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Ella , Evan – Valentine’s Coupons Pt. 01

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Thursday, February 13, 2020


“I am going to be laaaaate…” Evan said with a long sigh. I smiled to myself, as always my baby bro complaining about having to leave was making me enjoy myself even more.

Of course, if he was that concerned about getting to class he’d take his dick out of my mouth, but that certainly wasn’t happening. I was only half dressed myself, but my first class was 30 minutes after Evan’s so that probably was a factor in me pulling his boxers down in the bedroom and blowing him. He just looked so yummy there, getting dressed while listening to a podcast with that unfocused look he gets when he’s really concentrating on something. It’s just so damn cute when he gets like that, I can never resist.

I should back up a little – hello my name is Ella Gardner and Evan is my twin brother. We are first year students at UBC here in Vancouver, Canada. We have been twins for 19 years, best friends most of that time and lovers for, uh, 46 days. Since the Sunday after Christmas, when Evan gave me a naughty coupon he had perhaps accidentally received in his stocking from our Mom (it was a big thing, I’ll explain later) and we made love for the first time in a cabin my family was vacationing in over the holidays.

Evan said one day he’ll write down the story of what happened on our Christmas vacation, and I really hope he does. He’s great at telling stories and he’s quite observant and sensitive, so I’m sure he’ll do a good job telling it like it really happened. Sadly for you people reading this, I am not as good a writer as Evan is, but hey that’s why he’s taking English and Lit courses and I’m in the foundation year engineering track. But I’ll try to be honest about what happened over Valentine’s Day, and since I wasn’t there for everything I may get Evan to tell some parts of it too.

For now though, I suppose you can muddle through just knowing that Evan and I live together in an apartment on campus at UBC. If you are having a torrid, secret, incestuous relationship with a family member being roommates is quite convenient. Our Mom knows, and she has some very complicated feelings about her kids not only sleeping together but being head over heels in love with each other, but other than that our secret is safe. We are careful about it, and the fact we are twins and besties helps a lot – our friends are used to us being very close and spending a ton of time together.

So that’s most of what you need to know at this point. It’s the day before Valentine’s Day, I saw Evan looking adorable and sexy while he was getting dressed to go to class, and I tugged his boxers down and got his cock in my mouth before he even knew what was going on.

But I am nothing if not a generous and kind big sister (12 minutes older is still older) so as I sucked on his dick I tried to get him off as quickly as possible. Evan is a cutie for sure, with an athletic body, a great smile, and a very nice cock (good length, great girth, fat cockhead, it’s damn near perfect). I worked him over by circling my tongue over his head while I pumped his shaft with a hand. Evan loves it when I look up at him while I’m doing it, so I made sure to give him the big ‘oh my how did my brother’s great big pee-pee get in my mouth!’ innocent eyes that drive him nuts.

I pulled out all the stops and had him ready to pop in barely 10 minutes, helped I’m sure by his need to hurry. He gave me a quick grunt to let me know he was about to come, then a few seconds later I was milking him into my waiting mouth.

A minute after that I was still enjoying the taste and he was quickly pulling his pants on. He chuckled and said, “Damn El, thanks! I owe you one!”

“Tonight?” I asked, wandering over to my wardrobe to pick out a top to wear today. I felt like Evan had something scheduled but it wasn’t on our shared calendar – yes we have a shared calendar, I live in mortal fear one of my friends will see it on my phone and laugh at me. Or else realize Evan and I are a couple. Maybe both.

Grabbing his messenger bag, he replied while he slipped on his shoes, “Not until late, no. I have a group project meeting tonight, so I’ll need the car. I won’t be home until 8 or 9 probably, but then I’m all yours!”

I had put on a light gray sweater with a black stripped pattern, it would go well with the black jeans I was wearing. Walking over to Evan we hugged and he gave me a quick kiss on the lips (I didn’t try to stick my tongue in after swallowing his cum, I did it once as a joke but he really did not like it, the big baby) and I said “Bye you.”

“Bye you,” he smiled a smile that just melts me every time and then he was gone. I quickly got ready and left our apartment on Thunderbird Boulevard for the quick walk down to Main Mall, where I spend most of my time either in the engineering classes or the libraries.

Evan and I became lovers due to an erotic coupon book. Our Mom had made it for our Dad, naturally, and yeşilköy escort while we were all on vacation together in a rented cabin in the mountains she had accidentally (…maybe/probably, there is still some debate about that) put the coupons in Evan’s stocking. Being the goody-goody he is, the next day Evan tried to subtly give it back to Mom while no one else was there to avoid any embarrassment. But I had noticed Evan being all shifty when he looked at the coupons and then I happened to walk into the room when he gave them back to her.

It was hilariously awkward and then for some reason it seemed like Mom was thinking Evan was trying to use one of the coupons on her for real. It said, and I’m embarrassed to say this out loud or type it, but it said “Naughty: See Some Pink”. Mom looked at it for a minute and then told me to show my brother my vag.

I was stunned, obviously. A couple of years earlier my Mom had learned about some rather kinky interests I had been considering exploring. No sense getting all into it now, it’s deeply mortifying, but Mom had reason to believe that I would be interested in showing Evan my pussy. And, obviously, I guess I was. Once the shock had worn off, Evan gave me more “Naughty” and “Nice” sex coupons over the next several days, until we were simply having really wonderful sex and we both realized we cared about each other a lot more than I had dared hope.

Now it’s a month and a half later and I’m wondering what to get Evan for Valentine’s Day. Being siblings, obviously we can’t just have a date at a fancy restaurant, not without going somewhere far away, but we want to do something. A week ago, we went to the Symphony with Mom and she had talked about our Valentine’s Day plans, and it had given me the idea – I’d make Evan another coupon book for sexy favours. We have sex at least once and usually twice a day, but still giving him some special ideas would be fun!

The only hassle was making the actual coupons. I wanted to make them the same as Mom’s had been, so two different coloured slips of paper. Purple for “Nice” coupons, like a backrub or a romantic dinner, and red coupons redeemable for “Naughty” things like shower sex or a quickie in public. The main problem for me was that we don’t have a printer and I didn’t want to be printing out slips of paper that said “1 Free Blowjob” at the library.

Luckily, Thursday after my last class a better idea presented itself. I was walking out of the building when I heard a cheerful, “Ella!”

I turned to see Sushanti Nath, one of my best friends at university, walking up. Shanti is also in first year engineering and we struck up a friendship during orientation. She’s a great girl, also a Vancouver local, and smart as a whip. She has jet black hair that is so insanely thick and luscious I could die of jealousy and is cute as button besides. Taller than me by an inch and skinny, she’s got flawless medium brown skin and dark brown eyes with absurd real lashes.

“Hey Shanti, what are you up to?” I asked as we stepped off the busy sidewalk to let other students hurry past unimpeded.

With a shrug she replied, “Not much, just done for the day. Was just about to head home and do some studying tonight. What about you? Is Evan here?”

I ignored her suddenly avid expression as she looked around for my brother and answered, “Not doing too much, I was thinking about going to visit my Dad’s office to print some stuff out. Evan has some sort of group project today, not sure where he’s at really but it’s off campus and I think he has our car.”

“Ah. Oh well. Hey, I’m driving home, your father’s work is downtown right? I can drop you off if you want, it’s on my way,” Shanti said.

“Really? You wouldn’t mind? That would be so cool actually, I was going to have to find Evan and get the car from him but if you can drop me off, I’ll just get a ride home with my Dad.” I doubted Dad would be thrilled about driving me all the way back to UBC before heading home to West Vancouver around the inlet and over a few bridges, but he goes home late anyway so traffic probably wouldn’t be too bad. And worst case if he really doesn’t want to, I could take a Lyft home.

Shanti nodded happily and said, “Wouldn’t mind at all, it’ll be fun to have someone to talk to. I’m ready whenever you are.”

I had the coupons I wanted to print out on my phone and all my stuff with me so I was ready right then.

The half hour drive downtown was fun, we chatted about classes, about how annoying it could be in engineering where you’d still run into guys who were shocked there were actual women who wanted to be engineers, and about other stuff.

“So Ella, has that Robert guy asked you out yet?”

Suppressing a sigh, I replied, “Nope, I think he kind of got the hint I wasn’t terribly interested and thought better of it.”

Shanti arched an eyebrow, “He’s quite cute, and very nice. Not zeytinburnu escort interested at all?”

“I am just way too busy right now for any of that,” I said in a casually disinterested voice, “this course load is just barely manageable if I study 2 hours a night, how could I bother dating on top?”

Nodding, Shanti agreed, “Yeah, I get it. Still, for the right guy I might make an exception.” Hesitating for a moment, she tapped the steering wheel with her thumb and continued, “Uhm, say, do you-“

Before she could finish her thought, I loudly said, “Oh I love this song! Do you mind if I turn it up?” It was a random radio hit from last summer on her playlist, but Shanti shrugged and so I cranked the volume and we both sang along for a few minutes.

Not long after Shanti dropped me off a half a block away from my Dad’s work and I thanked her profusely for the ride. I felt a little scummy for my rudeness with the radio, but there were some conversations with my friend I just wanted to avoid for as long as possible.

It was 4PM when I walked into the office building and went to see my Dad. And his printer and endless supply of coloured paper.

Chapter 2 – Making The Perfect Coupon Book

I walked to the front reception area of Bannerman + Partners, where my Dad is one of the partners. The sign in the lobby told me it was “BC’s largest full-service independent advertising agency” and I have no reason to doubt it. I mean, they’re in advertising, I can’t imagine they’d ever exaggerate about something like that. There are about 40 people who work at the agency, Jim Bannerman founded it in the ’90s and Dad started working for him a few years later. Now Dad is the managing partner, which means he’s involved in the day to day operations of the place more than writing ad copy or directing car dealership commercials.

With a wave to the receptionist I walked through the open concept office space that took up a large area in the center where a dozen younger staff worked on copy or storyboarded in small groups. My Dad has a large office near the back wall, along with some of the other partners. His door and the blinds on his mostly glass wall were all open so he happened to glance up and saw me as I approached, but he knew I was coming.

“Hey there Ella,” he said as she finished up typing something. I entered his office and had a seat across from him.

“Hey Dad, how’s things?” I asked.

“Same old, same old. Just one minute I want to send this email,”

I pulled out my phone and said, “No rush at all,” and checked some messages. I glanced at Dad as I did it, just curious as to how he was doing. As usual, he was well dressed, and his salt-and-pepper brown hair was well styled. Dad has thickened up a bit but no more than most guys in their mid-40’s I guess. But as I looked I saw some dark circles under his eyes and his skin looked a bit sallow. Was he just working too hard? Tired after a long week? I bit my lip and hoped that was the case.

After our Christmas vacation Evan and I spent a night at our parents’ home. I don’t know what happened, but Mom and Dad had a rare argument of some kind. There was a long conversation between the two of them in their room and when they came out both were clearly unhappy.

Lately, my Mom has seen me as her friend as well as her only daughter, and I love that we are close in that way. But I guess Mom doesn’t have many friends she can confide in about some things and as a result not long before our trip to Whistler at Christmas she told me about how she’s been disappointed in my Dad’s decreasing libido as they age. Honestly, I’m not eager to hear about my parent’s sex life but it was clearly bothering Mom, so I listened to her talk about it. We had bought some lingerie while shopping and she had said how she wanted Dad to notice her again but she doubted it would work, and then there was the matter of the erotic coupons she made for his Christmas stocking. I can’t help but wonder if their lack of physical intimacy, and the way it really upsets Mom more and more, was responsible for whatever happened after our vacation. Certainly, Mom was very interested in watching Evan and I being, well, intimate and she was quite turned on by our intense lust for each other.

Since that night, Mom has been noticeably less happy and whatever has come between her and Dad continues. She hasn’t come out and told me what’s the matter, and I haven’t been brave enough to ask yet. But as I sit in his office I’m minutely inspecting Dad for signs of marital strife in the lines on his face so clearly it is on my mind. Evan and I have spoken about it a little but it’s scary to talk about your parent’s fighting, even if we’re adults now. I mean, I love my Mom and want her to have everything she wants in life and more, but I love Dad too and it’s hard for me to think of him as a villain in anyway. He works so damn hard, but he does it so Evan and anadolu yakası escort bayan I can go to school without taking out loans and live in a nice apartment on campus without worrying about rent, how much of an asshole would I be to then stand here and judge him for that? Whatever, it’s just upsetting to think about but I’m hopeful it ends up being nothing and Mom and Dad sort it all out together.

My unhappy thoughts were interrupted when Dad theatrically hit control+enter to send his email and looked up with a smile. “So baby girl, what did you need today?”

It made me happy to see him apparently happy to see me, so I grinned and replied, “What, can’t your favourite child come to visit without an ulterior motive? I haven’t seen you in weeks!”

Laughing, he replied, “Yeah yeah, I’m glad to see you too munchkin. But your text said you needed some paper or something?”

“I just need to use a printer and some coloured paper if you have any,” I said, “just a school thing. I could have probably done it at the library, but my friend Shanti was driving by, so she was able to give me a lift and I wanted to visit.”

Looking around his office, Dad nodded, “I have my own printer there unless you want to use one of the big network ones. And there’s all sorts of paper and other stuff in the stationary closet. I’m sure you remember where that is.”

Standing up, I grinned, “I sure do. It’s where Evan knocked over that big display stand climbing on it when were like 12, right?”

“Hah! Hilarious how you always bring up the one time Evan misbehaved while hanging out here instead of one of the hundred times you did! I’ll let you grab what you need, I’ll be here for a while yet. Do you want a ride back to your apartment?”

Whew, saved me at least $30 on a Lyft home. “That would be great! We can go whenever you want, I have my laptop here so I can do some studying for a while.”

I spent some time looking for purple paper in the stationary cabinet but couldn’t find the same colour as the “Nice” coupons my Mom had made at Christmas. I did find some very nice thick card stock paper, so I logged into my laptop and pulled up the template I used to make the coupons. Instead of printing the coupons on different coloured paper I just changed the colour of the font so the “Naughty” coupons were printed with nice red letters and the “Nice” ones were a faded purple. On the guest wifi, it was easy to find the printer in my dad’s office and, having put the fancier paper in it, I printed off a couple of sheets. I was very careful that I didn’t accidentally leave anything embarrassing behind.

It looked good, so I spent 15 minutes at a table in my Dad’s office as he worked away and cut out the coupons and sorted them into a booklet. There were 16 of each type, but a few were blank as there are only so many ways to write “free blowjob” before you start repeating yourself. With the coupons cut into individual slips of paper I took the cover, which said “Naughty & Nice Coupon Book” and used a thin black marker to write on the ‘for’ line that it was for Ev. After a moment, I wrote down underneath his name that this book was also legally binding, a reference to how Mom had written that on her coupon book.

Looking at one of the naughty coupons that said, “Be your slave for a day!” I smiled at how I hoped Evan would use that one. With the black marker, I made a doodle of a naked girl in the margin. I’m not exactly a brilliant artist so I wrote “Slave El” under it to make sure it was clear. Let’s hope that was enough of a hint for my oh-so-polite baby brother!

In the end I settled on 10 ‘Naughty’ and 10 ‘Nice’ coupons with a decent mix of things on them. After making holes in the top left corner of the slips of paper I used a metal loose leaf ring to bind them all. I put it in my bookbag and then made sure I tossed the extra blank coupons in as well. Wouldn’t be good for the cleaning staff to find a slip of paper that said “1 Sesh Butt Play” in my Dad’s office. Or for my Dad to find it for that matter!

It was 6PM when my Dad started winding down. Most of the staff had left, and I was just sitting at the small table in his office on my laptop studying CHEM 154, aka chemistry for engineering aka fucking kill me already this shit is brutal. Standing up by his desk and stretching, Dad asked, “What are you working on?”

“Chem. It’s… awful,” I said. Most of my classes were hard, deliberately so, but everyone has one or two that were a bit extra tough and for me that’s chemistry.

He walked over and stood behind me, looking at my screen. “What are those dots around the letters?” he asked as he put a hand on my shoulder.

“These are Lewis structure diagrams, the dots represent electrons in the valence. It’s the most simplified way to try to demonstrate the octet rule and formal charges are satisfied when you’re talking about the individual atoms that make up a molecule.”

Squeezing my shoulder, Dad said, “Have I ever told you it’s amazing how smart you are?”

Smiling I put my hand on top of his, “Once or twice, but I do like hearing it!”

Dad laughed as he walked to the door, saying, “I need to go talk to someone for a minute, but I’ll be ready to go in 5 minutes. Finish up your Nobel acceptance and I’ll take you home.”

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