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Distracting My Lover

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You, darling lover, work from your home in a bright, sunny office space. Meetings consume most of your day and you’ve often expressed to me how utterly boring and endless your weekdays seem.

Let’s just say I decide one day to drop in, just to say hi and maybe to entertain you. No one ever locks the back garage door, so I let myself in and walk through the familiar house to the room that serves as your office.

I pop my head around the door, see that you’re occupied and come to stand in front of your desk, out of sight of your camera. Devilish smile on my face.

You’re in your chair, chatting away with your fellow employees, discussing marketing trends or whatever nonsense passes for business these days.

You pause, look up at me with astonished eyes and I can see your brain racing, wondering what I’m doing here while you’re stuck behind the desk working.

Off comes my grey t-shirt, over my head and dropped on the floor. Long blonde hair hangs down, covering most of my purple bra. Your eyes dart between the conversation and me, wondering how far I’ll go. Briefly, a smile crosses your lips, a wry grin because you KNOW me so well, you know I won’t stop until both of us are breathless with arousal.

Bra off next, onto the floor as well. Your face starts to get red, losing concentration, torn between paying attention to work and the strip-tease I’ve begun.

Fingers on the button of my jeans, taunting you – will I take those off too? I cant my hips, eyes alight as I see you struggle to keep yours on the screen.

Tapping my fingers on my jeans as I watch you, watching me. Work calls, your attention shifts. I unbutton and slide the zipper down. And wait, because I know you saw me.

When your eyes shift back momentarily, I slide them down over my hips, to crumple at my feet.

Shorts stay on, fingers on the waistband but I’ve moved closer to you, just on the other side of your desk, leaning forward provocatively, breasts just out of your reach. You’re deliberately not looking at the soft flesh so close, yet aching to reach out and touch me. I can see the consternation in the furrow between your eyes.

Someone asks you a question and your attention shitfs to the screen, pondering how to answer and not look to see if I’m sliding the shorts off too.

Instead, mischievous smile on my face, I drop down and crawl under your desk. Today you have jeans on, which is good because I want you to feel my fingers on the button and hear YOUR zipper slide down. You’re fucking hard already, and I haven’t even touched you yet.

You risk a look down but won’t make eye contact with me because I’m laughing softly as you squirm. My mouth is right up against your cock, still trapped under fabric. You want so desperately to reach down and pull your pants off, or demand that I do.

To tell me, voice tight, to just ‘fucking get them off, RIGHT NOW!’

I can see it in your face, lips together, a frown forming. Visible to anyone you’re talking to up there.

I trace the outline of you with my mouth, intentionally teasing you, because right now, you have no power over anything I do.


Jeans on, jeans off, my choice. Cock fruitlessly straining to be free……or actually free, and in my warm and wet mouth.

Taking some pity on you, I undo the button. The hope you feel is apparent in your posture as you shift, and reach down, trying to unzip your own pants, since I’m taking too long.

My teeth gently rake your fingers, reminding you that I’m in charge now. Go back to your meeting darlin’. Pretend to pay attention to whatever it is that someone there has been talking about for HOURS now.

None of it makes sense to you anymore and godforbid someone asks you a question. You’ve lost the entire train and your brain is focused only on my hand, stroking you though the fabric.

I’m taking immense pleasure in your discomfort, and I know I’ll have to pay for that at some escort bursa point, but for now, I greatly enjoy the torment your body is experiencing.

Then your zipper, snicking down, inch by agonizing inch. You shift in your seat, lifting your hips a few inches, my hands pulling the cotton material out from under you and down.

Commando? I’d never have guessed!

Your jeans puddle at your feet and you shuffle them, trapped. I won’t help you shed the denim; I prefer you exactly as you are..

Sitting back on my heels, I study you, the parts of you I can see. Your button-down shirt hangs low, keeping the upper part of you decent. I giggle softly, wondering what your co-workers would think about you, naked from the waist down, cock erect, voice tight when you do offer a word here or there in the conversation.

Can any one of them imagine that I am here, your cock inches from being in my mouth? Are any of them in a similar situation?

A lover between Mrs. Green’s thighs as she suffuses red from the arousal; but mentions that her furnace is not working correctly, attempting misdirection on everyone watching their screens.

Mr. Smith watches his young female neighbor work in her garden though his window, wondering if he can convince her to join him in the pool later. Cock hard as he strokes it surreptitiously, eyeing her lithe body.

Can you tell? Do you imagine their private lives are anything like yours? Or do they lead boring lives, playing porn on those alternate screens, pretending that they are immersed in the action of the movie?

While here you are, moments away from that instant pleasure of soft lips enveloping your cock….instead of only watching an actor enjoying a woman between their legs…..or dreaming of an impossibility.

I’m sure, right now, at this moment, your brain is in overdrive, waiting for the pleasure you’ll feel when I move closer, still on my knees and take your cock in my hand, squeezing you, warm breath against the head, making your count every second of agony before I open my mouth and suck you inside.

Will your eyes widen, mouth open in a guttural moan as my lips close around you? Drawing you inside me, deeper and deeper until I engulf the length of you. To release you, wet with my saliva, lips and gentle teeth raking you as I pull back.

Will your body collapse back onto your chair, week with the desire for more?

Shall we find out?

Finally, your meeting ends and everyone scatters, to lunch, to the bathroom, to let the dog out, who even knows what they’re doing, now they’ve been set free from the interminable talking.

Almost certainly not what you’ll be doing.

With a sigh of relief, you lean back in your chair, sliding back from the desk, eyes meeting mine fully for the first time since I walked into your office.

Mine are light green and alight with mischief, knowing how much I’ve disturbed you, distracted you from the blather on your headphones. Not that you heard a word anyone said after I dropped to my knees under your desk and began to tease your cock.

Yours are dark with desire, a fact that I don’t believe anyone of your co-workers could have missed or misread had they looked at you closely during the meeting. Thankfully everyone was occupied with their own issues and not studying any of the other attendees. At least you’re hoping as much.

Me, given that my intention was to arouse you and drive you wild while you were trapped; I could care less if anyone noticed how your face flushed and eyes darkened.

Now, the meeting is over and we’re staring at each other.

“How long until you have to be back?” I slide out from the uncomfortable space under your desk and stand up, stretching.

Naked, except for the navy-blue boy shorts clinging to my hips, I flip my hair behind my head, and your eyes travel to my torso, then up to leer at me.

“Thirty minutes or so.” You tell me, bursa merkez eskort standing up yourself. “Plenty of time to finish this.”

“Finish what?” I tease, letting you come to me after you shake your jeans from your feet, naked yourself other than socks and your starchy white shirt. I like you in white, it contrasts sharply with your brown hair and blue eyes.

You’re quite handsome and I’m sure there are several women on your team who silently lust after you, wondering if you’d be open to an affair or even a coffee with them. Secretly they hope that everyone will be called back to the workplace so they can drop by your office to chat, to show off their new clothes, preening in front of you, seduction on their shallow minds.

Little do they know that you like your women feisty, and as eager for sex as you are. Lovemaking bores you; it’s the challenge, the chase, the conquering that makes your cock hard.

Instead of being stuck in a commercial office space, you’re here at home, coming around your desk to slip an arm around me, pulling me against you. Much taller than my 5’4″, you tip my chin up to meet your mouth.

“You’re a fucking tease and you’re going to find out what I mean.” Lips hard on mine, punishing me for my strip-tease and torment of your hard cock. Which is even now pressing against my stomach.

Breaking free of your kiss, I lean back and say, “Is that all you have? Because I don’t feel sorry at all.” A pause as I reach down to stroke you, to tease you with my fingernails.

“Make me sorry.”

A growl escapes your throat, and you grasp my hand and pull me down the hall towards your bedroom.

“I should just fuck you on the floor in there.” Grumbling at me as you push the door open and drag me, giggling, inside. “It would give me a few more minutes to use you.”

“Ooooh, I like that idea.” Openly laughing at you as you push me onto the bed. Linking my fingers with yours, I bring my legs up around your waist, trapping you at the edge of the bed.

“Use me.” My voice is heavy with desire and mirth.

I’m sitting up, defiantly scuffling with you as you try to move forward, pushing me back, but I’m stronger than you believe, and we wrestle here for a moment before you manage to get both of my wrists with one hand held above my head. Using your upper body, you press me down flat on the bed, shirt buttons scraping the soft skin of my chest.

“Aha! Victory is mine!” You exclaim as you use the other hand to pull my shorts over my hips and down to my knees, where I kick them to the floor.

“Giving in?” You ask softly, as your eyes capture mine, before you grind my mouth again with a hard kiss. Tongue battling with mine, mouths slippery with saliva.

I grin, and gently bite your lips, “Never.”

“I hope you’re fucking wet little girl, because I don’t have time to make you.” Voice as hard as your cock, right hand sliding down my body to the curve of my hip, thumb stroking the skin there.

“You know I am. I’m always wet for you darlin’.” Another simpering smile, shifting hips to spread my legs beneath you. Eager now, our rough play a distant memory.

Releasing my hands, letting them loose from above my head, your left hand between my legs. You know I’m wet, we’ve had similar battles before; the struggle is not all pretense but begun in fun and arouses both of us quickly.

I’m so wet I can feel the slickness on my thighs, and I know your fingers, thrusting now inside me are coated with my cum.

Gripping the soft hair that covers your head, clutching the strands in both of my hands, I shudder against you, back arching in a soundless orgasm; then gasping as I relax against the soft blue blanket beneath me.

“My turn you little tease.” Cockhead against my wet slit, both of us anxious for you to slip inside of me.

A single stroke, thrusting inside, burying yourself in me, groaning bursa sınırsız escort as my body envelops yours. The way we both want it, you, hard and deep, inside of me. Holding yourself there, our eyes together again. Enjoying the connection of body and mind as we meld together, again.

My hands on your cheeks, feeling everything in every nerve of my body as you begin to move inside of me. My legs around the backs of your thighs, hips lifting off the bed, meeting your every thrust. Me cumming, instantly, constantly, and I moan your name, along with loud “Ohs” of pleasure.

Your face against my throat, lips to my ear as you say, “I’m cumming. Inside you. With you.”

Another kiss, this one gentle and you tell me, voice thick with emotion, “Cum with me Lizzie.”

I’m already there. Arms sliding around your neck, holding you against me as I clench, legs holding you tight, a breathless groan escaping my lips as my head arches back in a final orgasm.

Softening cock still inside of me. Your body is slack, resting on top of me. The weight is not unpleasant, and I stroke your hair, smoothing errant, sweaty strands from your face. Eyes closed. Head resting on my chest, just under my chin. Breath slowing from frenzied to peaceful; both of us.

A beep on your watch stops us from falling asleep in that position. To sleep like that all day. Until the feel of me beneath you, or the scent of my body hardens your cock again. Wakes you, and me.

Instead, we both move, sluggishly. Sated.

Flopping backwards on the bed next to me, you groan. “Back to the grind.”

Rising up on an elbow, I run a finger down the buttons of your shirt down your chest to where it’s ridden up on your stomach. Fingers softly trace lines on the skin of your abdomen. Back and forth, absently as I say, “I have all week off. No commitments. Shall I drop in again tomorrow?”

“You’ll kill me.” Another groan as one eye opens, and you squint at me.

“But it will be a most pleasant death.” I counter, fingers lightly stroking your wet cock.

You roll off the bed, wondering for a moment where your pants are before remembering them left on the floor of your office.

“The best death ever.” You concur, leaning over to kiss me, one hand supporting you, the other cupping my breast with a gentle squeeze before you wander out to reassemble yourself before the next interminable meeting.

We meet back in your office; me dressing myself, your hair slicked back into order, eyes dark as you watch me fasten my bra and put my arms through the holes in my t-shirt. Your body is languid, and I wonder if anyone in your meeting will be sharp enough to see you as you appear to me.

A man fully satisfied from a quick sexual romp between calls.

What they won’t ever know is that your partner today was not your wife, who would never come home from work just to fuck you into unconsciousness and leave again. She’s far too busy for that.

Instead, it’s the lover they would never expect you to have. Ever. For so many reasons.

“Not John!” Your neighbors would exclaim if they happened to catch sight of me.

“Did you hear about John? What on Earth is he thinking, with that gorgeous wife?” Your co-workers would gossip; men ridden with a jealousy they’d never admit, especially if they learned of our exploits in the bedroom….and under your desk. “How the HELL did he get so lucky? A hot wife AND girlfriend..” Spoken aloud, and also silently, bitterly. If they only knew the truth….

Women; some angry, with jealousy blooming. Others eager to gossip, “Does his wife know? Will they divorce over this? Those poor kids….” False sympathy for you, they man they’d fuck if given a chance. They too, couldn’t handle the truth.

My thoughts end as you kiss me again, ready to rejoin your meeting. “Thanks for dropping in.”

“Always happy to fuck your brains out.” I adjust my clothes, preparing to sneak out the door, avoiding the random nosy neighbor. “Tell (your wife) not to rush over for dinner tonight. I’ve got to clean up and shop for that particular wine she likes.”

Pausing, catching your eyes, teeth white in my wide smile, knowing the secret we three share, I add, “Before I fuck her silly too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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