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Difficult Step Daughter

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Jennifer and I have been in a relationship for over four years now. Some days are good and some days are bad, like any other relationship. Lately, we have been having fights because of her daughter from a previous marriage. Her daughter was a lovely child up until this past year. She turned eighteen and started acting like she could do whatever she wanted, even though she was still a senior in high school.

She started staying out past her 11pm curfew, has been caught skipping school often, and has a problem back talking her mother and I. I have tried to get her mother to have a stronger presence in her daughter’s life and that is where many of our fights have started lately.

Yesterday, Katie was acting nicer than normal to her mom and I, a tell tale sign that she had something up her sleeve and likely wanted something. Jennifer and I were sitting on the couch watching television for a few before Jennifer had to head off to her job. Katie walked into the room and cuddled up to me on the couch.

“How are you mom and daddy?” she asked.

The only time she calls me daddy is when she wants something from me. Her mom and I looked away from the television with a reply of “fine”. Katie wrapped her arm around my arm and lay her head on my shoulder, pressing her breasts up against my side. I turned my head toward her and asked, “What do you want?”

Four years ago, Katie was a young walking stick with little to no breasts or ass and no curves. Over the last four years, she has slowly developed into a beautiful younger version of her mom. She has sprouted up to 5′ 6″ with C cup breasts and nicely formed birthing hips. I imagine this is what her mom looked like in high school. Because she looks so much like her mom, it is hard not to look at her sexually, just like every guy in her school I am sure.

“Nothing daddy. I just wanted to spend some family time with you two.”

Jennifer looked over at me and said, “Why do you always think she wants something when she is nice to you? You constantly tell her not to be such a bitch then when she is nice, you ask her what she wants. There is no winning with her and you.”

I looked over at my girlfriend and said, “You know the only time she is nice is when she wants something. Haven’t you learned that by now?”

Katie snuggled up closer, pressing her breasts hard against my rib cage and said, “Daddy, I promise I just want to spend time with you two, nothing more.”

Two hours later, Jennifer left for work and that is when it all changed. Katie came into the living room where I was surfing the internet on my phone and sat sideways on my lap. She gave me a sexy, seductive smile and said, “What are you looking at?”

I sat my phone down and said, “What do you really want Katie? Your mom is gone so quit bullshitting me.”

She leaned into me and ran her fingers down my chest, clearly trying to seduce me. “Daddy, I need your help. I just got my grade card and I need you to sign of on it for me.”

“Why can’t your mom do that?”

She pulled back and puckered her lips then said, “Cause if mom sees it she will kill me and surely won’t let me go to my senior prom.”

Grabbing the folded piece of paper, I said, “Let me see that.”

I open the folded piece of paper and begin reading the report card. My eyes seem to be deceiving me as I look at a line of C and D’s on her paper. As I scan the bottom of the paper I see 38 absentees.

“What the fuck?” I ask. “You aren’t even going to graduate the way you are going. You only have one semester of school left. For God’s sake, please just try the rest of the year. You will break your mom’s heart if you don’t graduate.”

Katie wraps her arms around my neck and leans in closer until our faces are less than six inches apart. She leans in like she is going to kiss me then stops just short of our lips touching. I push her face away from me. She gives me a look of disgust then quickly changes her look back to her seductive face.

“Please daddy. I promise I will go to school and make sure I graduate if you sign it.”

“No, you will do that anyways or else your mom will kill you.”

“Fine, I will do whatever you want me to do daddy. Anything.”

I push her off my lap and tell her to go away. She begs for the next half hour until her phone vibrates. She looks at her phone and reads the text message before setting her phone down on the side of the couch and rushes into her bedroom. Less than a minute later, she rushes into the bathroom and görükle escort locks the door behind her. When I hear the shower turn on, I become curious of what the message was that took over her train of thought.

Knowing that I shouldn’t invade her privacy, I slowly stand up and look over at the bathroom door to make sure it is locked then grab the cell phone and light up the screen. To my dismay, her phone screen was locked so I tried common numbers she would use like her birth date, her year of graduation. With two tries left, I took one last chance and entered my birth month and day. Astonished, the screen unlocked.

Making sure not to get caught, I opened her last text message, which read, “We are short staffed, could use you at work tonight.”

Katie replied, “I will be in within an hour.”

I quickly exited out of the text and locked her phone, sitting it back on the couch. To my knowledge, Katie did not have a job. I knew she had been staying out late often and was missing school so this would explain her change in behavior, but where could she be working this late at night?

Wanting to find out more, I had to come up with a plan. Katie would not come right out and tell me if I asked, so I had to devise another plan. Ten minutes later, Katie rushed through the living room wearing loose sweat pants and a t-shirt and said she was running over to a friend’s house real quick. I knew better so I waited until the her car pulled out of the drive and jumped in my car, following her far enough back that she would not notice it was me.

Her car headed toward the next town, which was a larger city. Her car made a series of right and left hand turns, worrying me that she would see that she was being followed. Slowing down, I continued to follow her car until she turned down the road full of strip clubs. I could not believe my eyes when her car pulled into “Luscious Bodies”, one of the higher end strip clubs on the strip. My hope was that she had a bartender job at the club or maybe she checked ID at the front door.

I pulled into the front parking lot as her car pulled around back. Putting my car in park, I quickly turned off my lights then waited a few minutes before making my way to the front door. I was both anxious and mad at the same time. If I saw her up on stage, I would be furious.

After paying $10 at the door and buying an $8 drink, I sat in the back, scanning the club for my step daughter, but she was no where to be seen. This worried me. A couple minutes later, I heard the DJ announce that “Sugar” would be entering the stage. Several people in the club cheered and rushed the stage. As I was taking a drink of my bourbon, the music started to play. I about choked on my drink when I saw Katie take the stage wearing nothing but a g-string and high heeled boots.

For the first time, I was seeing my step daughter virtually naked. My eyes could not help but gravitate to her cleavage then scanning the rest of her body. She reached her arms up the poll then wrapped her legs tightly around that cylindrical piece of metal. Her hands released the poll and her body turned upside down. Her breasts were less than a foot from several men who were throwing money at her.

Beyond furious, and a little turned on, I drank the rest of my bourbon. As soon as she was done dancing, I would grab her and drag her home. When the song ended, a man collected all her dollars on the floor as she walked toward the back of the stage. I rushed toward the stage, calling out to her just before she disappeared backstage. She turned and looked in my direction with a look of sheer fear. I called out to her again with a voice that I am sure made me sound like a stalker. Two bouncers immediately grabbed me as she darted back stage. The bouncers escorted me, not so nicely, to the exit.

I don’t remember the drive home last night. My mind was moving at the pace of a freight train. There was no way I could sleep so I stayed up, sitting in the dark living room, and waited for Katie to return home. Around 4pm the front door opened and in walked Katie, wearing her sweat pants and a t-shirt.

She practically jumped out of her clothes when I said through the darkness, “Glad to see you made it home from your friend’s house.”

“Daddy, what are you still doing up?” she asked innocently, clearly slurring her words.

As I stood up and walked toward her, I could smell the alcohol on her breath. I grabbed her by the arm and gave her a look of death. “What do you eskort bayan think I am doing up? I can’t believe you are working at a fucking strip club. What the fuck are you thinking?”

“Don’t be that way daddy. First of all, what were you doing at a strip club?”

“Don’t turn this around on me young lady. I knew you were lying so I followed you. Your mother is going to have a cardiac arrest when she finds out that you have been prancing around practically naked in front of all those men.”

Katie leaned in to me and gave me a long kiss. I tried to pull away, but she wrapped her arms around my neck and held my head as she forced her lips to mine. I felt her tongue try to force it’s way between my lips but I would not dare let her do such a thing.

When she finally pulled away and released my head, she said, “Mom won’t have a cardiac arrest because she will never know. Daddy, I will do anything to keep this our secret. You don’t understand…I am only going to be this young and beautiful for a short amount of time. I need to make as much money using my God given talent as I can while I can. Do you know how much money I make in a night?”

“I don’t care how much you make. School should be your first priority. You will have the rest of your life to work.”

She tried to kiss me again, but I raised my arms and held her at arm’s length from me. Not to be thwarted, Katie took a step back and slid her t-shirt over her head in on swift movement, revealing that she was not wearing a bra. Distracted from my argument by her breasts, I could not help but stare for a few seconds. Redirecting my attention to her face, I could feel my loins beginning to stir.

“Katie, put your damn shirt back on. What are you thinking?”

To my questions she replied, “I am thinking that I am an adult and I can do whatever I want. Besides, I saw you looking at my breasts with lust. Go ahead, look at them. I can tell you are having a hard time restraining.”

Before I could think about it, my eyes were glancing at her breasts again. They were perky, milky white and so smooth looking, even in the darkness. My eyes kept moving back up to her eyes before being drawn back down to her breasts. My head was like a ping pong ball going back and forth.

Katie gave me a devilish grin and said, “You know you want to touch them, just like I want to touch that bulge in your pants.”

Realizing that I had grown hard and feeling embarrassed, I started to turn away. Katie wrapped her hands around my waist and pushed me to the couch. I fell forward, landing face first into the cushion. Not wanting to let her control me, I whipped around onto my back to face her. What I did not expect was for her to climb on top of me. Lying sideways on the couch, she pressed her breasts against my chin and ground her hips against my bulging pants. I pushed her off of me quickly, right onto the floor, and sat up on the couch, turning toward her.

“Take your drunk ass to bed this instant, you vixen” I shouted.

Ignoring me, Katie straddled my legs and began giving me a lap dance before I could stop her. I tried to untangle her arms wrapped around my head, leaving my hard dick vulnerable to her grinding hips. Unable to free her arms, I moved my hands to her firm hips and did my best to push her hips away from me.

“Men pay hundreds of dollars for me to do this for them daddy and I am giving it to you for free.” she exclaimed, slurring her words.

“Stop! Stop this instant,” I demanded while sliding my head out from under her arms and pushing her to the floor a second time.

She landed on her back and looked up at me with a look of shock before shooting back up to her feet. “What is it going to take to get you to keep quiet daddy? I am not quitting my job. It pays too good. Do you want me to give your pole a dance?”

Inside my head, I was screaming yes. I could not believe my body was betraying my mind. I knew better. If I said yes, my relationship with her mother would most certainly be done. Coming to my senses, I told her no.

“How about my warm, wet lips wrapped around your manly girth? Wouldn’t you love to come deep inside my mouth?”

Standing up to assert my authority, I scolded her. “Katie, go to your room this instant.”

Katie started turning toward her room before turning back toward me and saying,”I know mom hasn’t been giving you any lately. I am sure you are horny as hell. If I were her, you would not have a chance to get horny altıparmak escort because I would be giving it to you all the time. Mom is a fool not to give a sexy man like you a piece of ass.”

I could not believe what I was hearing from this vixen. What she said was true and I was horny as hell thanks to her, but I could not give in. I turned and walked away from her, headed to my bedroom. Thoughts of her body at the strip club ran over and over through my mind, making it next to impossible to sleep. An hour passed on the clock and I had to be up for work in less than three hours.

Just as I was finally able to start falling asleep, I heard movement in my bedroom. It could only be one person, but I wasn’t going to roll over and verify. The bed softly depressed as she silently slid onto the bed next to me where I pretended to sleep. She waited a moment before gently grabbing my shoulder and nudging my body over onto my back. I was tired and horny so I did not resist.

A moment later, I felt pressure against my semi-hard dick as her hand gripped me through my underwear. Part of my mind told me to swat her away and tell her to go to hell, but the other part of me said she would not quit until I let her please me. I listened to the latter thinking.

It wasn’t like I was going to get much sleep anyways. Her hand started to softly stroke me through my underwear until I was rock hard. I kept my eyes closed and tried to control my breathing, pretending I was unaware of what was happening. It wasn’t until I felt her body shift and my dick being maneuvered between the flaps of my underwear that I felt overwhelmed.

Her warm, soft hands wrapped around the base of my bare shaft followed by the wet warmth of her lips on the tip of my dick. Her tongue ran up and down my length, coating it with her saliva. I heard her moan softly just before she engulfed my length with her mouth. My hips had no choice but to rise up to her mouth. She grabbed my ass with both hands and held my hips in the air for a moment as she took my whole length down her throat.

I heard another moan, but this time it was from my mouth as she let my hips drop and her tight mouth slid up to the tip of my dick. Though my eyes were closed, I swore I could see her smiling. She ran her lips up and down my length in a slow, agonizing manner for what felt like an eternity, driving me crazy.

Not once did my eyes open, but I knew she knew I was awake. She would begin picking up the pace and start fondling my balls until I started getting close to an orgasm, then she would slow back down, keeping me on edge for what I am guessing to be the better part of 30 minutes. At this point, there was no point in even going to sleep tonight.

Her lips moved to my nipples and began sucking on them as she slowly stroked me with her hand. My saliva covered dick sliding between her fingers. After making my nipples wet with her saliva, she slowly blew hot air on them, making them feel wonderful. I could hear my heavy breathing leave my mouth as my chest heaved up and down. She had me on the edge of coming again. My hips were dancing on the bed. I was her play toy. My choices were to open my eyes and end this charade or continue to let her torment me in hopes she would finally let me come.

She slid up the bed a little more until I could feel her hot breath on my nose. Leaning in, she planted a soft kiss on my lips. I could feel the wetness of her mouth on the outside of my lips and wanted to kiss her back, but I couldn’t and she knew it. She stopped stroking my penis, causing me to accidentally grunt in displeasure. A second later, my hips rose up off the bed as she began stroking me again. After a few strokes, she stopped again. She was clearly teasing me.

Her game went on to the point that I was ready to open my eyes and end this charade. As though she was reading my mind, she started stroking me again. I was on the crest of an orgasm and knew she would stop again just before shooting my wad. I was wrong. This time she lowered her body and ran her lips slowly down the length of my throbbing dick, moaning as she went. When her lips started to retreat, I could feel my semen racing to the head of my dick. My hips shot up into the air and just before I came, she pulled her mouth away, simply holding the base of my dick as it throbbed. Spurts of semen shot out like a water fall shooting streams into the air. I wanted her to continue stroking me, milking me, but she didn’t.

When I was done coming, I could feel my body covered with my juices. As her hand pulled away from my base, surely covered with semen, I heard her slurp then moan softly. The depression on the bed disappeared and the room went quiet. I was so spent that I fell asleep covered in my own juices.

To be continued…

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