fight, but he was on the pavement and I kicked his ass in maybe ten seconds flat. He was in the foetal position just trying not to get hurt again.

“You miserable piece of shit. Don’t ever let me see you touch my girlfriend or I’ll really get mad. She’s mine you little fuck, you understand me asshole? Mine! There better not ever be another time, or I won’t be as nice. Now get the fuck out of here before I change my mind and really hurt you. Don’t ever even think about her fuckface. Now get the fuck out.” He got up and got in his car and left. He looked genuinely afraid of me, which was pretty much the whole point of the exercise.

I brushed myself off, and turned to Mary. Her eyes were so big and round and looking at me. She was absolutely beaming. Her look was so kind and happy and loving… It was amazing to me.

“Did you really mean it? About my being your girlfriend.” She was smiling mischievously, a mile wide smile.

“Well yes, those are my feelings, but I always thought that you were so very beautiful… You are so far out of my league. You are so perfect. Me, not so much-” she stopped my discourse by kissing me.

Next thing I know she has me in my car and Mary has my cock in her mouth and she is bobbing up and down wildly as I try very desperately not to come. From there it was not long until she was on her back and I was in her tight little cunt as she was coming again and again.

Her nipples were bigger than my thumbs and her tits were huge and high up on her chest. As I twisted and sucked on her nips, she had orgasm after orgasm. I finally was going to come whether I wanted to or not, and she switched positions quickly to take the load into her mouth. She swallowed every single drop! We then cuddled for a long time.

We were an item for a while, and I like to think that I gave her more pleasure than I got, but who can say? She met this guy who charmed her, and our magic was lost just that fast. But she has a special place in my heart, and she always will. I miss her very frequently. The night of the fight, I was tempted to run out into the dining room and save her again! But she was in control.

And Mary, dealing with the two loud, cursing couple, was in no mood to talk to me anyway. She spoke to them one more time, speaking in low tones so she would not be misunderstood. She must have said something that upset Mr. DuBarry. He stood up and glared at his wife. Then he seemed to make up his mind about something.

Without another word, Mr. DuBarry took off, out the front door, gone! Everyone was quite surprised, and most were relieved that he was gone.

Mrs. DuBarry sat there with a stunned look, and she eventually wound up in the bar, drinking heavily and chatting with yours truly. Well she was chatting, and me, I was working my ass off. I did try to listen to her as much as I could. I had a bunch of work to do before I was finished for the night.

After three double seven and sevens, I was watering her drinks down to the point it was almost all Seven Up. She had been in the bar for a few hours. She needed to talk to someone. It was mostly me, just me listening to her gripe about her lying, cheating, bastard husband… This is between mixing and pouring drinks, taking drink money, filling the coolers, washing the glasses, cleaning the bar, answering the phone and my other myriad tasks.

But I had a set routine, and I somehow got everything done, and I was still able to listen to the poor woman vent, piss and moan. Mrs. DuBarry wanted to kill her cheating husband. Why he needed to cheat on this beautiful woman was beyond me. I guess he just wanted some fresh pussy. She was a damn good looking woman so that was the only sorta explanation that made any sense.

I do my best not to judge people. I see them at their worst, and alcohol strips away some of the regular defenses, so listening is about all I can or should do.

We as bartenders should not offer a lot of advice, as folks tend to get upset, even if the advice you offer is sound! So we try to be ‘ears open, mouth shut!’ in our dealings with drunk customers. Only very rarely do I offer a suggestion.

After her complaining for the umpteenth time about her cheating husband, I made a suggestion that I probably should not have, “Mrs. DuBarry…Why don’t you exact some revenge? You are a very, very beautiful woman, and pretty much any man with two eyes in his head would jump at the chance to be with you. You could have your pick of men here to get even with the cheating bastard. The man you pick for the job will be very happy to help you out, I am quite sure.” I spoke with honesty and sincerity; she was absolutely gorgeous.

She had self image issues from being put down, and told isvecbahis güvenilirmi she was fat and ugly. She believed that she was fat and ugly, whereas nothing could be further from the truth. She just kind of stared at me for a while.

“You really think so Brad?” she asked me, apparently still riddled with huge insecurities about her looks. She really was very good looking. Sexy. Voluptuous. Gorgeous. She is an extremely beautiful woman, without a doubt.

“Absolutely,” I replied. I guess she liked my face or whatever. I locked up and she leaned heavily against me. Her hands were doing a survey of my musculature and a quick grope of my cock. How can women do things like that? As a man, if I felt up a woman’s body like that, I’d find myself in jail! I had managed to lock up, and we were going to my car. She was rubbing my cock through my pants. She was smiling for the first time that night. She giggled.

“Where to?” I asked her. I expected a home address.

She completely surprised me then. “Diamond Court Motel,” she was slurring her words a bit. After that, we got in my good old Lincoln Continental. My mother had just given me the old car, sort of a graduation present. It was a very nice graduation present. It used to be my father’s before he passed away. It was used, but well maintained. I loved the two suicide doors! It had a big bench seat in the front, and she immediately moved over next to me. She knew what she wanted. It was me.

Mrs. DuBarry could not keep her hands off me. She was unzipping my pants and her nimble little fingers were stroking my rapidly expanding cock. Two seconds later, she was sucking my cock for all she was worth. I think she might be very interested in me, or at least part of me! We barely got to the motel, as she totally destroyed my driving concentration, her head bobbing up and down like that! She dug in her purse and handed me two “C” notes.

“What’s this for?”

“Get us a room Brad. I’m not fucking you in a car. Get it until Monday. I want you so bad! I’m gonna fuck you silly. Unless you don’t want to fuck me?” Her eyes began to glisten again. She was fighting the battle with her insecurities again. She thought I might reject her! Not a chance of that happening! I was going to give her the best fuck of her life! I had trouble with my cock being hard as steel, trying to close my pants. My trousers were bulging. I couldn’t really hide my erection.

“Of course I want to fuck you. But the rooms are only thirty bucks a night. You just handed me two hundred bucks!” Mr. Honesty here.

“Keep the change you idiot. Of course it’s for um… services rendered! You think you can do that for me Brad? I heard some very interesting things about you. I aim to find out if they are true. Even if it takes all weekend!” She grinned like a Cheshire cat. Well she had a plan. A dirty little plan. I really liked the way she thinks! Mrs. DuBarry was hot to trot, and she was anxious to get fucked by me.


The thing about busty women and women with nice big asses, is they very rarely dress nice. Nice being the relative term here. They dress to hide and disguise and deny their wonderful womanhood. In the end they often wind up looking frumpy instead of sexy. They think they are fat and it affects all their behavior and the way the world treats them.

I use the minimizer bra as an example. For myself and all the other “Y” chromosome humans, we like to see and appreciate all the gifts that god has bestowed upon our “X” only chromosome mates.

But the clothes these true goddesses choose to wear just make them look fat and unattractive. Frumpy.

Fashion seems hell bent to deny that real women have marvelous curves, nice big breasts and beautiful asses that pique men’s interest till we die. That so many top models are so skinny as to remind one of those prepubescent boys… It seems linked to the fact that most fashion designers appear gay… Just a coincidence? Not passing judgement on gays here, just their ideal female happens to resemble a skinny boy. But not for me.

I happen to think the ideal woman is much more curvy and even voluptuous in body type. But nobody has ever bothered to ask me, or men in general what we desire. This must drive the really sexy women nuts.

So the poor woman, faced with the fact that she has boobs and a butt, goes up against society’s “fashion” formulas, and this makes the poor woman dreadfully sad, and feeling totally inadequate. She wears clothes that hide her curvy femininity, resulting in her looking just plain fat instead of sexy. Frumpy!

To which I say “BULLSHIT”.

Ask most of the men what gets their motors running and hear the real world answers… We love those curves, in fact we are hard wired by mother nature to seek out and fuck those women who are so blessed with those lovely curvy accoutrements! We can’t help it, mother nature fixed us up this way, to love and admire CURVES on women.

Mrs. DuBarry was one of the beaten down women. She had enormous jugs. They were probably bigger than my head, and had amazingly not much sag, despite their great weight. They were amazing and beautiful to me. I wanted to touch them and fondle them. I wanted to suck on her protruding nipples, they looked so sexy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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