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Dee’s Job Interview

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Chapter 1: The Assignment

As Dee pulled the envelope from the mailbox, the return address told her this was the letter she had been waiting for. She quickly opened it and read:

Dear Miss Ellis:

Congratulations, MPRSS Advertising Inc. wants to invite you to participate in a final interview for employment. Final interviews are granted to a select few applicants. To become a MPRSS representative requires a superior level of sophistication and we here at MPRSS feel that you have such qualifications. MPRSS is very selective in hiring new sales representatives. Our compensation packages are very lucrative and one has to be a very special person to be brought on board at MPRSS

The final interview involves participation in an advertising sales meeting in Lake Tahoe this weekend. You will be an active participant in activities that potentially could land MPRSS a sizable amount of new business.

Enclosed is a plane ticket to Reno, Nevada. You will be met at the airport by a representative of MPRSS just prior to your departure.

Remember, you are considered to be a candidate with tremendous potential. Yet, in the business world, it is results that count. Your performance will allow us to make a final decision on your employment. I wish you good luck and look forward to welcoming you into the MPRSS family.


Ren Mirditch, President

MPRSS Advertising, Inc.

Dee’s best friend and sorority sister, Jill Eck, had been working with MPRSS for the past couple of years and had used her influence to get Dee this job interview. She phoned Jill to see if she could tell her anything more about the upcoming interview. Jill’s response was vague and encouraging, yet, it didn’t tell her too much. Dee became more apprehensive as the weekend approached.

Dee Ellis was in her last semester at Nuke University and she was hoping that this would be the last interview in her job search. She had worked part time with MPRSS Advertising during her last two years at Nuke. She had even “unofficially” indulged in providing sexual favor on many weekend job assignments, assuming that this activity was encouraged and viewed favorably by MPRSS. In fact the part time money she earned was almost enough to finance her education.

The final interview letter was not the final job offer that she had hoped for. She was left with more questions than answers. Who will she meet at the airport? What will be expected on the trip? Would sex appeal and charm be expected of a new employee? Was her part time work too promiscuous? Did she jeopardize her chances of being hired? The more she thought about it, the more confused she got.

Finally, Thursday afternoon arrived. Dee had gotten herself checked-in at the airport and was checked through to the boarding gate. Still no one from MPRSS had made contact with her. Then suddenly, she saw that familiar face coming down the escalator.

As Dee and Jill recognized each other they quickly embraced and exchanged greetings.

Exasperated Dee proclaimed, “I was hoping it would be you. I’m so relieved and I have so many questions.”

Jill explained that she was not free to answer her questions on the phone as company policy prohibits details of sale negotiations. Jill went on to explain that she would provide Dee with more detail on the flight over to Reno.

Dee could hardly contain her suspense. “I am dying of curiosity.”

After the flight took off, Jill began by saying that, “MPRSS is pursuing a new client and we are meeting two of the executives responsible for their advertising campaign this weekend. The client happens to be The San Francisco Prospectors.

“The football team,” Dee asked?

“Oh yes!” Jill replied, “We will be meeting Jack Strong and Dan Powers. Jack is the Director of Sales and Advertising and Dan is Vice President of the entire organization. Dan is working with Jack this year as part of his training. The important thing to know about Dan is that he is the son of Joe Don Powers, the owner of the Prospectors. Dan is being groomed to run the entire operation when Joe Don retires.”

Dee interrupted, “Be honest with me Jill, what role will we play this weekend.”

Jill began, “OK Dee, I will lay it all out for you in plain English. MPRESS wants us to close the deal and they don’t specify how. Frankly, I’m going to get my brains screwed out this weekend. I have been working on this account for over a year and Jack and I have got all of the details worked out. The only thing left to do is get Dan to sign the contract. You will hold private meetings with Dan. It is up to you to use whatever means you are comfortable with to get the job done.

The reason you are being considered for this job is that they asked me to recommend someone that could assist me in closing this deal. Without hesitation I asked them to hire you. Ren’s response was that it would be contingent upon us closing the Prospector deal this weekend. I know this might put a lot of pressure on you but I would not have recommended you for the job if I had any doubts.”

Dee halkalı ucuz escort interrupted, “Do you really think I can influence such a high level executive like Dan? What if he doesn’t like me?”

Jill paused… smiled… and then said, “He’s just a human being like you and I. He has a great personality and he will like you…no doubt. Don’t underrate yourself… you are beautiful. You radiate more class and sophistication than you know.

Furthermore, I need a confidant, an associate, a running mate. I need someone who is comfortable with their sexuality and secure in using it. Remember the lessons Trish Adams taught us at Nu Chi.

I am constantly being asked to make referrals for friends of our clients. You would be brand new at this for awhile. All of the MPRSS sales representatives work in pairs when selling new accounts. I’m the new kid on the block and you are being brought in as my new associate. I know you will do a good job, after all, this is what we trained for at Nu Chi.”

Dee sat in silence for a moment reflecting on everything Jill had said. Her eyes brightened and a wry smile appeared on her face. “I had a feeling that sex would be involved this weekend.”

“I hope you are OK with that? You and Matt haven’t gone into that `one man – one woman – love forever’ mode, have you?”

“Oh no, Matt knows the score.”

Jill laughed and said, it is not much different from the good ole college days, except the pay is much better. You can say that we got more than one education in college. Do you think you are ready for your final interview?”

“Oh yes, I’m ready,” was Dee’s reply, “That boyfriend of mine has been at the Olympic trials and I haven’t had any in over a two weeks. I’m pretty much ready to get laid but you have to tell me a little more about Dan and Jack.”

“OK,” said Jill, “Let me tell you about my man Jack first. MPRSS was aware that the Prospector account would be up for bid this year. They gave me…the new kid…the task of persuading them to let us bid on their account. I don’t think Ren, our President, felt as though we had a serious chance of arresting the account from Elite. Elite Advertising has been handling their account for the last ten years.

I was determined to do anything to get that account away from Elite. Jack told me that Elite has been raising their prices almost ten percent a year and have provided very little extra in return. He has been trying to get Dan to pull the account from Elite. Finally, Dan did quote some new advertisers. But Jack and I are not really sure Dan is committed to a change.”

Dee quietly said, “Mmmmm, I’m beginning to see the picture a little clearer. I’m still waiting to hear more.”

Laughing Jill continued, “Jack and Dan have the almost the same build. Jack is 6’2”, 200 pounds. Dan may be an inch taller. My man, Jack, has that dark haired Italian look, and Dan has that sandy haired surfer look. That’s the best way I can describe them.

“That sounds good to me; what are their ages,” asked Dee?

“Jack is in his early forties and Dan is thirty five. They are two healthy studs, believe me.”

The best part about Jack is his cock and stamina. His cock is not too large, not too small, it’s about 7 inches of pure endurance. He could screw all night long if I could hold out. He knows exactly how to use that thing to get me off. The first night we hooked up, I came so many times I had to beg him to stop. He was awesome.

The next day I felt as sore and bow-legged as a cowgirl. It was worth it because he left me with a gift of $5000 before I returned home. I call that private consulting money. I’m putting all of that away for early retirement, just like Trish Adams advised.”

Dee was hardly able to contain her surprise as she envisioned the scene that Jill described. “Are you kidding me?”

“Not at all,” Jill responded. “It was during that weekend that I felt like we had a good chance of getting the account. But that one last detail has to be worked out.”

“I think I know the answer,” Dee stated.

We have to sell Dan on changing to another advertising firm. It is not Dan so much as it is his old man. Joe Don does not like to change things if they are working alright. He’s a believer in the old adage, `If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.` Even though we offered them significant cost savings, Dan has not been interested in trying to change Joe Don’s mind.

“On the other hand, Jack and I know that if Dan really wants to make a change he can convince the old man.”

“I guess that’s where I come in…right.” Dee asked?

“That’s right…you are a smart girl,” responded Jill, “but we have to develop a strategy that benefits us and MPRESS.”

Looking somewhat puzzled Dee commented, “I’m not sure I understand what you are saying.”

Remember the speeches Trish Adams gave. She wanted us to be the masters of our sexuality and let no one take it from us. Specifically, we have to make sure that if our sexuality is being used to benefit MPRSS, then it halkalı üniversiteli escort is our duty to make sure that it benefits us personally as well.

“What do you have in mind,” asked Dee?

“If you and Dan hook up make sure he knows that your job offer probably depends on MPRSS getting the account. That is a true statement. If he agrees to move the account, he is going to want his favorite representative service the account. Just make sure that you are his favorite representative.

Also make sure that he knows that you have not completely made up your mind about going to work with MPRSS. Keep in mind that he and Jack will wants us coming back continually to service the account. I’ll make sure that Jack wants me coming back.”

Dee laughed out loud, “You mean service Jack and Dan.”

“Yeah…Yeah, something like that.” Jill laughingly acknowledged, “Tell him the wardrobe required to work at MPRSS far exceeds your financial means and that you are completely against taking on credit card debt. That’s all you need to say. Dan will make sure that his favorite representative has the wardrobe necessary to service the account.

Remember, money is no object with these guys. They know the score. They represent some of the richest people in America. Jack already knows that if the gifts are generous, the service trips are frequent.”

Jill informed Dee, “During these meetings with Jack, I have gotten to know Dan quite well. Dan knows that Jack and I have this thing going. Dan is in his mid-thirties and is very handsome. It would be very tempting to spend a weekend with him, but that would violate one of my unwritten rules, which is not to engage in sex with more than one member of any executive organization. That would not be a wise business practice.

Dan is always asking me to fix him up with one of my friends. Jokingly, Dan threatens to out bid Jack for my services. There are no secrets between those two. It’s like being in the company of two brothers.

That’s when I thought about you. Remember those weekend modeling assignments we took in college and found out by giving away a little we could get a lot.”

“Oh yes,” said Dee, “How do you think I got this beautiful smile…compliments of the best Orthodontist in town. I even worked it out where Matt banged his wife three or four times a year.”

“You learned your lessons well,” commented Jill.

Dee asked, “What are the arrangements when we get to Lake Tahoe.”

Jill said, “Jack has a cabin on Lake Tahoe and we will be spending the weekend with them. Jack and Dan are flying the small executive jet over from San Francisco and they will pick us up at the airport.

“Oh me, I’m getting nervous already,” said Dee. “What if we don’t hit it off?”

“Don’t worry,” Jill continued, “Dan is one of the horniest guys I know. Sex is always on his mind. He is a confirmed bachelor and is not ready to settle down yet. I’m sure he has no problem getting any woman he wants He is too interested in the Prospectors winning a championship. He enjoys the freedom to travel and pursue an exciting lifestyle. At this stage of his life, his lifestyle is not compatible with family life.

Anyway back to us. Obviously, I know Dan quite well. I have been looking forward to getting you and him together at the lodge with us. When I showed him our sorority pictures, he was taken with your beauty. He even said that you looked kike a virgin. I didn’t tell him how you lost it.

Jill and Dee chuckled a bit, then Dee said, “Now I’m getting a little horny.”

Jill playfully admonished, “Calm down innocent girl. I told Dan that this will be your first professional work assignment, and you will need some thoughtful consideration. Even though Dan likes to flirt and broadcast his macho prowess, deep down he’s a soft hearted, considerate gentleman. I believe Dan will be the perfect partner to work with you as much as you crave sex.”

Dee responded, “I can hardly wait.”

Under normal circumstances a weekend like this ought to be worth $4000 to $5000. It will give you added incentive to make Dan a happy man.”

Dee laughed, “Nothing like a well spent Buck on a Springmaid sheet. Oh Yes!”

Chapter 2: The Weekend at Lake Tahoe

Jack and Dan were waiting at the gate as Jill and Dee got off the plane together.

All exchanged greetings and started the drive out to Jack’s lodge.

After arriving, a fall chill descended on the evening. The guys gathered some wood and started a warm fire in the fireplace. The smell of burning wood was evident throughout the lodge. Lights were low. Lighted candles were placed throughout the cabin which further enhanced the cozy environment. The atmosphere was sexy. The evening was off to a good start.

Dee was very impressed as she paired off with Dan. Jill had undersold his appearance. He was very handsome, with piercing blue eyes, neat hair and beautiful hands. She always looked at a man’s hands. One can tell a lot about a man’s personality by looking at haramidere escort his hands. She would find out later just how educated his hands would be. He was a lanky, 6’2″ tall and had that rugged outdoors look. He displayed a slight devilish smile. The seduction was beginning.

The guys had ordered pizza in, knowing that everyone would be tired from traveling.

Jack jokingly asked, does everyone want to start by getting laid or eating some food.”

Pointing at herself, Jill retorted, “You boys might need some extra nourishment before trying to satisfy these two girls.”

Dan rescued Dee feigned embarrassment. “I suggest we start slow and ease into the pleasure, no pun intended.”

Everyone laughed.

Jill said, “Dee, let’s take a shower and freshen up a bit. Just keep the pizza warm.”

After they had showered, and a changed into some relaxing evening-wear, everyone gathered around the small dining table for pizza and wine. The warmth radiating from the crackling fire provided the ultimate romantic atmosphere. The wine and pizza helped everyone relax. Jill paired off with Jack and Dee with Dan.

Jill requested a toast of everyone and thanked Jack for making it possible for Dee and Dan to join them this weekend.

Jill addressed everyone initially by saying, “Dan I’m sure Jack briefed you on what we have planned. Dan, as you know Dee is considering joining MPRSS. She knows what she wants and has become very good at providing entertainment. Believe me, I know. We were best friends in college and worked together on many charity projects.” Laughing Jill paused, “Of course we were the charity.”

After getting to know you Dan, I thought Dee would be the perfect partner for you. She and I have similar tastes. If I wasn’t attached to Jack, you would be very tempting. Jack and I think you and Dee will make a great couple.”

Dan tried to look a little shy and modest. Dan thanked Jack and Jill for the invitation and admitted that he had gotten very little sleep in anticipation of this weekend. Dan looked at Dee and said, “You are even more beautiful than I had dreamed. After meeting Dee and getting to know her some, I feel guilty thinking about the possibility of having sex with her.”

With that statement everyone laughed and Jack said, “You dog, Dan you have never felt guilty about any sexual thought.”

Dee displayed an innocent smile, placed her hand on his neck and gave Dan a light kiss on his cheek.

Dan responded, “See, Dee already makes me feel like a million bucks.”

Jill laughed again and jokingly reminded Dan that was Dee’s price.

Dan said, “I guess I asked for that one, pardon me while I apologize and get this foot out of my mouth.”

Jill reminded everyone, “This is Dee’s first work experience. She wants it to be memorable. She wants it to be very special for you, Dan.”

Dan nodded affirmatively.

Jill then turned to Dee and asked, Do you think you want to proceed with this crass human being.”

Dee’s answer was in her actions as she wrapped her arms around Dan’s neck and began a loving embrace.

Jack suddenly rose from his chair and in a deep voice uttered “I feel a lot of sexual energy in this room.” He lifted Jill in his arms and said, “I sense a call of the wild. The mating instinct cannot be denied.”

“The wild beast must be satisfied,” sang Jill as Jack lifted her in his arms and carried her into the cool bedroom.

Alone and in front of the diminishing fire, Dan’s lips found Dee’s. Their tongues began to mesh. The juices began to flow. Dan looked at Dee and said, “Are you sure?”

Dee replied, “I can hardly wait, I want you more than you realize.” She caressed his cock over his pants as a show of her willing submission. Dee grabbed her purse and followed Dan into the spare bedroom.

Light from the full moon reflected off Lake Tahoe. Sleepy sounds of waves lapping the shoreline added to the romantic atmosphere. A slight breeze rustled the tops of the tall trees. The nighttime smell of wood burning smoke permeated the atmosphere of the surrounding wilderness. A perfect romantic evening commenced as dying flames flickered in the fireplace. Dan took Dee into his arms and said, “I hope I measure up to all of your past experiences with men.”

Dee replied, “I don’t have a lot of experience with men. I just know that I have tremendous desire and craving for sex. My body needs sexual satisfaction on a frequent basis. I need to be embraced. I like wrapping my arms around a warm human being, someone like you.”

Dan’s hands unbuttoned her silky pajama top and slid it from her shoulders. The top fell to the floor exposing Dee’s excited nipples and her firm upturned breasts. There were no panties. His hands cupped and caressed gently. His fingers squeezed and pinched her nipples. It was so erotic.

Dee pulled Dan’s shirt out of his trousers and ran her arms around his back. Dan helped Dee pull the T-shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor with the rest of their clothes. As Dan unbuckled his belt and let his trousers fall, Dee gently caressed his balls before moving her hand around his swollen cock. She administered a gentle stroking that hardened him further. Her index finger toyed with his penile opening and spread pre-coital fluids onto his sensitive glans. In a gesture of invitation she touched her clitoris and combined his lubrication with her own.

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