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Diary of a Sugar Baby Pt. 02

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I didn’t hear much from my mum for a week after our double date but we met the next weekend for lunch. We made a lot of smalltalk before she said “I didn’t realise you were into older men, Lucy.”

I shrugged. “Nor did I. It just kind of happened.”

She nodded as the waiter brought the wine, “It was the same with me and your dad, [my dad’s 23 years older than my mum] except I found out when I was a lot younger than you. Anyway, I have a date with another friend who has a friend if you’re interested.”

I tried to pretend I wasn’t but the thought of getting properly fucked again made me wet. I agreed to meet at the London flat the next evening.

When I got there she was still deciding what to wear. She was wearing expensive black underwear, and stockings and suspenders. Finally she decided on a black dress mid thigh length but with a neckline that plunged to her navel, which meant she had to ditch the bra, and she passed me a pink sequined cocktail dress, very short (I had no stocking tops to hide, I had bare legs) which showed a reasonable amount of cleavage. We both looked classy rather than slutty.

As before it was an enjoyable evening in a very expensive restaurant. I was kinda surprised about the ages of the guys. Danny, mum’s date, was 62 and Ron, my guy was 56 but they were both cultured and well-dressed and very good company. It wasn’t long before I forgot about the age difference and when Ron, my date, squeezed my thigh under the table I made eye contact and gave him a smile. I wanted him, and this time it was all in the open and I didn’t feel shy about it. We kissed most of the way back to the flat in the cab.

We skipped the wine because everyone I think was wanting to get laid but unlike the first time, when mum went off to the bedroom with her guy, things moved fairly quickly while we were in the living room. We were on sofas at opposite ends of the room so we were around 10 feet apart. My guy was being really handsy and i wasn’t comfortable about that with my mum in the room but I looked across to see if she had noticed and the guy had her top down, kissing her tits and she had escort gaziantep bayan numaraları her hand in his trousers and was lost in the moment. I couldn’t help admiring mum’s tits – that’s what mine would look like in 20 years and they were almost as firm as mine are now.

I kind of let things happen after that and next time I looked over they were both naked and she had the guys cock in her mouth while Ron was between my thighs, lapping expertly at my clit while working two fingers into my soaking wet hole, making my breath ragged as i moaned deeply and loudly. I was finding out quite quickly that older men have a whole load more experience than guys my own age and I liked it!

I tried to ignore what was happening on that side of the room and got down to sucking Ron’s bloated prick but could hear mum moaning and a rhythmic slapping and i knew he’d started fucking her, and Ron was not far behind.

Ron kept looking over at them, and I glanced over to see mum and Danny watching us, she was on her hands and knees and every time he pulled back i could see a bit of his big cock before he pushed back in, really hard, making her grunt like an animal with each thrust, his hands pulling roughly at her hips to make his cock go deeper and harder into her. It looked like she was in heaven.

Ron took this as a prompt and flipped me onto my hands and knees before plunging his cock deep inside me, and I was grateful he’d got me so wet; there was no finesse, he just wanted his cock in my cunt as deep as it would go. I groaned loudly then from across the room heard my mum shout “I’m cumming, oh God fuck me harder, you fucking bastard, fuck me like a fucking whore!”

Her orgasm was a long one and obviously powerful as she wailed as he kept fucking, she collapsed onto her tummy and he still kept ploughing into her, harder and harder til he came inside her with a groan. It was a bizarre but erotic sight.

Meanwhile Ron was trying to match their pace and it was having a similar effect on me, his powerful fucking building an orgasm escort bayan gaziantep reklamları deep inside my belly. I’d been kind of holding back because hey, you just don’t fuck in front of your mum, but suddenly all my inhibitions left me as I saw mum and Danny were now sitting entwined on the sofa watching us, it felt wrong, but natural, I reached down and started slapping my clit hard and urging Ron to fuck me harder, “fuck me, Ron, fuck me like u hate me, fuck my cunt, make me cum, i want your spunk…” and then it hit me like a brick wall at 90 miles an hour and my cunt spasmed, my whole body spasmed, as I pushed back hard onto his glorious cock, grinding myself against him, I was cumming and it was out of control, I was shaking all over, my cunt contracting aound his cock, milking him, and he came with a loud shout of “Fucking hell thats amazing!!!”

As my orgasm subsided I started feeling shy again as I sat up and Ron cuddled me. Mum was smiling at me and playing with Danny’s cock which was getting hard again (and I couldn’t help noticing it was a fair bit longer than Ron’s!) while he was lazily fingering her.

Mum broke the spell and got up to pour drinks for everyone and I started to relax again. Apart from us all being naked, it was starting to feel more normal again. Mum complimented us for putting on a good show, which made everyone laugh, and for the next 20 minutes or so we drank wine and made small talk. Eventually mum looked at the clock and said “Some of us need to go to work tomorrow, but I think there’s time for round two” before getting up, crossing the room and taking Ron’s hand. “Let’s go to the bedroom, it’s more comfortable”.

Ron high-fived Danny as they passed and Danny came over and sat next to me. “Guess it’s just you and me now, if you’re ok with it? I can leave if you prefer, Sandra [my mum] is a bit of a force of nature and not everyone’s the same.”

My pussy was still warm and throbbing from the previous onslaught and I was suddenly consumed by lust. I leaned over his lap and engulfed his gaziantep escort kız telefonları cock with my warm lips. I felt weird but wanton. His cock had only recently been inside my mum but I had a deep desire to be dirty, I wanted to be a slut for him. I cupped his balls and sucked him til he was throbbing hard then climbed on his lap and lowered myself onto his cock, I was still slippery with Ron’s spunk and Danny slipped in easily but I couldn’t help but notice he was reaching deeper inside me. I lowered myself down until he was all inside then fed a nipple into his mouth while I ground my swollen clit against his pubic hair, panting with exertion and pleasure. My clit was rubbing against his pubic hair driving me mad and his extra length was stretching me deep inside where no man had been before. “Oh Jesus Christ Danny I fucking love your cock, I fucking love it…”

He pulled me off him and flipped me onto my tummy, pinned me down with his whole body and entered me again, forcefully, making me gasp for air. I could hardly breathe with his weight pressing down on me but I liked it, I liked it a lot, I was trapped under him and he could do anything he wanted to me.

He pulled my hair and yanked my head to one side and gasped in my ear “you’re as filthy as your mum, she said you were a tart… now cum for daddy…”

He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed himself up for leverage as his thrusting became a pounding with me pinned beneath him, helpless, and I came, hard, my whole body shaking, then I came again, and again, and he just kept fucking, I never realised a guy 42 years older than me could have so much stamina.

I felt his sweat dripping onto my back as he slowed down, obviously exhausted, before he rolled off me and onto the floor. “Come on Lucy, finish me off, I want to cum in that sweet little mouth of yours.”

After the orgasms he’d given me I was eager to comply and joined him on the floor, again taking his cock in my mouth but tasting my own juices on him this time. He held my head and jerked his hips up and down, fucking my mouth quite roughly, but thankfully only lasted a minute or two before cumming with a roar in my mouth, “swallow it, babygirl, swallow it all!” and I did.

I took him to my bed and we slept deeply until morning when he fucked me again, a more, relaxed, leaisurely fuck than the night before. He gave me his number before he left (mum and Ron were still asleep) and told me if ever I wanted to go again, to give him a call.

I phoned him two days later and he changed my life forever.

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