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Delta County Mississippi Pt. 01: The War

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Part One


The months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor were filled with fear and uncertainty. America was at war. The news from the front was not good. Rumors abounded of a possible invasion of the West Coast. Then Colonel Doolittle’s raid on Tokyo in April and the recent news of the victory at the Battle of Midway Island invigorated the war effort. America was fighting back.

At the start of World War II, Delta County, Mississippi was small county on the Mississippi River delta. In the county seat, Delta City, small businesses lined the single paved road that was the main street. The first observation would be of bucolic gentility. It hid a post-Civil War culture of segregation and anti-miscegenation.

The second observation would be the female/male imbalance in the populace. All able-bodied men 18-45 were conscripted for the armed forces. Women, White and Black, clerked at the stores, picked the cotton and ran the cotton gin. Others worked in the defense plant in the next town over.

Of the county’s prewar population of roughly 2000, six hundred men and boys were away fighting the war. The remaining approximately 400 men were either too young, too old or had a deferment from service. Black men were a disproportionate share of the eligible undrafted men. Though not formally announced, drafting of Black men was restricted. The local authorities feared a labor shortage. Despite the end of slavery 80 years prior, a strong Black back was still the primary labor force on the plantations.

Even in a war time economy, the laws of supply and demand worked. The short supply of able, virile men meant an increased demand for their services. Though never formally announced, like rationing or other results of the war effort, the male shortage meant the southern conventions against segregation, miscegeny and even incest was set aside for the duration in the interest of defeating the Axis powers.

The residents, male and female, Black and White, sucked it up and did their part to assure total victory. Morality was not gone. Like other things during the war, it was in short supply.

Chapter 01

Aaron Collins, 50, passed the jug of moonshine to his new son in law, twenty-year-old Clay Thomason. He ran the back of his hand over his forehead mopping the sweat before it ran into his eyes. It was a normal hot humid night in Delta County Mississippi. The family sat on the rickety porch in wooden chairs, on the steps or leaned against the wooden wall of the clapboard shack trying to catch a breath of air.

Just inside their house a kerosene lantern, hung from a hook in the ceiling, provided the only light, other than the brilliant canopy of stars on this moonless night. The coal oil lamp wick was turned down, barely emitting a glow. The rural areas of the county were not yet wired for electricity.

The old barn sat across the dirt yard beyond the large cottonwood tree that dominated the yard and provided shade on sultry days. Beyond that was the 40-acre field where they raised hemp for the war effort. The unusually strong fibers were used for rope, parachutes and other applications.

Hidden amidst the hemp was an acre of carefully cultivated high grade marijuana. Cautiously nurtured by two generations of Collins’, it was the source of the best weed in the county. Further on was the slough which was part of the part of the river system that connected the dry lands to the surrounding towns.

They were celebrating Clay reporting for induction in the Army Monday. Clay took a long gulp of the potent liquor with his hand resting comfortably on his wife’s bare thigh. Calista’s eyes moved from her husband to her younger brother, 21, sitting at the bottom of the steps. Devilishly, she slightly spread her legs teasing him. His response was a clandestine wink.

Clay passed the jug to Allie Carruthers, 38, Deandre’s aunt and his mother Thomasina’s, 44, sister. She was barely able to sit upright, having partook liberally from the jug and the readily available reefer. Her head lolled as she fought the effects of the liquor and cannabis. Her dress, moist from perspiration, clung to her curvy body.

Her husband and son were early inductees. She missed them both. However, what she missed most was her husband’s cock. Like most women on the distaff side of the Collins family, she had a prodigious sex drive. Her need gnawed at her. Drinking and smoking dulled that ache. Allie received sporadic censored letters. Her husband was in Europe; her son in the South Pacific.

She turned the jug up and took a long swallow. Her below the knee moist cotton dress clung to her plump body. It emphasized the roundness of her hips and pendulousness of her large breasts. Periodically she would flap the hem of the dress, creating a brief cooling breeze.

“Don’t drink it all, Aunt Allie,” Calista, 22, laughed, in her lilting voice.

“May as well!” Allie’s voice was heavily slurred. She sat in a chair with her legs spread at the knees, her well-worn Ordu Escort cotton print dress draped between them. She was dimly aware that her nephew, Dre, could probably see up her dress. However, she was too drunk to care. “Ya ‘all done slowed down. And you got to be sober enough to give your husband a good send off tonight.”

“Hush up, Allie! You ain’t got no business talking like that!” Thomasina was as drunk as her sister and just as horny. Her husband Aaron at 50 was too old for the draft. Her head rested on his shoulder, slipping to his chest as he drank or otherwise moved. Her hand rested on his inner thigh. Periodically she surreptiously squeezed his thick tool. Neither woman wore underwear. That was partially due to the heat and humidity and partially to the shortage of cloth. Her husband sat stolidly, sweat streaming off him.

“We have to go anyway,” Clay laughed, “I have to catch the bus in town to the induction center in the morning.” He stood and stretched, his bib overalls pulling tight across his shirtless lightly muscled chest.

Callie stood and smoothed her dress down over her lush hips. Like her mother and aunt, she was a big boned woman, with full hips and full breasts. She also stretched, her dress tightening across her large bosom. She smiled at her brother, sitting on the steps.

Aaron stood and swayed, feeling the effects of the ‘shine. “I needs to get to bed anyway. I got to be in the fields early in the morning.” Tommie stood next to her husband.

“Dre, walk your auntie home. She too drunk to make it alone.”

“Gurl, I don’t know what you talking about. I can take care of myself.”

Clay shook Aaron and Deandre’s hand. He embraced his mother in law and aunt. “Dre, you be sure to look in on your sister.” He took his wife’s hand and walked to their old truck for the mile drive to their house down the road.

“Callie! When you drop your husband off, stop in the Goldstein’s store. Tell her I got her message. I’ll at the jetty in three nights on the new moon.”

“Okay daddy!”

The Goldstein’s, Jacob and Ellen, were the sole buyers of Aaron’s high grade weed. They traded flour, salt pork and, recently, ratio books for the pot. They then sold it throughout the county at a significant profit. Local law enforcement knew of the illicit drug trade. However, liberal donations to the sheriff’s reelection campaign and tithing the local Baptist church caused the sheriff to look the other way. He adopted a similar live and let live attitude to the moonshine produced out in the bayous.

Deandre’s head bobbed, acknowledging his brother in law’s dictum to look in on his sister. There was no doubt he would. They were long time lovers. “Coming on, Auntie! I don’t want you to fall in the slough and get ate by a ‘gator!”

Allie stood, staggered and caught herself on a porch rail. She smoothed her dress over her plump hips. “Ain’t been no ‘gators around here in years! If there was and he was male, I might let him eat me!”

“Hush up, Allie! Don’t you be talking like that in front of my son!”

“True dat! My old man and my son been gone three months now. I ain’t had no man since my husband left.”

“Come on, auntie,” Dre laughed, grasping her elbow. “I been drinking too and need to get back and get some rest.” He waved at Clay and his sister as they got into their truck. “Best of luck, Clay!”

Dre knew the real reason his mother wanted him to walk Auntie Allie home was so she and Aaron could fuck. He watched her squeezing Aaron’s cock through his bib overalls. There was no privacy living in a one room clapboard shack. He and Callie slept on pallets on the floor. When their parents wanted to have sex, they hung a sheet across the room. As they grew older, his parents devised ways to get them out of the house.

However, sometimes he and his sister sneaked back. They peeked in the window opposite their bed. Deandre developed a fetish for watching his mother fuck. He particularly liked watching her when she rode his daddy in a reverse cowboy. He loved watching her big titties flop as she rose and fell.

Before Callie got married and moved out, they listened to them and giggle at how they sounded. They began exploring the mysteries of each other’s bodies at 18, influenced by the sounds and smells of their parents fucking. Shortly after that, they began having sex. Sometimes, Deandre would lay behind Callie fucking her from behind while their parents fucked on the other side of the sheet. They moved slow, stifling their moans as they ground against each other.

Other times they snuck out to the barn. They fucked like they saw the animals fuck. Callie was naked on her knees amidst the hay bales with her brother on his knees behind her.

“Which way you like best, Callie?” He gripped his sister’s hips, pulling her big ass back, burying his thick tool deep in her.

“Dre, I likes it anyway we do it! You know that!” She rotated her ass, relishing the feel of his cock deep in her hole.

“Does Ordu Escort Bayan it feel like this when Clay fucks you?”

“Baby, don’t nobody do my hole like you do!” They were not exclusive to each other, though they fucked each other more than their other partners. “Am I as good as Sharonda?”

“Why we talking about other people,” Dre groaned thrusting harder into his sister’s tight quim.

“Cuz you know I got that fantasy of us being with someone else together.” The sensations of Dre’s cock sliding in her hole permeated her body. It made her entire body quake and shiver. “I want to suck your cock while someone fuck me like this!”

“OH FUCK! FUCK! You knows I like it when you talk like!”

Chapter 02

Deandre guided his aunt down the dirt path leading to her shack, a half mile distant. It sat on his father’s land past the barn and opposite the hemp fields. Behind them his house faded into the night, outlined by the stars on this moonless night.

The walk to Allie’s shack was a stumbling drunkard’s walk. Deandre saved her from falling a few times. Other times he had to lift her from all fours. Her heavy drinking and reefer use were a substitute for sex. Each night she passed out with her fingers jammed into her aching hole.

“I got to piss!”

“Go ahead, auntie! I’ll stand over here.”

Clay stepped to into the darkness on the other side of the dirt path. He saw the faint outline of his aunt as she stepped off the path, lifted her skirt, squatted and began peeing. He watched as the thick yellow stream splashing on the dirt. He often walked her home after one of these drinking sessions. She rarely made it home without taking a piss.

“Come help me up!” Allie struggled to stand without falling into her own piss. Deandre ruefully shook his head. He walked over, careful to walk around the wide wet spot on the side of the path. He reached down, grasped her armpits and pulled her to her feet.

Allie staggered. She wind milled her arms trying not to fall. Deandre’s arms shot and caught her, saving her a fall. His arms encircled her waist. His hands rested on her bare ass. He squeezed hard. “Oops! Sorry about that, auntie!”

“Don’t worry about it boy! First man’s hands been on me in weeks. I don’t mind at all!” She wriggled her ass.

“Okay! Okay!” Playfully, he slapped her ass. Allie draped her arms around her nephew’s neck. “Boy, don’t you be doing that if you don’t mean it. I’m just like one of those sticks of dynamite your daddy uses to clear tree stumps. I’m sizzling and ready to explode!”

“Pull your dress down, “Deandre laughed, “and let’s get you home!” He ruefully shook his head. His mother’s younger sister was the wild child, given to raunchy explosions of expletives and other bon mots.

Allie stood wide legged struggling to pull her dress down. In starlight, Dre could see her thick hairy bush. The top two buttons of her dress had come undone, exposing most of her massive cleavage. He realized that somehow the hem was caught in the belt of the dress. He reached around her and pulled it loose. Allie fell forward, her body resting against his as they stood on the path in the darkness. Her hips rotated slowly against his crotch.

“You sho’ you trying to get my dress down and not just getting in a free feel!” She giggled drunkenly.

He was used to his aunt’s raunchiness when she was drinking. He grasped her shoulders, aimed her down the dirt path and affectionately patted her ass. In the faint starlight he watched her stumbled forward. He could just make out the outline of her shack in the distance.

“Whoop,” she exclaimed, grabbing her behind with both hands! “Don’t nobody but my man spank my ass! And I better be on my knees with him behind me!” She tried to face her nephew and again fell to her knees. As she fell, her dress ballooned and settled on her back, exposing her broad bare rump. “Jesus! I’m drunker than I thought!”

Dre felt a stirring in his groin as his aunt’s ass wiggled as she tried to stand. He squatted, wrapped his arms around her waist and tried to lift her to her feet. He was high also and she was a big woman. He struggled to lift her bulk. He got her partially up. She tented with her legs and hands straight and on the ground. Exhausted by the effort, she fell forward, taking her nephew with her.

Dre was exhausted. The heat, alcohol and reefer sapped his strength. He lay on his aunt’s back trying to catch his breath. Allie playfully wriggling her ass against him.

“Mmm! Been a while since I had a man behind me like this!” Allie thrust her hips back and rotated them against her nephew’s stiffening cock.

“Auntie! Stop!” Deandre struggled to stand up. Her bare ass grinding against his crotch was arousing.

“You ever have a woman, boy? I mean a real woman! Not them teenagers you been fucking!” Allie was in that nether region of drunkenness where inhibitions are lowered and impropriety a mere word.

Dre balanced on one arm with one leg Escort Ordu straight and the other kneeling as he struggled to stand up. Allie reached back, grabbed that arm and pulled it around her bosom. Unbalanced, Deandre fell down on her, pushing her belly down on the dirt path. His now rigid cock was painfully trapped in his ragged jeans. His hand, pinned between the ground and his aunt’s huge floppy breasts flexed, squeezing them. His hips, on autopilot, rotated on Allie’s ass.

“Come on, boy! Take you some pussy! I ain’t no tight body teenage bitch but I can put a fucking on you!”

“Auntie, we had better stop!”

Allie undulated under her nephew pressing her ass against the significant lump in his jeans. “You ain’t scared, are you? You ain’t scared you cain’t handle a real woman?”

The same alcohol that lowered his aunt’s inhibitions also lowered his. He reached between them and unbuttoned his jeans. He wiggled them down around his ankles. He rose on all fours dragging his tool across his aunt’s ass cheeks.

“I ain’t scared of nothing!”

Allie pushed herself to her hands and knees. She felt Dre’s cock slip between her thighs. She hissed as his acorn head slid across her engorged pussy lips.

“Come on, baby! Fuck aunty! Show her you a man now!”

He walked forward on his knees, his cock bobbing in front of him. He grasped his aunt’s ass cheeks. He eased forward, feeling the incredible wetness of her cunt on his cockhead. Even as his hard cock slipped into her cauldron like warmth, he had second thoughts.

“Auntie, we both drunk! We better stop before we do something we’ll both regret.”

Allie thrust back. She moaned as Dre’s length filled her. Her head rocked back until she was staring up at the stars. “Easy, Dre! You big dick motherfucker!” Allie rotated her ass on her nephew’s cock, reveling in the fullness it created in her hole. It felt good to have a dick in her again.

Dre raised his hand above his head and brought it down hard on her ass. “Come auntie! You said you wanted to fuck! Now you saying take it easy!”

“AWW fuck!” Allie’s body reacting to the ass slap, pulled away then thrust back. Her pussy farted as her nephew totally filled her, forcing the air out. “It’s gona be that kinda party, huh? Come on, you horse dick motherfucker! I can handle it!”

He whacked her ass again. “Move your ass! You said you wanted some dick! Move your ass!”

“Aww fuck! Fuck!” Allie’s head snapped back. She saw the outline of her house in the distance. She saw the canopy of stars overhead. Dre’s cock pumped in her love tunnel, filling it, stretching it to accommodate his length and girth.

She sucked a long sibilant breath as her nephew pounded her needy pussy. She was on fire! Not only was her nephew ending her sex drought, his cock filled her like no other. Her head dropped between her shoulders. She pumped back hard, burying Dre’s cock deep in her gash.

Dre gurgled deep in this throat. Any second thoughts vanished as her sheath spasmed around his dick. He felt it rhythmically tightened and loosened, massaging his tool.

“Aww shit!” His back undulated as he drove his tool deep in her hole. His knees ground into the hard dirt of the path. “Jesus Christ!”

“Jesus ain’t got nothing to do with it! You ain’t never had no woman who fucked you back, have you? You ain’t had no woman who can make her pussy squeeze a man’s cock. A woman who could fuck her man back!”

Her voice trailed off. Drool dripped from her mouth onto the dirt path. She was semiconscious, dimly aware of who she was fucking and where. It did not matter. It was all animal instinct now.

Dre gripped his aunt’s plump hips with his hands. As he drove into her, he pulled her hips back. The slap of flesh on flesh competed with the croaking of the bullfrogs. Deandre had one or two tricks he picked up in his short but sexually active time. He slipped his thumb into her ass. “You like that aunty? You like my thumb in your ass?”

“Motherfucker!” The shock of his thumb sent waves of pain and pleasure coursing through her body. Being spanked with his thumb in her anus caused her to surrender herself to him and her lust. It was a type of surrender that revealed her suppressed submissive streak. She loved the feeling of being taken, forced to fuck! Her sudden thrust back buried his tool deeper in her love hole and his thumb deeper in her ass. Her husband never got that deep in her!

“That’s right! That’s right! Take you some pussy! Take it!”

His aunt was not as tight as some of the girls he fucked. However, she was more experienced. She twisted and rotated her big rump as she thrust back against him. “You like this dick, auntie? Huh? You like it?” He smacked her ass hard again. His hand stung.

“You good dick, bastard! Yes! I love it! I love how you fill me up! I love feeling you deep in my hole. Fuck me gawddammit! Fuck me!”

Sweat streamed off them as they rutted in the middle of the dirt path. The wet squelching sound of hard cock in wet pussy was punctuated by frogs croaking in the slough and the occasional honk of a crane. Their animalistic grunts and groans were like the sounds the animals made when they mated. The fact they were fucking in the open added to the surreal nature.

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