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Double Exposure

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Double Exposure

by Kris Cherita

The girl had just gotten out of the pool, or maybe the jaccuzi; she was only wearing a tiny thong and her nipples stuck out through the wet fabric like bullets. “You must be Dan,” she said. “I’m Zoe. Come on in; Mac’s expecting you.” She led the way through the house. Her breasts were wider than her rib cage, big enough that I could admire them from behind, which was just how Mac and I liked women.

I hadn’t seen Mac in nearly a year, except at a distance. He was a big-shot producer/director now, and I was just a carpenter; my work was usually done before he came anywhere near the sets, and I had to wonder what had prompted him to call me and ask me around for a beer. He was waiting in the den and, being Mac, he had his arm around another gorgeous big-breasted women, who I recognised as his assistant, Paula. I sat down while Zoe went and fetched me a drink. “You’re looking well,” said Mac.

I couldn’t have said the same for him; he was three months younger than I was, and I was two days shy of forty-eight, but he looked ten years older. “Work okay?” he asked.

“Great. Thanks again for -“

“Don’t mention it. How often did you save my butt in Iraq?” He sipped at his drink, grimaced, and said, “Look, I’ll cut to the chase. I have a strange favour to ask of you. You know the new studio head, Fisk, doesn’t want to give me final cut on ‘Bodywash’?” I nodded. “The asshole wants to change the title, chop out all the nude scenes, and give it a PG rating, thinks it’ll make more money that way. Now he can’t do that as long as I’m around, but…” He grimaced again. “Problem is, my blood pressure’s already through the roof, and I had an excursion – that’s a mild heart attack – a few days ago. So I need to spend some time in hospital without letting Fisk know I’m sick. That’s where you come in.” Zoe handed me a glass, and I gulped a mouthful down without even tasting it, which is no way to treat twelve year old Scotch.

“I’ll pay you ten grand to be my double for a week,” Mac continued. “All you have to do is turn up at the studio every afternoon for a few hours to scare Fisk away; Zoe here will do your make-up, and Paula will do all the real work.” I looked at him dubiously. “We got the same build, the same accent, my clothes will fit you; all you need is the beard and a little more grey in your hair and you’ll fool Fisk, at least in a dark screening room. You won’t have to talk to anyone; just watch the movie and pretend to take notes, and spend the rest of the time in my office letting Paula take any calls. You can stay here, use the Porsche, and I can pay you ten thousand dollars. What do you say?”

As badly as I needed the money, I had no idea what to say. “I think he needs some time to think about it,” said Paula, gently, and led him out. Zoe sat down on a sofa opposite me and smiled.

“Mac says you and he have been friends since high school,” she said. I mumbled something meaningless. “He got me my job, too. I came here wanting to be an actress, but they said my boobs were too big. I was working in a bar when I met Mac, and he asked if I’d rather work in the make-up department. I said I’d try it. You don’t think my boobs are too big, do you?”

“No way.” Her smile became a grin, and the next thing I knew, she was kneeling in front of me, pulling my hands to her boobs, letting me feel their weight and the hardness of her nipples. We kissed as she undid my fly, then she dropped onto her haunches and licked up the length of my rigid cock, planted a wet kiss on the head, then licked her way slowly down to my balls, taking one into her mouth gently, then the other.

“You like this?” I moaned, and she returned to licking my cock like a popsicle, enjoying the taste of my pre-cum while she unhooked her bra. She sandwiched my dick between her enormous boobs, running her tongue around her right nipple, then around my glans (now almost the same shade of crimson), then over her left nipple, then back to my cock, repeating the pattern while rubbing her tits up and down my dick. I hadn’t been laid ankara evi olan escortlar or sucked in months, or tittyfucked in more than a year, and I soon found myself on the verge of exploding. Zoe managed to catch most of my cum in her mouth, but some splashed on her face and some dropped back onto her boobs. I collapsed back into the leather chair, my senses reeling as I watched her lick my jism from her cheeks and her nipples. Then she got up and walked out, leaving me to make a decision.

* * *

The next week was one of nervous days and sleepless nights. ‘Bodywash’ was a spy thriller, like most of Mac’s films; ‘bodywash’ is just spy-talk for making a murder look like a natural death. Despite all the nudity, I became bored with the film after the third or fourth screening, and the phony beard and moustache itched, but there are worse ways to make two grand a day and the nights more than made up for it. Zoe had come from a small town just like the one Mac and I had grown up in about twenty years earlier, and once we got past the “Me Tarzan You Big-Boobed Babe” stage, we found we had a lot of interests in common. We both loved movies even more than we hated L.A., and we spent our evenings curled up together on the couch or the waterbed watching our way through Mac’s film collection like a couple of teenagers at a drive-in, my arm around her, her hand in my crotch. Every so often we’d notice that her pussy was wet and her nipples and my cock were hard as wood, and make love – sometimes starting slowly, exploring each other’s bodies with mouths and fingers until we were dying to fuck; sometimes so urgently that we couldn’t stop for long enough to find a condom, and she’d squeeze her tits together to form a tunnel to accommodate my cock. It really turned her on to see me cumming, just a few inches from her face – so turned on that all she had to do to bring herself off was squeeze her tits and bite her nipples, which usually got me horny again, and we’d start over a few minutes later. If she hadn’t worn me out, I probably wouldn’t have got any sleep at all.

I hoped we’d still see each other when this charade was over, but I wasn’t fooling myself. I decided to enjoy myself while I could, so I had mixed feelings when Paula rang during breakfast on Sunday to say that Mac was going to have to stay in hospital until Wednesday. “There’s another ten thousand for you if you can keep it up for another three days.”

I looked across the table at Zoe, who was licking jelly and cream off one of her breasts. “I think I can manage.” I replied.

“Mac was supposed to start auditions for ‘Swallows’ on Monday,” said Paula. “Just extras for the brothel and bar scenes, but he’s always picked those himself; says they’re an essential part of the look of the film. The doctor doesn’t think his heart can stand that sort of strain.”

It took a few seconds for that to sink in, but I’d seen all of Mac’s movies. “Nude scenes?”

“Nude, topless, and lingerie,” replied Paula drily. “Mac thinks he can trust you to choose them; he can always change his mind later, he’s notorious for it. But don’t pick too many pornstars; two or three, tops, or the studio will skin you alive. Okay?”

Zoe grinned at me, and reached for a banana. “Uh, yeah,” I said, as she wrapped her tits around the banana, caressing it lovingly. “Look, can I call you back?”

* * *

Casting a movie is much less fun than you might think, no matter how gorgeous the women parading before you are. Even when they walk in wearing their sexiest lingerie, smile at you, and then strip as far as they’re willing to go… the first few are fun, but after two hours, when I’d seen thirty-eight mouth-watering tits ranging from milk-white to chocolate brown, my cock had been hard so long that it was beginning to hurt. I turned to Paula and the make-up artist (not Zoe; she was working on another film) and the camera assistant and suggested a coffee break.

Paula looked at her Rolex. “Okay, but I have to be in the editing suite in twenty minutes.”

“How many more are waiting?”

“Eight.” ankara olgun escortlar I tried not to grimace; no wonder Mac had blood pressure problems. As luck would have it, all of the women after the break were dancers, rather than actresses. They didn’t just stand there half-naked, they flaunted their tantalising cunts – some trimmed, some shaven, one pierced, and all sweetly perfumed – and breasts and asses for all they were worth. It was look-but-don’t-touch city, and after the last one had left, I was barely able to walk back to Mac’s office. Still, I’d managed to choose three that I was sure that Mac would like, and I was thinking that had to count for something when I opened the door, and saw them draped across the couches. The one facing me, a diminutive dark-skinned delight named Maya, was sucking on her own coffee-coloured nipple while a natural redhead with a glorious ass, kneeling before her, sucked on the other. The third woman, a blonde porn star with surgically enhanced boobs the size of basketballs was diddling her clit as she watched them. “What are you doing in here?” I asked, stupidly.

Maya opened her eyes, and the blonde turned to face me and laughed. “What does it look like?” she crooned. “We’re rehearsing.”

“Celebrating,” said Maya.

“Whatever,” said the blonde. “So, tell us more about the parts you have in mind for us, Mr Director.” She looked down at my crotch. “I can see a part that looks like it’s made for me.” She slid off the couch and sashayed towards me, her boobs bouncing beautifully with each step. “A big part.”

I walked towards her and closed the door behind me as though I were being led by the cock. After all, I thought, I’ve already hired them, and what can it hurt if they think I’m Mac?

“You don’t have to do this,” I said. They just smiled wickedly. “You’re Janet Planets, aren’t you?”

“You’ve seen my movies?” She stopped right in front of me, close enough that I could almost feel her nipples through my silk shirt. “Trust me, honey, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

“I don’t know,” I said. She’d given me a good look half an hour before, bending over in front of me to reveal her shaven cunt and hot little asshole, her boobs hanging down to her chin; she stuck her tongue out at me, then ran it around her swollen nipples. I had a pretty good view of the redhead by now, too; she was rubbing her own boob over Maya’s pussy, fucking her with the swollen scarlet nipple while frigging herself frantically. “I’ve seen a lot.”

“We’ve got hidden depths,” she said, then laughed again. “You look like you need to sit down before you fall down. Simone, get the director his chair.” She reached down and unzipped my trousers, freeing my cock. “Come on, you’re the director. Direct us.”

The part of my brain that was still working wondered if someone was setting me up, and if so, who, and why, and… but when the redhead turned around and licked Maya’s pussy juice of her tits, I stopped caring. “Okay,” I laughed. “You want to suck up to the director? Start sucking.”

Janet dropped to her knees and eagerly took my cock into her mouth until her lips were wrapped around the root and her boobs around my thigh. The redhead, Simone, brought me a folding chair, and I kissed her and reached for her beautiful breasts. They were as natural as her hair; not as huge as Janet’s, but silky and shapely and succulent, and sweetly scented by Maya’s snatch. I sucked on them as the women helped me strip, and Janet gobbled my cock like a milking machine with a deadline. I sat down, and a pair of brown juggs the size of prize-winning melons wrapped themselves around my head from behind, covering my eyes and ears. My senses reeled, and I came in Janet’s mouth. She gulped it down without wasting a drop, then grinned up at me. “Well,” she said, “the film is called ‘Swallows’.”

Maya laughed. “Is there going to be a sequel?” I looked at her, wondering if I’d ever seen a more stunning woman. She’d told me she was one quarter African, one quarter Amerindian, and one quarter Thai; I guess her breasts, ankara sarışın escortlar which hung down to her bottom ribs, made up the other quarter. “Sure,” I said. I fished a condom out of my wallet, and walked towards the couch with my arms around Maya and Simone. They knelt on either side of me so I could feast on their tits while Janet licked my cock and balls clean. A moment later, I felt Janet’s boobs wrapped around my stiffening rod, and I looked down. “You’ve had your turn,” I told her. “Simone -“

I didn’t need to say any more. Simone clambered down and sandwiched my schlong between her wonderful well-lubed boobs, kissing and licking the head of my cock as it thrust up between them. “Would you like Janet to eat you?” I asked. She grinned up at me and nodded; Janet slid underneath her, and Simone lowered her cunt onto her face. The soundtrack of sighs and sucking was like a symphony. I tried cramming as much of Maya’s tit into my mouth as I could, but could barely get my lips around her Oreo-sized areole. The phone started ringing while we were rearranging ourselves on the fur rug, but we ignored it. Maya rolled the condom onto my cock, then wrapped her legs around me and guided it into her tight little shaven snatch. Simone knelt by her side and fondled one of Maya’s tits while I caressed the other. Janet watched this, biting on her own nipples and frigging herself frantically until she came. Soon Maya and Simone were sucking each other’s tits, I had one of Maya’s boobs in one hand and one of Simone’s in the other, and my cock was so far inside Maya that I could feel all of her cunt muscles spasming. Janet slid back under Simone, and ground her huge hard hooter into her cunt while she kissed and caressed her ass. We built up to a rhythm like a well-oiled fucking machine with lots of moving parts, cock and cunts and tits and balls and tongues and lips, until I lost track of who was cumming. I stared at Maya, and decided I had to know what she’d look like with a pearl necklace against that cinnamon skin, so I slipped my cock out of her, ripped off the condom, grabbed both of her tits, and fucked them. Simone refused to be dislodged from Maya’s nipple, and when I started cumming, sperm splashed onto her face and tits as well as Maya’s. Eventually I collapsed, from a mixture of exhaustion and ecstasy, onto this writhing heap of beautiful womanhood, and we lay there together for a few minutes before separating. Half-dazed, I watched them lick each other clean, dress themselves, and leave.

I staggered into the shower. I don’t know how much time passed before I heard a hammering on the office door, and I had just wrapped a towel around myself and ventured out when it opened and Fisk and a security guard rushed in, followed by the studio’s doctor. “Hi,” I said, and yawned. “What’s up?”

Fisk’s eyes bugged, and he turned pink. “You’re okay?”

“Never felt better,” I assured him. The doctor coughed.

“Paula said you were in here,” he said, “but you didn’t answer your phone and I, uh… I guess I overreacted.”

I stared at him, and light dawned. So Fisk had set me up with that top-heavy trio, knowing that Mac would be unable to resist those beautiful boobs, and hoping the exertion would give him a heart attack. A non-fatal one, or he wouldn’t have brought the doctor, but bad enough to keep Mac out of the way for a while. “I guess you did. What did you want?” He looked bewildered. “You must have wanted something, or you wouldn’t have called.”

“Oh. Will you have the final cut ready for the preview?”

“Sure. Now, if there’s nothing else, can I get dressed?”

* * *

Mac laughed so hard I thought he was going to have another attack. “Looks like you saved my life again, Dan. That’s another one I owe you.”

“Forget it. I was glad to do it.”

“I mean it. I’m going to have to stop working so hard, and that means delegating more. I really need people I can trust. How would you like a better job?”

I shook my head. “Give it to Zoe.”

“I already asked her; she recommended you. I can hire both of you, if you don’t mind sharing an office…”

Did I mind? “When do you want me to start?”

“Tomorrow, if you can. I’m going to be busy cutting ‘Bodywash’, and someone has to do audition the rest of the extras for the brothel scene. Do you think you’re up to it?”

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