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(1983 Words 20 Minute Read)

“You sure you’ll be okay?” Ella said looking at me like I’d seen better days. Her bright pink lipstick and a tight black LBD was sheer perfection as always.

I shook my head trying to clear my foggy brain. I straighten my navy shift dress, reached into my clutch, pulled out powder and red lipstick. Seemed odd, given I was going to bed, but I wanted to feel as put together as Ella. Maybe I’ve had a little too much to drink. The wine spritzers were fine but that third rum and coke took on a dare, might have not been the wisest move.

“I’ll be fine, just fine. Not every day a girl gets a divorce party. I had a little fun. No harm, no…” I scratched my head unable to recall the phrase.

“Foul, no harm, no foul,” Cass laughed, flicking the cigarette she shouldn’t have in the elevator. Rules never stopped Cass.

“I think I should sleep in your room tonight, just in case. At least walk you to your room,” Ella said in that over caring voice she had whenever she had one too many.

“I am two floors above you. I get out of the elevator walk across the hall, put this key card in the slot and land on my bed. What could go wrong? I’m fine. You two have fun sharing. My party, my single room for my new single life, right? We all agreed. We’d hoped I’d be sharing that bed but best ‘laid’ plans…”

With that, Cassie shook her head with a grin, put out her cigarette with the toe of her boot. The filter stained with her black lipstick laying on the floor of the elevator.

“She’ll be fine. Give her some space. Come on, Ell, this is our floor.” Both shook their mobile phones as a reminder. I put my lipstick back and shook mine as I slipped it into the confines of my clutch. They were good friends. I was lucky to have them at a time like this. Now, two floors to bed heaven.

No more had that thought passed when the elevator stopped. The door opened with a ding. There he stood. All six feet of him. His jeans and tight black tee looked like trouble on a stick. I smiled and nodded, and he entered.

“You’re Richard’s wingman, right?” I asked sliding over as he pushed the same button that was already lit. He was on my floor.

“Yea, that obvious, huh?” he said.

I laughed and nodded.

“Same floors,” he noted. I took Richard to his room. “That last drink dare did more to him than you it appears.”

“Thanks,” I said, unsure if that was a compliment. But glad it was him in the elevator and not Richard.

“Dan,” he said. “Richard disappointed me when he picked you. I had you in my sights.”

“Well, your friend is tenacious. Funny, my friends were rooting for you over Richard, too.”

“Too, huh?” he said eyebrow raised.

Did I just admit that my friends and I wanted him?

“Sorry, bit tipsy. sometimes when we touch izle Ah, saved by the bell,” I said as the elevator door opened. I fumbled with my key card as the elevator door open and motioned for me to exit first. Walking across the hall, I put the key in the door and turned the handle. As I looked to say goodbye I noticed he was at the next door doing the same thing. We both smiled and chuckled.

“Kismet,” he nodded.

“Good night,” I said wishing, I’d had the courage or experience to say, ‘Want to come in for…’ For what? A drink we did not need. So, with that whisper of doubt, I let the moment go. I wondered if I’d said it if we would have laughed and decided on coffee, or Netflix and chill.

Some divorce party this turned out to be. Just another night alone. Fancy night, but still alone. I entered the room and locked and bolted the door. Siding off my heels, I sat on the edge of the large king bed in this modern room. My hands covered my face until I gave out an exasperated sigh-turned groan.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the door. Yep. Not only was he next door, but we had adjoining rooms. I laughed out loud hearing his voice in my head saying, Kismet. What are the odds? There are no coincidences.

My defenses down thanks to a year of no sex and too much rum, I found my hand on the cold steel of the door lock. I jumped back at the sudden sound of music from his room. Hot Blooded by Foreigner, I believe. I giggled, and the excitement got me dancing around the room like a… well, like a drunk divorcee. He must have heard me dancing and laughing because I heard his lock unlatch.

I stood there in my dress, with no shoes, curls spilling everywhere, eyes froze on a one-inch cold hard piece of a semi-circle steel-lock. My mouth opened and breath quickened and although my palms were sweaty, I unlatched the lock despite myself, as my eyes went wide with suspense. I backed up and sat on the end of the bed, staring and waiting, for what I wasn’t sure. But I was awake now.

“Was that an invitation?” came a muffled male voice.

“I think so,” I answered standing and drying my hands and straightening my dress.

He entered through the door carrying two cups of coffee and offered one. I took the warm cup with an embarrassed smile. All I could look at were his long legs and bare feet and that chest in a tight tee. I wish I could say it was his eyes, but it wasn’t.

“Music, okay?” he asked.

“Yes, perfect actually.”

“First time since the divorce?”

“Shows, huh?”

“Yep. It will be okay. Took me almost a year. But once I ripped off the bandage life got better.”

Deep inside, I knew he was right. I knew we’d never see each other after tomorrow morning special forces worlds toughest test izle and that was okay too. He was interesting. We had chemistry. We were both lonely and… and, and, after and, after and… Stop over-thinking. It was time! Simple as that. We sat on the edge of the bed and finished our coffee talking about our friends and the night and how we had our eyes on each other all night. He showed me his phone. On the screen was a report showing he was healthy.

“Nice to know,” I said.

“I am too, but you must take my word for it. I don’t have my STD report on my phone.”

“It’s okay. I trust you are, but you need to snap a picture. He grabbed my phone and added his email address. Send it soon, okay?”

I nodded.

I took the coffee from his hand and put both our cups on the nightstand. When I returned, I stepped in close placing myself between his legs. I ran my hands down his arms and placed his hands on my hips. As my fingers ran through the hair on the nape of his neck, my thumb of the other hand slowly brushed his lips. He didn’t seem to mind. So, I kissed him slow and deep. The feeling relaxed my shoulders.

“Bandage time.” I declared with a raised eyebrow.

“Bandage or bondage,” he smirked.

I wrinkled my nose and kissed him harder.

How’d he know, I wondered?

“Both, too greedy?” I asked just to see him smile.

With that, I found my dress unzipped and his t-shirt found the floor. His hands pressed against my tits as he kissed my neck. I struggled out of my bra and as lips pulled my hard nipples into the warmth of his mouth. Unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans as I rubbed against his hardened cock.

It had been so long, and this was so different. The thought to stop came into my head but then his hand slid into my hot pink panties. Any thought of stopping was long gone as he pulled my pussy toward him. He rolled me onto the bed and removed the last of my clothing looking at me as he tugged off his jeans and boxers. The length of him was impressive. I stared. Mesmerized like a teen. It was as if we were taking a breath, slowing down. The bandage ripped off—we could enjoy my new freedom.

He laid beside me, held me, running his soft hands over my ardent skin untouched by a lover for too long. Unable to catch my breath, I sat up working my way to that cock I needed to taste. His nipples were pleasant. His goosebumps a triumph as I drifted my fingers down his abdomen closer to the prize. My tongue ran the full length of his shaft pausing to feel the throbbing spots, circling and teasing. I wanted to spend more time soaking my tongue around his head circling that wonderful hard edge. But I couldn’t wait, I sucked him inside hoffman family gold izle my mouth an inch at a time. The more he moaned the deeper I took him. Retreating, and plunging, and sucking until he was deep in my throat. As I sucked his balls and explored his ass teasing areas, it appeared he wanted me to explore. I slid my pinkie into his darkness stroking and thrusting.

He grabbed my arms and pulled me next to him on the bed. Straddling me he sucked my tits as his legs moved between mine widening me further and further. The feel of his hand grasping my pussy, his fingers opening the lips and sliding into my wetness almost sent me over an edge I hadn’t been to in a while. But then his tongue circled my clit as his fingers continued their thrust first one then two then three. It was the angle that took my breath. The touch was a mixture of dizzy and warmth and excited melding with his skin. As he pushed against my G spot, he sucked my clit. I moaned low and long.

“Fuck me,” I whispered. Unaware almost out of control I heard myself say it again, almost begging. “Fuck me, please.”

I closed my eyes wanting to memorize the feel of his hardness enter me, push me open again and again. The feel of him sliding as I tightened around him was exquisite. I wanted more much more. Each thrust went deeper until I was calling out his name, just as his thumb brushed my hard clit. I came unable to control myself. Moments later his warm cum filled me. He fell, spent, around me pulling me tight to him. I smiled, still working to catch my breath. “Wonderful ripping-off of my bandage,” I whispered, half laughing. His laughter mixed with mine.

I don’t remember falling asleep but I woke to the buzzing of my phone. Looking at the bright light in the darkroom I saw it was Seven AM and Ella was calling. Wake up call for our breakfast meeting. I texted back that I’d meet her and Cass in the lobby at Eight. Reaching over I realized the other side of the bed was empty. The adjoining door was closed. I swallowed hard, but a smile came to my face. It was a fun night. A needed night. Nothing more and that was okay. But a small part of me longed for it to happen again. The hardest moment was seeing Cass’s back lipsticked stained filters on the elevator floor on the way down to breakfast. In a way, it was fitting. My old life was over. A black wreath stamped out at the end of its use. But as the elevator doors opened a bright light, filled the lobby. I walked out leaving my old life behind knowing there was hope for a new life. A loving, and exciting new life.

* * *

I’d been home about a week when flowers arrived. The card said, ‘Where’s my health report?’ I laughed and texted the report to him thanking him for a rip-roaring great time. The next day he stood at my door. “Seems,” he said, “there are other bandages you need to have ripped away. How do you feel about doggie?”

“I like dogs,” I answered feigning innocence.

“Do ya now,” he said. He gave my ass a slap and then pinned me to the wall. The rush of the air as he leaned in cooled my face as he kissed me long and tender and in search of answers I hope he found.

“Bedroom?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” he answered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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