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Diane’s Revelation Ch. 01

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Steve – 9:55pm

She had stopped talking before the phone clattered to the table. I could hear her breathing, small gasps and moans. I could hear the slap of his body colliding with hers. The slaps got louder, faster. He was pounding his cock into her. Her voice, almost a whisper, quivered between the gasps and the moans.

“UHHH! UUHH! I’m cumming!! F-F-Fuck me! Ohhh! F-Fuck MMMEE!”

I could picture her in my mind. Her body arching up off the table as the orgasm rolled through her. Her head tossing from side to side. Her long curly red hair partially covering her face, the pink sensitive nipples of her small firm breasts hard with want. I could see the few freckles dotting her flat belly, the trimmed blond orange hair covering her tight pussy, and her long shapely legs locked around his waist squeezing him, gripping him with her legs and pussy as she came on his dick. His hands would be gripping her hips. His gluts flexing as he slams his cock into her over and over! MMMM! It was beautiful!

I was half a continent away, listening to this. Another man was fucking my beautiful fiancé on our dining room table because I arranged it! I decided when, and where and most importantly who was going to fuck her. I orchestrated the whole thing! I even decided how it was going to go, at least at the start. I didn’t know until a few minutes ago whether I would be successful in getting her to fuck Dennis. Especially Dennis! They haven’t even been on speaking terms almost since we met! So far so good! If her gasps and moans were any indication she seemed to be having a really good time! The evening was off to a great start! I couldn’t wait for more!

Diane – 6:30pm

I had just gotten home from work. I was sitting in my kitchen with a glass of wine. I was tired of eating alone and contemplating how unsatisfying masturbation was. Even though before he left Steve had given me, a vibrator, and a dildo, and a lewd wink. I’ve worn them out and my fingers too. It still wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted Steve. I wanted him here eating with me, sleeping with me, and most of all fucking me!

When I was single I could, and often did, go months without sex. Over the last 5 years I had gotten used to getting it whenever I wanted it. And not just the quick wham bam fuck off ma’am that seemed to be the norm before I met him. Even a quickie with Steve lasted an hour. An hour of touching, stroking, sucking and fucking and cumming and cumming! JESUSI MISSED HIM!! Two more months! How the hell was I going to get through two more months! The last two had been hard! The next two looked impossible!

Maybe tonight I’d lay in bed naked waiting for his call. I could masturbate while I talk to him. I know he’d like that, he was always after me to open up and maybe it would satisfy me more. Maybe I wouldn’t be so horny if I could quit flashing back to the threesome with Jim we’d had a shortly before Steve left! It was like a porn movie that kept running in my head!

I was usually quite reserved with strangers, I needed time to get comfortable. I didn’t have a lot of sexual experience with anyone other than Steve. To suddenly find myself fucking an almost complete stranger blew my mind! I’d never considered I could ever do that! It was completely unexpected, but Sooooo Goood!! I guess everyone has a switch that sexually takes them to another level. Most people never discover what that is, we’re all far to inhibited. I know I was! Amazingly I discovered for me, it was having a cock in my pussy and another in my mouth. Ohhhh! I loved it. MMMM! Being on my knees with a cock in each hand, sucking one and then the other! Love it! Love it! The feel of Jim’s new cock inside of me was so exciting! And having Steve’s cock to fondle and suck while Jim fucked me was the icing on the cake with the cherry on top!

“Jesus! Get a grip Diane!” I thought as I poured myself another glass of wine. I ran my hand between my legs and massaged my clit though my jeans. MMMM! Apparently I was going to make myself even hornier by indulging in the full memory!

I remember I’d just gotten home from work. I was tired, it had been a tough week so I had quickly changed into some jeans and an old sweatshirt. I was slumped in a chair feeling bitchy. I always get bitchy when I get really horny without an immediate prospect of some satisfaction. When I got home all I wanted was to throw Steve on the ground, rip off his pants and ride his dick! It had been that kind of week!

“Crap” I thought as Steve came through the door bringing company. Steve introduced me to Jim his old buddy, while I thought “There goes my evening! Like I really want to hear Steve and his buddy, whatever his name was, talk over old times.”

Like I said – BITCHY! So here I was slumped in my chair, horny as hell feeling sorry for myself.

Steve came over with a glass of wine for me and said “What’s the matter baby?”

“Nothing.” I said, but he knew better. He told me later that I had the easiest body language in the world to read. Escort bayan Normally I sat demurely, with my knees together no matter what I was wearing. When I was horny and wearing jeans I sat slumped with my legs apart like I was advertizing! He ran his hand over my hips and down my thighs then back up between my legs. I gasped as he dragged is knuckles over my Mons.

“You better stop that.” my voice trembled, but I didn’t remove his hand. “God I was sooo horny!” I thought.

There was a seam in my jeans sitting right over my clit. Steve was using it to massage me through my jeans. I was biting my lip to keep from moaning. In a trembling voice I said. “Steve you better stop. You won’t like what’ll happen if you don’t.”

Steve replied. “I know what you need, baby. Trust me. Just let it happen.” Then he moved his hand to my boobs. My nipples were swollen, aching to be touched. When he squeezed my nipple my back arched to push my breast into his hand. Steve kissed me hard and long with lots of tongue. As Steve kissed me and ran his hand over my boobs I felt Jim undoing my jeans. Even though I just met this man, and had hardly exchanged a word with him, I didn’t even think twice about lifting my ass off the chair so he could pull my pants off! “God was I this much of a slut?”

I have this bitch that resides in my head. I think actually she’s my inner slut. She is always trying to get out. If she had her way I’d be dropping my pants for every man that looked at me. Most of the time she never gets her way! That is except in the throes of passion when I would whisper “Fuck Me” instead of screaming “FuckmeFuckMeFUCKME!” like she wanted me to. Right now she was dancing, smiling, singing. “We gonna get fucked tonight! Oh Yea! We gonna get a good fucking tonight!” Usually I cut her words off and said things like “Unnngh! And Mffft!”, but right now she was getting her way! She was in charge. I was going to bang a man I didn’t even know! What the hell was I doing?!!

After Jim had my pants off Steve pulled me to my feet. They lifted my sweatshirt over my head. I hadn’t put on a bra, so now I was completely nude! Normally I’m quite shy about being naked. It took Steve a long time to get me to stop clamping my arms over my boobs every time my top came off. I’ve always felt my boobs were too small, “Itty Bitty Titty City”! Steve insisted they were amazing and eventually I relaxed, a bit.

Steve told me how sexy I was as Jim kissed me. Jim’s lips and his tongue were unfamiliar and exciting! They were both running their hands over my body. It was hard to track who was where and I didn’t really care. I know two hands were on my ass, one tugging on my aching nipples and one exploring my pussy.

“God I was out of my mind it felt so goood! Strange! But really Good!”

Then, at the same time, they each started sucking my breasts. My aching, wanting, please suck me or I’ll die, tits! I threw my head back and moaned as I clutched a handful of hair on each head.

” Unnngh!” I just about had an orgasm! Their mouths were sucking both my boobs, their tongues were circling and flicking both of my nipples all at the same time. I didn’t cum but my hips started moving! It was something I’d never felt and it really, really turned me on. As if I needed more encouragement!

My head was spinning as I said in a quiet and very trembling voice.

“Whoever wants to fuck me needs to take off their clothes and come into the bedroom!” And I ran from the room.

In retrospect I should have stayed to watch. I think man clothes were flying everywhere! I barely got on the bed and the boys were there. Also in retrospect, I still shake my head that I didn’t feel it was at all strange to have Jim, to me a complete stranger, in our bed boffing me. Jesus! I barely knew him and I was going to fuck him. I’m still in shock that I could do that!

The bitch in my head was ecstatic.

“MMM! Pussy getting a new toy today! Yes! We gonna suck a new Dick today!” The thing was she was absolutely fucking right!

.Jim moved to my right on the bed while Steve joined me on my left. They each kissed me while their hands explored. They kissed and nibbled their way down my neck, over my shoulders to my boobs. There they took their time. They sucked my swollen, hyper-sensitive nipples. Tugging on them, sucking on them, flicking them with their tongues, rolling and squeezing them with their fingers; they had me gasping and moaning. While this was driving me crazy their hands had been roaming. Someone, I couldn’t tell who and didn’t care, was running their fingers through my bush and other fingers were exploring my labia, opening me, gently stroking my inner lips! Then fingers found my clit! They massaged, stroked, and flicked and MMMM! I was close! I was soooo close! Whatever else they were doing! “Damn IT Felt Good!!”

They were pushing me to the orgasm I desperately wanted. BUT even more, I wanted to be fucked! In a quiet shaking voice I said “One of you n-needs to fuck me!”

I Bayan escort thought Steve would be first. I was surprised as Jim moved between my legs. I was soooo horny! My pussy was aching to be fucked!

My eyes were closed as I felt Jim’s cock rub against my labia. I moaned just from the feel of him against my pussy! And then he pushed!

“Uh! Uh! I gasped as his cock slid in to me. Oh My God! Jim’s cock felt good! He felt different from Steve, he moved differently than Steve did. I immediately wrapped my legs around him. I thought I would have a massive orgasm as I felt this new cock inside of me. Instead almost from his first stroke I was having a mini orgasm every time his cock plunged into me. I was being bombarded with these little waves of pleasure as Jim fucked me slowly!

“Ohh! Nnnghh! F-F-Fuck!” I moaned.

I had such a full vocabulary when I was having sex! Usually I’m pretty quiet so that was major for me! I was really, really enjoying Jims dick! It was the first new dick I’d felt in five years and boyoboyoboy!! It felt GOOOOOD! Steve laid next to me. He just held my hand, and pressed his body against mine as Jim fucked me. His presence made me comfortable and let me enjoy this stranger with his dick in me! Jim started slowly, taking long, slow strokes, letting me feel his cock. I’m sure he was getting used to the feel of the new pussy he was fucking too!

It didn’t take long for me to cum on his cock. He shortened his stroke, banging his dick into me hard and fast! I wasn’t feeling the bed underneath me! I wasn’t feeling Steve beside me! I was just feeling Jim’s dick pounding into my pussy.

“MMMM! MMMM! Fuck me!” I was rolling my head side to side, squeezing him with my legs, pumping my pussy up to meet his cock! I felt my orgasm building and building. Then.

“OHHH! OHHH! F-FU-FU_UCK!” I moaned as my world exploded. Wave upon wave of intense orgasmic fireworks went off in my head! I grabbed Jim’s ass and arched my body into his as I moaned over and over.

“Your cock feels so good! MMM! Fuck me! Jimmy Fuck Me!”

I think Steve was shocked! I had always been so quiet in bed! At the time I didn’t know what it was that helped me to let go. I started out horny, but as I felt Jim inside of me and Steve beside me I was over-the-moon horny!

“RRRR! Then they switched around. They moved me across the bed. Steve was working my pussy on one side while Jim worked my mouth on the other.

Ohhh! God! Steve knows me too well. He would bring me just to the edge of another orgasm and back off. He had me tearing my hair out. My orgasm just built and built until I was ready to rip his dick off. Yet all this time I was sucking Jims cock. I was running my tongue over his balls, pumping his shaft as I sucked on the head of his dick. MMMM! It tasted good! It felt good! I was getting off on listening to his gasps and groans, his hips jerking as I sucked and licked and swallowed his dick.

Then Steve started fucking me hard. Long deep strokes, faster and faster. Jim was holding my head, pumping his cock into my mouth! I was the one moaning around Jims dick. Gasping as they both pumped their cocks into me! Then they were coming together! Jim filling my mouth with his hot cum, while Steve filled my pussy! It pushed me over the edge, way over! I had the most intense orgasm of my life! It seemed like I kept cumming and cumming, as wave after wave ran through my body. I could feel my pussy clenching and releasing Steve’s cock as my orgasm ran its course. Afterwards I just laid there! I was completely spent! My head hanging off one side of the bed where Jim had fucked my mouth. My legs off the other side, still spread around Steve. I was totally wrecked. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak. I was just bathed in this warm satisfied after orgasm glow.

I remember Steve asking if I wanted a drink, I think my response was a highly intelligent “Mmmmm!”

Then to Jim he said, “Let’s give her a few minutes. We’ll get a drink and bring her back a glass of wine.”

The next thing I knew I was waking up beside Steve. I guess when they came back I was sound asleep. The result of a long hard week at work and the absolutely best sex I’ve ever had. Steve and Jim repositioned me in bed and covered me with a blanket. I really don’t remember. I’m sure the boys wanted to fuck me again. Jim especially! I would have enjoyed that too! I hope to make that up to them another time. The problem is even though the evening ended prematurely, it was awesome. I wanted more! I kept flashing back to the feel of both their cocks.

It’s no wonder I’m horny! I keep flashing back on this. Whenever I’m in bed, essentially whenever I’m not busy. And I’m sooooooo horny, my hand just wants to rub my crotch.

“Shit Diane! Get a grip!” I thought to myself.

That’s when the doorbell rang.

As I opened the door I could see it was Dennis.

Not my favorite person. I always felt he held the breakup of Steve’s marriage against me. Which was total BS! Escort They had already split, and were living separately when I met Steve. I had the haughty, snotty, ice queen routine down pat! Since I felt Dennis didn’t approve of me, that’s all he’d gotten from me over the last five years. I’d often gone out of my way to be dismissive of him. My best assets were my ass, tight and tiny, and my legs, long and shapely. So I always dressed to show off my best assets! A girl has to work it. Right? Whenever I caught him looking I’d give him the icy stare-down, or the dismissive flip of the hair.

My demeanor very clearly said “Steve’s getting this, and you never will!”

So as I open the door I give him a cold look. Being horny and unsatisfied makes me bitchy and I was very, very bitchy!

“Yes.” I said giving him a cold stare.

He babbled something about Steve wanting him to check on me.

Cold, and bitchy (no surprise here) I dismissed him, “As you can see I’m fine.” And started to close the door.

“Wait. Wait. Please!” He said. ” Steve said to bring Chinese.” And he held up a bag. “And wine” And he held up two bottles of a pretty good Pinot.” “Steve says you are the love of his life. His soul mate. The person he wants to spend the rest of his life with. I’m his best friend! He wants us to learn to coexist. I don’t know why you hate me! I don’t hate you! I just want a chance to get to know you! Steve said he’s calling at nine, we have to try not to kill each other before he calls! Please!”

I considered closing the door. Spending an evening with Dennis, “Yay!” Then thought “Fuck it.” I suppose it was better than being alone.

I said “You better come in.”

I turned and walked back to the kitchen leaving him in the doorway. Bitchy! Bitchy! Bitchy!

By the time Dennis got his coat and shoes off, and brought the wine and food into the kitchen. I was leaning against the counter finishing off the glass of wine I had started before he so rudely interrupted. I looked at him coolly as he stood there, unsure of what to do. Like I said, I could be the ice queen when I wanted. He was still holding the wine and the food.

I said coolly “For the record, I don’t hate you, and I’m starved! What did you bring to eat?”

Dennis 635pm

Well she didn’t throw me out!

I made it into the kitchen to find her leaning against the counter. She was holding a glass of wine and looking at me coolly with those icy blue eyes.

“Jesus!” She was beautiful. Her red hair was long and curly. She was wearing a dressy sweater, and tight jeans. She was tall and slim. Steve was a lucky guy, and if things worked according to his plan I was going to get lucky tonight!

“For the record, I don’t hate you, and I’m starved. What did you bring to eat?” she said.

I passed her the bag of food. She put it on the counter and started assembling plates and cutlery.

“Open the wine.” She said.

We sat down to eat. The silence between us dragged on. It was awkward.

Finally I said. “Diane, I’d really like to know what I’ve done to offend you? If I don’t know I can’t fix it!”

She paused for a second, then put down her knife and fork. Her blue eyes focused on me. “Dennis, you don’t approve of me. You’ve never approved of me. I find it very hard to get passed that.”

I was shocked “I don’t understand. I’ve never said that!”

The temperature in the room dropped as her look and demeanor got decidedly icy and defensive. “You didn’t have to say it! It was all over your face when we met. You barely acknowledged me! You blamed me for the breakup of Steve’s marriage and that’s complete B.S.”

“That is B.S. I never blamed you!” I replied. “Their marriage had been in trouble for a long time before Steve left. You had nothing to do with that.”

“Then why were you so cold to me when we met? She asked, a surprised look in her eyes.

“It wasn’t you. It was the situation. If I was cold to you I apologize. I felt Steve was moving too fast and I was concerned for him. Ultimately my concerns were baseless. I’ve never seen Steve happier than he has been over the last 5 years with you.”

Diane was silent staring at her plate for a long time. “I always felt that you didn’t like me.” When she looked up her eyes were moist.

“No! No! God No! I think you’re amazing!” I smiled. “And, I think Steve’s a very lucky guy to have you.”

“So for the last five years I’ve been giving you the cold shoulder over a misunderstanding?” she smiled widely.

“Apparently so” I chuckled.

We looked at each other and laughed. She said. “So do you think after all these years there’s a chance that we might actually like each other?”

After a few second we looked at each other. “Nahh!” we both said and burst out laughing.

The rest of dinner went well. I explained that Steve had made me promise to stay until he phoned. Forced interaction he called it!

Diane laughed. “That would be Steve! He’s always got some angle.”

“Let’s have some fun! Do you play cards?” she asked.

“Good enough to kick your pretty little butt!” I exclaimed.

“Bring it on handsome!” she replied with big smile as she pulled a deck of cards out of a drawer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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