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Daniel Meets his Master

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It was a cold, crisp November afternoon. Daniel had for a long time fantasised about sex with guys – ever since he was a teenager, in fact. Now, at 26 years of age, he was finally going to get the opportunity to.

For three weeks he had been chatting – flirting – with a man he had come across on a gay website, an older man who had sent him a message liking his profile and the somewhat anonymous photograph he had posted there.

Daniel knew he had a good body, he worked out regularly and he knew that his cock was of average proportions based on what his girlfriends had told him. Girls didn’t really do it for Daniel however, he felt too much pressure to perform in bed and wanted to be the submissive partner in a relationship. His online profile reflected that fact, the fact that he wanted to meet an older man for sex and to see how it progressed from there.

Shaking nervously, Daniel pulled up across the street from the man’s house – the address given to him the last time they had chatted online the previous evening. He breathed deeply, and made the seemingly endless journey across the road to Roger’s front door. He knocked rather meekly on the door, half hoping that Roger would not answer.

Answer he did – Daniel was two minutes early, and Roger was waiting. He opened the door confidently – a tall, maybe 6’2″ man in his mid-fifties, well-dressed in a shirt and tie.

“Good afternoon Daniel. Come in please.” Roger said.

Daniel followed the man into his home, through the hallway into the large living room furnished with one large sofa and two smaller armchairs. The room was fairly dimly lit, and the curtains were closed.

“Sit down Daniel.”

Daniel was surprised at the authority in the older man’s voice, but quite reassured. It was obvious that Roger had done this before, and this served to make Daniel feel safer, and also quite excited. He felt his cock harden in his jeans as he lowered himself into the armchair nearest to the door. Roger spoke again, and was straight to the point.

“Daniel, I found our chats online very interesting and exciting. I do have a liking for young boys, in particular those who have not been fucked before.”

Daniel smiled, blushing at the same time. He wanted to speak, but couldn’t. He was half the age of Roger, and over six inches shorter – which made him feel somewhat inferior and submissive. He liked the feeling, although he found it strange.

“You are nervous, yes?” Roger said. He didn’t wait for Daniel to answer.

“Well, I be totally honest then.” He continued. “I am a professional man, I am busy throughout the week and I have been looking for a fit and active boy to help me around the house and serve my sexual needs.”

Daniel looked and felt surprised. He had expected a sexual encounter but it seemed to him that Roger was suggesting something quite different.

“You look concerned Daniel, but let me assure you that I am completely Ankara bayan escort serious about what I am about to offer you. You are an intelligent, fit boy and I believe that this could prove to be a beneficial arrangement for us both.”

Daniel leaned forward in his armchair, mesmerised. He listened to what Roger said next intently.

“Daniel, I would like you to become my slave. You had admitted holding submissive feelings, and let me assure you from past experiences that these feelings can only truly be satisified in a relationship where a Master holds complete power over your being. Does that make sense to you?”

Daniel, still transfixed, answered quietly: “I guess so, yes.”

“Good.” Roger responded quickly. “Then you are open to the prospect. Please stand up.”

Daniel did as Roger requested, without even thinking about it. He wasn’t quite sure why, but he felt drawn to this man. As well as being strong and authoritative, he seemed kind and this made him desirable.

Roger stared at Daniel and nodded. “Follow me.”

The older man left the living room and through what was obviously a dining room into a large kitchen. He gestured towards the cooker. “Can you cook, Daniel?” He asked.

“Yes, I’m okay I think.” Daniel replied.

“You will get better with practice.” Roger said.

With that, Roger made his first physical contact with Daniel. He grabbed the boy’s wrist and pulled him quite firmly out of the room, back into the hallway and upstairs. After the bathroom (which he would be expected to clean), came the bedrooms.

The first one, Roger’s, contained a large king-sized bed, several wardrobes and chests of drawers. “You may be invited into my bedroom on occasion, boy, said Roger.

Daniel could sense Roger becoming sterner, but this didn’t make him nervous. He was actually enjoying being told what to do, where to go.

Daniel was then pulled across the landing to another room. Roger opened the door and pushed Daniel inside ahead of him. Daniel was surprised at what he saw in there.

There was a single bed, with white sheets and one rather plain and uncomfortable looking pillow lying underneath a wooden headboard. Attached to the headboard by hooks were two short metal chains, on the end of which were chunky metal cuffs. They looked rather intimidating.

Daniel span round and looked at Roger, Did he really mean to cuff him to the bed?

Roger laughed, somewhat knowingly.

“Daniel, you are going to be my slave – we both know it. You want this, don’t you?”

Daniel bowed his head ashamedly and nodded a shy but obvious affirmitive.

“I am fair Daniel, and you will not be abused unnecessarily. What I will promise you however is that if you submit to MY will by becoming MY slave, you will have to be prepared to sometimes to be made to feel uncomfortable in order to provide your new Master with pleasure. In addition, in order to reiterate my Escort bayan Ankara position of authority and to help you to become a better slave, punishment may sometimes be necessary.”

“What kind of punishment?” Daniel queried, shaking but still excited.

“The punishment would always fit the misdemeanour, but there are several techniques. I use corporal punishment, restraint, removal of privileges, caging.”

Daniel didn’t get chance to respond.

“Follow me downstairs, boy.”

Daniel did as he was told. He knew that Roger was in control of this situation. He had wanted sex, but something altogether more exciting was happening to him now. In fact, he thought to himself, the excitement he felt was off the scale.

Roger sat down on the sofa in the living room, and beckoned Daniel over to him.

Daniel stood in front of the Master.

“Remove your clothes,” Roger said.

Daniel took off his shoes, white linen shirt, jeans, socks and boxers shorts – in that order. At the removal of his underwear, his cock pinged out from under the waistband, almost fully hard.

“Kneel in front of me, Daniel,” Roger said gently, almost whispering.

Daniel did as he was told.

“Good boy. Now, look at me and listen to what I say carefully. Is that clear?”

Daniel nodded.

“The correct reply is ‘Yes Master’, Daniel.”

Daniel’s face glowed red. “Yes Master,” he said.

“You will always address Me as Master, you will always remain naked unless specified otherwise. You will follow every order I issue you with. If I feel as though you have performed your duties in a lax or lazy manner, you will be punished. Is that understood?”

“Yes Master.”

“You are here only for My pleasure, not your own – is that also understood?”

“Yes Master.”

Suddenly and without warning, the older man’s expression changed from one of controlled authority to one of anger.

“Then why is your cock hard, slave?” Roger asked.

“Because I’m horny…..I came here for sex?” Daniel replied, almost inaudibly.

“I BEG YOUR PARDON, DANIEL?” Roger shouted.

Daniel was shaking even more than previously. He tried to compose himself to try to explain.

“I’m aroused Master, I came here expecting sex. I’m sorry.”

That didn’t really sound any better. Roger stood up straight. Daniel remained kneeling on the floor, his knees beginning to hurt against the hard carpet.

“Daniel, I recognise your inexperience and naivety but this is not acceptable. One of the first things you must realise is that My pleasure is paramount and that if I see you becoming aroused I feel as though you are not giving full attention to providing your Master with pleasure, or indeed an acceptable service.”

Daniel nodded.

“Go and stand in the corner of the room, Daniel – face towards the wall. I need to think.”

The boy walked slowly, sheepishly, to the corner of the room Bayan escort Ankara and stood there wondering what this man had in store for him. He dreaded to think. Corporal punishment had been mentioned and the thought filled Daniel with both fear of humiliation and dread that Roger, his new Master, might be about to hurt him.

After twenty minutes or so of silence, during which time Master had left the room and returned, the impasse was broken by Roger’s stern voice.

“Turn around, approach me and kneel, boy!”

Almost running in order to follow Roger’s instruction to the letter, Daniel did as he was told. Roger raised his index finger to his lips as if still in contemplation, and then spoke.

“Daniel, I am pleased that you are attempting to obey my orders on our first afternoon together, but the fact that you are aroused concerns me.” He stared at Daniel’s cock, which was still semi-hard and glistening with pre-cum.

“If you had been in my service longer, I would have no option but to cane you – however, having considered this option I feel it is maybe inappropriate at this stage.”

“Thank you Master!!” Daniel cut in instinctively.

“SILENCE BOY!!” Roger shouted angrily. “I am passing your sentence, do not speak unless I tell you to.”

Daniel’s Master calmed his voice again.

“Your punishment will be based on the fact that you need to learn that such behaviour will not be tolerated in future, and also that you need to learn that being punished by Me is not a pleasurable experience.”

“Therefore, I intend to use corporal punishment in two stages.”

Daniel looked up at the older man, his bottom lip trembling. He had not bargained on this, but dared not speak for fear of angering his Master. Instead, he listened.

“Firstly, you will stand and hold your penis in the palm of your right hand. You will receive ten hard strokes of the tawse upon it in order to remind you that it belongs to Me, and that it is here, in my house, for my pleasure and my pleasure only.”

Daniel wanted to protest but knew it was pointless. Roger was in full control and could do as he pleased.

“Then, at eight o’clock this evening, you will follow me to my punishment room in the cellar where you will be restrained and subjected to twenty lashes on the bottom with a heavy leather belt.”

Daniel wanted to run out the house and never return, but he didn’t. Even he didn’t know why.

“So, Daniel. This is your chance. Either leave now and never see me again, never become my slave and return to your normal life. Or, submit to this punishment, accept the pain that I intend to inflict upon you and stay here with your Master. Your choice, boy – what is it to be?”

Tears were welling up inside Daniel’s eyes, a solitary one rolling down his left cheek. As afraid as he was, he knew that he wanted to stay here, and that effectively Roger had made the choice for him.

“I accept this punishment Master, and wish to become your slave,” he said gently.

“It was never in any doubt, was it Daniel?” It wasn’t a question. “In the top drawer under the blue lampshade there is a tawse. Bring it to me.”

Daniel did as he was told.

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