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Dirty, Sweaty Field Sex Ch. 02

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Dirty, sweaty field sex Ch.2

I develop a taste for her


The morning after our casual fuck, Lieutenant Klein and I awoke on our respective cots which we’d positioned right next to one another. The sun had just begun to set and a streak of light was peeking through a large slit in the front of the tent. I gently rolled over and looked at the lieutenant who was still fast asleep, her long brown hair lying on her pillow. As if sensing my gaze, she slowly opened her eyes.

“Good Morning,” she said softly.

“Morning,” I replied.

“What time is it?” she whispered.

I looked at my watch.

“It’s about six thirty,” I replied.

She then yawned and stretched her arms out.

“I’m so stiff from this cot,” she said.

“Me too,” I said as I stretched my arms above my head.

By now, fully awake, we both slowly sat up in our cots facing each other.

As the lieutenant sat up, I could see her nipples poking through her gray Army PT shirt. I tried not to stare.

Outside the tent, we could hear truck engines starting up. I assumed a large convoy was preparing leave the base.

“We have about an hour before our flight to Scania,” I said.

The lieutenant looked at me and nodded.

Then, without a moment’s hesitation, she took off her PT shirt, revealing her perky breasts. I immediately turned away to give her privacy as my erection slowly grew.

Down boy, I said to myself.

Through my peripheral vision, I watched her quickly put her tan Army undershirt back on and begin to get back into her uniform.

I slowly began to dress myself. We then took turns with one of us staying in the tent while the other used the nearby latrine to go to the bathroom and wash up.

When we were both done getting ready, we walked over bakırköy escort to the small flight line and checked in for our helicopter flight. While we waited, we each snacked on the remainder of our MREs from the prior night. Before long, the silhouettes of two Blackhawk helicopters emerged on the northern horizon. As the helicopters got closer, the sound of the rotors grew louder. As they both landed, they kicked up a ton of dust and the lieutenant and I turned away.

Once the helicopters had set down, a few soldiers got off and the crew chief ushered the Lieutenant and I onboard. Within few minutes, the helicopters lifted off and flew south. As we flew over the landscape of South-Central Iraq, I focused on the terrain below, which resembled Vietnam more than the dessert at times. I could tell the Lieutenant was equally intrigued by the terrain as well. Before long the rhythmic vibration of the helicopter put me to sleep.

I was abruptly awoken about twenty minutes later but a light jab to my arm. As I opened my eyes, the Lieutenant was pushing me to get up and get off the helicopter which had evidently arrived at CSC Scania. I quickly unbuckled my seat belt and climbed off the helicopter. The Lieutenant followed suit. I quickly remembered that the helipad at CSC Scania was actually outside the base perimeter and I pulled the Lieutenant as we lightly jogged past the perimeter guards into the base.

Once inside the base, we made our way to the mayor’s cell. As we walked, we could see a few soldiers milling about cleaning up and loading equipment onto trucks as they slowly de-commissioned the base. After arriving at the Mayor’s cell, we walked inside and came upon a master sergeant seated at a wooden desk working on his computer. I let the Lieutenant do the talking.

“Good morning, sergeant,” she said.

The beşiktaş escort sergeant looked up from his computer and took in the lieutenant. He then looked at me.

“How can I help you, ma’am,” he asked.

The lieutenant then explained that we were there to catalogue and mark the computers being routed to Afghanistan. The master sergeant nodded and led us to a large connex container on the far side of the base. There was no lock on the container and he simply pulled the door open. Inside were piles of laptops covered in dust. They looked like they had been there for some time.

“Have at it,” the master sergeant said as he turned and walked away.

The lieutenant turned to me and made an expression as if to say what the fuck?

We both put our ruck sacks down and prepared to work. After a half hour of working inside the connex, we were both drenched in sweat. I found a nearby water point and grabbed a few bottles of water for us. By now the sun was fully up and the although it was stifling, the connex offered some protection from the glaring sun. For a few moments we both sat there in silence drinking water trapped in our own thoughts.

All of a sudden, I heard a few dull thuds in the distance, followed by a whistle. It was incoming mortar rounds!

Instinctively, I pushed the lieutenant over and covered her with my body. For a split second she didn’t realize what was going on. Then the mortar rounds exploded a few hundred yards away, the vibration rippling through the connex. All told nearly half a dozen rounds landed on the base before the attack stopped. When it was silent, we both caught our breaths and I slowly climbed off of the lieutenant.

I could tell the lieutenant was a bit shaken up.

“You ok?” I asked.

She nodded.

“You know what I was thinking about the whole time beylikdüzü escort you were laying on top of me?” she said with a mischievous grin.

“No,” I replied with a grin.

“How much I wanted to have you again,” she replied.

I immediately started to get an erection.

“You mean, right here in the connex?” I said.

She nodded.

I looked around to see if any soldiers were within sight. The lieutenant then walked over and pulled both of the connex doors closed, leaving enough of a crack to let some light in. In the dim light, we both began to make out. Her lips were warm and salty from sweat.

After a few minutes, she pulled me over to the side of the connex, she then unbuckled her pants and slid them down around her ankles. I reached my hand down and gently caressed her sex. She was really wet and moaned as I gently inserted a finger inside of her. I suddenly had an animalistic urge to go down on her sweaty, hairy and musky pussy.

I slowly kneeled in front of her and moved my face towards her soaked pussy. Soon my tongue was probing her soft wet lips between thick wisps of pubic hair. She moaned as she gently put a hand on top of my head. Her pussy tasted sweet and salty at the same time. At the same time, I began caressing her thighs and butt with my hands.

“God!” she groaned as she pulled my head closer to her lips.

For the next few minutes, I teased and licked her wetness with my tongue until she was on the verge of an orgasm. She moaned and squirmed under my tongue, her hands gently massaged my ears. As she came, her whole body spasmed and her hands squeezed my head. When she finally released her grip, I slowly pulled my tongue out of her and stood up. She was glowing and her face was covered in sweat. I could tell she was still in a state of bliss.

As she stood there catching her breath, I resisted the urge to wipe her pussy juices off my lips. Instead, I remembered what I use to do to girls in college after going down on them. It always drove them crazy. Before she could stop me, I leaned in and gave her a big wet her on the lips so she could taste her own juices.

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