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Despondent Sister

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I hadn’t heard from my older sister Heather in over a week. It wasn’t like her to not check in with me. All my text messages and phone calls had gone unanswered. I was worried so I drove over to her apartment. When I pulled up I saw her vehicle parked there. I went to the door and rang the bell. No answer. I knocked on the door and called out my sister’s name. After a minute or two my sister finally opened the door.

“Why haven’t you answered my calls?” I asked my sister.

“I haven’t wanted to talk to anyone,” Heather told me.

She let me in and then we sat down to talk. My sister said she was depressed. Here she was twenty-seven and she didn’t have a man in her life. She said all of her friends were married, engaged or had a boyfriend. She had no one. I didn’t know what to say. My sister was getting to that age where she wanted to settle down and there was no one to settle down with. I thought Heather was about to cry. I dislike when women do that. I never know what to say.

I think I said the wrong thing to Heather. I told her she had to be strong. She will find someone soon to be with. She just gave me that look that said I didn’t understand a thing. She reached out and slapped me on the face. I was stunned to say the least. So was my sister.

“I’m so sorry, Sam.”

Just like that, my sister got up and ran into her bedroom. I sat there for a few minutes trying to get my wits about me. I knew I had to go back and try to talk to my sister. It wasn’t going to be pretty. I made the trip down the hallway and stepped into Heather’s bedroom. My sister was lying face down and she was crying. I went over and sat on the edge of Ordu Escort the bed. I placed my hand on her back and started to rub.

“I’m so sorry, forgive me Sam. I haven’t been myself. Why can’t I find a guy like you.”

A guy like myself? What did my sister mean by that? I asked her to explain. Heather turned over and sat up. She said she wanted a man who was smart, witty and good looking. I was her example, evidently. Heather then threw her arms around my neck. I hugged my sister until she pulled back. The next part was unexpected. Heather leaned in and kissed me flush on the mouth. Not only did she kiss me, she opened her mouth and pushed her tongue into my mouth.

There I was having a passionate kiss with my sister. I know I should have broken it off but Heather was getting me excited. I could feel my cock rising in my pants.

“I need you Sam, please make love to me,” my sister pleaded with me.

I know this was stupid and wouldn’t have a good ending but we both started undressing each other. It got to the point where I nearly ripped my sister’s panties off. Heather has dark brown hair down to her shoulders. Her body is incredible. I could never understand why men weren’t making a play for my sister. When we finally disrobed, I got a clear view of Heather. My sister had these tits that were shaped like a small grapefruit. Her pubic area was shaved down completely.

My sister was on her back and I spread her legs apart. I buried my face in her pubic mound. I just went crazy. I was licking up and down Heather’s wet slit. My sister placed her hands on my head, urging me to not stop. As I licked and sucked Ordu Escort Bayan her clit, I slipped a finger inside her pussy. That really got Heather stirred up.

“Oh my God don’t stop,” she cried out to me.

I soon had my hands under her ass cheeks and I was pulling my sister onto my tongue. My face was coated with Heather’s juices. I could have gone on like that for a long time but I had to have my sister. I pulled back and I pulled my sister close to my dick. I started rubbing my mushroom all over her slimy folds.

“Please Sam, I need you inside me,” my sister pleaded with me.

I needed Heather as well. I positioned my cock head at my sister’s opening and I entered Heather. My sister practically screamed as I shoved my thick member inside her pussy. Heather wrapped her long legs around my back and we got into it. I was thrusting into my sister’s pussy as hard as I could. I just lost control of myself. I wanted Heather and I was going to have her all to myself. I was circling my cock around inside my sister’s pussy. She was tight and I was going to loosen her up.

I was also going deep with my cock, piercing her pussy with my long rod. You could hear the sound of my balls as they slapped against my sister’s ass cheeks. I think that got my sister revved up.

“Fuck me as hard as you can,” Heather told me.

I was going hard but my sister wanted it harder. She hadn’t been fucked in such a long time. She wanted to explode. I could feel my sister’s muscles gripping me hard. These were small orgasms at first. The more I entered my sister, the more those convulsions grew.

“Oh God, I think I’m Escort Ordu cumming!” My sister cried out.

I had never experienced a woman squirting before. I soon found myself coated in my sister’s sticky juices. My sister would squirt and then I would pull my cock out. Once she stopped, I slid my bone back in and stroked her pussy until she squirted once more. This must have gone on for five minutes or so. My sister looked spent. All those juices hitting me got me close to releasing my load. I took hold of my sister’s legs and I pushed them to her chest. I drove my cock in to the hilt and then I exploded.

As soon as Heather felt my cum she screamed. I kept spurting my love seed into my sister’s belly. She was using her muscles to get every drop from my erect dick. I couldn’t believe how much cum I had in me. It seemed like I gave her seven or eight large spurts. Heather got it all from me. We finally slowed down and I kept my cock inside my sister until she calmed down. Heather’s was breathing heavily and she looked like she was out of it.

We kissed and then I slowly pulled my spent dick out of her tunnel. As soon as I removed my cock, my seed came pouring out of my sister’s pussy. It got me excited, to be honest. My sister didn’t move for a long time. You could say she was all fucked out. After some minutes she rose and went to clean herself. My sister came back from the bathroom shortly. She put her hand on my chest and then she kissed me.

“I know what we did was wrong but I don’t care.”

Heather went on to say that she hoped we might continue having sex together. I couldn’t tell her no. That was some fantastic fucking we experienced. My sister is out of her funk now. I have been spending a few evening a week at my sister’s place. She can’t get enough of my cock it seems. I guess we will have to come up with a good excuse for a brother and sister spending so much time in bed with each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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