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Deep Vibrations

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Big Tits

She walked into a dark room filled with a heavy cloud of smoke, intoxicated women and deafening music. *Mmm, my favorite.* The clinking of liquor bottles drew her attention to the bar, she moved toward it passing through the sea of ladies taking in each ones scent. Some sweet, crisp, fruity, overpowering, she subtly glanced at each woman trying to connect each scent to its owner. Finally reaching the bar she rested her elbows on the edge of the sticky surface. The bartender looked up and nodded to her, “What are you drinking?”

“Double vodka cran, and a chilled shot of Patron”. A smirk starting to appear, she looked around the room again surveying the faces. *So many choices…* The thud of glass hitting the bar drew her eyes away from the crowd. “Thanks, keep it open.” Shot in hand she quickly made it disappear, moving on to the double tossing the straws aside. *Fucking straws.* Walking into a small clearing at the back of the room, she took a gulp of her drink. *Good and stiff, heh.* She could feel the bass coming from the speakers; it sent waves through her body forcing her eyes shut. After opening them she saw something that grabbed her attention. A woman in a low cut black shirt that revealed quite a bit of cleavage, tight dark jeans that hugged a very shapely ass, colorful high tops and beautiful long dark curly hair that would look even better with fingers tangled in it. *Jesus look at those tits.* Slowly she wandered in the direction of the woman, brushing passed her from bursa eskort bayan behind, her eyes momentarily locking with deep green eyes, she kept walking.

Feeling hips brush against hers, she turned her head, staring into a nice handful of…*look up, to the face, up.* Finally bringing her eyes to the honey colored ones above her she just stared. The tall woman moving further away gave her a chance to take in the short spiked blonde hair, thin cotton sleeveless shirt, tight black jeans that rested low on her hips and knee high leather boots that screamed “bad ass”. *Want.* She felt her feet begin to move, almost involuntarily, like a moth to flame she couldn’t resist. After following the direction of the tall woman she looked around, nothing, great. Moving closer to the front she saw a figure before her, fist in the air, head bobbing to the beat and lips moving to follow the words of the unintelligible song. She stood there for a short time watching the woman.

The ruckus around her stopped as the band finished their set. She dropped her fist, chugged her vodka cran and turned around immediately bumping into someone. “Shit, sorry, I wasn’t…” *Oh.* “I need another. You?” Smirking just enough to let one of her dimples show. “Sure, yeah” the small woman replied. Leaning against the bar, propped up on her elbow the blonde ordered her drink, looking to the brunette “How about you?” “I’ll have a captain and coke.” The blonde grabbed a pack of cloves from her bursa otele gelen eskort bayan back pocket and lit one up, she licked her lips tasting the sweet spice. Releasing the smoke a little from her mouth she gently inhaled it through her nose. French inhale always catches their attention.

The green eyed woman watched as the smoke danced around the woman’s face. *Nice trick.* “Want to go sit somewhere?” A smirk and a nod was the only reply she got. Walking behind a large drape near the stage she found a small room, its only occupants were a few other people sitting in the corner. She took a seat on a booth seat, the other woman joined her leaving only a few inches between them. She watched the woman take another drag, “Fancy trick. I’ve never smoked a clove before but I bet those taste good.” *Those…lips I’ve been staring at.*

“They do. Wanna taste?” The blonde asked. As if she had read the small woman’s mind she leaned in and pressed her lips against the soft pink ones opposite hers. Without hesitation the brunette returned the kiss, her tongue reaching out to gently flick the other woman’s. *Mmm, tasty.* The taller woman eased away placing gentle kisses accompanied by a tongue rolling against the brunette lips. The blondes request was quickly answer when she felt soft lips crush into hers and a hot tongue press past her own lips. The blondes’ hands began to move to the small woman’s hips, pulling the woman bursa eve gelen escort to straddle her lap. After a few minutes the brunette pulled away, leaning in, giving the taller woman a nice view, she whispered “We should go somewhere more private.”

They stood and walked to the doorway of the room, pulling aside a piece of heavy fabric the blonde pulled her into a small draped off area. *Not exactly private.* The only thing round was a large speaker and a sliver of a view to the stage. Suddenly the blonde lifted the small woman off the ground and placed her on the speaker. The kissing continued as the sound of a voice came through the speakers. The crowd cheered and then a strong vibration ran through the brunettes’ body. *Very clever.* As the music played on the blonde continued her exploration, her hands running up the other woman’s body, thumbs stopping to circle her nipples. Moving down to the woman’s dark jeans to unbutton them, pulling them to the hips then sliding her fingers along the soft, swollen skin she found under brunettes lace panties. She pressed a little harder, dipping slightly into the wet pussy, she slowly circled the entrance, she could feel the vibrations in her hand. She pushed her hips against the speaker and continued to tease the small woman. Slipping her finger just inside and back out, until forceful arms and legs wrapped around her body sending her fingers deep into the wet pussy. She found the woman’s swollen clit and made firm circles never ceasing the short thrust of her other fingers. The women found themselves on the edge when a long, hard, heart stopping vibration came through the speaker. Each clinging to the other as quake ran through them causing the women to come simultaneously.

Pulling her wet fingers from the small womans’ tight walls she smirked “Come here often?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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