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Diablerie Ch. 03: The Last Hookup

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A week later in the morning I dragged my ass out of bed with a hangover and a sore ass. The comments and messages were extensive and took most of the day that I was groaning in bed to sift through and reply to individually. With hope still burning under the physical distractions I tried to reply to each of them like it would be his hands on the other end. The deleted account hadnt popped back up but this wasn’t uncommon in people who finally worked up the courage to reach out to a trans camgirl, either deleting it out of fear of getting caught or to repress their sexuality.

I still wonder what the hell I was thinking, but the thoughts of older men had consumed me and I rejoined the online dating life by giving out the city I was in through my profiles. I was up every night since my cam show wondering if I should call my Dad and ask him if it was him online. He hadn’t called me or answered any texts so I pretended he was busy. Maybe someone had just hunted me down to get a rise out of me. I talked with a guy we can call David for a few weeks before I went on a date with him.

He wasn’t one of the fans that knew about my dark secret but his initial impression was polite and accepting. David was in his 40’s and hadn’t let the years slow him down, keeping active and sporty. We had coffee at my favorite shop while I nervously asked questions and stared at the ground. He was confident and calm, allowing me to take my time. It’s no surprise that I had been drawn to him for similar features that my Dad shared which left me daydreaming each time I looked across the table and met his eyes.

I explained I’d never done anything like this before so he offered to take the lead. The more I looked at him though I only saw the one person who I worked so desperately to keep out of my head. I thought body hair and that musk or experience of an older man could keep my habits healthy, or at least satiate the lust without hurting the people around me.

David had been with a few trans girls which could be either good or bad, but the way he talked he seemed familiar with the community and comfortable in his own sexuality. I told him I was a virgin and he told me there was no pressure to jump into anything sexual even though he wanted a long term partner. We sent a few tasteful nude pictures with him in his boxers while rock hard, and mine only down to my bra and panties. He took me out to a movie, to dinner twice, and still showed a respectful restraint when dropping me off at my dorm and keeping his hands to my shoulders and arms as he kissed me passionately.

Each time he would kiss me goodnight I would close my eyes and try to keep my thoughts on him but they always drifted back to Evan, and so I pushed sex further away out of the guilt that tormented me. I took a break too from my social media to try and forget that just a few clicks away was a horny hoard of fans encouraging me to drive down to Oregon and wake up my father with a sloppy blowjob.

After dinner, our fifth date, David offered to watch a movie with me and we drove back to his house just a few miles off campus. We threw on something slow paced and cuddled on the couch. His home was quiet and seemed to lack much furniture which he explained as having to move recently with most of his items in storage. Kıbrıs Escort It was an hour into our movie that I felt his hands running over me. He wasn’t pushy but even a slow pull of tingles up my leg lit my body aflame to temper my arousal that wore me down for the last few weeks. The nature of a man who had kept his touch so limited and then moved to gently caressing the open skin above my breasts had turned me over inside from cautious, to ravenous.

Hormones can be tricky. It’s like your teenage years where you wonder just exactly what the boundaries are of your body, but the second time you have the mature wants of an adult and the willingness to ask without the fear and adrenaline that make your legs shake and eyes widen when you barely graze your partner’s genitals. In the first few years of it, the magical sensation of wondering exactly how their touch is going to affect you returns again and now has a whole new way of making your body respond.

When he rubbed my breasts I knew I didn’t have to care about my fetishes, or even what he and I would look like together to get what I want. Turning and looking me in the eyes he asked, “Would you like me to stop?” My voice seemed to choke up and I could only shake my head in response. “Do you want me to lead?” My red and freckled cheeks were warm to the touch when he put his thumb on the side of my lips. I nodded to him with my mouth slightly open, the terror of potentially losing my virginity that night was making my hands tremble.

He took control and I got pulled into his lap. I was grinding against his cock and squeezing his hands tighter around me to show him how hard I wanted his grip. I was soft and romantic before the pills, but nearly two years without someone fully taking you can drive you mad. He had passion, lust, and a sense of assuring calm that came with the experience of an older man. He kissed between my breasts towards my jawline, the light press of his beard like a pillow to my ribs sending shivers down the front or my body.

He pulled my hair back for me and I pulled at his pants aggressively. Pulling his cock through his boxers I could smell and taste the semi wet leftover cum that stained the tip of him, and I set to work. His eyes were filled with wonder when I slid from his lap and to my knees in front of the couch to service him. I stroked him and submerged my tongue into his foreskin to clean him, showing him how happy I was with a man who let his cum dry on his cock.

The smell was overpowering and drove my hormones mad. I lost time just letting the taste guide me and taking him to the base which made him grunt loudly. As he slowly bobbed past my lips I started to form a picture of Evan sitting there with quiet attempts to tell me we shouldn’t do this. This only motivated me further to try and get him to cum at the back of my throat.

“Holy crap, I thought you’ve never taken anyone inside you?” David was digging his fingers into the couch and his eyes were shut tight to try and keep from cumming early. When I pulled him from my lips and ran my tongue over the slit, his legs shook.

Kissing it from the side, my head prompted me to run my tongue down the side of his shaft, and my resistance was low enough that I was back to licking Lefkoşa Escort up my own spit from the base of his cock for more of his musk. “I havent. Is my head okay? I’m sure some girls are more practiced.” The words had been laced with the begging tone I had practiced for so long.

He shuddered and just looked at the ceiling as he nodded. “More than okay.”

When his cock was clean he pulled me close and kissed me hard enough that his tongue could touch every inch of my mouth. “Please, give me yours.” We swapped positions so I was comfy on the couch, slowly inching my pants down my legs until he was sinking his teeth into the excess of the fabric and pulling them like an animal. Seeing his primal nature emerge like that gave me hope for a rough breeding from him. The picture of Evan in my head was diminishing when he acted like that, so I let him pull at my panties too and held out my hand for him to return them.

I put my hand to his jaw and once that tongue was draped over his lips, smeared the stained portion of my panties that had held back my dripping clit. I wiped the taste across his tongue a few times before kissing him firmly.

He begged like a dog as he got on his knees and waited for me. As soon as my cock was out his eyes were fixed on it. I waved it gently in front of him and then pointed to it. “Don’t make me wait, David.”

David’s mouth was watering and it spilled over onto my cock. I face fucked him roughly and took out my phone to snap a few pictures. I wondered what my Dad would look like with his face buried there and suddenly I got harder. I tried to close my eyes and imagined his whispers while he sucked.

“Gabby, Daddy wants to taste your cum. Can you cum for Daddy?”

The thoughts kept fighting it out, but the ones of Evan started pushing me closer and closer to cumming. I felt myself get close and told David but he removed my cock from his mouth. “Please don’t waste it in my mouth. I want you to cum inside me!” He had genuine desperation and hurting want in his voice. I thought of how best to use him and handed him my phone while my breathing returned to normal. The head of my cock was looking like it was desperately purple with how close I had been.

“You get to record, and you don’t cum until I’m finished.” He nodded and got on his back, holding the phone up and spreading his legs like he was an eager slut for hire. I slid the condom on and wet him with only my spit at his request. I wasn’t massive, only 5 or 6 inches at most since the estrogen shrunk me but I worked my way inside him gently. He would beg as I slid deeper and gripped the couch in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Each time I offered to take it slow he wrapped his toned legs around me and forced me further inside with a grip both begging and terrifying. He recorded every coy smile, every thrust into his own ass, and even the way I smacked against him with my balls as I teased him for being such a subby man that he wasn’t happy just swallowing my cum. He was hungry for me, begging me to be rougher until I felt the bruises that would come the next day when I would bury my weight into his needy hole.

I pictured my father in that position, his soft twink like features in contrast to the burly ones of my Girne Escort date. My Dad had a thick coating of chest hair but was nowhere near David’s catalog-like body. I tried to imagine the little squeaks he might make if I took him like this and how he looked with a face full of blush. I was close in less than a minute, but made my mistake that would prove to me I had to chase the real thing.

“Dad I’m gonna cum!” The words slipped out and David’s face changed quickly. I finished inside with a deep moan and slamming my hips into his with a forceful ache, but his composure now reflected one I had seen on many dates. The regret and endurance of him waiting for a stopping point was now all over his expression. He stopped the video and handed me back my phone, sliding me out of him and started shedding the rest of his clothes to go wash up.

“I don’t know where that came from and I don’t want to know. Do what you want with the video, just don’t call me again. Let yourself out.” He stepped from the livingroom to the hall and into the shower. I threw the condom into the trash, sighing and pulling my clothes back on. Turning the corner to at least apologize to him, the steam of the shower billowed out of the bathroom. Barely visible, his outline scrubbed his body behind the glass.

“David, I’m sorry. Can I please make this up to you?” He let out an irritated sigh and shut off the shower, stepping out and wrapping himself in a towel. His reddened and wet skin was distracting when I couldn’t look him in the eyes. Rubbing the excess water from his face he stepped closer. “Gabriella, I’m not into that kind of thing. I thought you met up with me because you liked me, not because I was some kind of toy to let out your fantasy. Please, just go.”

“I didn’t mean for that to come out.” Adrenaline and hormones still pushed through my body unrelentingly. I put my hand to his chest as he dried his hair. “Is there any way for me to fix this or to start over?”

“Depends.” He threw his towel down angrily. “Are you wanting me to be Daddy or are you wanting your Dad? You said Dad, so I’m guessing I look like someone.” Tears welled up beyond my control as he looked at me. “If I saw a picture of him, would I be right?” I nodded as the tears started to fall. “Jesus. Just get out.” I was frozen in shock and anguish over my secrets spilling out of my mouth. “Go.” He pointed towards his door with hatred in his voice.

I ordered a ride home and sat on the front porch with the first hit of my vape in at least a week as the night replayed in my head. When I got home I rewatched the video and scrapped it, deciding it was better his face wasn’t out there. I needed the real thing. Getting home and face to face with my porn soaked hard drive started to fill me with guilt over what this might do to my father.

My hands rested for five minutes on my phone debating on texting him, but ultimately I let the guilt win that night and tucked it back into my pocket. Burying my face into the pillow, tears poured out for hours. If Evan had the same reaction I could forget ever talking to him again.

Depressive and angry thoughts bit holes in my confidence with the entire plan. I rolled and pulled my hair to avoid the noise churning inside my skull with harder sobs echoing in my room. Grabbing a few beers to shut the confusion out I sat in front of the computer with a show turned on, still silently letting tears drop off my cheeks. When I could finally feel nothing left, I fell asleep with my drink in hand and bubbling hiccups leaving my breath an unsteady mess.

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