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Down The Path Ch. 04

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This story includes forced fem and bdsm scenes. Not your thing, plenty other stories here.

I haven’t heard from anyone all week. Finally feeling like I can relax a little. The weekend was too much. I didn’t feel right for at least a couple days afterward. I just kept thinking about the stuff I had done. I can’t believe that I finally really sucked a cock and not just a cock but several cocks and that I really like it. The situations were very scary and humiliating but at the same time so exciting. I can’t stop thinking about it. Fuck, I drove home wearing girl’s clothes. What the fuck?

It just seemed like I was a different person, it was so strange. I can’t believe that I have got into this kind of situation. Last weekend was so crazy and I loved it, maybe not at the time, but thinking back about it all, them making me say such embarrassing things, it excites me to think about it now. I just didn’t seem to be able to say no to you or Brian. I know you have the pictures and you can fuck up my life good and I felt like I must do what told but beneath it all I knew I wanted to be treated like that. It’s embarrassing to admit it but I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m so worried about what they might make me do. The public play is so scary. I’ve always been rather reserved and to be treated like I was, humiliated, sissified and used like a faggot in front of others, was such a hard thing for me to do. To just be put on display and exposed, it was unreal and I still get confused thinking about it all when I try to remember how I felt.

Those guys there now have pictures of me. Will they look at them when they are stroking their cocks? Will they wish I was sucking their cock? Would they want to kiss me? Remember how they were looking at me. Did they get off on watching me being humiliated? I think they did. I can’t help think about the girl in the back watching me. What was she thinking about me? I do remember thinking at the time how they must all think that I was a total fag willing to do as told no matter how demeaning or embarrassing. I remember being embarrassed being thought about like that. How they must think I would do anything just to be able to suck a cock.

The phone rings. ‘Hello.’

‘Hello Steffi. How’s my little faggot?’

‘I’m ok Sir, thank you for asking Sir.’ I realize who it is. I found out his name is Mike.

‘Did you and Brian have a good time?’

‘It was so scary Sir but also very exciting. Did you talk to Brian Sir? Did he tell you I did alright?’

‘Yes Steffi, I did talk to Brian. He said you were a very good girl. He told me you gave him a great blowjob.’

‘I tried hard to be good Sir. Some of it was so hard. Dressing up was rather fun till I realized that he was going to make me go out into the bookstore dressed like I was. The thought of going out and letting men see me dressed as a sissy was frightening. I never thought I would be able to do anything like that and then what followed. I still can’t believe what I did.’

‘He told me it wouldn’t take much to turn you into a total sissy but that isn’t really what I want. If I want a girl, I will just get a girl, but to have a boy and make him be fem but still a boy, that is what I want Steffi. The pictures were really quite nice didn’t you think?’

‘I really never saw them Sir.’

‘He told me you kiss like a girl Steffi. Nothing says fag quite like a couple men kissing is there boy?’

‘It was embarrassing with all the people watching but his kisses were…you know…they were nice.’

‘You did good Steffi. Now I will be at your house in 30 minutes, I want you naked, Velcro straps on both wrists and ankles with a metal ring in each. Unlock your door and go kneel in the middle of the living room, head down on your hands on the floor, ass up in the air. Any questions?’

Oh god, he’s coming over now! I try to remain calm. ‘No Sir, did I do something wrong Sir?’

‘We will discuss that when I get there. Now go do as told.’

He hangs up and I almost panic. Did I do something wrong? I thought he said I did well but from the instructions I know that I’m going to be tied up. Is he going to hurt me? I go get undressed and get out the toy box and take it to the living room and put it where he likes it. I start binding my wrists and ankles with the Velcro restraints making sure I have a silver ring in each. I look at the clock. Fifteen more minutes, I better wait a little while before getting down on my knees. They will probably get sore enough anyway. But what if he gets here early and I’m not in position like I’m supposed to be? I move over to the floor and get down, wait for him. I try thinking about what I might have done wrong. I have to try harder, I really do. Is he really mad at me? Maybe he just wants to play around but realize that he has never been like that. It’s been about domination. Kneel there waiting for him, so nervous.

You open the door and come in, shut and lock it. You walk into the living room and feel you move around behind me and stop. gay seks hikayeleri I know better than to look up. You lean over me and drop a large manila envelope in front of my face.

‘A gift for you Steffi. Open it.’

I open the envelope, reach in and bring out some 10 X 8 photos. When I look at them, I realize they are the pictures Brian took of me the other night. I can’t believe how faggy my face looks. And the tits, they look huge, pointed out stretching the sweater. The short skirt, the nylons, the high heels, all made me look like a really fem guy who likes dressing like a slut or a whore. They were very embarrassing especially when I got to the last one. This one, Brian made me lift my skirt and show everyone my cock. It looks so small in the picture. I put the pictures down after looking at them.

‘Do you understand what these mean Steffi?’

‘I think so Sir. You have pictures of me that I don’t want anyone to see so I better do what you say.’

‘Let’s make it simple Steffi, I own you now. You are mine to do with as I like.’

Realize that he is probably right. I will have to do as he says but to say he owns me. Don’t know if that’s right. ‘Yes Sir.’

‘I will expect a lot from you Steffi. I hope you are not going to disappoint me. I don’t take disappointment well.’

As he is talking to me, he pulls my right arm back to my ankle and I hear the click of a padlock locking the two rings together. Then he does the same with the other wrist and ankle. I tense up, know this can’t be good. My head is lying down on the bed with my ass sticking up in air.

‘You would not believe how disappointed I was when I looked at the pictures Steffi.’

‘Did I do something wrong Sir, I didn’t say anything. I did what he said, just what he said.’ I wonder if he hears the panic in my voice.

‘You were told to go over to see Brian as a sissy faggot, correct?’

‘Yes Sir and I did it. I tried to act feminine, I really did. I just need more practice Sir. I will try harder next time. I promise,’ almost pleading.

‘Then what the fuck is with the all the hair? Hair on the body is for men, not faggots and especially not sissy faggots. And still you went over like you did. I was so embarrassed when I saw it. I felt like you really let me down.’

‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you wanted me to do that. You didn’t tell me to shave my legs and pubes and stuff Sir.’

‘So it’s my fault, is that what you are saying?’

‘No Sir, not at all,’ I say trying to back out of it. ‘It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have known, it all my fault Sir. I’m really sorry.’

‘No you are probably right. It probably is my fault. I have been too easy on you. Sometimes you want to be nice and it’s just not possible. There is only one thing bitches like you understand.’

‘No Sir, please, it’s all my fault. I promise I will do better. I promise. You don’t have to do this Sir. Please. I will try harder, I will.’ I watch as you reach into the toy box and bring out a red ball gag. You press the ball against my lips making me open wide. You push the ball into my mouth and secure it tightly.

‘You will need that boy.’ You reach into the bag you brought along and take out a wooden paddle. It looks to be about 18″ long and 3″ wide with two rolls of holes drilled in it.

I mumble into the gag, shaking my head no.

‘Put your knees together and stick your fag ass out boy.’ You move down by my ass. ‘WHACK,’ the paddle strikes across both ass cheeks. It really hurts and I cry out into the gag.

‘You need to understand boy. If you don’t, then I’m not doing my job right.’

‘WHACKKKKKKKKKK.’ This one even harder and I scream into the gag.

‘I told you, you were going to need that boy.’

Then you start on my ass in earnest. The pain is so intense. I have never been paddled like this before. My ass feels on fire. I’m just babbling into the gag now, all my screams wasted as you just continue working over my ass. The worse ones are when you strike up right into the bottom of my ass cheeks. I’m crying so hard. Finally, you stop. I’m a babbling mess, not even thinking, just trying to deal with the pain. You come around in front of me, taking the ball gag out and shoving your black boot under my face. I start licking your boot. Licking it all over not even thinking about it, just licking it, tears running down my face as I try to stop crying but can’t stop sobbing loudly.

‘You disappoint me again boy and this will feel like a love tap compared to what I will do to you. DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND???’

Sobbing loudly, ‘Yes Sir, I understand.’ You sit down and lift the bottom of your shoe up. I have to crane my neck to get to it but I do it and start licking the bottom of your boot. Can feel the dirt and grime in my mouth.

‘You see where you are, don’t you boy?’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘Tell me boy.’

‘I’m under your boot Sir. You own me.’

You lean down and unfasten the padlocks taking them off. ‘Lean up boy, hands behind your back, knees spread wide. Get up on your knees.’

I do as he says, my eyes down, tears still running down my cheeks.

‘I am leaving town for a few weeks boy. You know my email address. I expect pictures from you at least once a week. I want you to show me how badly you want to be a fag and what kind of things you will do for me if I decide you are worth wasting any more time with. You understand boy?’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘I know you will not disappoint me again. Now I want to leave you with one final thought about our relationship.’

As you finish speaking you suddenly bring your boot up hard right into my nuts. I double over on the floor, taking my nuts in my hands. Oh god, it hurts so badly. When I finally look up you are gone. Lay there, curled up, crying. I have to try harder to please him.

The pain goes away slowly. I finally get to my feet and take the restraints off. I keep wiping the tears away as they continue to flow. I reach back and rub my ass lightly and it stings from my touch. I go look in the mirror. Both of my ass cheeks are so red. Why does he need to punish me so severely? Am I not trying hard enough? Realize I’m scared of him but I probably shouldn’t be. This is what I told him I wanted to experience and he is just doing it. It must be my fault for making him be rougher than he probably wants to be.

I go take a shower. When the hot water hits my ass cheeks, it stings so badly I turn back around quickly. Let the hot water flow over my head as I think about it all. Then I remember what he said about body hair. He wants me smooth from the neck down. I use an electric razor so know I will have to buy some razors. What about hair remover? I guess I will have to get some of that too. No way that I can go to the gym all smooth like that. I know what everyone would say if they saw me in the shower.

He expects pictures of me too. I know what kind of pictures he is talking about. I have to make sure he will be satisfied with them. What if I don’t do anything for awhile? That won’t work. I have to get pictures for him. Maybe I will call Brian. Will he treat me like a sissy again? Realizing how deep I’m getting into this but there really doesn’t seem like it’s something I can just quit. What would he do to me?

I get through the rest of the day and night. Have trouble sitting down, my ass is still too sensitive. Finally go to bed but my mind just keeps going over and over what is happening. I realize that thinking about it all is getting to me. I reach down and stroke my cock slowly. It seems so much smaller now, maybe I just feel different about it. All those other guys were quite a bit bigger than me down there. I see the pink panties with the black ruffles across the ass lying there on the floor. I can’t help it. I get up and put them on and curl up in bed. I fall asleep as I feel my cock through my panties.

I get up in the morning. Feel silly now for putting the panties on last night and sleeping in them. I take them off and look at my ass. It’s still red but doesn’t hurt near as bad. I get up and go have breakfast and take it easy all day. Nothing happens for the next couple days and I start thinking about the pictures I need. I will probably have to call Brian. I really don’t want to, he will think that I loved being treated like he treated me and maybe he will think I want even more.

The phone rings.


‘Hello, is this Steve?’

‘Yes, who is this?’

‘I’m your secret admirer Stevie. I was so surprised to see you the other night and was even more surprised how much you liked sucking my cock. I really never had you figured for a faggot, the way you flirt with the ladies at work.’

I realize it’s the guy from the bookstore that knew me. I don’t recognize his voice at all but I must work with him. Who can it be?

‘I can explain that, please tell me who you are.’

‘What fun would that be? You wouldn’t be able to look around and try to figure out who knows what a fag you are. By the way you look so pretty in pink. Brian knows I know you and he thought I might want to see how pretty you can be.’

Fuck. Fuck. I can’t believe he sent him a picture of me dressed like a sissy. I wonder which picture he sent.

‘I really think you should stop flirting with the girls at work. I really don’t think they would want anything to do with a guy who wears panties to work. Don’t you agree?’

‘Please, can’t we meet and talk about this. I will…you know…suck you again if you want but can we keep this away from work.’ By the way, I’m a table supervisor in a casino.

‘I asked you a question Stevie boy. Don’t you think the girls would want anything to do with a man who wears panties to work.’

‘You are probably right Sir, if they knew…’

‘Knew what a fag cocksucker you are?’ You are going to stay away from them. Understand?”

‘Yes Sir I understand.’

‘Listen fag boy, if you do as told, no one needs to know. First, you will wear panties to work each day, won’t you?’

‘Yes Sir,’ knowing I can keep anyone from knowing I’m wearing them.

‘Second, I can’t expect you not too flirt with any of the dealers can I? That wouldn’t be fair. I know you know the dealer Chris, you know the one you like calling Chrissy, the fairy princess. I have heard you call him that enough times and I better not hear it again. You will spend time at his table and you better treat him right. I know he thinks a lot of you and will be thrilled when you flirt with him. Also, he usually eats alone in the employee lounge. You are to join him whenever you see him alone like that.’

God, Chris couldn’t be more of a flaming fag if he tried. What will people think if they see me spending time with him? What will all the girls I flirt around with think if they see me spending time with him and not with them? My mind is racing as thoughts fly through my head.

‘That’s not going to be a problem is it Stevie?

‘Why are you doing this? Can’t we just work something out? I will do whatever you want me to do if you want to meet. Please Sir.’

‘You will do that anyway Stevie. I know this job is important to you and I would hate to have to do anything that might jeopardize your job. Tell me you can’t wait to get to know Chris, Stevie.’

‘I can’t wait to get too know Chris better Sir.’

‘That’s a good little fagboy. Lastly, I will have friends stopping by to make sure you are behaving as told. If they call you Stevie, you will do as they say. Do you understand?’

‘Yes Sir but Sir, please don’t let others at work now, please. I promise to do as told.’

‘We will see won’t we?’ and he hangs up.

I’m trying to figure out who he is but realize I have no idea who it might be. How can I hang around Chris? I know the other supervisors at work know how I talk about Chris. What will they think if I start being friendly to him?

I go to work wearing panties the next day. I can’t stop being nervous as I do my job. One of my favorite dealers calls me over and she starts flirting. I look around to see if I see anyone looking. I make some excuse about having to take care of something and see the look she gives me as I leave. I move to the other end of pit and when I look up I see Chris looking at me from the pit across from mine. I force myself to smile at him and he smiles back. He isn’t in my pit so really don’t have a chance to talk with him. I get back to work when a man calls me over.

‘Do I give comment cards to you?’

‘Yes, I can take the card. Thank you Sir.’

When I read the card, I can feel my face getting red. It reads: “Stevie, I can’t wait to see your panties. I hope you wore a pretty pair for me. Your next break, go the men’s room in the back and go into the last stall. Take your suit coat off, drop your slacks and lift up your shirt. When you hear three soft knocks on the door you will unlock the door.” I look around for the man but don’t see him anywhere.

My break comes sooner than I want and I leave the pit. Looking around, I don’t see anyone watching so head to the bathroom in back. It’s not used very much. I go into the stall and get ready. Then I hear the knock and I unlock the door. I recognize the man that gave me the comment card. He presses his way into the booth and locks the door behind him. I start to say something when he pulls me close and tries to kiss me but I move my face away.

‘You sure you want to do that Stevie? My friend told me you like older men. I would hate to have to talk to him about your behavior.’

‘Please Sir, I can’t afford to lose this job and if they catch me like this…you know what will happen.’

‘Then maybe you should do as told before someone else decides to use this men’s room. You really are quite cute. I love your baby blue panties sweetie. I figured pink was your favorite. Now kiss me.’

I lean forward and put my arms around his neck and start kissing him. I feel him press his tongue between my lips and he kisses me. I can’t keep from responding and soon I’m kissing him back, sucking on his tongue. He breaks the kiss holding me in front of him.

‘I can’t wait for my turn Stevie, I just love using sissy fags. They can be such sluts. Your friend told me you get off at 8:00 tonight. You will go to Suite 2023 at Caesars. You will be expected exactly at 8:30. You will be taken to a very exclusive private club here in Vegas by the gentleman waiting for you there. You will shower at the suite and appropriate clothes for you to wear will be provided. Tell me your sizes.’

I figure it’s useless to argue so I give him my sizes. He gives me a quick kiss.

‘I will tell your friend you are being a good fagboy. Time for me to go,’ and he leaves me standing there in my panties.

I have trouble getting through the rest of the day of work. Feel like I have no control over things now. They tell me what to do and I do it. How am I going to get out of this situation? If it were only one person, he would probably tire of me but it seems like more and more people are getting involved. Anyway, I get through the day and drive over to Caesars and go up to the suite and knock on the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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