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Educating My Niece and Her Mother

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Marcie, my sister who is two years younger than me and I had been lovers since our early teens. I’m not sure who made the first move, who seduced whom, or why, or even if it mattered it just seemed so natural to us to be lovers. Maybe it was because we were brought up in a remote rural area of Australia and there were few kids for us to make friends with locally. So naturally we had grown together and in time experimented.

We continued as lovers even after Uni and when we moved to the cities, me to Sydney, Marcie to Melbourne, and eventually getting married, but now things were to change. Marcie had asked a big favour of me, and it was one I was more than willing to grant her, but unknown to Marcie there would be a price she had to pay.

It was a favour I was sure I was going to enjoy but I also wanted someone else to have some fun, in particular, my husband.

Marcie had asked me to seduce and initiate her slightly naïve and innocent eighteen-year-old daughter Zena.

Zena, in a rare moment of openness and candour, had confessed to her mum, that she thought she may be gay, but was much too afraid to try anything, not that she had much experienced with boys either.

Marcie had asked for my help and I had agreed, but the more I thought about it the more I was determined to turn things to everyone’s advantage, not just mine. Yes, I was going to seduce Zena, but going to go so much further and involve my husband and in more ways than one.

Zena, I knew was a virgin, not only with girls but also with boys, as she had confided in me not long before Marcie had got me involved in her potential seduction, but that would soon change. Only I knew what I had in mind. I’ve always been sexually adventurous and in some ways promiscuous. My husband and I were into the Sydney swinging scene so I thought I had come up with an idea to give him a treat and fulfil a long-held desire of his.

As I came into the living room of my house in the Sydney suburbs I was aware that the patio doors were open and music was drifting in from by the pool. Staying in the shadows I looked out and took in the scene. Zena was by the pool soaking up the sun, almost wearing a canary yellow bikini, that just covered her smallish but growing boobs and narrow hips. Like me and her mother before her, she was slim in her teens, almost boy-like, but I could see she was now beginning to fill out and would soon look more like us with a full womanly figure, but for now, she was slim and lithe.

As arranged Zena and Marcie had called in at our place on their way back from visiting Universities in Queensland before Zena deciding which one to go to at the start of the next academic year, after having taken a year out. She looked young and gorgeous, innocent and sweetly sexy, ripe and ready to pluck. I quickly changed from my office attire of short tight skirt and blouse into a light sundress, ignoring the need for panties and a bra, letting my full 38E orbs swing free and unfettered. I just love the freedom and am prepared to put up with the sag and pull of their weight and the back pain that can cause.

I casually wandered out to the patio and dropped into the next sun lounger to Zena, taking a bottle of white wine and two glasses with me, I opened the wine and poured a glass for each of us, but making Zenas slightly larger.

“I don’t normally drink at this time of the day,” she said.

“Nonsense, you’re old enough to drink, you’re relaxing, so let’s just have a nice glass of wine together while you tell me about your trip. Any Uni’s you’ve decided on?”

“A couple in the frame, I’ve just got to make up my mind now.”

“Good, now are you still a virgin?” I boldly asked her.

She looked shocked at my frank question and hesitated before shyly answering, “Yes.”

“Well, I’m sure that will change when you get to Uni.” Preparing to pounce I continued, “And what about girls, still not taken the plunge there? I know about your indecision and confusion, your mums told me.”

“That was confidential, mum should never have said anything to anyone about that, I’ll kill her when I see her,” anger and shame etched on her sweet young face, a face that was going redder by the second.

“Actually she suggested I could help you.”

“What, what do you mean. Do you know someone? I’m not sure I really want to try a girl, I’m just so confused, and mum shouldn’t have told you, that was in confidence, I’ll kill her when she gets here.” She really was angry with her mum and in some ways she was right, her mum shouldn’t have said anything to anyone, but she had told me in an attempt to help.

“Zena, relax, your mum has your best interests at heart, that’s why she told me. And yes, in a way I know someone who would be able to help you. Someone close, someone who would be gentle and discrete, someone who would teach you, and make no judgements. Someone who would have your best interests at heart.”

“Who? And when?”

My answer was to lean closer to Zena, turn her bursa escort bayanlar face to me and kiss her before saying, “Me, and now.”

“What?” shock evident in her voice, “you can’t mean that you’re my auntie. We can’t do that.”

“Yes, we can. Relax, I’ll help you.”

Standing up I took Zena by the hand and led her to the poolside cabin which was cool and dark. Zena was hesitant and protesting as I pulled her inside and closed the door behind us.

Not waiting I plunged straight in, lifting my sundress over my head and letting it fall to the floor, standing naked before my innocent niece, who had gone wide-eyed at the sight of my full and mature figure. Big boobs, trying their best to stay upright but sagging due to their size and weight. Her eyes moved down my body, taking in the narrowing of my waist to the flaring of my wide hips and the shaved pussy that was nestling between my parted legs.

I didn’t move, just stood there allowing Zena to look at me as much and as long as she wanted. I watched her face, the expression changing from shock to wonder and possibly wanting.

“Oh my God, auntie Penny, you look so sexy, I wish I had boobs that big.”

Taking that as my cue to move things along I closed the gap between us, took Zenas trembling hand and placed it directly onto my pussy, pushing one figure deep into me, pushing it in and out a couple of times. Pulling her figure out of my wet pussy, I pulled it up to my face and sucked the juices off it. Zena moaned.

With my other hand, I was softly caressing her cheek, just stroking it in encouragement, calming her nerves. I lent into her and brushed the lightest of kisses on her soft small lips. She jerked with shock, more so than when I’d pushed her finger in me. She didn’t react to my kiss, just stood still, not pulling away but not kissing me back.

I moved my hand o the back of her neck, pulling her closer not letting her move away, she had had her chance to end things just a few seconds ago. I kissed her harder this time, tongue pushing between her lips to find and play with hers, a tongue which responded by rolling around mine. Zena moaned yet again.

Keeping on kissing her I moved Zena’s hand back to my pussy, this time getting two fingers deep into me, holding them there, pussy clamping on them. Zena moved her hand, not to pull it out of me but to push harder inside me. I let her do this for a minute all the time kissing her, then as before I pulled her fingers from me and raised them up, but this time, instead of putting them in my mouth, I broke our kiss and pushed her slimy fingers into her mouth. To my delight Zena sucked on them, licking all my juice off them, relishing the taste of it from the look on her face.

I had intended to take things slow and was prepared to use all my skill to seduce her but from her eager response, I pressed on quicker than I had originally intended. My hand released her bikini top and let it fall to the floor, then pushing my hands into her bikini bottoms I pushed them down her slim, almost thin thighs, at the same time, dropping to my knees, kissing her soft body as I did so.

Her pussy was fully covered with a thick blonde bush, but with thick dark labia lips pushing out from it. I forced my mouth against her mound, the hairs of her bush tickling me slightly as I parted her lips and pushed my tongue inside her tongue probing and rolling inside her. She tasted honey-sweet and pure and innocent. I shivered in delight as I realised I was the first-ever person to kiss this beautiful, virginal pussy.

Zena was trembling, her legs shaking so much she could hardly stand, as my tongue probed and prodded, teasing and yet driving her relentlessly upwards and onwards to an orgasm.

Zena was gasping as her excitement grew and my tongue continued its relentless assault on her inner core. Her hands had wrapped themselves in my hair pulling my face hard against her as she thrust her hips ever harder against me, mashing my face into her by now sopping pussy, crushing my nose against her pubic bone.

My lips locked onto her clit as I sucked it into my mouth, sucking once, twice, three times, until with a shriek of pure emotion and release Zena climaxed, body shaking violently, head thrown back as she howled, pussy leaking juices pouring out of her, covering my face.

Zena collapsed over me and onto the floor, sobbing in emotion, a release to her wonder and frustration and confusion built up over eighteen young and tender years. I held her close softly comforting and calming her, letting her know that everything was ok, that she was ok, that I loved her as her auntie.

As Zena calmed down I kissed her a couple of times then determined to continue her education as quickly as I could and not giving her time to think and end things pushed her body down mine until she was opposite my pussy. A pussy that was wet and expectant, and wanting to feel those soft sweet lips licking along and in it. I bayan sarisin escort bursa wanted to teach my niece how to eat a woman out, but I was aware of my lust for her, I wanted release now. I was that turned on and horny she wouldn’t have to work hard to get me off.

Fortunately, Zena didn’t hesitate like some first-timers I’ve known in the past. She sunk her face into my pussy and licked, long and deep. She’d tasted pussy juice a few moments earlier so the taste wouldn’t be a shock to her but the feel of a pussy would be new. My folds opened and allowed her to access, the softness of my lips closing over her tongue, my pussy twitching and quivering to the feel of her tongue. A tongue that was hesitant, unknowing at first, but now a tongue that was growing more and more confident and demanding.

Zena was lying between my legs looking up at me as she licked my pussy, a look of wonderment on her face. A look that was unsure and wanting encouragement, not that what she was doing was right, but that what she was doing was correct and pleasing to me. I smiled my encouragement and pleasure at her as I started to pant and moan. Zena’s tongue was probing and insistent, more skilful than it should have been, she was driving me wild with wanting and excitement.

A hot glow began to form deep inside me, slowly spreading and growing, setting every nerve ending on fire, as her hands reach upwards and grasped my boobs, tweaking the nipples, rolling them between thumb and fingers, pinching them. The heat in my body intensified the more she touched me, spreading making my nipples super sensitive, and causing my pussy to tingle and twitch as her tongue continued to lap up my juices.

Then just as I felt my orgasm begin and spread Zena pushed her hand deep into my pussy, at least three fingers, I’m not sure, it could have been four, they were so tight and deep in me, hitting my sweet spot with unerring accuracy she pushed harder and deeper, shooting me over the precipice of an almighty and massive orgasm. I literally shrieked my release, gasping in pleasure as wave after wave of fire ripped through me. Back thrown up arching my hips high into Zena’s face as I ground my pussy against her. My hands were clenching and unclenching, trying to hold onto something to ground me. I came, and I came, and I came. Shockwaves of emotion and lust coursing through me, red hot waves of lava, pounding in my veins.

Both stunned by the intensity of my orgasm and that Zena had triggered it we took our time to recover, holding and caressing each other, gently stroking until I broke away and told her, ” Wow, I didn’t expect that. Fuck that has shocked even me. Wait here sweetie, recover for a while I’ve got something to do but I’ll be back in a minute.”

Zena was to overcome to answer just nodding half comatose in that afterglow of great sex.

My husband had been told what I had in mind, what was in store for him, at the same time I confessed to him something that I think he had suspected for a while now, that Marcie and I were long-time and continuing lovers. The fact that I had a female lover was not a shock as I had been with other women when we swung, what was the surprise was that I was also incestuous.

The thrill that was to come for him as he would get to see me in action with Zena, but he would get to fulfil a long-held desire to fuck my sister. He’d made no secret of lust for her and his desire to fuck her. I was ok with the idea, but just hadn’t had the chance to set things up, and wasn’t sure how Marcie would react. Now she would have no choice but to go along.

But I had even more in store for him, he would get to take Zena’s virginity. I was determined she was going to get well and truly educated this weekend, and one thing my husband had was a cock to educate her with, it wasn’t massive, in fact, it was quite small, but one thing he knew how to use it. Being smaller it would be just right for her first time, not too big for her to take, not big to stretch and hurt her, just the right size for a virgin. Frank knows he’s not the biggest but makes up for that with intensity and knowing what to do to get a girl going and mores the point keep her there. I knew he would be ideal for my nieces first time.

As Zena recovered I made my way to the house to where Marcie had gone after watching us and shocked her with my demands as I said, “M, I’ve done something for you, now I want you to do something for me.” She looked at me expectantly, wondering what I had in store for her, knowing it would be outrageous but enjoyable.

“What?” was her hesitant reply.

“Well, I’ve educated Zena, and you’ve had a bit of enjoyment from watching, I can tell from how red you are you’ve enjoyed it. Well now I want to watch, I want to watch you and Frank, he’s wanted you for ages you know.”

“What, I can’t he’s your husband, I can’t do that.”

“Why not, you know we’re swingers, so I won’t mind, anyway what about us and now bursa evi olan eskort me and your daughter, my niece. What’s the difference? Look I’m suggesting it, I’m not going to be upset or jealous. You never know maybe even turn into a three-way,” I teased, then adding even more spice, “How about Frank fucking Zena, while we fucked each other next to them.”

Marcie looked shocked beyond belief at what I had suggested, even more so when I added, “Franks up for it, in more ways than one, and I’ve already told him he can have both you and Zena. You don’t want to disappoint him do you?”

“I can’t believe what you’ve done, what you’ve suggested. You’ve told your husband he can take the virginity of my daughter. Doesn’t she get a say in it?”

I smiled, “Of course she does, but I’m sure she’ll be ok, and let’s face it she’s not exactly been hawking it around Melbourne for all the studs to get at. She just needs some encouragement, and Frank would be good for her, an experienced man.”

After taking her time to let what I had suggested sink in she said, “Who does he get first, me a or Zena?” I knew she was going to do it.

“Oh you first, got to be you, Zena can watch and learn, then she gets to learn from Frank. I’m getting wet just thinking about him and you and then him and Zena, that first time she has a cock sliding into her will be fantastic to watch.”

“How do you know she’s a virgin.”

“She told me, confided in me, I think it was a plea for help.”

“We can’t force her, how do you know she’ll go for it?”

My answer was a knowing look after all Zena was her daughter and my niece, we knew the blood that was running in her veins and how that would react to sexual stimulation, the need in her would be irresistible.


With that unbeknown to her Frank who had come into the room took hold of her from behind and ran his hands over her full boobs and hips, Marcie gasped then surrendered to her rampant sex drive and pushed her hips back against my husband and her brother-in-law. Grinding her full arse hard against his groin, feeling his hard cock press against her.

I watched for a while as Frank quickly divested Marcie of her clothes before plunging his face between her massive boobs, which are even bigger than mine, a full 40F size.

He kissed and sucked on then while pushing his fingers deep into her pussy, finger fucking her hard from the beginning. He wasn’t going for a slow seduction he had waited so long to get his hands on my sister. Marcie was responding to the quick and urgent nature of his taking of her body humping her pussy against his hand.

Marcie dropped onto all fours arse facing Frank and urged him to take her from behind, Frank needed no further invitation and in a flash slid his five-inch cock right into my sisters pussy, both of them sighing with pleasure as he buried himself in her to the hilt. I watched a while longer as Frank started to pound into Marcie, grunting with the effort. He had hold of her full hips as he pulled her back against him hard, time and time again. Marcie had responded by pushing a hand between her legs and was playing with her large clit. Rubbing it frantically.

Tearing myself away from the action which was turning me on more than I wanted just yet I made my way back out to the pool cabin to see how Zena was recovering, and to put part two of my plan into action.

Zena was still looking stunned by what had happened between us and how she had reacted.

“Hi, how are you?” I asked solicitously.

“OK, I think. I still can’t believe what we’ve done, how I reacted. I…I came.”

“Yes you did, so what, I’m sure you’ve done that before.”

“Just a couple of times,” was her bashful reply, “but nothing like that.”

“Well, there’s one thing we’ve established, you’re not gay, probably bi,” I told her.

“How do you know, I mean I came, more than once. I came!!”

“Zena, I know, your like me and your mum, we’re both bi, but not gay, believe me, you’re just like your mum.” Then I shocked her even more, “Your mum and me are lovers, have been for years, since we were even younger than you are now.”

A shocked gasp escaped Zena’s lips. Taking her by the hand I pulled her up and said, “Come on I’ve got something to show you. You may be shocked by it, but don’t be, keep an open mind and it could be fun for you. This is your coming of age weekend.”

Intrigued, Zena kept hold of my hand as I led her into the main house and into the bedroom. As we approached the unmistakable sounds of two people vigorously fucking was unmistakable.

“Mum, what are you doing? What the fuck are you doing? That’s uncle Frank. You’re fucking him.” She kept looking from me to the pair on the bed, shock on her face, especially my calmness and acceptance that my sister and husband were having vigorous sex together.

Marcie and Frank had changed position while I had been bringing Zena over with Marcie now astride Frank but facing him, boobs pressing into his face as she bounced up and down on him, slipping his cock as far out as she could then slamming back down.


“Your turn,” I said to Zena as her mother slid off Frank and pushed her onto the bed next to him. A big grin coming on Franks face his cock was still semi-rigid but covered in Marcie’s cum.

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