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Do Come In

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[This story will make most sense if you read the four previous chapters of “Pleased to Meet You”. Besides themes of BDSM, Mature, Fetish, and Romance, this story also involves bodily functions that some may find offensive. If so, please stop reading and look elsewhere. All characters are well past 18 years old.]

The shy widow shares another of her very intimate fetishes.

The morning after apartment neighbors Margaret and Will had succumbed to their very naughty games together, they woke up in Will’s bed and had a moment or two of awkward realization.

First, they had really just met and yet felt drawn into a mutual dance of perverse teasing and surrender. Second, they had pursued the mutual spell that each had cast upon the other, to the point of extremely lewd sex play, erotic discipline, and uninhibited sexual congress. And last but not least, they had sensed an immediate emotional bond that felt like a commitment to explore a new life together. This had been no ‘one night stand’. This was potentially a new life for both of them.

Margaret was a very shy submissive of forty years or so who had recently lost her dear husband to a sudden fatal illness. Moving to the big city, she had just moved into an apartment complex when her chance interaction with her older next door neighbor Will had piqued her interest with the hope that he might take up where her dear husband had left off.

Margaret presented a public persona of propriety and very proper respectability, manifested by her dedication to a couture of layers of lingerie and foundation garments, but beneath it all she was a writhing devotee of perverse compulsions and cravings for debasement. Last evening, Will had navigated that challenging terrain with a charming aplomb, intuitively catering to Margaret’s needs, and delivering both a thrashing and an ecstatic release.

No surprise then, that Margaret now hungered for Will’s love and guidance, hoping beyond hope that he was now the one who would skillfully stoke her fires, just as her late husband had.

* * *

Unbeknownst to Margaret, Will had much the same slowly-forming wishes, but there would be no clear thinking on such matters until they had some breakfast and Will in particular had some Sumatran coffee. A good steaming mug of Sumatran with a dollop of cream was Will’s key to a positive day ahead.

Leaning over his lovely companion nestled beside him in bed, Will kissed her on both cheeks and forehead and chucked her playfully under her chin.

“Give me a few minutes in the bathroom to wash up, my dear, and then I will attend to breakfast. You can shower if you wish – I’ll set out towels and a robe – and then meet me in the breakfast nook. Do you prefer coffee or tea first thing?”

“Coffee in the morning, Sir, and tea later in the day, if I might,” Margaret replied, retaining a residual formal respect from the night before.

Will set about frying some eggs and bacon, and toasting some muffins. The coffee had just finished brewing as Margaret traipsed in with a dark woolen robe wrapped around her lovely form. She’d showered, washed her hair, and refreshed her intimate zones, testing her attractiveness by scrubbing away any makeup and letting her damp hair hang free.

Will looked up and gave her a winning smile.

“You look beautiful, Mrs. Higgins, even without your charming layers of protection and carefully applied makeup. Just saying.”

Margaret felt a flush of gratitude and smiled at him shyly. The “morning after” was off to a comforting start.

* * *

There were so many unknowns to consider. Despite Margaret’s tentative confessions to Will describing a few of her husband’s and her own fetishes, there remained much secret territory that might prove too depraved for Will. Margaret and her husband has journeyed deep into primal forces and desires, exploring the most humiliating yet arousing dramas, assured in their private world that they could negotiate a balance between erotic charge and caution.

But Margaret’s dear husband was gone and Will was still an unknown quantity, despite his wonderfully positive take-charge attitude toward their first tentative interactions. Margaret had recklessly given him permission to do with her as he liked. She still stood behind that decision, but not without a considerable doubt over whether she had gone too far.

Turning over all bahis şirketleri decisions of her behavior and well-being to someone she had only met was an enormous risk, possibly even a fatal one. What was she doing? She worried. Had she gone too far? Or, as she hoped, was Will exactly what she needed and hoped for, a man on her wavelength who would look after her and, yes, push her limits to an ecstatic climax as often as needed.

As Margaret saw it, Will had yet to make a false step. Perhaps it was time for her, in her shy way, to up the ante. Time for her to test one of her favorite fetishes with him and see how he handled it. Her hunch was that it would not phase him, and her hope was that he’d run with it. Just thinking about it made her all flowy.

* * *

Will’s breakfast was just what they needed, and the Sumatran coffee sent them on their way, energized and focused.

As Margaret was about to return to her apartment next door, Will gathered her in his arms and initiated a lovely kiss that had them teasing each other’s tongues and feeling hot and bothered.

In a bolt of bravery, Margaret suggested that Will join her for dinner at her place – he need only bring his appetite and a nice bottle of Chardonnay. She implied that she had an enticing little surprise in store, and she’d be ready to receive him at, oh, six o’clock? That settled it and they had the rest of the day to ponder their situation. Things looked promising.

* * *

Truth be known, one of Margaret’s favorite fetishes with her dear husband had been the sharing of bodily fluids commonly known as golden showers or water sports. Her nerves were all atingle just thinking about it. How many times had dear Paul hosed her down with his warm piss or had he invited her to pee into his open mouth and then traded the warm fluid back and forth with her willing mouth? It was terribly intimate and very arousing, and even antiseptic! Margaret was determined to draw Will into this depraved zone of mutual submission to taboo body functions. Her dinner invitation to him was crafted with such intentions in mind.

* * *

At six o’clock sharp, Will knocked on Margaret’s door and awaited her answer. After a short pause, the door opened as if on its own, with a small voice saying “Do come in, please”. Margaret must be hiding behind the door, Will figured. Perhaps this was part of her surprise. He entered her apartment and paused while the door shut behind him. The dinner guest playfully put his hands over his own eyes, waiting for Margaret to make her move. He could hear her padding toward him until he felt her hug him tightly. “Surprise!”

Will opened his eyes and did a double take. The creature before him was totally encased in a formfitting black rubber bodysuit, with a white-trimmed black rubber apron tied around her waist. She wore pliable black PVC gloves that extended right up to her armpits, and a rubber hood with small holes for her nostrils, larger oval holes that revealed her impeccably shaped eyebrows and heavily made-up eyes, and a small mouth hole that was just large enough to show her plush lips with their dark red lipstick and gloss.

“Whoa Nelly!” Will exclaimed. “Is that you in there, my dear? You look literally out of this world!” She smiled and pirouetted for his pleasure. The rubber suit was so form-fitting that he could make out her stiffened nipples rippling the surface of the suit’s chest. He also noticed a black collar with a ring in front, to which was attached a long braided black leather leash which ended in a few loops held in her right hand. She knelt before Will with bowed head and silently offered the leash to her new lover. As he gently took it, she raised her gaze until she was looking up at him with tearing eyes that expressed such a trusting love that Will felt a catch in his own throat and a feel of blood pounding in his jugular vein.

* * *

Margaret once again summoned up all her courage and kept her gaze fixed on Will’s eyes as she tried to explain.

“Please, Sir, as I mentioned before, my dear husband and I played many games together, and this was one of our favorites. When I became his rubber doll, it was time for golden showers! We loved it so. Would you like to play, too?”

Margaret stared at Will with a desperate hunger in her eyes. She just knew that if he refused, she would be shattered. She had known that making bahis firmaları this bold plea was very risky. But it had to be done. If he wasn’t The One – if he couldn’t accommodate her needs and cravings – then best to break things off immediately. She shuddered at the thought, but better to have her heart broken now, rather than at some awkward point further down the line.

* * *

Will did not fail her.

“Sweetheart, please,” he said in his most soothing tone. “I’d love to play with my rubber doll and share golden showers together. Nothing could please me more. But we need to pace ourselves. Your message has come through, loud and clear. You look unspeakably cute in your dolly outfit, but I’m sure you are melting from its heat. Let’s have a nice dinner with some cooling Chardonnay and then reassemble afterwards with nice full bladders and a heady buzz. In the meantime, why don’t you change into something more casual and we can get this meal moving along?”

* * *

Margaret was so grateful for his reassuring response and sure guidance that she almost orgasmed in relief. He was right, of course. Nourishment before excess. A pause before fulfillment.

She had sprung her surprise and it had been embraced, but she needed to dial things back to her role as hostess and dinner mate. After all, first things first.

Margaret scurried off to her bedroom and carefully peeled her rubber bodysuit off, enjoying her sense of cool release and refreshment. She toweled herself down and harnessed her teats into a nice satin and lace brassiere. She covered herself in a satin slip – a minimalist covering that she now thought of as her “Turkish treat” – and hurried back to bring dinner to fruition.

Margaret worked up a light meal of spiced meat, rice pilaf, and mixed greens. Will’s bottle of chilled Chardonnay was a perfect accompaniment to the light fare, and at dinner’s end, the randy pair were perfectly situated for a resumption of their exploration of Margaret’s fetishes.

“So tell me, my golden girl, how would you like to proceed with your pee-pee fetish?” Will was gently sounding Margaret out, not wanting to assume that he knew what she needed. He had his hunches, of course, but they were only that.

“Please, Sir, let me be your rubber maid and offer you my hairy target for your streams of piss. Indulge your toilet girl by soaking me with your urine, and spurting your sticky cum all over my rubber body. I beg you, please.”

“Alright, my little water closet, clothe yourself in your perverse bodysuit and offer yourself up for my nasty attack. I understand your filthy needs and will fulfill your perverted cravings.”

Margaret scurried off to resume her rubber garments. She was eager for Will’s warm piss to be sprayed all over her second skin. She was still in the process of unpacking and setting up her apartment, but she had cleared a space in the hall between her bathroom and toilet with a nice thick throw-rug beneath a large plastic sheet.

Clad again in her rubber suit with its accompanying apron, Margaret was so excited that she darted around Will like a mischievous imp, clasping her little hands in glee. She stopped before Will and quickly raised her white-trimmed rubber apron revealing her hairy cunt and furry inner thighs exposed by her crotchless rubber suit. She let it drop immediately and stood with her hands on her hips and a look of impatience.

“Please, Sir! Let’s get your clothes off. I can hardly wait!”

Margaret grabbed his belt and unbuckled it eagerly, unbuttoning his slacks and pulling his zipper down. Her hands grasped his pants’ top and boxer briefs and pulled them both down together so that he could step out of them. He finished unbuttoning his shirt as his eager little toilet girl untied his shoes and pulled them off, finally pulling his sox down and off. Will stood before her sporting a hard-on and pulled his rubber doll to him and kissed her savagely, or at least as hard as he could through her cut-out mouth hole.

This was a side of Margaret that Will had not seen before. Tightly wrapped in rubber, making her almost unrecognizable, she seemed to feel permission to shed her shyness and state her needs boldly. It was almost as if she had assumed control of the evening. Assured that Will would play along, she whipped things into a frenzy of utter filthiness, directing Will to lie on kaçak bahis siteleri his back on the carpet and plastic sheet in the hall and squatting over his face.

“Sir! Your rubber girl’s bladder is about to burst. Will you give me permission to pee in your mouth? My golden stream is my love for you distilled into its pure essence. Will you accept my perverted love and swallow it? Please, Sir! Say you will!”

Will felt the urge to surrender like he never had before. He was no stranger to golden showers, but he was unused to being the submissive recipient. But Margaret, bless her soul, shy little Margaret had him under her spell and was testing his limits. Will felt a warmth of love flow through his body.

“Sweetheart, do as you like. I love you and need to receive your golden love. Let it loose, toilet girl, pee in my mouth!”

“Counting down to blast-off! Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,” Margaret heightened the suspense as she summoned her muscles and put them on alert. “Five, four, three, two, one, spurting Sir!”

Margaret squealed in ecstasy and forced her urethra between Will’s open lips and let herself go. She tinkled, she pissed, she peed and peed and peed, filling her lover’s mouth with her intimate flow, rubbing her snatch all around his gulping mouth, almost smothering him with her odoriferous assault.

“Sir, would you like to lick me dry and clean up your toilet girl?”

Will raised himself up on his elbows and gave Margaret a thorough tongue bath, sucking any stray drops of pee out of her pubic jungle, and inhaling the musky smell of her arousal. “What a woman!” he thought, “and she has made herself mine!”

He finished his fastidious task and lay back down. Margaret dropped down beside him and hugged him to her. Smothering him with kisses through her rubber mouth hole, she took a deep breath and lay back. For the moment she was spent.

* * *

Will was, however, far from spent. He had a strange high from swallowing Margaret’s urine cocktail and serving as her toilet. It was certainly not his usual role, but he was intent on indulging Margaret’s fancies and it had clearly gotten her all jazzed. She was in a very naughty mood, lifting her apron as she lay beside him and giving Will little peeks at her hairy muff and then covering up again.

“Sir, your Dolly wants to play with herself. Would you like to watch? Perhaps you can stand over me and play with yourself, too. Please, Sir! Can we? It’ll be such naughty fun!”

“That sounds like a capitol idea, my dear. Here, let me take your apron off so that your hairy quim is all exposed.”

Will knelt beside his rubber doll and rolled her over onto her stomach, untying the apron and setting it aside. He then rolled her back and clambered up until he stood between her outstretched legs stroking his gnarled member which had begun to leak pre-cum. Margaret was fingering her juicy labia flaps, deep in her sub zone, masturbating like a brazen slut for her master.

“Sir, this feels so good! Your cock looks so red and angry. Will you spunk your Dolly all over her suit? I’d like that so much!”

Margaret was now really going at it, groping her hairy slit and tapping her G-spot and then pulling out and spanking her twat.

“Oh! Oh! Ouch! Oh my god! Ahh! Ouch! Oh my god! Cum on me, Sir! Make a big mess. Please, please!”

Will was almost there, adding some spit to the pre-cum covered dick, and jacking it in a blur. Suddenly, with a cry he erupted, shooting gooey strings of cum all over her cunt and its surrounding rubber terrain. He staggered for a moment, but caught himself, still watching Margaret rubbing his cum all over her crotch and desperately chasing another orgasm. As his cock began to soften, he knew what he had to do. Grinning broadly, he held his now flaccid member and let loose with a powerful spray of his piss, hosing Margaret down.

“Ahhh! Ahhh! Gaaahhhh!” Margaret made a gargling sound and pinched her clit, triggering an explosive squirting cum. “Ooooohhhh!” Her limbs stiffened and twitched and her eyes rolled nearly out of sight. And then she relaxed and just lay there whimpering. Will went over and knelt by her, petting her and whispering little words of reassurance. She gazed at him dreamily, feeling like she was the happiest woman in the whole world.

The End

[Note: If you like this story, please rate it highly and favorite it. This will encourage me to write more and hopefully draw more readers. Thank you. Also a note of gratitude to my dear friends Queenlynn, Margaret_Jenkins and lesliejones for their feedback and inspiration. You ladies are the best.]

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