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Digitalis Gets A New Couch Pt. 04

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Arthur’s eyes opened. He lay on his back with his large black-feathered wings spread out on the bed underneath him. His bad wing was stiff and numb from sleeping on it, and as he sat up he wondered why he was awake. The clock next to his bed read 5:42, glowing ghostly green. It was still dark outside Arthur’s window, and he did need to pee but it wasn’t that bad-

Arthur’s phone vibrated on his nightstand, giving him a nasty jolt. He snatched up the phone and winced as the bright white screen stung his eyes. The number calling him was unfamiliar, but even as he considered letting it ring, his thumb was already tapping the “answer” button.

“Hello?” Arthur said sleepily. He stretched his good wing behind him, then tried to stretch his bad wing. It was still asleep and prickled vaguely, sagging instead of fully extending.

“Uh…hi. Is Arthur Deepuin available?” said a young, chipper female voice on the other end.

“Speaking,” yawned Arthur.

“This is Cyndi from Healing Feather Hospital.” The woman’s voice took on a hesitant tone that Arthur didn’t like. “I have some bad news, I’m afraid.”

Arthur immediately thought of his older brother: “Is it Fox? What happened?”

“No,” said the woman on the phone. “He’s in the next room, though, with the rest of your family. It’s your father, Reynard. He passed away about an hour ago.”

Arthur’s mind went quiet: his father was dead. After a long, awkward pause, Arthur gulped and said the first words that came to his mouth: “Oh…Wow…Great.”

“Grief is a complex emotion,” said the woman in an understanding tone. “Would you like to speak to Fox? Maybe someone else in your family?”

“No,” said Arthur. He noticed that he sounded happy, and a manic little giggle crept into his voice. It felt like it wasn’t his.

“When…can you be here?” asked the woman. Arthur took a deep breath; he hadn’t been expecting this question.

“I won’t. Thank you, Cyndi,” Arthur forced out, and was a little impressed with himself for remembering the woman’s name. “Have a good day now.” Arthur hung up.

Arthur didn’t know what to do. His mind was racing: he didn’t want to care, but he found himself both happy and a little sad about what he’d just learned and found that he couldn’t sit still. He needed to do something, to go somewhere. Anywhere but his apartment, or Healing Feather Hospital.

Slipping on his sandals, Arthur rushed to his apartment’s front door and wrenched it open. He didn’t notice that his bad wing was still sagging until he shut the door on it with a muffled crunch-

Arthur jolted awake with a twinge of pain in his bad wing, still smarting from the dream. His face was buried in a fine fluff of downy blue feathers: he’d fallen asleep nuzzling into the crook of Digitalis’s shoulder near the base of his wings. Some of the fluff had gone up Arthur’s nose, and he sat up slowly, fighting an urge to sneeze.

Digitalis was asleep next to Arthur, with his arm draped over Arthur’s waist, sliding off as Arthur shifted. Digitalis’s blue hair stood out against his pale skin, and almost blended into his wings, large and bluejay-like and pulled neatly up against güvenilir bahis his back. He was shirtless with his flannel pants, only half-covered under the duvet. The clock on Digitalis’s side of the bed read 07:26, and Arthur stared at it for a few seconds, combing his fingers through his waist-length dark hair. He’d forgotten to braid it the night before and it had come out of his hair tie while he slept.

“What’s up Bear?” Digitalis yawned, stretching and opening one pupilless amber eye. Arthur tried to stretch, and another jolt of pain shot through his wing.

“Just my wing,” Arthur grunted. Digitalis sat up and examined Arthur, running his fingers gently through the sleek black feathers.

“It feels a little swollen. I have an ice pack for wings if you’d like to use it,” Digitalis said sleepily.

Arthur stood up. “That sounds good, but I need to pee first. Is it in the freezer?”

“You go pee, I’ll get it,” said Digitalis standing up in a single fluid motion. He was so graceful and athletic, even half-asleep, and it always made Arthur’s stomach do a little backflip. It compressed his bladder a bit; he didn’t need to go badly, but it woke him up a little more.

Arthur led the way out into the hall, going left toward the bathroom while Digitalis headed for the kitchen.

Arthur already knew that he was a little hard when he pulled down the pants he’d slept in – a pair of light cotton pajama bottoms borrowed from Digitalis – but he hadn’t anticipated it giving him any trouble with emptying his bladder. He tried pushing, but he couldn’t seem to start a flow. Behind him, Digitalis entered the bathroom.

“Lower your wing a little,” instructed Digitalis. Arthur felt the cold before the light material touched his feathers. The ice pack strapped at the side, hooking over the top wing joint. It dampened the warm soreness and made Arthur wince. He thought it might help him pee, but it seemed to make his stubborn erection even harder. Digitalis stepped up to the toilet next to him, pulling down the front of his flannel pajama pants. Digitalis’s eyes drifted over Arthur’s hard cock, and Arthur’s stomach did another backflip.

“I was wondering why it was so quiet in here,” giggled Digitalis. “I love hearing you pee in the morning.” Digitalis let his dick hang in the air, almost as hard as Arthur’s at just over half Arthur’s length. “Have any of your past partners gotten self-conscious about uh…how big you are?” Blushing a little, he gestured toward Arthur’s member.

Arthur grasped his cock by the base with two fingers and shook it playfully. A drop of clear, thick fluid bubbled out of him and dripped slowly into the toilet. “I’ve only really had two, and they were both a little intimidated. One of them I never really even had sex with, but I’ve always been a little embarrassed about the size. I’ll tell you in some other short story.”

Digitalis’s blush faded. “Some other…what? Are you okay, Bear?”

Arthur reached out and grasped Digitalis’s erection. Arthur used his finger to get some of the clear fluid leaking from the tip and used it as lubrication, stroking the shaft with his long fingers. Digitalis güvenilir bahis siteleri moaned quietly, giving Arthur’s stomach another pleasant turn.

“I’m more than okay. Shall I keep going?” asked Arthur, feeling a silly grin forming on his face.

“Y-yes, please,” said Digitalis. He pawed gently at Arthur’s penis. “May I?”

“Please do,” said Arthur smoothly, leaning over to kiss Digitalis on the side of his face and down his neck. Arthur’s free hand snaked into the crook of Digitalis’s hip, and Arthur felt him shiver.

“You sure you want to do that?” gasped Digitalis.

Arthur kissed Digitalis on the mouth, and Digitalis returned it with another moan. “What are you gonna do, come all over me?”

“Well, yes. You’re wearing my favorite pajama pants though,” Digitalis gasped.

“Oh yeah, I am,” Arthur chuckled, dropped his pants, and kicked them backward. With that done, he put his hand back on Digitalis’s hip, and let it slide down to his butt.

“That better?” purred Arthur, speeding up his strokes. Digitalis tried to reply, but couldn’t catch his breath. Arthur saved him the effort by kissing him on the mouth again, squeezing his butt. The tightly coiled muscles tensed, and Arthur could tell Digitalis was close.

Digitalis began panting hard enough to break off the kiss and buried his face in Arthur’s neck. His hot breath rushed through the jet black feathers at the back of Arthur’s neck, and he puffed harder and harder until a warm spray spattered Arthur’s thighs. Arthur kept up his pace on Digitalis, looking down just in time to watch several rapid spurts come out, coating his legs and dripping in and around the toilet. Arthur only stopped his strokes once it stopped coming, and Digitalis relaxed against him, sweating and twitching.

Arthur expected Digitalis to rest for a minute, but Digitalis almost immediately grasped Arthur’s member and started playing with his foreskin.

“You sure you want to do that?” asked Arthur.

Digitalis snorted, “Well I only came all over you just now. I thought I’d return the favor.”

“I’d like that,” said Arthur. “But I’m not just repeating what you said, I’m gonna ruin your pants if you don’t take them off.”

“Ooohhhh,” Digitalis laughed. “Good point.” He dropped his pants and kicked them off to the side. As usual, Digitalis’s bladder was bulging from a night’s worth of slowly filling, and Arthur knew he had to go.

“Wanna piss on me?” asked Arthur.

“Give me a second,” said Digitalis. “And let’s move this to the shower. I’m feeling pretty full and we’ve already made enough of a mess over here.”

“Fair enough,” said Arthur, planting a kiss on Digitalis’s cheek and allowing Digitalis to lead him into the shower.

The tiled shower bay was warm and dry. Arthur held his wing out to the side without thinking, out of the way of the showerheads while Digitalis aimed himself and pushed on his bladder. A small trickle of clear piss came out, and Digitalis’s face scrunched up a little in concentration.

“Anywhere you’d like it?” asked Digitalis. The trickle picked up into a stream, gaining pressure as Digitalis relaxed.

“Just iddaa siteleri hose me down,” sighed Arthur. “Maybe not the ice pack though.”

“I wouldn’t even if I could pee that high,” Digitalis snorted, aiming himself upward and soaking Arthur’s chest and belly, stopping short of his wings on either side before settling back on Arthur’s cock. Arthur relaxed and let Digitalis masturbate him, contentedly watching Digitalis pee and listening to his grunts and sighs of relief.

Arthur grasped Digitalis’s shoulders as Digitalis worked him closer to orgasm. Digitalis kept up a strong flow, and when it finally began to slow, Arthur was moving rhythmically under Digitalis’s hand. Arthur pushed his face into Digitalis’s shoulder, panting and moaning into the blue fluff at the base of Digitalis’s neck. Arthur was vaguely aware of a feather going up his nose again just before exploding all over Digitalis’s legs in about half a dozen short spurts.

Arthur slumped forward when he was done, and Digitalis caught him, letting the last of his bladder drain onto their feet. Still panting, Arthur couldn’t get Digitalis’s feather out of his nose and pulled back a bit, turning his head to sneeze. Behind him there was a sudden slap on the tile floor, and both he and Digitalis jumped. Arthur looked over his shoulder and saw what it was: the ice pack had fallen off the top of his wing when he’d sneezed, and he couldn’t stop himself from giggling. Digitalis joined in, and they stood laughing in each other’s arms for several seconds.

Arthur picked up the ice pack when he and Digitalis had caught their breath, and set it on the sink while Digitalis turned on the shower. Arthur still felt a need to pee, but decided to hold it for the moment. Digitalis was smiling when Arthur joined him in the shower.

“How’s your wing feeling?” asked Digitalis.

“It’s a bit better,” said Arthur. “You seem happy. Does it have anything to do with the good news you said you got?”

“Somewhat, yeah,” said Digitalis. “I got a text when I was in the kitchen – I’m getting the new couch today instead of tomorrow.”

“That’s exciting,” said Arthur. “What made you decide to get a new couch, anyway?”

“I’ve been wanting to do it for the past year, but I never got around to it. My daughter Mums is going to be staying with me for a few weeks starting Wednesday, and I figured that now is as good a time as any,” said Digitalis. “We’re having a movie night on her first night here, if you want to join us.” Digitalis looked at Arthur hopefully. “I don’t know what we’re watching yet but I got plenty of snacks yesterday, and I’m making spaghetti.”

Arthur sighed, “You know I can’t say no to that face, Digit. Even when your moody teenage offspring is involved. You and I will have to restrict our date night uhm…’activities’ to the privacy of your bedroom or the bathroom, though.”

Digitalis laughed, “Well, I’d like to keep the couch nice for as long as possible, so let’s do that even when it’s just us here. Where and when are we meeting your brother, by the way? My couch is supposed to get here at noon.”

“That donut shop that sells the fresh licorice, and eight-thirty,” said Arthur. “We should probably hurry if we want to get there on time.”

Fifteen minutes later, Arthur and Digitalis were dressed and walking out the door, both looking forward to coffee and donuts with Arthur’s brother.

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