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Dylan’s Desires Ch. 03

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Dylan and I were having dinner in a booth at the back of the hotel’s main restaurant. We tried to talk about work but our conversation kept coming back to our day of sex. The more we talked, the less we could keep our hands off one another. My hand occasionally found its way up Dylan’s skirt. At one point she had my cock out of my pants and at full attention while she slid an ice cube from her drink along my shaft. I finally had to put a stop to it. While losing my load under the table would make for a good story, it was not how I wanted to use my energy that evening.

Research shows you can burn a lot of calories having sex. While that’s probably true, I still needed to watch my diet and get good exercise. That’s why I had a light enough dinner to be able to work out in the hotel exercise room that evening. I changed quickly when Dylan and I got to the room. The gym was only open for another hour or so. Though tempted to jump Dylan, I went for the best of both worlds — some exercise now and sex later. She decided to stay back to check and return emails.

I had a good run, pushing about three and a half miles in 30-minutes. After a quick shower, I threw my running shorts back on and headed to the sauna. Dylan was there waiting for me with a towel wrapped around her body. I was hard immediately.

Dylan asked for my towel and placed it on the bench. She reached up under my shorts, pulled my cock out, and directed me to sit on the towel. It was one of the few times in my life I took orders well. She turned and faced the door to the sauna, straddled my legs, and hiked up the back of her towel. I was treated to the sight of her ass and then her pussy as she bent forward and positioned herself above my rod.

Her pussy was wet but tight. She had to wriggle to get a good angle and apparently got enough stimulation from that to have a small orgasm wash through her body. As public sex went, I figured this was pretty safe. The hotel wasn’t very crowded. It was late. The gym was going to close soon. Dylan had her towel around her. I had my shorts on. We were facing the door and could see into the gym. It would be easy to make ourselves presentable in a flash.

Dylan leaned forward and put her hands on my knees. With more of her weight supported zeytinburnu escort by her arms, she was able to slide her pussy up and down my cock. She started slowly at first. The heat of the sauna and the warm wetness of her pussy was a powerful combination. I was getting lost in the moment. Dylan started to pump faster. I closed my eyes and put my head back.

After a few minutes of furious pumping, Dylan sat straight up and threw off her towel. Any thought I had of making ourselves presentable flew away with it. I guessed Dylan figured that being watched was being watched, with or without a towel. And if anyone was out in the gym, they were sure to hear Dylan’s moans. Her whole body went stiff and she leaned into me. I spread my legs some and Dylan used that as an invitation to touch. She started rubbing her pussy and my exposed shaft hard and fast.

The moans became louder, longer, and more high pitched. Dylan convulsed forward and back as her hand flew across her clit. “Oh Jason, I coming. I’m coming. Ohhh…,” Dylan’s voice trailed off as she came.

I was still far from coming. This was shaping up to be a good opportunity to fuck Dylan to the extreme. I lifted her off my lap. “Did you come,” she asked?

“Not yet,” I answered. “Hope you’re up for more because I’ve got a lot left in me.”

“Just as long as it’s all in me before the night is out,” she replied.

When I pulled off my shorts, we were both completely naked. I looked out at the gym floor. No one was there. 10:50pm. Ten more minutes before closing. We were unlikely to see anyone the rest of the evening so I walked Dylan to the main workout area. The cooler air felt good on my body. Dylan’s body responded to it as well, her nipples standing erect. It was a bit of a shock to go from the dim light of the sauna to the stark fluorescent light of the gym. We both felt very naked, exposed, and turned on by it.

Our first stop was the universal gym bench press. The last user left the backboard at a slight angle. I took the seat. Dylan was standing over me, her legs spread wide.

It was one of the best looks I’d had of her shaved pussy. It was glistening from her wetness. I grabbed my cock and held it up between her legs. Not aksaray escort only was I completely hard, I was also still quite slick from earlier.

Dylan made good use of the equipment. She grabbed the white frame bars of the bench press machine and used them to carry most of her weight. I started to put my hands on her hips but she asked that I not touch her.

Dylan started lowering herself. The head of my cock was was already bulging from my excitement. Still, I pulled the skin down and held the base of my prick so that it was as firm as possible. There in full view, I watched her slowly take me in. Her clit was slightly swollen from our romp in the sauna. It spread open and began to engulf my dick.

She was careful to not touch any other part of my body. Our only contact was my cock and her pussy. Dylan slowly raised and lowered her body, sliding up and down the entire length of my shaft. It was like getting a slow blow job. She pulled completely off every third of fourth time she slid up to my head, only to let me reenter her again.

It doesn’t matter how much we fuck, the first few seconds of entering Dylan is always one of my favorite moments. Even when she’s wet, her pussy always provides a little resistance. For just a few seconds, it feels like we’re connecting for the first time. Then she opens up to welcome me.

Our visit to bench press ended a few minutes after Dylan lowered herself for good. I released my grip on my cock to let her fully take me in. Dylan moved her body forward and back while still holding the white bars. I put my hands there as well and took in the show. It was like watching the waist and hips of a good belly dancer or pole dancer. I had this surreal moment as though I was watching her fuck someone else, only the pleasure was all mine.

I finally had enough of sitting and I wrapped my arms around Dylan’s body. It didn’t take much effort to stand. Dylan, surprised, wrapped her legs around me. “Oh, where are you taking me?” she asked.

I didn’t answer. I just smiled and walked over to the free weights, stooped down, and set her on one of the benches. Somehow, I managed to keep my cock inside. It was a short, low bench just long enough for Dylan’s torso. Her head was ataköy escort hanging off one end. She had to pull her legs back to maintain balance. They were spread wide and her feet were high in the air. I couldn’t quite kneel and I couldn’t quite stand. I found balance by placing my hands slightly under Dylan’s body on the sides of the bench. It was much like the posture of a mountain lion over its mate, only the mate was on her back.

She would tell me later that having her head hang off a bed, or in this case, a bench, gave her the most incredible orgasms. She didn’t really have to tell me. I’d already figured that out. I fucked Dylan hard on that bench. I was going fast and deep. For a minute, two minutes, I pumped a furiously as I could. No matter how hard I rammed her, she wanted more. And she let me know it too.

“Fuck me harder Jason. Fuck me fast and hard.” She was practically screaming. Somehow she managed to keep her legs pulled back to allow maximum penetration. I could feel my balls slapping against her and the vinyl covering of the bench. It felt good.

It started out as a signature Dylan orgasm, only louder and more intense. She told me two or three times that she was coming. Then the sensations temporarily took away her ability to use words. They were replace by her “oohs” and “moans.” Hearing her gave me a burst of energy to keep going fast.

Unlike her other orgasms, Dylan didn’t come as her breath got shorter. Instead, she began to push her head back further, as though trying to slide away. But her body stayed in place. I guess more blood rushed into her head that way. The move also made her surprisingly quiet for a few moments. Then she brought her head up and stared me right in the eyes. Her teeth were clenched as though she were fighting anger or pain. Her whole body was tense from being help up in such an awkward position.

And then she let it out. “Oh God. God. Jason. Come in me. Come in me.” It put me over the edge. I started shooting my load in her. I don’t know why it turns me on to have a woman ask for my come, but it does. “Fill me with it,” Dylan yelled. “Give me your cum.” That was followed by a series of yells and moans at full volume. Dylan’s body shook and convulsed under mine as I emptied myself.

Any little movement of mine caused another convulsion in Dylan. We stayed on that bench for a good three minutes as she came down from her orgasm. She tried to catch her breath and reorient herself. Dylan lowered her legs and wrapped her arms around me. Then she whispered in my ear.


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