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Earl and Mom Ch. 02

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This story picks up the morning after Earl’s mom tells Earl to come to her with any sexual questions after having caught him looking at a porn site.

This story is told through Earl’s point of view.

This same story is told though his Mom’s point of view in the Story, Kate and Son 02


“Good morning honey,” she tells me as I come down the stairs for breakfast. She was wearing a white long sleeve shirt and a dark red skirt with black heels. She looked amazing. How could it be that some guy is not tapping her?

“Morning mom,” I say back to her with a smile.

“You seem to be in a good mood this morning,” she tells me. I guess I am. Despite getting almost no sleep last night and despite jacking off twice after she left my room.

“You look nice mom,” I respond. “Do you have a busy day today?” I add to throw off the suggestion that I was looking at my mom. I mean really looking at her as in, this woman needs to be tapped and tapped now in this kitchen. Her pussy needs to be invaded by a dick and pounded hard. Also, I really wanting to avoid talking about last night.

“Oh thanks, honey!” my mom responds to the first statement and then pausing a bit longer than I would have wanted before continuing. “And yes, lots of things to do today at work.”

Okay, so that stuff about last night. I wonder if she is going to bring it up. Should I say something? It’s kind of embarrassing, but I want to keep the sexy stuff going. I really can’t believe it happen last night. Did it happen last night? Did I really cum in my pants in front of my mom? Did she really not notice?

“So, did you take care of business after I left your room last night?” my mom breaks the silence and did what I did not have the guts to bring up. She winks at me and goes back to getting breakfast ready.

Did I take care of business!? Did she just say that? And by business, did she mean did I masturbate last night? Should I lie and say no? Should I tell her yes? Should I tell her yes and I thought about your pussy while I did it? No reason to say no I guess. I mean the cat is out of the bag. And if I do say yes, it kinda brings my mom and me to a new level. Plus it leads to some more questions I might ask her.

“Ahhh, yes,” I say, a bit sheepishly.

Noticing my embarrassment, she says, “Oh honey I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I just think it’s better to get it out in the open so we don’t have to try to avoid it all day. I know it’s probably a bit odd for you to talk about.”

No more words are said for a while. During the silence, I search for something else to say. Anything else. Something sexy would be cool, but anything would be better than nothing.

“Did you want to talk about what happened last night?” my mom breaks the deafening silence.

Hell yes and hell no at the same time I thought. But what does she want? Does she want to talk about it?

“I’m kinda feeling guilty it all honey.” my mom tells me. “I should have just left you alone like most moms would have. Or thrown a fit about it like probably most moms would have done. But regardless, I want you to come to me with any questions you have about sex or women. Deal?”

Oh, she is backing away from this big time. That kinda sucks! But at least she is keeping the line of questions open. And I did have a big one to ask her. So before we lose sight of this, I nod my head in agreement. I then think to ask.

“I have another question,” I tell her.

“Oh good!” my mom says almost excited sounding. I think she was afraid she had scared me for life or something.

“Do girls masturbate?” I ask her. “I know they do on porn sites, but do they in real life?” I ask her really wanting to know the answer. And more so, really wanting her to talk about if she masturbates or not.

“Of course they do honey.” My mom answers. “At least I would guess most do. It’s natural, safe and fun. It helps get rid of stress and reminds you of what those parts are good for.” she giggles a bit on the last sentence.

That was a fun answer. And now for what I was really asking her.

“Do you?” I ask innocently.

She pauses for a long moment. I think she is wondering if she should pass on this question and tell me it’s none of my business. And then again, I think a part of her wants to tell me yes.

“Yes honey, I do sometimes.” my mom says slowly. I could not really tell if she was embarrassed or not. The only thing I could tell is it was turning me on just a bit hearing her admission. And I know I would love to hear more. I wish she would have offered bursa otele gelen eskort more. Perhaps she feels guilty offering more without me asking for it. Well, if that’s the case, I’ll ask.

“When was the last time you did?” I asked her. I figured this was a fair question as she basically asked me if I jacked off last night.

“Honey! I’m your mom.” my mom says giggling. Her giggling smile made me want to know all the more. I press on.

“Hey, you said no secrets,” I tell her trying to match her giggly tone. “And you pretty much asked me if I did last night.” My mom looks at me, looks up the ceiling and giggles a bit.

“Yes honey, I did.” she says.

Okay, my mom just told me she played with herself last night. And I can see she is blushing. This is interesting.

“How many times?” I ask her

“Oh my goodness silly!” my mom giggles louder. “You just don’t stop, do you?”

This is really getting interesting. I think a part of her is really enjoying being asked. And I think a part of her is enjoying telling. It’s also interesting to watch a part of her not want to hear herself tell me. While my mom’s internal torment is playing out, I have my own issues to deal with. First of all, my cock is growing in my pants. Second of all my mom is telling me that she played with herself last night and from the sounds of it, more than once. Thirdly, a part of me is grossed out by this. And fourthly, I wonder how she touched herself.

As I wait for my mom to answer the question, I try to picture her in bed touching herself.

“I did twice after I left your room honey.” my mom finally tells me.

Oh, that is hot. My mom just told me she came twice last night. Now for the next question. Should I ask how do girls do it? This will lead to some girls like it this way or that way. Which would then lead to the how do you like it, mom? No, that might divert the questions away from her and more towards the general. I wanted to keep this about her and in the now.

“How did you do it?” I ask before I lose my courage to ask. There, that should bypass the general I thought and keep it directed at her.

“Well,” my mom starts and pauses. “How much do you really want to know honey?” she asks.

I really wanted to know what her fingers tasted like afterward, but if I answer that way, she is going to freak, stop talking and sign me up for sex-rehab or such.

“I want to know it all mom,” I replied. I feel my cock getting hard in my pants. “Please tell me more. I, I, I really like hearing you talk like this.” There, I said it. And did I just stutter a bit? I wonder if she knows I’m turned on now? I wonder if she knows my cock is about ready to explode.

“Honey, this might me being silly, but I kinda think this talk is, let’s say having an effect on you.” my mom asks me with a look that tells that it took a lot of willpower to ask me. It’s a look that tells me she does not want me to say yes. It’s a look that tells me she would be disappointed if I said no. It was by far the most complex look she had ever cast my way.

How can I answer this one and keep things going? I could say no, thus making this seem harmless and educational only. Which would lead nowhere much past this point? I could say hell yes, which would likely have the same results and some sex-rehab time. Was their middle ground to tread? Perhaps stall and ask for clarification?

“Ah, I, what do you mean?” I respond

“Do you like hearing me talk like this?” she repeats. “Does it make you feel, a bit, naughty?”

I almost cum in my pants by the way she says naughty. I could tell it was very difficult for her to say that word in this context. But what made it so very sweet was, I got the idea that she wanted to say it more than she wanted not to say it.

I just look at her for a bit and then look down at my pants hiding my erection. Have I leaked through my pants yet I wonder and visually check to see? This I look back up at her with a, I have a problem down here look. I was going to speak, but then realize that those unspoken words are the best I could have ever come up with.

After watching my gaze fall toward my cock and then back up to her, her looks changes a bit after getting an answer to her question. She frowns a bit. She smiles a bit with a reassuring smile. She moves her head just a bit to try to look over the breakfast island on down at my lap. She laughs while she does this to break some of the tension.

“Honey, I don’t know about this,” she says after getting serious again. She gives me her best I’m sorry and don’t want bursa eve gelen escort bayan to hurt you look.

“This is going somewhere that,” she trails off for a bit and then continues, “someone that I did not expect it to.” She then looks down at her lap and returns my gaze after a second. Oh wow! Did she just say the same thing I just said without words? Was she just telling me she is feeling a little naughty also? Does that mean her pussy is getting wet on the other side of the kitchen island?

I would give a year’s pay to have her keep going. My mind goes blank and I’m reduced to begging.

“What’s the worst that can happen?” I ask her not knowing what to else to say? After saying this, I realize this is likely a very difficult question for her to answer. I can see her plead with me just a little with her look to not make her answer. Her look shouts the inner thoughts she is wrestling with. The starts to say something and then bites her lip. She looks down and around. She must be thinking a mile a minute. Searching for what to say. What to confess. What to not confess. She takes a deep breath. I sense she has found some words to say.

“Honey, this is really kinda crazy,” she says looking down a bit. “I know you’re having some sexual feelings and I know I did not help matters last night talking like I did. I just hate trying to hide the fact that sex is real and natural and a part of everyday life. Plus I hate putting a wall between us as I know you,” she stops and corrects herself. “Make that we,” she giggles just a bit, “have urges. And let’s face it, those urges are not going to take care of themselves with no one else around. I mean, you don’t have a girlfriend and I don’t have a boyfriend.

I can tell my mom is feeling a bit better now. Perhaps talking it out like this has helped her feel better and or find a more tolerable solution.

“So we either be miserable,” my mom continues, “or can help ourselves. So really all I was trying to do was to say that watching porn and masturbating is ok.”

My cock was still about to explode in my pants as I watch my mom struggle to find her words to talk about sex. She is trying so hard. She must really love me to work this hard through this uncomfortableness. I truly am loving every second of this. How can I continue this? Should I joke, be serious, tell her how confused I am, tell her how much I want her? Is that a word I can use that means all of that?

“Do you understand honey?” she asks me with a loving look?

She is so sweet. She is really trying. I decide to show my thanks with just a light hearted joke to lessen the tension yet keep it sexy. Hoping that this would allow us to put an end to the torment and get on with our day. She has struggled enough I thought. As much as I want this to continue, I don’t have the heart to push on.

“So what you’re saying is, my penis is not going to stroke itself,” I say and start to laugh at the word stroke. I fight through the laughter to continue, “so I should not feel bad about stroking it myself.” By that time I’m really laughing. My mom breaks down and joins my laugh.

“Yes!” she says laughing. “Exactly”

She looks so happy and relieved now. I get the idea that she is really happy for having made it through a very difficult conversation.

Now, being fueled with laughter gives a guy the feeling to blurt out just about anything. And then if the other person is offended, take whatever he said back with a simple, I was just kidding. At Least that’s what I was thinking at that moment that pushed this to another level I really didn’t think possible.

“So, I guess I should just stroke on it now?” I say through laughter and to make the sentence sound less that what it was, I force the laugh to continue.

My mom was still laughing when she heard this. After hearing it, her eyebrows shot up and then she frowned. She might have really thought I was joking versus testing the waters and she probably spoke before thinking too much about it.

“Yeah right! Like you want me to watch you do that,” she said still laughing.

Oh wow! Did she just say that? Thinking about what she said, the more I think that was the perfect thing for her to say. As in I could whip it out now, and if she was offended, I could always say I thought it was a dare that I had misunderstood. Or, did a part of her want to watch? Regardless, this is worth a try.

“Oh really?” I say as I stand up from the breakfast table. My cock pressing against my walking shorts. I pull up my shirt and place my hand close to the top button of my shorts bayan eskort bursa to gage her reaction.

“I’m so calling your bluff honey,” she says giggling and looking down at my shorts. She is standing on the other side of the island but could clearly see everything I had to show if I were to drop my shorts.

Call my bluff? Well, maybe she is right. Maybe I don’t have the courage to move forward with this. But one thing is for sure, my cock is harder now than it was a second ago. The idea of showing my hard cock to my mom is fueling my erection as I undo my top button.

At this time I really had no intentions of going all the way with this. I really at best thought that if I could just drop my walking shorts and show my mom my hard dick through my briefs, it would be enough and I would call this off, put back on my shorts and excuse myself to my room for some very needed alone time.

I start to slow my progress a bit knowing that this show does not have much long to go.

My mom just stands there and stares. I suspect she is waiting to say, see, I knew you were bluffing.

I drop my walking shorts and the fall to my ankles. My cock is pretty up against the very top of by light blue briefs. She looks at my hard cock trying to escape my underwear. I look down and see a dark spot of pre-cum all over the right side of my shorts. I move my hand down and start touching my cock from the outside of my underwear.

My mom looks on a bit speechless. What every emergency back up speech she had, if any, was not coming to her lips at the moment as her eyes are locked on my hard dick.

My cock is throbbing with my heartbeat now. Knowing that my mom is seeing me rock hard in front of her is an incredible feeling. Ok, this is where I was going to end the show. In fact, I let it go too long already. But, what if I just take it out of underwear for a second? Then, I could put it back in and say shows over or something and finish up in my bedroom. That might even be sexy as we could talk about it later. Yes, that is it. I’m so going to give my mom a peek of my hard cock.

So I reach to the top of my waistband and slide it down. A bit of my cock gets caught on the way down. As I reposition my hand, my cock springs out of my underwear in all is the glory complete with pre-cum leaking out of the end.

The look on my mom’s face is first a bit of an offended look, I can’t believe you did that look followed by a wow look. I could tell she was fighting for words to say. I then slide my shorts all the way down giving my mom a full view of my very hard cock and very full balls. I place my hand on my cock. I move it back and forth a bit getting ready to end the show. But now I really can’t believe I’m doing this. I start to feel a bit of guilt. Okay, too much guilt. I need to stop this show now. A drop of precum is now dripping off my cock on what way to the floor. My mom’s eyes widen even more.

“You have a really nice penis honey.” my mom breaks in and almost surprises me. She does not seem to be able to break her stare. That was nice of her to say. But still, I need to stop this show.

“I’ll put it up now,” as I stroked it one time from head to base for effect and to show it off. I was really doing this in front of my mom. This was likely going to be the last time, so I guess I wanted to show her all of me and at 100% erect status. Ok, one more stroke for effect. Ok, one last and to show how high it can point. As I search for a reason for one more stroke, I feel myself starting to cum. Oh No! I didn’t want this. Oh No! I did want this. I wanted this very badly. I wanted this and I wanted her to see me cum. I wanted her to see me shot it all over. In this case, the breakfast island was going to be the target area for this soon to be freed sperm. I look up at her watching my hand slide up and down my cock faster and faster.

“Mom!” I manage to say right before I cum.

“Honey!?” she says quickly either as a protest or encouragement. At this point I did not now for which it was intended but the later was the effect as the first shot of cum left my cock, flew through the air and landed on the breakfast island. My mom was watching all of this. Her hands were by her side now all over her hips not knowing what to do with them.

As the last shot of cum from my climax left my cock, I stopped stroking it and look at my mom. She looks like she really has no idea what to say.

“Do you feel better honey?” she says to break the silence with no real expression on her face that I could read.

I did feel better sexually. I had emptied by load in front of my mom and our kitchen island. There is was, four very impressing streaks of sperm on the table for all to see. I feel my cock getting softer now. I could smell the scent of my ejaculation sitting in front of my mom and me. I know she must be able to also. Post cum was dripping from my cock. All of this must have been quite a site for her to watch and take in.

…To be continued…

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