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Dark Temptations of Trust

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As I recall we last left off with a blindfold being placed over my eyes. Since trust was hugely emphasized at the beginning of this adventure I quickly conceded. The driver carefully placed the black satin just so, giving my cheek a gentle, adoring stroke letting me know all was well. We were off to places unknown, and my heart was racing nearly as much as my mind.

As the wheels turned below me, a soft melodic sound filled my ears. It was too faint to decipher, yet something about it felt familiar.

“Sir, what is that tune playing? Could you please turn it up?”

For some reason I could feel him smile. He said nothing, but I knew deep down that his face showed great approval. The music was instantly amped and the most beautiful rendition of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata filled the air.

“How did he know?” I mused, quiet and under my breath.

“He knows far more than you can imagine young lady,” the driver quickly replied catching me off guard.

As I rode I listened to the Sonata with wicked delight. Something happens within me whenever I hear those notes, and that potent crescendo. Beethoven in my opinion was something supernatural. Without hearing, he managed to reach a spot in the human ear that most couldn’t possibly begin to reach. In turn, he managed to embrace the very spot in my soul that bled passionate and pure. With every treble and each calculated measure my excitement grew. As the notes enmeshed and mingled into a fine masterpiece my pleasure equally rose, keeping up tempo and stride. If one listens carefully to halkalı otele gelen escort this particular sonata one would easily equate it to the hedonic tones of raw, undulating sex. Pure, passionate, beautiful, and moving.

There was something in the way the music made the nerves in my body sharpen. With each bump and dip of the road my delicate nipples were relentlessly stimulated. The velvet and lace of my corset acting as lips against my skin. The cool, smooth texture of my silky skirt danced against my bare lips like nimble slippers, gliding and bouncing in time. I felt so vulnerable, and so alive. I could feel the goddess in me breaking from her shell. This would indeed be a night to remember.

Losing my sense of restriction and boundaries I was not surprised when my hands instinctually began to inch up the fabric of my skirt. Were I subdued enough the driver might not notice. With liquid motions my hands gracefully liberated my body from the shroud of material. Feeling audacious and naughty, a part of me almost wished the driver was watching my every move. Perhaps he would even derive some carnal pleasure from the show I was about to put on. Yes, that was my desire. Pleasure. Emanating from me, surrounding me and infecting all those near.

With every ambition of catching the drivers attention, I carefully spread my stocking clad legs to give him a proper view. I positioned my body as close to centered in the back seat as I could imagine. Being without sight was somewhat of a disadvantage. halkalı rus escort Feeling brave I began to straighten my stockings, putting on quite the spectacle.

“Driver,” I inquired, “can you tell me something please?”

“Yes, ma’am” he courteously replied.

“Are these seams straight? I want to look my best for my host when I arrive.”

Once again I could hear the smile inflected in his voice as my legs spread for him. My delicate hands traipsing up the inside of my thighs, resting on my glistening slit that was now quite moist with anticipation. I felt the car slow, and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that his attention was divided between the road and the beautiful sight that had just opened to his eyes.

“Yy.y..yes Mistress.” He stammered for a moment before gathering his words. “You look, perfect. I can tell the Master will be quite pleased with his guest this evening.”

“Thank you driver” I replied sincerely. “You’re a wonderful man. I trust your judgment.”

At that moment something within me broke. All limitations and rules I had set before departure were gone. As the air hit my exposed and hungry cunt I felt the most insatiable compulsion to have release. I needed to be on display, and I yearned to be a cherished piece of art, relished and savored, coveted. Breathing in deeply with a savory sigh, my fingers began to stroke the outlines of my canvas. Painting vividly the structure of my pleasure. Brushing in deep shades of fleshy pink, circling the rose of my sex halkalı türbanlı escort with milky paints streaming from within, I brought myself to my very first orgasm. Thrusting and rocking against the leather seat below me, finally sinking in, swallowed by the waves of victory.

“My goodness mistress, you’re quite the artist.”

It was like he knew what was in my mind. I smiled.

“If you would miss, lean forward and extend your hand. I have something to share with you.”

“Yes, driver, as you wish.” I followed his request.

As I carefully leaned forward and offered my hand I felt his there to greet me. Without hesitation he kissed the soft skin and breathed in the scent. Kissing the top of my hand again, he now carefully took my fingers into his mouth, kissing and tasting the elixir left from my recent endeavor.

“Mmm, sweet and perfect. The master will be very happy indeed. If you can make me this happy (taking my hand and placing it over his solid smooth cock) imagine what you will do when you’re the guest of honor.”

Not being able to resist I closed my grasp around his warm, tumescent prick. Whispering into his ear, I thanked him kindly for the lovely ride and his hospitable ways. Stroking him in silence, with my streamy breath upon his neck seemed to be all the thanks he needed. I felt his skin tighten and pulse, I knew that he wasn’t far from release. With one final affirmation of how extraordinary his shaft felt in my hands and how wet it was making my tight little pussy, he exploded. I could hear his breath stagger, deep and heavy.

“Mistress, you must conserve your energy. You will need it this evening, I assure you.”

“Very well driver,” I affirmed with a sweet grin and a gracious kiss to his cheek. Once again leaning back and settling into my seat. My nipples still hard as rocks and my clitoris swollen and needy.

To be Continued…

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