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Dan and Twin Sis Dannie

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Dannie and I are fraternal twins, we are 19 years old and we are the youngest of the five children in our family. Although both our father and mother work full time to support us; our family lives in a nice home and have a comfortable life style but, we are not affluent. As twins we both have graduated from high school and have begun our first year in college. We both got scholarships to the university and that helped us and our parents with the cost of our attending college.

Our parents have always required us to show love for and get along with one another as well as with our older siblings from the time that we were old enough to walk and talk. That taught the two of us very close together and we did everything that we could to do things together. Because of the lack of bedroom space in our modest home we both slept in the same bed until we were preteens when our parents decided it was time for us to sleep in our own separate beds.

All during our elementary and high school days our fellow students knew how close we were to one another and that I had always protected my twin sister and she always stood up for me as well. Since Dannie and I had chosen to attend the same college out of town our parents thought it would be cost effective to find us living arrangements where we could share a small two bedroom apartment to reduce their total overall costs of housing. As twins we agreed to that as we had not ever been separated and had never had a problem getting along with one another. This helped to reduce the total cost of our attending college until we each completed our college degrees.

We each had our own study work desks in our separate bedrooms and we could watch TV in our spare time in the living room. We each took turns preparing our meals for one another or we cooperated and did it together. We really liked the arrangements and we were very happy with them and with each other. Occasionally, I would leave my study desk and enter Dannie’s bedroom where she was sitting at her study desk and I would put my arms around her and kiss her cheek and neck as we had always done from the time that we were youngsters at home.

Neither of us had any concern about walking from our bedroom to the bathroom in our under ware or to and from the shower with just a towel wrapped around ourselves. Often in the evening I would find Dannie setting at her study desk in just her panties and bra and, I began to notice just how my sis had developed into a gorgeous young woman.

Dannie was not reluctant to walk into my bedroom and find me at my study desk where she would put her arms around me and kiss me on the cheek. I began to really enjoy Dannie’s full, young, soft breasts pressed against my neck or back when she hugged me and kissed me from behind my chair. In turn Dannie began to realize how muscular and mature I had become when she saw me in just my under ware.

In my final two years in high school I had achieved my full adult height of 6 ft. and a weight of 175 pounds. I had a chiseled muscular body, blond hair and deep blue eyes and Dannie began to have fantasies about me and my muscular body. Dannie told me, “The girls in high school all drooled over you with your handsome face and your toned body.”

I had a good head on my shoulders and had always done well in school as I generally made good grades. Lots of girls asked Dannie about me to see if she thought I would go out with them. She always told them that decision was completely up to me and she could not say because if she said anything to me she thought that I would probably not consider them at all. In short they were on their own with regard to going out with me or becoming my girlfriend.

Dannie had also achieved her adult height of 5 ft. 4 in. and a weight of 118 pounds. She had developed voluptuous 34C breasts with a 24 inch waist and 34 inch hips with her really alluring hour glass figure. She was gorgeous with her very pretty face, her cute dimples, her beautiful, shining, long, shoulder length, blond hair, her sparkling deep blue eyes and her striking hour glass shape. She was one of the prettiest and most popular girls in our high school and she had no problem in attracting boyfriends.

Other boys would often approach me and ask me about Dannie and I always told them that whoever Dannie went out with was a decision that she always made without my advice. However, if I found out that a particular boy was objectionable I would tell Dannie that and advise her to stay away from that particular guy. Dannie always took my advice about any boy that I thought was someone she should stay away from.

Occasionally, when Dannie would come into my bedroom to wake me to get ready for class she would find me sleeping on top of the covers with a huge erection in my under ware or my pajamas. The size of my manhood that she could see in my under ware was huge to her and it really excited her but; she woke me, left the room and tried to put it out of her mind. However, that image remained with her in the back of her mind.

One afternoon I returned to Etiler Escort the apartment from class and really had to use the bathroom. I burst through the bathroom door without knocking and found Dannie just stepping out of the shower and was about to reach for her bath towel. I could not believe the beautiful sight that I found before my eyes. Dannie quickly grabbed her towel, turned her back and began to wrap the towel around herself and she told me, “I will be out in a minute, Dan.” I apologized, left the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

That Friday evening we had the time after we had eaten to watch a movie on TV together. Once each of us had taken our showers, we changed into our pajamas and sat side by side on the love seat. Dannie moved over to sit very close beside me, kissed my cheek and asked, “Did you like what you saw when you found me just getting out of the shower a few days ago?” I responded, “I loved what I saw and I think that you have the most beautiful body that I had ever seen.”

She then told me, “I have seen your boner in your under ware several mornings when I came into your bedroom to wake you for class.” I asked her, “Did you like what you saw?” Dannie replied to me, “I did not know that a penis could be so big.” She went on to say, “Yes, I did like it and it excited me very much when I saw it. I couldn’t hardly get it out of my mind since then” She then said, “I still have not really been able to get it out of my mind since I have seen it several times.”

Then Dannie asked me, “Dan, can I see it again?” I was a little surprised at that request coming from my innocent twin sister. Then I told her, “We really should not be doing something like that, Sis.” She then replied, “I know that but, that I really want to see it again, please.” Just how could I refuse such a sweet request from my cute sister? I then stood up off of the love seat and took off my pajama bottoms to reveal my manhood to her. Dannie took one look at it and said, “It is not as big as when I saw it in your under ware the other morning.” I replied, “Well, Sis, right now it is flaccid and would not be as big as when you saw my boner in the morning.”

She then asked, “Can I take it in my hand and hold it, please?” I consented. She picked it up and began to fondle and gently stroke it. Dannie was amazed at how quickly it got hard and how big and long it got as it became hard. Without saying anything further she bent down, put the head of my penis in her mouth and began to suck it. In a few minutes I was ready to cum and I told Dannie, “Dannie you are about to bring me to an orgasm, Honey.” She continued sucking on my penis and let me cum in her mouth most of which she was able to swallow. My head was spinning and I had to sit down or fall down.

After I recovered from my orgasm I told Dannie, “Can I see you without your clothes on again now?” She got up off of the love seat and took off her pajamas. I gasped at the sight of my beautiful sister’s magnificent body and, I told her, “I had never seen a more gorgeous and shapely young body as yours, Dannie.” I pulled her down and across my lap and quickly began to kiss her cheeks, her neck and to fondle her beautiful, natural breasts. Then I began to kiss her breasts and to suck on each of her long, hard, pink nipples. Dannie squirmed and told me, “I have never had anything that felt that good before and that I loved that so much, Dan. You are giving me a tingle in my lower tummy and in my womanhood.”

Dannie was looking up into my eyes dreamily and her breathing had quickened noticeably. She told me, “I have loved you since I become a teenager.” Then she pulled my head to hers and kissed me on the lips very passionately. She told me, “I have desperately wanted to have you inside me for a very long time and I really want you tonight.” I told her, “I, too, have loved you for a very long time, as well, and could not wait to have my hard manhood slide inside your hot, sweet, wet vagina.”

I then stood up and gathered her warm, beautiful body up into my muscular arms and carefully carried her into the bedroom. As I was carrying her to the bedroom she had her arms around my neck kissing me and pressing her warm soft, natural breasts tightly against my chest. I gently and lovingly laid her on the bed with her precious head on the soft, fluffy pillow. I thought how angelic her pretty face looked as she lay there looking back at me and staring directly into my eyes with those beautiful piercing blue eyes of hers as if she was saying, “I am yours, Dan.”

I got on the bed in between her thighs, leaned over her and kissed her on the lips with a long passionate kiss. I then asked her, “Do we need any kind of contraceptive protection?” She replied, no, “Before we left for campus Mom made a doctor’s appointment for me to get a pill prescription and I have been taking them since that time.”

She then told, “I want you to know that I am still a virgin and that I want you to be careful and gentle with me.” She also told me, “We need some lubrication and there is a Etiler Escort Bayan tube of K-Y jelly in the night stand drawer.” I reached over and got the K-Y jelly out of the drawer and put a small amount of it on her labia and inside the opening to her vagina and also some on my love tool.

Then I told her, “I will be very careful with you although, you need to know that there will be a sharp pain when I penetrate your hymen but, it will only last a short time and then the feeling will quickly turn to pleasure after the initial pain.” I also told her, “I don’t want to hurt you in any way and if the pain is too much for you that you need to tell me to stop.” She replied, “I understand all of that but, I am still ready to have you slide deep inside me.”

I reached down to feel of her sweet pussy and it was very wet with her vaginal secretions and I found that she was ready to initiate our sexual union. She had reached down to part her outer and inner lips to get ready for my penetration of her vagina. I placed the head of my manhood in between her inner lips and moved it along the length of her womanhood up to her clitoris and back to evenly spread the lubrication of her inner lips and her vagina.

Then I placed my love tool between her inner lips at the opening of her vagina and began to slowly enter her. I pushed the head of my penis slowly into her sweet pussy and held it there briefly to give her time to adjust to my size and then withdrew it slightly to the opening. I looked at her face for signs of pain or discomfort but, there was none. Then I began to slowly push it in again until he felt the obstruction that I knew was her hymen. I paused again for a while longer for her to adjust further to my manhood being inside her again.

I bent forward, kissed her and told Dannie, “I am ready to thrust through your hymen and that you need to be prepared for a sharp temporary pain.” She replied, “I am ready for you to continue with your penetration and I want you to do it quickly.” I quickly thrust my love tool into her vagina and felt her hymen rupture as my tool entered her to full penetration. Dannie flinched sharply at the instant intense pain and let out a high pitched yelp when her hymen was ruptured. Her yelp diminished to a much lower level as the pain quickly subsided along with the tears streaming down her face.

When my love tool ruptured her hymen I noticed some small indications of blood streaked on my manhood on my outward stroke. I asked her if she had a sharp pain and she nodded, yes, but asked me not to stop as the pain had almost gone. I continued stroking in and out and slowly increased my rate of stroking. I saw her eyes roll back into her head, her breathing became labored, her head was rolling from side to side and I knew that she was not far from her having her orgasm. I held myself back so that I was sure that she would reach her orgasm before I did.

Within moments Dannie’s body began to visibly tremble and shake as her orgasm rolled over her in waves. Once that occurred I reached my orgasm and began to ejaculate a copious amount of my hot love cream deep into her vagina flooding over her cervix and completely filling her vagina. After we both reached our climax I collapsed on the bed beside her taking her into my arms, holding her tightly and kissing her sweetly until we both recovered from our sexual euphoria.

Dannie’s first breathless words were, “Even though it hurt momentarily it was the most wonderful feeling that I have ever felt in my life and I love you and want to have you inside me again.” I said, “I want to be inside you again soon but I would like for us both to rest for a little while before making love with you again, Ok?” She replied and we both settled back to rest and relax for a while before we continued.

Both Dannie and I drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms and a couple of hours later I woke up with Dannie’s large, soft, warm, natural breasts laying on my chest and she was kissing my chest, neck, face and lips. She whispered in my ear, “Wake up, Sweet heart, I really need to have you inside me again and I can’t wait until you slide your stiff love tool deep inside my eager, wet vagina.”

I kissed her sweetly and passionately and said, “That wasn’t a lot of rest but I very much want to be inside you again, too.” I rolled her over onto her back and began to kiss her lips, her face and her neck and continued down to her beautiful natural breasts and sucked on each of her hard, pink nipples. She softly giggled, moaned, and cutely said, “I have never imagined having such a sweet, sensual time with my handsome and passionate brother who had such a large, hard penis.”

Eagerly, I continued softly kissing her down to her belly button, kissed it and briefly dipped my tongue into it. I continued kissing her down to her neatly trimmed pubic bush then continued to kiss the crease between each of her thighs, her bush and her outer lips. Dannie began to gasp and softly moan with her heavy breathing when I kissed the cleft of her vulva and Escort Etiler her moaning became even louder.

Then I parted her labia and licked the opening to her love flower and up and down its entire length. I then stopped at her clitoris kissed it, licked it and sucked on it with Dannie moaning even more loudly now. She said, “I love you and what you were doing for me and I want you to put us together again.” I moved up over the top of her and kissed her forehead, cheeks and lips softly telling her, “I love you, too, and I am about to enter you again with my hard love tool.”

Dannie wiggled and squirmed underneath me and she told me, I am really eager to have you enter my warm, wet love sheath again.” Then I placed my hard love tool at the opening to her vagina again. Since this was only her second time of having a man’s tool, my tool, inside her, I entered her very slowly so as not to cause her any unnecessary pain knowing that she was likely to be sore from just having had her hymen ruptured earlier. I continually watched her face and her eyes for signs that she was having any pain. Since she did not show any signs of pain I continued to stroke in and out of her very wet vagina.

Having achieved full penetration Dannie had a slight smile and a look of contentment on her pretty face. She looked me in the eyes and said, “I want you to start thrusting into me more rapidly and forcefully, please, Dan.” I did as she asked him and after a few minutes she was squealing and moaning loudly while raising her hips to meet each one of my inward thrusts. Then shortly she loudly shrieked that she was about to cum again and my orgasm was almost simultaneous with hers. With my orgasm I shot many spurts of my hot love cream deep inside her vagina flooding it again with my hot sticky cum.

Dannie’s body trembled and shook as her orgasm overtook her and then she laid still with her eyes closed catching her breath. After our climax I collapsed beside her on the bed and she snuggled up close to me and laid her head on my chest. She then tilted her face up to me and kissed me passionately. She said, “This love making was as good as it was the first time we made love together.”

I kissed my beautiful sister and told her, “I don’t know how I was lucky enough to have such a gorgeous woman as you, especially one that loves me so much and wants me in her so often for a twin sister.” She responded, “I don’t know why we haven’t made love to one another like this a long time before now. And I want to continue making love with you, Dan.”

Exhausted we both laid there until we both drifted off to sleep again. In the morning I awoke with the sun shining through the window directly on my face and I gently awakened Dannie. I kissed her sweetly and told her, “We need to get out of bed and get busy as we have a full day ahead of us Dannie.”

She said, “I want to sleep longer this morning, Baby.” And I responded “We need to get up, have breakfast and go do our shopping and our laundry.” After lunch I told Dannie, “I need to do a couple of hours of study this afternoon.” And that reminded Dannie that she had some reading to do for class also. Then I also told her, “I want to watch a football game this afternoon and then this evening we can watch a movie on TV after that.”

That evening we prepared our supper and afterward Dannie asked me, “Are you going to take a shower this evening?” I replied, “Yes, I am.” She took my hand and led me to the bathroom saying that we could take a shower together. In the shower we washed each other’s bodies and then she washed my genitals while I washed hers paying attention to her inner and outer labia without getting my soapy fingers inside her vagina. I wanted to make sure that I did not disturb the area of her ruptured hymen also. We even thoroughly washed each other’s butt cracks and anus area as well.

After our shower we went into the living room to watch TV and a movie. Dannie had picked out a romantic movie and we sat on the love seat next to one another. She sat very close to me and I put my arm around her shoulders while she laid her head on my shoulder kissing me from time to time. During the movie Dannie was shifting quit often in her seat and I could see that the intimate scenes in the movie were affecting her quite noticeably.

I looked at her and saw that her eyes were red and puffy with tears in the corner of each of her eyes. At the end of the movie she put her arms around me, kissed me and said, “Dan, I want you to take me to the bedroom and make love to me again just as we did last night. It was the intimate scenes in the movie that made me really want you inside me again tonight.”

As I did the previous night I kissed her sweetly, gathered her warm, beautiful body up in my muscular arms and lovingly carried her with her head lying on my shoulder to the bedroom. I gently laid her on the bed with her head on the fluffy pillow. I kissed her fervently on her lips and got on the bed between her legs. I hovered over her kissing her, and then started to kiss her warm, soft breasts and sucking on her hard, pink nipples. From there I kissed her belly button and then went to her pubic love mound and kissed her outer lips then licked her inner lips up to her clitoris. I licked and sucked on her clitoris with Dannie squirming and moaning very loudly.

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