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Emily’s First Taste Pt. 02

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Chapter 7

Emily was exhausted. She slumped to the floor. She knew Jonathon was not going to fuck her. She ached to feel him and he knew it.

“Tired babe?” he chuckled.

Emily wanted to be in good graces, wanted to behave and please him in this game he had arranged.

“Yes sir. May I use the bathroom?” she meekly replied.

“Hmmm, perhaps. But first I think I need to see your skills again. I think you need to make Aricella cum once more. Think of it as a tip for her hard work and effort making you cum so well,” he openly laughed as he taunted her, smiling in his devilish way. She loved him like that. His eyes lit up and his smile melted her heart and she knew it was all a delicious game.

“I think Aricella’s beautiful titties have been neglected. Would you like to suck on them?”

Emily thought about how badly she had to go pee, but pushed it out of her head. She had been dying to see them fully, taste the nipples, and feel them in her hands.

“Aricella, please climb on the bed so Emily can appropriately please you. Do not remove your clothes. Emily must do it.” Jonathon’s commanding voice was like an aphrodisiac every time. It didn’t matter whether it was on the phone in the most innocuous conversation or passionately making love, or as he ordered her to remove another woman’s clothes.

Aricella centered herself on the bed. Her beautiful long form, perfect in every way, was even easier to appreciate as she lay back on the bed. She had simply lifted her skirt earlier when she shoved her pussy into Emily’s face so she remained fully clothed. Her long crepe like skirt flowed around her and she had straightened her halter that had exposed one or both of her perfect breasts more than once that evening.

Emily, never having been with a girl in such an intimate was nervous but eagerly climbed on the bed. She slid Aricella’s skirt slowly up her shapely legs, wanting to tease Jonathan just as much as he was teasing her. She was relishing in the moment and as Aricella’s skirt reached the top of her thighs Emily brushed her thumbs across Aricella’s swollen lips. It was evident that Aricella was truly excited too and Emily noted how wet she was. Her lips visibly as her juices seeped from her excited slit. Emily subconsciously licked her lips.

She discarded the idea of lifting the halter over Aricella’s head and instead leaned into her and began to gently lick her neck as she reached behind her head and undid the top. The fabric that had barely contained her large globes all night fell in front of Aricella. Emily continued to lick and suck Aricella’s neck, and down toward her luscious mounds. Aricella’s oversized cocoa nipples were hard and Emily rolled them between her fingers.

She thought, as she lifted her still naked ass high in the air, I am going to turn him on so much he’ll have to fuck me. Emily’s lips were so engorged from their constant stimulation and her sex oozed her excitement as her mouth lowered to Aricella’s full orbs. Emily, taking her time, began to massage Aricella’s left breast with her right hand as she sucked everywhere on her right except her nipple.

Aricella’s breathing became more rapid and she pushed her pelvis hungrily against Emily trying to get some relief from the pressure building behind her button. Emily obliged and as she began to suck the lonesome nipple, Emily lowered her fingers to the sopping wetness between Aricella’s thighs. Both women groaned as she did.

As Emily plunged her first two fingers inside Aricella she manipulated her clit with her thumb and feverishly alternated sucking both of her nipples. Aricella’s body writhed beneath her and Aricella succumbed to a body shaking orgasm. Emily caught sight of Jonathon feverishly pumping his cock in the chair beside the bed and she was filled with pride.

Emily was not at all finished with her performance simply because Aricella came and dove between her thighs as she lifted her legs high over her shoulders she thrust her own dripping pussy in the air tempting Jonathon, hoping he would be pleased and fill her aching hole.

She continued to finger Aricella as she sucked her clit hard. Aricella bucked against her face and Emily took advantage of the wetness spreading down Aricella’s thighs and Emily’s own hand and thrust a finger in Aricella’s tight ass as she replaced the space left by her missing fingers with her thumb.

Emily wiggled her ass and reached between her own legs with her other hand to try and rub her clit, in an unconscious attempt to relive the tension building inside her. She had no idea being with another woman would excite her so, and she wasn’t sure if it was simply the new experience or if Jonathon watching them was what made it so erotic.

Lost in her lust she was bright to reality as she felt the crack of the crop across her ass. Hard. It was more painful than she had ever been spanked and she immediately realized her transgression. As she removed her hand from her own drenched pussy she returned her focus to Aricella.

Licking and sucking her clit and altyazılı porno lips and fucking her tongue, Emily knew her attempt to touch herself would prohibit Jonathan from fucking her right then. She worked harder to please him and Aricella and it wasn’t long before Aricella flooded her face with copious amounts of her love juices. As she did so Emily felt the warm splash hit her back and she realized that in her failure to comply Jonathon had punished her by pleasing himself.

Aricella lay back breathless, saying only, “Are you certain you have never been with a girl?”

Emily lad across her, still disappointed, but pleased with her performance, and still having to go to the bathroom.

She felt Jonathon’s fingers slip inside her as she lay there, with her sweat and Aricella’s juices making her body sticky as they began to dry.

He knew it would not take Emily long with a full bladder and he began to zealously fuck her hole with three of his fingers.

“Emily, dear, that was the most delicious of sights. You put on quite a show. For that I will reward you with an orgasm.” Emily rocked back on her knees and thrust her ass in the air thinking he would actually fuck her. Instead he began to manipulate her pussy as only he could, finding the spot only he knew was there, and as he wiggled his fingers inside she lost all control and her body rocked with the orgasm she was dying to have.

“Aha, my dear, you never disappoint. You may use the bathroom and clean up. You have a long day ahead of you tomorrow and for what I have planned, you need to be at your best.”

Chapter 8

Emily showered and pondered what Jonathan meant. The night had already been so much more than she had anticipated. Carefully she cleaned of her body removing the sticky love that covered her. She realized she had left Jonathan with beautiful Aricella, but she quickly pushed any thoughts of him pleasuring himself with her, although she knew she would be hard to resist.

Their relationship was different. The ground rules different. She knew he did not love her in the traditional sense of the word, though she loved him more than any man, any person, she had ever known. He was different, guarded, and yet there was something so different about how he did care for her.

Emily had never known romantic love. She had several long term relationships, was married for over a decade, and considered how she never felt connected to them as she did Jonathan. He knew her, inside and out, and she trusted him.

He was married though. Not married to another woman but married to his life, his job, his hobbies, his things. Many of her often friends told all he felt for her was lust, not love. She knew better. While she knew it might not be exactly love he felt for her, she knew it was something very powerful. She had tried many times to run away from him, even dated some other men once. They did nothing for her. He always seemed to wait patiently for her return. She never understood it. Never understood what spot she filled in his life since their time was limited, but learned she would never question it again. She had submitted to her feelings for him.

Emily brushed her hair back and wrapped the luxurious robe she had found behind the door around her.

For the first time that night she took in her surroundings. The modern bathroom was striking. White porcelain and chrome had been chosen with no ornamentation. She considered changing her bathroom at home to something similar as she opened the door to the combined living and sleep quarters.

The light was dim and a fire was burning in the fireplace. Set in the center of the room and enclosed entirely in glass the amber light reflected on the mirrors that seemed to cover every flat surface possible.

A flush of panic swept over Emily as Jonathon and Aricella not immediately within sight. The still made but definitely used bed with its silver and black covering didn’t have anyone in it and the kitchen and seating areas were devoid of her companions. She heard voices and realized they were outside through the double doors with their sheer covering on what was presumably a patio.

Their conversation stopped as she exited but not in a way that would lead her to be suspicious. Instead Jonathon stood to greet her and gush with pride. He told her she was beautiful and her ability to easily make love to a woman without fear or hesitation was one of the things he adored about her.

Pleased with herself Emily sat down to join them as Jonathon made his way to the wet bar. He didn’t have to ask what she drank, he knew and her vodka tonic with lime was perfect without too much ice.

The three of them sat for some time talking and smoking cigarettes until Aricella excused herself. She had an event to attend with a client early in the morning and needed rest. Jonathon told her she was welcome to shower there.

“Normally I would, but your girl here kind of wore me out actually. She’s quite good; you should hang on to her.”

Emily was pleased and her ear to zenci porno ear grin only got bigger when Jonathon joked. “We’ll see how she handles tomorrow, might have to trade her in,” he said it with the straightest face possible but his shining eyes deceived him.

Aricella let herself out as Emily and Jonathon talked for what seemed like hours although it wasn’t that long. Emily began to yawn and Jonathon stood silently and reached for her hand. As he led her to the bed she was filled with love for him.

Tenderly he nudged her into the bed and covered her with the luxurious down filled comforter. He sat beside her and stayed there for several moments brushing her still damp hair from her face before leaning to gently kiss her forehead before he shut off the light and walked to the bathroom to shower himself.

By the time he returned Emily was deep in sleep and she never knew how long he stared at her in the soft light of the fire, caressing her hair, before he too drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 9

Emily woke to the smell of coffee brewing and had no idea what time it was. She looked around and thought are there no clocks in this place?

Jonathon hearing her stir, brought a cup of coffee to the bed side, prepared just as she liked, strong, but with cream and Splenda. Emily mused it was the color of Aricella’s skin as she took a sip.

“Good morning sweet girl, are you ready for today?”

Not knowing what he had in store for her, she didn’t know exactly how to answer but knew they were still playing the game and she responded meekly, “Yes sir.”

“Good. On your knees” he instructed.

She had barely gotten a sip of her coffee. He knew it was her fuel. She immediately berated him, in her head, before sliding her nude body to the floor.

“Cross your ankles and hands behind your back. Today will be an exercise in self restraint for you. You will learn your orgasms belong to me and are given at my discretion.”

His tone was stern and immedistly her pussy began to tingle.

He walked to the beside table and ceremoniosly removed a small violet velvet bag. Placing it on the bed beside Emily he ran his fingers through her hair, clenched a fitsful and bent to forcefully and passionately kiss her. Taken aback Emily didn’t kiss back at first but as he thrust his tongue into her mouth she kissed him with equal vigor until he abrubtly stopped.

“Emily my dear, you know I care for you greatly. Do I not? “

Panic set in and Emily was not sure what he was going to say. The monotone sound of his voice made her question his intention. He sensed this and brushed her cheek softly.

“Yes sir”

“Today will push the boundaries of our relationship. You may have no idea how much I respect you and value our relationship. I am in awe of our shared tastes and willingness to try new things. I trust you with things I trust no one else with. You know that don’t you Emily?”

“Yes sir,” she replied but wondered where he was going with his statements. What did they mean? Was there a hidden meaning?

“Today Emily will require you to use safe words. We have never done that before, but today will require them. This game we play is always at your discretion, our discretion.” She knew he was referencing when the tables were turned and she was in charge.

“I need you to think of two words that you will remember, I will remember, and they will mark your limits. One for when your boundaries are pushed and you are reaching a limit, but might choose to for me to tread lightly. The other means I must absolutely stop. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.” She was so curious what he had planned and the fact it could be extreme was making her core begin to drip. She felt her lips slide against each other as she nervously shifted and she knew she was incredibly wet already.

“What are your words Emily dear?”

“Um,” she hesitated but sputtered, “apple.” Knowing hesitation would produce ramifications.

“And?” he commanded.

“Bazinga,” she blurted out. He lost his composure and laughed aloud.

“Really? Bazinga?”

“Yes sir, it was all I could think of”

“Fine Emily. Apple and Bazinga it is. Bazinga is your hard limit word. Should you at any point reach a level you absolutely cannot proceed, use that.” He laughed under his breath once more.

“I want you to really recognize that I care about you intensely and you are truly the only woman that excites me. I want you to want only me. That being said today may present itself with situations that will push our limits. Do not do anything you do not want because you think it will please or don’t choose not to do something because you think I will be displeased. Do you understand?”

She was totally perplexed. What did he have planned? Was she at all prepared for it?

“Yes sir, I understand.”

“Very good then,” he said as he reached into the velvet bag he still held in his hands and produced something small and metal and she recognized immediately they were aldatma porno nipple clips. They had never used those and she was apprehensive but excited.

He bent and clamped one on each of her nipples. There was rubber on each tip so the pain was not biting, but it was intense and unlike anything she had experienced. She was surprised at how enjoyable it felt.

He did not wait for commentary from her but reached into the bag once again and produced a silver bullet with the smallest tail attached to it. It was not something they had used before and it must have been purchased for the occasion.

“Bend and place your hands in front of you. Your ass high in the air for me Emily.”

She silently complied and as she did she felt his fingers glide over her sex.

“Oh my Emily dear, you are so wet. You do like our game don’t you?”

“Oh yes sir, very much” she responded as he began to rub his fingers over her wetness, careful not to brush her clit or enter her. He used her wetness to lubricate her other tight hole and gently slipped his finger inside her. She moaned at the sensation as he coaxed the hole to relax. The feeling was intense and she loved it. Swiftly he inserted the bullet into her ass.

“Emily, I warned you yesterday you would be punished for cumming without my permission. This is part of your punishment. I will control your pleasure all day. This bullet, and another inserted into your beautiful wet pussy are remote controlled,” he told her, as he turned it on electricity shot into her ass and the sensations were powerful.

“Do you like that Emily?”

“Yes, sir,” she wondered how she was going to be able to control herself with that apparatus inserted in both of her holes.

Jonathon deftly inserted another bullet, slightly larger, into her other awaiting hole and turned it on.

Vibrations rocked through her body, the nipple clips seemed to tighten as blood rushed throughout her body. She could feel a climax building almost instantly with such a barrage on her senses. Moaning she tried to rock back onto her heels and as she did she felt the crack of the crop on her exposed ass. Hard.

“You will not cum Emily. I will not let you. Not until I say,” Jonathon instructed.

Her actions were almost involuntary and she was shaking at the sensations. He spanked her again, harder, and while his spanking was meant to shock her, it too felt amazing. She was so close. She tried to think of other things, tried to make it stop. She did not want to disappoint him. She wanted only to feel him inside her and she knew he was willful and would not let that happen without her compliance.

He sensed she was close and stopped his torture of her sensitive body. She enjoyed sex far more than any woman he had ever been with and it was something he adored about her. Her freedom to enjoy pleasure overwhelmed him. Her ability to cum over and over again, was a shared pleasure for both of them and he loved to watch her.

“Stand Emily.”

Emily complied but her knees were surprisingly unsteady. The sensations she had just experienced were like any other she had felt before. She was not prepared for the day she surmised.

“Remain still,” he instructed as he walked to a table in the center of the room to pick up a neatly folded pile of clothing.

“This is your attire for the day. I admit it’s not much but you are being punished and quite frankly I appreciate your body so much. Others should as well. You normal attire is sexy but much too conservative for today, so I have selected these clothes for you.”

She thought to herself that he had obviously assumed she would not be able to comply with his instructions and had planned for her punishment well in advance.

He seemed to know exactly what she was thinking and said, “Yes Emily. I knew it would be intense for you.”

How did he do that she thought? How could he read her mind? He did it frequently.

“Raise your arms.” He ordered.

He slipped a sheer slip of a top over her head. It was see through and really covered nothing despite its coral color. The nipple clips easily visible, and the sheer fabric felt heavenly as it brushed across her tremendously hard nipples that pushed against it.

He bent and wordlessly instructed her to step into an equally sheer skirt.

It was white, like the skirt he had given her the day before, except without all of the layers. It was short see through at the right angles and the entire outfit left her feeling as naked as she was minutes before.

“You are beautiful Emily; I think it is time we show you off.”

“Yes sir, but may I ask a question?” Emily modestly requested.

“You may.”

“Sir, when might I earn the opportunity to feel you inside me?” she came close to begging as she spoke.

“In due time, I will take you in a way you will never forget, but first, we are going out.”

Chapter 10

As they left the hotel, Emily felt all eyes on her. She hadn’t realized what the building looked like when they entered. It was a side of the road motel that looked somewhat run down and belied the opulence inside. Looking back at the building she wondered how Jonathan even knew of such a place. There was no way he would have selected it from the roadside. She wondered if he had been there before.

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