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Elger and Leah Pt. 03

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I was still laughing at Elger after telling me he’d been hit on by a woman at the pizza place. I laughed even harder when he told me it was widow Pearson. I didn’t think I had much to worry about. Still, I asked him how he knew she was hitting on him.

“Because as I was leaving, she beckoned me to lean down toward her and told me I could park my shoes under her bed anytime. That’s how I know, I’m a married man, surely she knows that.”

Now I was laughing even harder, here’s my six foot something handsome strong as an ox guy flummoxed by a late 60’s widow, and not a slim nicely fit older woman, a slightly overweight and frumpy woman missing half her front teeth. The more we joked about it during supper the more relaxed he became.

“Leah, do guys hit on you?”

“They do El, not all the time, but they do. You have an attractive sexy woman on your hands you know. Better make sure you meet my needs buddy.”

I could see the confusion and hurt in his eyes as I quickly rose and squeezed my way onto his lap.

“Stop that you lunk. You know I’m fooling around, there will never be anyone but you in my life Elger. I thought we’d settled this some time ago, I have never given you reason to be jealous, and I won’t start now. I’m afraid you’re stuck with me for life.”

Kissing me he apologized, and said I was right, I had never given him a reason to be jealous, the comment had caught him off guard. The afternoon romp in the woods was enough to keep us satisfied, neither of us was overly amorous, after watching the evening news and Gunsmoke we called it a night and turned in early.

With the garden area tilled we set about buying seeds and a few plants already started. We wanted earlier tomato’s, so I bought six plants along with pepper plants, the remainder were seeds. It took us an entire Saturday to get our garden planted, from there on it would be watering, weeding and an eventual harvest. We’d cleared out the root cellar, El had installed shelves from some cedar he had, we were set to store what we canned later in the summer.

Elger had enough shingles purchased to put a new roof on Lou’s house, discontinuing cutting for two weeks he was spending his afternoons doing that. He was able to get it all stripped in two afternoons, replaced the few rotted boards and laid down tar paper by the third day. He had watched the weather closely making sure we had clear skies for the time the roof was bare. With tar paper down he was less anxious if a rain squall were to appear.

There were no pneumatic nail guns around then, no Lowe’s, Home Depot’s, or Menards, it was hammer and nails, manual labor. It took El three full afternoons to lay down the shingles and finish Lou’s house, sore knees each night, empty belly, sore shoulders and arms from hefting 70 pound bundles of shingles up the ladder and across the roof. He would carry five or six bundles up, rest and do it again until he had enough to lay down five or six courses. Then do it all again, I had one very tired man on my hands each night when he dragged himself through the door for supper.

We made love once that week, and I gave him a blow job once just to keep those balls empty. Over time I had learned to enjoy the control I had over him when his cock was in my mouth, I also liked the feel of him cumming, the taste of his essence, the taste and feel of MY man. Like most men he thought with his dick and I was the happy recipient of those thoughts. In the first stage of my pregnancy I was hornier than normal, now that I was several months along, I wasn’t as horny as before. I made sure I kept Elger happy and sated, but it wasn’t the driving force it had been in the beginning.

With the garden in it was time to start cutting and splitting wood for the winter, assuring it would be dried enough to burn properly by fall. If Elger didn’t have logs to cut he was in the woods, cutting tops and hauling them home to split. He’d been at it for several weeks and nearly had the basement filled with cord after cord of wood. Once our winter supply was replenished, he set about getting wood cut and split for Lou, once he’d finished that he started cutting trees the forestry management people said we should cut first. As he would cut them, he’d bring them to the log staging area, when he had 5 or 6 logs ready to go, he’d cut and stack them in the mow.

Mid-summer brought about the 4th with its many celebrations for the nations 200th birthday, our small city as well. I was concerned Elger wouldn’t be able to cope during the military salutes, the fireworks and kids lighting firecrackers, but with Willy and Eileen next to us he did quite well. I was so proud of him, it had been several years since our first encounter with the noises and blasts, he had been able to put most of it behind him. Memorial weekend was always the hardest for him, it still is. It used to be a phone call from one of his platoon buddies every year thanking God their name wasn’t on the wall, now it’s a text.

It pendik escort was late summer, time to start harvesting and canning, we had been able to stay ahead of the weeds and had a decent harvest to put up. Earlier in the summer we had frozen several quart bags of sweet corn and I’d made sweet pickles with the smaller cukes. After canning carrots, green beans, stewed tomatoes, and making dill pickles we were ready to dig potatos and onions, which we stored on racks in the root cellar. The few apple trees we had didn’t produce much more than deer feed, we decided we’d pay more attention to them next summer.

Elger had reached the point where he needed to spend his time sawing logs and it was time to start building sample pieces of furniture to sell. With Burt’s grandson doing so well El approached Burt about possibly not working at all, not surprisingly, Burt was a step ahead of him.

“Readin my mind boy.”

Seems that a local football star found college a lot more challenging than he thought, he was home and looking for work. Being his grandson’s best friend, Burt told him he’d see if something could be worked out.

“This boy needs someplace to build his confidence again, this will be a good place to do that.” Then he chuckled. “Besides, folks are used to havin a white face around the yard and store, if you go, he can fill that void.”

Burt hired the boy full time, asking El to stay on two weeks to help orient him to the tasks at hand. With me in my eighth month I was what Elger called a waddle machine, he said I didn’t walk anymore, I waddled, my big belly swinging from side to side. It was my last week at work as well until the baby was at least three months old, then we’d make the decision whether I would return or not. A temporary replacement had been found and was working out well.

Elger was such a great husband, he pampered me constantly, being upset with me if I dared lift much of anything, cooking supper many nights, running my bath, helping me in and out of the tub. All of those were usually the precursor to some play time later on, as much as I like sex it was never an issue, especially with him being so gentle and un-demanding of me at the end of my pregnancy. I was due late September, ma says apples don’t fall of the tree until they’re ripe, by early October I was miserable, no position was comfortable, calling Eileen she told me she’d stop by after clinic hours.

We had finished supper, Elger was cleaning the kitchen and doing dishes when Eileen arrived. I had tried to be comfortable laying on the couch but having no luck. After Eileen checked me over, smiled and said she thought I was about ready to go into labor, if my water didn’t break tonight, she figured it would tomorrow for sure. I was laying sideways with my knee on Elger’s stomach trying to sleep when we both startled, the mattress was soaked, my water had broken. El called Eileen to meet us at the hospital, though she wasn’t a pediatrician Dr. Rollins was more than happy to have her there to assist, in fact, he let Eileen be the one who pulled our little Bridgette out the last few inches.

We entered the phase of little to no sleep, changing diapers, bathing a tiny creature in the kitchen sink, little clothes and endless joy. Mom and Earl had come the week after I was home and stayed for ten days, it was so good to have her there, not only to help, but to show me what to do and not do. Elger was a great daddy, he’d bring Bridgette to me for her two am feeding, then walk and burp her so I could go back to sleep. I loved listening to him talk to her when he was burping or bathing her, he’d have a one sided conversation telling her all about his day, as though she understood it all.

I’d had a minimal amount of tearing at birth, though I’d been stitched, and it healed quickly, Eileen wanted me to wait for sex until my six week checkup. On that afternoon she smiled and told me if I was ready to give that boy a roll in the hay my body was as well. After Bridgette was down, I took a bath and donned my sexiest lingerie, stepping into the family room Elgers chin dropped and I heard a loud groan.

I had on very tiny red lace panties with a matching bra, a white garter belt and silk stockings with a thin red robe over the top.

On the edge of his seat he said, “Tonight Leah, really, you aren’t teasing, are you?”

“Tonight Elger, follow me to our playground, mama has some candy for her good boy.”

I hadn’t made it three steps when I felt him lift me in his arms, kissing me he carried me down the hall to our bedroom. Setting me on my feet he untied my robe letting it fall to the floor, unhooked my bra and lay it on the bed, though the baby had fed they weren’t completely empty. As El played with them milk dripped out onto his hands, he looked at me pleadingly.

“Can I suck Leah, please, I won’t drink it all, promise.”

I sat him on the bed, cupped a breast and fed the nipple into silivri escort his mouth telling him to be gentle. Within two sucks my milk let down and he had plenty to taste, I let him nurse a little then switched breasts doing the same. When I pulled his head back I looked at him lovingly.

“You understand I’ll need to put my nursing bra back on, right? If I don’t, we’ll be full of sticky milk, and I want to ride tonight without my breast milk flying all over the place.”

He hooked his thumbs into the waistband and slid those tiny little things down my legs. My pediatrician was fairly old school and still believed in shaving the pubis completely before birth, thankfully mine had grown back in with minimal itching and discomfort. Elger had watched and played as it grew back in, but tonight would be the first time for penetration of any kind since Bridgette had been born. He buried his face in my muff and breathed deeply.

“You’re still my Leah, your scent is still the same, it still makes my dick hard. Oh how I’ve missed this baby. Lay down so I can eat you.”

As he was disrobing I lay down with my legs draped over the edge of the mattress and my hairy pussy anticipating a good tongue lashing. Elger didn’t disappoint, he began at the bottom and teased his way to the top where he licked once and my clit popped into view, as though it had been caught in a game of hide and seek. He knew exactly what to do to take me over the top, licking my hot spot with the exact amount of pressure as he formed a circle over my clit with his mouth and sucked softly.

With hips pushing my pussy into his face and my hands holding him tight I gushed juice across his mouth and down his chin, his tongue lapping like a kitten with a bowl of milk, my hips bucking up and down. My breathing was staggered and choppy as I settled a bit.

“My God El, that was wonderful, oh how I’ve missed that tongue.”

Pulling out from between my legs he scooted me forward on the bed, with my legs raised he entered me in three short but tender strokes, when he was balls deep, we both moaned. We had a good rhythm going when I stopped him and asked.

“I want to ride you tonight babe, will you have enuf to fill me twice?”

“Are we stopping at twice?” He asked.

I smiled and raised my hips into him, in no time we were back in sync once again. As we neared our climax I groaned for him to go faster and harder, the pace picked up immediately which took us over the edge in little to no time at all. The feeling of him cumming inside was something I had missed the most, but here we were, his warm thick gobs of sperm hitting my cervix once again, my orgasm spurred on further just knowing Elgers seed was inside me, right where it belonged.

With me in his arms, him kissing me repeatedly I spoke. “El honey. After I ride you, I won’t be able to go any more tonight, riding you might be over doing things, I don’t care, I’ll put up with the soreness tomorrow, but I need to sit on your cock tonight.”

“I was surprised when you said you wanted to go twice, I figured once would be all. I don’t want you to hurt yourself Leah, there’ll be plenty of time for making love after tonight.”

I answered him by lowering myself, slurping his cock into my mouth and bringing him to full hardness, then lifted my leg over his hips, put the tip of his cock on my pussy and sank all the way with one slow even stroke. We smiled, neither of us expected that. After adjusting I began riding him what is now called cowgirl, back then we simply called it the girl being on top.

I was so close when I felt the head of his dick swell and knew I was about to be filled with his spunk, I sped slightly and BAM, I was falling over the waterfalls with no hope of stopping, but then, who wanted to. While feeling Elger shoot into me I quaked, undulated my hips, my pubis smashed as tightly to him as possible, no light between our bodies, me grinding back and forth. Damn, I hadn’t cum that hard in months, it felt soooooo good.

With him still inside me I flopped forward, the breast pads inside my bra were soaked, my breasts had apparently liked the action and stimulation as well. I lay there on top of my love, our hearts beating against the others chest, our breaths were deep, no words, no kissing, just laying with me on top, his hands cupping my ass. We cleaned up, I replaced my wet bra and nipple pads, put on a pair of cotton bikini panties and crawled in next to Elger, in his arms I heard him whisper into the darkness, “I love you Leah.”

He was up at two for little Bridgette’s feeding, cooing and talking to her trying to soften her fussing. She was cradled in my arms as I opened my bra, the moment she smelled mommy’s milk she began hunting for the nipple, slamming her little face into my breast trying to find her meal. When I used my finger to push the nipple into her mouth, I thought the little hog was going to swallow the entire tit. She had latched şirinevler escort so hard it startled me, which in turn startled her and she began crying, a nipple back in her mouth stopped that.

I had arranged with Dr. Morgan to take another three months before being back on the roster. Thanksgiving was at Eileen and Willy’s, we decided to do Christmas with mom and Earl, the baby would be old enough to travel by then. I could feed her on the way, there were no child safety seat requirements then, I kept her in a carrier, but would lift her out and feed her as we drove. Both of our kids were raised without child safety seats, somehow, they survived, along with millions of other children. Elger had a gas furnace installed in the summer as a back up to the wood furnace if needed, we wouldn’t need to find anyone to stoke the fire while we were gone, the gas furnace would heat our house.

Christmas at mom and Earl’s was joyous. He’s quite wealthy and nothing was spared as far as decorations or planned events. Mom had taken a spare bedroom and made it into a nursery for her grandbaby. I let her dote and primp over Bridgette all she wanted, she had to be with me to feed, it wasn’t like I didn’t see her. She was on light cereal in the morning and before bed, filling her little tummy enough for her to sleep most of the night. I let mom feed her cereal, bathe her, change her britches, whatever she wanted to do within reason, I simply stood and watched.

Our time with them was the happiest I’d seen mother in years, being a grandma fit her perfectly. Once back home El decided he was going to start getting the old machine shed straightened out to use as a wood shop. He would keep 25 feet on one end for the tractor and maintenance but use the remaining 45 feet for a shop. With the building being 40 feet wide, the space would give him plenty of room to build furniture. Between what he made sawing logs and my paycheck along with his, we had been able to save a sizeable amount of money by 1977 standards.

With over sixteen thousand in the bank, not including our inheritance money, we weren’t concerned about spending three or four on improvements and equipment. There was no shortage of people wanting logs sawed, we knew the income would continue even if we weren’t working in town. Roof repairs were first, once done he built a wall to separate the two areas. He had a concrete floor poured in the shop area, installed a new breaker panel, wired the building and insulated what would be a wood shop. He used a new product to cover the walls and ceiling, today it’s known as OSB, back then we knew it as chip-board.

When the walls were insulated and done he had a wood burning furnace installed along with a smaller hanging gas heater people referred to as a Modine, he wanted to be able to keep the temp above 35 overnight so his glues didn’t freeze. Insulation was blown in above the ceiling and it was ready to be put into use. He had enough cut offs, known as culls, to keep the wood fire going all through the day, not having to use gas except at night saved a huge amount of money.

On Valentine Day he brought me a dozen red roses along with a small box of my favorite chocolates. Little did he know I had an all red surprise for him at bed time, there wasn’t much to it and he had it off in seconds with his face buried between my legs. I make him sound like an incorrigible letch, but in reality, he wouldn’t do anything I didn’t thoroughly enjoy, him burying his face in between my legs is just one of those things I really enjoy. He made me cum three times before he climaxed, twice from behind, the third was with my ankles on his shoulders, yes, it was a good Valentine’s Day in my opinion.

Shopping around and watching the for sale ads in the local papers El found the equipment he wanted to get started. He was dividing his time between the shop and the sawmill, which worked out fine. He’d built several pieces but had nowhere to market them, he’d put the word out and ran a few ads, but nothing caught on. The Ben Franklin inside Burts building was getting smaller, fewer and fewer people were shopping there anymore, Sandy (Burts daughter) had begun moving items to the front with nothing in the rear of the store.

Elger made a proposal to her to split the store down the middle. She could have all her items on one side, he would put his furniture on the other side. He would take care of moving shelving racks and anything else she needed done and they would split the rent and utilities in half. After talking with her dad, Sandy thought that would work out well, it would give her some financial relief and the building would be utilized to full potential.

Elger called his portion of the store The Wood Shed. He moved pieces in for display, people could order via phone if they wanted a different wood or buy what was available. Sandy would take care of both sides when he wasn’t there, and he would pay her 15% of anything she sold on her own. It didn’t burden her and gave her additional income at the same time, sales were slow to begin with but picked up substantially once people started talking. We didn’t sell to very many folks in our area, word had gotten out to the big city people that handmade furniture was available without having to pay exorbitant prices.

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