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Dreams of E: Super Nova

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Big Cock

As I pull my prized possession, a blazing yellow 1970 Chevy Nova SS, onto our long gravel driveway you lean over, a hand on my upper thigh, and lick at my earlobe. You lick and suck and bite it then move down and do the same to my neck. My dick begins to stir and I know you’ll be putting it to good use very soon. Pulling up in front of the garage, I barely have time to shift into park before you mash your mouth to mine and begin probing for my tongue with your own. With a few deft moves my pants are open and your hand is inside. You bite my neck as you gently fondle my balls for a moment or two before your nimble fingers wrap around my stiff cock. I open my door and we both get out my side, awkwardly continuing to kiss as we do. I wrap my arms around you and it’s my turn to bite your neck and suck your earlobe as I walk us to the front of the car. I pull your shirt and bra off and lay you back on the warm hood.

I get lost in licking, kissing and sucking your face, neck and breasts. You tell me you’re ready for more but I make you wait… I’m enjoying being right where I am. And I LOVE that it’s making you so very eager. Your eyes practically beg for it, you’re desperate to move on to the next stage. I pull you suddenly to your feet, surprising you a little. I force your naked torso firmly against me and we kiss deeply. Without warning I pull away and spin you to face the car. With playful roughness I yank down your pants and panties and bend you over the hood. You look back at me anxiously over your shoulder as I rub your butt and admire the treasures being presented to me. I stare, my mouth goes dry and I lick my lips. Leaning in I plant light, playful kisses across your lower back and down to the soft round mounds of your butt. I lick my lips, my saliva flowing once again in anticipation of tasting you. The tip of my pointed tongue touches the salty sweet skin at the top of the cleave between your full round cheeks. A hand firmly clutching each side, I spread your cheeks and my wriggling wet tongue starts to make it’s way downward. I wiggle the spit-slicked tip of it suddenly into your puckered little asshole. You gasp. I push my face against you and force my tongue as far in as I’m able and you grind your plump ass against my face. I pull back and playfully bite you on one cheek, ataşehir escort bringing a slight yipe and giggle from you.

I sit back on my heels, running my hands over your butt and back, again admiring the view. You look back over your shoulder giving me a “come fuck me” look as you start to pull up you pants, I assume to go inside and continue our loveplay. I push your hand away, you stand upright and start to turn toward me. I’m quickly up on my feet carefully forcing you back down onto the warm “hotrod yellow” metal of the Nova’s hood. I keep one hand on your back, encouraging you to stay facedown while the other slides slowly down over the curve of your ample hip, down the outside of your leg then up the inside of your thigh. As it creeps closer to your warm, wet womanhood, a shiver runs down your spine. You’re so much more ready than I realized. Normally, I might be tempted to draw it out even more, taunt you into a manic need for satisfaction, but not today. I slide the flat of my hand between your legs, cupping your pussy and rubbing in a tiny circular motion. Your musky juices practically gush out onto my fingers. A quiet moaning sigh escapes your mouth and you spread your legs wider, as wide and the jeans around your ankles will allow. Still flat against you, my hand slides further forward. The tips of my fingers press against your sheathed clit, you groan as I waggle them from side to side. I drop back to my knees and eagerly bury my face up between your legs, my mouth and tongue burrow eagerly into the slick folds of your pussy. My face quickly becomes smeared and sticky with your wetness, the taste and smell of you spur my passions on. I push my face more forcefully up between your legs forcing you up onto your tiptoes.

“Oh, fuck!” You slap the hood of the car and buck against my face. “FUCK!”

A twinge so strong it almost hurts shoots through my raging cock. You keep riding my face while I undo my pants the rest of the way, you’re getting lost in pleasure. I love being able to make you feel this way. I stand and my pants fall to the ground. Before you can fully snap back to reality from the pleasures of my mouth, I’m inside you. The liquid velvet walls of your pussy grip my cock as I push fully into you in one power thrust, avcılar escort my pelvis presses as hard against your ass as possible, I don’t move. Pinned between my body and the car you can hardly move, unable to rock back against me you grind yourself side to side desperately. I place my big hands on the small of your back and press down, forcing you to stay still as I slowly…. very slowly… start to pull back. You pulse the muscles of your pussy and I’m in heaven. I stop just before the head of my cock falls free of your wetness, then just as slowly I push myself back inside you. You look back over your shoulder at me a again with a combination of desperation and frustration, I know you want me to go faster. But I deny us both a little longer. You try to rise up off the hood again, I stop you for a moment then let you. You lean back against me, your arms reaching back over your shoulders to grab fistfuls of my hair and pull my face to yours. Our lips meet, our tongues play tag and I slide my hands around to your stomach and up to gently but firmly cup your ample breasts. As I lightly pinch your hard nipples and slightly increase the grinding of myself up into you, you clench my hair in your fists more tightly and emit a guttural groan.

“Fuck me,” you demand almost indignantly as you buck your ass back against me, pushing me back enough for your to suddenly have room to control the motion.

You slam yourself back onto my dick hard and fast three or four times before I regain control. I slam myself into you hard, my hips pinning yours against the car once again, you grunt as the wind is knocked out of you. I run my hands up to your shoulders and grip them tightly as I drive myself into you, forcefully but not violently. I push you back down onto the hood of the car, your breasts squash against it and you rest your forehead against the steel. I run my hands suddenly from your shoulders, down your arms to grasp both your wrists and pull them behind your back. I hold them together at the small of your back, I have near total control of you now. I settle my hips into a moderate pace, sliding my cock in and out of your soaking wet pussy and fighting with all I have to make it last. You moan and whine and you play the game, struggling halfheartedly to avrupa yakası escort free yourself from my controlling grip. But you’re loving your turn to be the one not in control, to be playfully dominated. I’m loving it too. I can’t hold back any longer and you get your wish, I gradually increased the speed of my pounding thrusts. You moan and call out to God, you thrash your head from side to side and struggle harder to free your arms. I begin to growl and grunt as my hips move faster and my thrusts become harder.

Your moans and cries and pleas not to stop all stream together, getting louder and louder. You yell out at the top of your lungs and your entire body contracts, your pussy clenches tightly around my thrusting cock. I drive into you over and over and over. You scream AGAIN, your legs quiver and go limp, you collapse like a sweaty rag doll against the car. You’ve just cum twice in a row, my dirty angel was in the mood to be dominated today. I continue to drive into you with all that I have. I release your wrists and your arms flop loosely to your sides. I place a hand on each side of you on the hood and lean forward against you, thrusting and thrusting. You are completely drained from your orgasms, soft moans and euphoric whispers spill out of you. I’m so close, I can feel the seed boiling inside me.

“Cum for me,” you groan eagerly. “Cum for me now.”

Just as I pull my aching cock from your cunt the first burst of cum splashes against your pussy lips. I grab my shaft and stroke furiously, leaning forward and pressing my thighs against the back of yours. Three, four, five more spurts of gooey white semen shoot from the head of my cock onto your back and butt. One final weak shot lands in the valley of your ass and slowly trickles down toward your sopping wet and very satisfied pussy. You raise up onto your elbows and look back at me dreamily smiling.

“I want it. I want to taste it.”

My own legs now wobbly and weak, I steady myself as I bend down and lick my cum from your crack, then your ass and back. I stand you up and turn you around, seated facing me on the front edge of the car you wrap your legs around me and pull me to you. My half hard dick finds it’s way once again into your heat. You tenderly place your hands on the sides of my face and guide me to your mouth, our lips meet and mouths open, my cum drifts from my mouth into yours. We kiss passionately as you swallow all my seed. Both completely spent, we stagger into the house and collapse half naked onto our bed and fall asleep wrapped in each others limbs on top of the covers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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