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Debbie’s Addiction Ch. 11

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Jeremy laid in bed most of the night fixated on the woman just down the hallway. He had been given the MILF of his dreams for the day to play with and use however he wanted. Uncle Jack had even allowed him to enjoy her to the fullest by fucking her pussy. He had emptied himself inside her five times. Most guys would be sleeping like a baby after the day he’d had. Instead he lay there with a rock hard cock as he thought about his mom. Until last week he’d seen his mom as just that, his mom. But after that session in his uncle’s basement, watching his uncle break his mom sexually, he now saw her as much more. She was a sexual creature with needs. She was also a sensuous creature he couldn’t stop thinking about. He remembered how her tits shook as she was spanked. Then all those noises she made as Uncle Jack played with her. And that look on her face as she was servicing his uncle’s cock was one of wanton lust. As though she wanted to please his uncle with her performance. She was now that forbidden fruit he just had to taste.

He reached for his phone on the night stand next to his bed. It was 3:00 a.m. but he didn’t care. He had to text Uncle Jack and ask to see if he could have his mom. As badly as he wanted his mom, he wasn’t about to blow his relationship with his uncle. His thumbs worked the keyboard on his smartphone. ‘uncle jack. i can’t stop thinking about mom since the other day. can we talk about it?’ He put his phone back on the night stand and tried to sleep.

It was shortly after 7:00 a.m. when Jeremy’s phone buzzed. ‘be here in an hour. we’ll talk.’ Jeremy jumped out of bed, showered, dressed and was heading to his uncle’s within 20 minutes.

Jack was sitting on his porch drinking his coffee as Jeremy pulled up to the house. He smiled as he watched his nephew climb out of his car and walk towards the house. “Couldn’t sleep last night tiger?” He said loud enough to be heard.

“Not much!” Jeremy grunted as he walked up the front steps. He sat down in the rocker next to his uncle trying to formulate how to ask him about his mom. “The other day when you showed me what mom is like in the basement.” He was trying to make sense of what he was trying to say. “I can’t stop thinking about that.” He paused. “And then yesterday when I saw her in bed with you.” He stopped.

“You want her! Don’t you?” Jack said. Jeremy just shook his head. “You know it would change things forever between the two of you?” Jack’s question was more of a statement. He wanted to make sure Jeremy had thought through how this would affect his relationship with his mom.

“Except for yesterday when I was with Debbie all day, that’s all I’ve thought about. I even caught myself thinking about mom a couple times while I was taking Debbie yesterday.”

Jack laughed and almost spilled his coffee. “I’d keep that one to myself if I were you. It doesn’t go over real well with a slut when you tell her you’re thinking of another slut while you’re with her.” Jack caught himself then thought out loud. “Although that would be the ultimate humiliation for a slut.” He smiled to himself as Jeremy just watched his uncle.

“What are you thinking?” Jeremy asked.

“Nothing! Nothing!” Jack came back to the subject at hand. “So you’ve thought about it?”

“Yes sir! I’ve thought about all angles. She’s still going to be my mom. That’s not going to change. It’s just that . . . ” He didn’t know how to describe the yearning inside him.

Jack finished it for him. “You want to taste that fruit, and it’s going to gnaw at you until you do.”


Jack thought for a moment. “OK. Let me tell you about your mother! You play her the right way and she’ll be yours for the taking. Pleasure a slut like she’s never been pleasured before, and she’ll be yours for life.” For the next 30 minutes Jack coached him on his mother’s needs and desires, and how to use them to his advantage.

Jeremy grinned from ear to ear as Jack finished. “You know she’s not going to go for this!”

Jack laughed again. “Boy! You have a real knack for stating the obvious! I guess we’ll just have to see who the real Dom is.” Jack knew his statement would be taken as the challenge it was intended to be.

Jeremy got out of his car and walked through the back door of his house, into the kitchen. Renee was at the kitchen sink cleaning up a few dishes, her robe wrapped tightly around her. “Where did you go?” Renee asked as she continued to work at the sink.

Jeremy walked up behind her, wrapped his arms around her and cupped her tits with both hands over her robe. “I was at Uncle Jack’s.” Renee tried to spin and face him, but he held her tight against his body.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Renee protested as she tried to pull away. “I’m your mother, not that slut Debbie!”

Jeremy laughed. “Are you kidding me?! The way you were sucking cock yesterday! And you’re calling her a slut?” Renee tried to turn to slap him. He pulled her tighter to his body Ordu Escort and pinned her arms to her side. “I don’t think so slut!” He could feel her body trembling from rage, her chest heaving as he held her tits and squeezed them through her robe.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing? I’m your mother!” She screamed.


“You will not treat me this way!” She decided to change tactics as she felt his fingers digging into her tit flesh, letting her know who was in control. “I belong to your Uncle Jack! You will not treat me this way!”

Jeremy reached behind him and pulled his phone out of his back pocket. He then handed it to Renee. “Call him! Go ahead! He’s speed dial

!” Jeremy chuckled.

Renee took the phone from him, her hands were trembling. Even as the phone was ringing at the other end she already knew the answer. “Jack! What the fuck is going on? Jeremy’s been all over me since he got home!”

Jack laughed. “So what’s upsetting you more. The fact that he thinks you’re a sexy slut that he wants to enjoy? Or the thought that I gave him permission to play with you?

“But I’m his mother!” Renee screamed into the phone.

“Oh you hypocritical bitch!” Jack yelled back so that even Jeremy could hear it. “The other day you were creaming like a cheap whore at the thought of YOUR SON!” Jack emphasized the last words. He didn’t give her a chance to reply. “Who do you belong to slut?”

Jack’s words hit her in the stomach like a sucker punch. She had to no will to fight. “I belong to you.” She said defeated.

Jack chuckled a sinister laugh. “Not today slut! Today you belong to my young apprentice.” The phone went dead.

“Now what were you saying slut?”

“Why are you doing this?” Renee began to whimper as Jeremy held her tightly, kneading her tits like two giant lumps of dough.

“Because I want you to be my slut! And you know you want to be that. Just admit it!”

“I am not your slut!” She began to cry as her resistance was reduced to a whimper.

“Slut!” Jeremy spoke softly in her ear.

“No! No! No!” She sobbed as the tension in her body slowly eased as Jeremy’s will took control of her.

“I saw what you did with Uncle Jack. I saw how much you enjoyed it. How eager you were to please him. I just want to know what it feels like inside you. Watching you suck my cock. Now say it slut! Say it!” He was determined to impose his will on her till she did as she was told.

Renee felt herself falling down that hole again. That dark and lascivious hole of her own base, degenerate needs. Needs that would put her at the mercy of the man who learned how to control them and manipulate them to his advantage and pleasure. The man imposing his will on her was not some stranger, but her own son. “Please don’t do this to me!” She begged. “Please!”

“Say it slut! You will not win this battle! Now say it!”

Renee moaned, broken and defeated. She reached around her with one hand and pulled Jeremy’s head into her neck. “Ooohhh! I’m your slut! I’m your slut!” She chanted over and over.

Jeremy pulled her robe apart and then ripped her nighty in half, her tits flopping out. He lifted both of them from underneath. His finger-tips gently stroked her tit flesh. Jeremy marveled first at their size and then at their softness. He caressed and fondled them for several minutes, all the while sensing the excitement growing in Renee. He began kissing and sucking on her ear causing Renee to gasp with the sensations it was sending through her body and down to her pussy. “Today you’re my slut! Today you belong to me!”

Renee turned in his arms. This time receiving no resistance from Jeremy as he kept his arms wrapped around her. “Are you man enough to make me your slut?” Her question was not one of challenge, but pleading. “Make me your slut! Do it! Make me your whore!” She reached up and kissed him. It was not the kiss shared between mother and son. But the kiss of a starving lover in need of passion and satisfaction.

Jeremy’s hands slid down her back till they were cupping her ass cheeks. He grabbed them and pulled her body into his as their kiss grew in intensity. His hardening cock rubbed against her pelvis. Renee hadn’t seen Jeremy’s cock since he was a small boy. She knew before the day was over she will have done much more than just see it. He continued to squeeze and knead her ass as he thought about how to proceed for the day. Jeremy knew this would help set the stage for future encounters with his mom. She needed to know who was in charge and calling the shots whenever he took her. He knew Uncle Jack would have the final say. But when it was just the two of them, he would be in charge and she would obey his every whim.

Both were panting from the intensity of the kiss when he broke it. He pushed her against the kitchen sink behind her and slid his hands up the sides of her body until they were covering her heaving tits. “I sucked on these as Ordu Escort Bayan a baby, didn’t I?” He knew his question would evoke a level of shame and humiliation in her. He wasn’t disappointed.

Renee looked down humiliated at the thought she was about to be taken by her son. “Yes you did.” Her voice almost a whisper as she watched his hands maul her breasts.

He pinched each of her nipples between his thumb and index finger. Renee gasped at the pleasurable sensations of having her nipples played with. He began to squeeze them harder as he watched her reaction. Her mouth opened in response, but no noise came out. He continued to pinch harder till she began to moan. As the pressure increased her moan morphed into a guttural scream. She couldn’t bring herself to ask him to stop as the delicious pain shot through her body.

Renee had a flashback as she stood there being played with by her son. This was the way his father used to play with her tits. She remembered how he would play with her tits for hours sometimes, teasing and tormenting her till she begged him for relief. Her pussy began to twitch as she remembered how he would call her his “toy slut”. She looked up at her son as he now took control of her body. She saw that same lust-filled, domineering look that she saw in his father. There was a new man in the house. Renee knew that somehow this was going to be just the beginning of his playing with her as often as Jack allowed it.

“Now tell me what you are!” Jeremy demanded. His voice was soft, yet firm.

Renee could no longer resist his domination. “I’m your slut!” Their roles had reversed. They were no longer mother/son. Renee had bent to his will. Now they were master and slave.

Jeremy smiled. “Good girl!” He led her by the hand into the living room and stood in front of the recliner. “Get on your knees slut! Uncle said you are an incredible cock sucker. I want to find out for myself.”

Renee dropped to her knees without hesitation and reached for his belt. She unfastened his pants and pulled them down along with his shorts, and then helped him step out of them. Jeremy sat down in the chair and spread his legs. “Show me what you can do!” Renee softly slid her hands up the insides of his thighs wanting to please him as much as she could. His cock lay rigid on his stomach as her left hand wrapped around it and began to stroke it gently while her right hand cupped his balls and massaged them. She knew this was what his father had always enjoyed as a prelude to her going down on him. Jeremy’s head fell back as the sensations of his mom’s soft hands stroking his flesh washed over him.

The longer Renee stroked his cock the more memories came flooding back of how Jeremy Sr. had been with her as a lover. He had dominated her the way she needed. He had awakened a need within her she didn’t know was there until he’d driven her to it. Her response had been total submission to his will and desires. The harder he drove her, the deeper her needs became till she felt like she was losing any identity of her own to the man who claimed his ownership of her. His death had devastated her so badly it took her a couple years to climb out of that pit of depression. Now she knelt before this man, gently stroking his cock, who reminded her of her first Dom in every way. This man, her son, was reawakening those same needs. But he was touching a nerve within her psyche that not even Jack had touched.

“Does that feel good?” She asked with a soft voice looking up at him. She felt that desperate need within herself to please this man who was slowly gaining complete control over her.

Jeremy looked down at his mom and smiled. “You know it does! Is this how you used to please dad?”

Renee giggled. “He liked my touch!”

Jeremy laughed. “What guy in his right mind wouldn’t!” He thought he better maintain control of things and keep her reminded of how things were going to be. “Now use your mouth slut, and suck on those balls. Both Stacy and Debbie are good cock sucking whores. Let’s see how good a cock sucker you are.”

Renee glared at him at the mention of two other women’s oral skills. The thought of being judged on the basis of how two other sluts had pleasured her son made her angry.

Jeremy saw the reaction on his mother’s face. Overcome by a lust for this woman and his deep-seated need to dominate her he sat up and reached for her head with both hands. Grabbing a fistful of hair in each hand he yanked her head back to stare up at him. “You’re mine slut! Understand?”

Renee was so taken off guard by his reaction all she could do was respond with a gasp. “Yes!”

“Good! I’ll tease you if I want to tease you! I’ll torment you if I want to torment you!” As Jeremy set the boundaries for their relationship it dawned on him that this was nothing like what he’d expected when he’d gotten home. “And if you get all bitchy angry on me, I’ll spank you harder than anything you got from Uncle Jack.” Escort Ordu

Renee’s stomach knotted up as the eroticism of the moment took hold of her. This was exactly how Jeremy’s father had treated her and spoken to her. She began to moan from deep within her gut as Jeremy held her head firmly in his hands and glared down at her. Her new master had taken control of her. “I’m sorry sir!” Was all she could squeak out.

Jeremy leaned forward and kissed her hard on the mouth. Renee’s body responded in a way it hadn’t since before Jeremy Sr had died. She moaned into his mouth as their mouths stay locked. When he broke the kiss he continued to hold her head with two fistfuls of hair as he stared at her. The look Renee saw was not the loving look of a son for his mother, but the lust and desire a man has for his lover. “You might belong to Uncle Jack. But I’m going to enjoy you whenever I damn well please!”

Renee smiled. “I hope so!” She knew what she wanted to do. She wanted to go down on him and taste his meat and then his seed. But as badly as she wanted to do that, she needed to be commanded to do it even more. She needed to feel his power and control over her, making her perform as his slut. She needed this man to take control and bend her to his will.

Jeremy didn’t say a word. He just began to push her head downward toward his cock. Renee lifted up his 7″ piece of meat and opened her mouth. She knew this wasn’t going to be gentle. But that was ok with her. She didn’t need gentle right now. She needed to be used like a cheap whore. She tried to lick the head of his cock to taste his precum. But she was denied temporarily as all 7″ of his cock was shoved into her mouth. Renee began to gag when the head of his cock hit the back of her throat. He held her there as he felt her body tensing from the gag reflex. Renee forced herself to relax as she began to breath through her nose. She closed her lips around his shaft and began to suck as her tongue swirled around his meat.

Jeremy groaned with approval as he held her head tightly, watching her. “Oooohhhh fuck! Yeah! Suck that cock slut!” Hearing his words of approval and feeling his body responding to her efforts was all Renee needed to be pushed over the edge of complete submission to her son. She began to suck and slurp on his cock as though her life depended on it.

Jeremy became so lost in the pleasure of the moment his head dropped back and he released her head, his hands dropping to his side. Renee’s head bobbed up and down on his shaft as he groaned with approval. Even though she needed no guidance in sucking on her son’s cock, she still needed that feeling of being dominated and used. She pulled off his cock and looked up at him, just licking the length of his shaft until he finally looked down at her wondering why she had stopped. The look Jeremy saw on her face was anything but maternal. Her eyes were glazed over with lust and desire. Her voice was guttural. She was a slut possessed of a need to be used. “Fuck mommy’s face baby!” She groaned. “Fuck mommy’s face and make me your cum slut!”

He grabbed her head again and shoved her mouth down on his cock again. He began a furious pumping of her head as Renee did everything she could to keep up with his pace. Her mouth was his fuck hole, and Renee was getting more turned on with each passing second. She felt his body tense and knew she would be drinking in his precious seed soon. “AAAAHHHH FUCK!” He screamed as his cock exploded in her mouth. She felt her mouth and then throat being coated with his salty cream as he continued to pump his cock and empty his sack inside her. The fact that this was her son’s semen only intensified her pleasure and satisfaction as she swallowed every drop of it.

Jeremy finally opened his eyes and tried to focus as he watched his mom love his cock with her mouth and hands. She smiled up at him as she kissed and licked his manhood. He thought about saying something tender, then decided to save it till he was completely done with her for the day. “Get your slut ass up to your bedroom! Now I’m going to fuck you properly and really put my stamp of ownership on you.”

Even though she’d just given herself to her son in a way that she’d never thought possible before, something inside her bristled against being taken by him in her own bed. “Not in my bed! Please!” She pleaded. Was his domination of her going to extend even into her own bed. There had to be a line drawn somewhere.

Just the fact that Renee didn’t want him taking her in her own bed made Jeremy want it even more. He sat up and leaned forward, grabbing her head again. He kissed her hard then backed off smiling. “I love it when a slut begs! There’s just something so erotic about it. You can beg me while I’m fucking you senseless in YOUR BED!” He emphasized the last two words taunting her.

Renee knew it would be useless to try and dissuade him from taking her in her own bed. She was discovering quickly that he was just like his father. When his father made up his mind he was doing something with her, she had no choice in the matter. She slowly made her way upstairs to her bedroom. She climbed up on her bed and turned around sitting on her knees, awaiting instructions on what was going to happen next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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