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Emma’s Secret Pt. 04

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*All characters in this fictional story are 18 or older*

Emma’s Secrets pt. 04

After Emma had collected the money from each of the men, she quickly counted the money, there was over four hundred dollars. Thomas introduced each of his friends to Emma and she stood up and gave each of them a kiss hello on their cheek.

“Emma, dance for my friends and remove your underwear,” chuckled Thomas placing a chair in front of his friends.

The four men smiled and sat down on the couch to watch Emma dance and strip. She began dancing, turning and swaying and moving around in front of the men. Emma slowly undid her bra and seductively let it slip down off her shoulders, just like a stripper. She twirled her bra in the air like a lasso before throwing it across the room onto another chair.

She stood there with her hands on her waist pushing out her chest trying to make her small breasts look bigger. The men stared wide eyed at her small breasts and hard pointy nipples sticking out.

“Oh fuck look at her tits,” cried one of the men.

Emma cupped her breasts in the palms of her hands and giggled, “Do you like them?”

“Fuck yes,” yelled another.

“Show us your cunt,” screamed another.

“Do you want me to take off my panties?” giggled Emma.

“Yes, yes take them off,” yelled a man.

When Emma slipped her hand inside her panties and rubbed her pussy, one of them yelled, “Take them off, don’t be a cock tease, show us your cunt.”

Emma grinned and giggled, she knew she was teasing the men, she was excited and was loving dancing for the men. She turned her back to them and bent over, slipping her panties down to her around her ankles. Still bending over she reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart showing the men her puckering ass hole.

“Oh fuck look at her ass, I can’t wait to fuck her ass,” screamed one of the men.

Emma giggled as she remembered how her father had fucked her ass. She stepped out of her panties and stood upright and kicked her used panties towards the men.

One of them caught her panties and held them against his nose and breathed in her aroma and moaned, “Fuck, she smells as good as she looks.”

Emma danced naked around the chair then placed one foot on the chair to spread her legs apart letting the men see her bald pussy. She then sat down on the chair with her knees apart and reached down and pull her pussy lips apart, letting the men see the pink insides of her pussy.

“Oh fuck me you weren’t joking Thomas, when you told us how sexy she was,” moaned one of the men.

As Emma began fingering her pussy and she smiled at the men and asked, “Are you going to undress, or do you just want to look at me?”

Emma giggled as the four men quickly removed their clothes, they were soon standing naked surrounding her as she sat on the chair. They groped her breasts and ran their hands over her naked body. One of the men offered her his hard cock and she eagerly took it into her mouth to suck, she was soon offered another hard cock and began taking turns of taking their cocks into her mouth.

When one of the men reached down and pushed his finger into Emma’s wet pussy and began finger fucking her Thomas said, “Why don’t you use my bedroom, you will all be more comfortable in there.”

The men helped Emma to her feet and took her into Thomas’s bedroom and laid her down on the bed. One of them spread her legs apart and buried his face between her legs and began kissing, licking and tongue fucking her bald pussy. Another turned her head to the side and pushed his cock into her open mouth and began face fucking her.

Another of the men was groping her breasts and pulling and twisting her nipples as he stroked his cock with his other hand. He then leaned down and sucked her small breast into his mouth and then began sucking on her nipple. When the man licking her pussy began finger fucking her pussy, Emma began trying to hump his finger.

With her pussy now soaking wet the man moved up over her body and rubbed the knob of his hard cock up and down her wet slit. Then with a sudden thrust drove his hard cock deep into her wet pussy. He then began fucking her, thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy. Emma’s moans of pleasure were muffled by the cock in her mouth.

The man fucking her mouth was now slamming his cock in and out of her mouth, then all of a sudden stopped keeping his cock buried in her mouth as his cock exploded and blasted his hot fresh cum into her mouth. After he had finished coming and had pulled his soft cock out of her mouth, Emma’s face was turned to the other side of the bed and had another cock pushed into her mouth.

Emma was being face fucked and her pussy was being pounded at the same time. As soon as the man fucking her pussy had finished unloading his cum into her and had removed his soft cock and stepped back, another one took his place and drove his hard cock into her cum filled pussy.

Emma was being well and truly fucked and was giving no time to rest. As one of beylikdüzü escort the men finished, another one took his place. There was that much cum in Emma’s pussy that it was now flowing out of her all over the bed.

Finally, Emma could rest and catch her breath. She laid there with her face and breasts coated in fresh cum and sticky cum all through her hair. Ten minutes later one of the men rolled Emma over onto her stomach and lifted her up onto her knees. Emma knew what was about to happen and took a deep breath and buried her face into a pillow.

One of the men fingered her cum filled pussy coating his finger in cum, then pulled his finger out of her pussy and pushed his cum covered finger into her ass hole. After fingering and loosening her ass hole he removed his finger and drove his cock in.

The man pumped his cock in and out of Emma’s ass in a steady rhythm as Emma moaned and groaned into the pillow. It didn’t take him long before he was filling Emma’s ass with hot cum and when he pulled his cock out of Emma’s ass, she collapsed face down on the bed exhausted.

A minute later she was lifted back up onto her knees and another cock was thrust into her ass. As Emma was being ass fucked a man lifted her head up from the pillow by her hair, drove his cock into her mouth and began face fucking her as she was having her ass fucked. Once the men had got into sync pushing her back and forth Emma started to really enjoy being double teamed.

After the men fucking her ass and face had filled her with more cum, Emma rolled over and looked up at the other two men and saw that their cocks were limp and soft. She was devastated, she was still wanting to be fucked. She saw a beer bottle beside the bed, she reached out and took hold of the bottle and pushed it into her pussy and began using it just like she had done at the motel.

“Fuck, that’s incredible I’ve never seen anyone using a beer bottle as a dildo,” said one of the men.

“She’s a horny slut,” said another.

Emma immediately thought of her father and how he wanted her to be his slut, thinking about her father made her pump the beer bottle in and out her pussy faster and she was soon screaming out that she was having another orgasm. When she finally removed the beer bottle from her pussy, she laid there exhausted waiting for the men’s cocks to have recover.

The rest of the morning went fast, Emma had her ass and pussy fucked several more times by each of the men and she had sucked each of their cocks several times. It was early in the afternoon when the men finally finished and Emma had fallen asleep.

After throwing a blanket over Emma’s cum covered naked body Thomas said, “You’re all welcome to take a shower and freshen up.”

After his four friends had showered and got dressed, they sat down with Thomas to have a beer and talk about how much they enjoyed fucking Emma.

One of Thomas friends said, “Emma was worth every dollar we paid her, and if she wants to make some more money give us a call, it’s not every day you can fuck someone like her.”

An hour after his friends had left Thomas went and woke Emma up and said, “Em it’s time for you to go home, you were fantastic, and they all want to see you again.”

“I’m too tired to go home,” moaned Emma.

“In that case why don’t you phone your mother and tell her you’re staying at your girlfriend’s house tonight… we can go out for dinner and you can sleep here tonight.”

Emma phoned her mother and asked if it was ok if she stayed overnight at her girlfriend’s house. At first, her mother said no because it was a school night, she then said it was okay because Mal and her were going out to dinner with her boss, Mr Wilson.

After Emma had gotten off the phone she smiled and said. “It’s all set I’m staying here with you tonight.”

After they had finished having a shower and getting dried, Thomas said, “Emma put on your high school clothes, I love the way you look in them.”

As soon as they were dressed they headed out to dinner at a nearby restaurant. When they arrived, Thomas picked out a table at the back of the restaurant that would give them a lot more privacy. After having finished their meal and they were enjoying a few drinks and kissing and cuddling each other like lovers.

When Emma heard someone call her name, she turned around and saw it was one of her high school teachers, “Emma why haven’t you been at school for the last few days?”

Before Emma can answer Thomas stands up and holds out his hand and said, “Hello, I’m Thomas, Emma’s uncle and it’s my fault that Emma hasn’t been at school, she has been helping me at home, I’ve just come out of the hospital and she has been taking care of me.”

The teacher shook Thomas’s hand and looked at Emma. He can tell there is something not right with what he had witnessed and if he remembers correctly, according to her school records Emma doesn’t have an uncle.

“Please take a seat and join us,” said beyoğlu escort Thomas.

Emma’s teacher sat down at the table next to her and said, “The school should have been informed of your abstinence.”

Thomas tries to change the conversation and said, “I didn’t get your name.”

“This is Mr. Roberson,” said Emma.

“Please call me David,” said the teacher.

“Nice to meet you, David, would you like a beer?” asked Thomas.

“A beer would be great,” David replied.

After ordering them both a beer and a glass of coke for Emma, Thomas noticed David looking down at Emma’s bare knees

Emma whispered something to him, Thomas turned to David and said, “Emma tells me, that you like looking up your student’s skirts.”

David started to stutter and said, “NO, that’s not true… I don’t look up their skirts… well not on purpose.”

As David looked down at Emma’s bare knees again, she parted her knees making her skirt slide up her thighs to expose her red thong to him.

“I can understand the temptation to look up your students skirts,” chuckled Thomas running his hand over Emma’s bare thigh and pushing her skirt even further up her thigh.

As David stares at Emma’s red thong, he starts sweating and said, “It’s not what you are suggesting… It’s their fault, they deliberately flash their panties at me.”

Emma starts giggling as her teacher squirms in his seat and tries desperately not to stare at her thong.

David nervously asked, “Are you going to say anything to the school?”

“Oh NO! I would never report you, in fact I don’t blame you for looking up their skirts at their panties,” replied Thomas.

“You don’t?” asked David staring at Emma’s panties.

“I like looking at their panties too,” chuckled Thomas reaching out to run his hand over Emma’s thong covered pussy.

“From what Emma tells me a lot of your students would love you to fuck them,” chuckled Thomas.

“Oh fuck is that true, Emma?” asked David taking a deep breath.

Emma giggled, “Yes we all think you’re the sexiest teacher at high school.”

Thomas then pulled Emma’s red thong to the side to reveal her bald slit to David’s eyes and said, “Especially when they have a bald pussy.”

David stares at Thomas rubbing his finger up and down Emma’s pussy slit.

“Do you like looking at my bald pussy?” giggled Emma.

David is shocked at what Emma has just asked and he just nods his head.

“Would you like to touch my pussy?” giggled Emma.

Thomas chuckles, “Go ahead and feel how wet she is.”

David can’t believe this is happening and when Emma takes his hand and places it on her wet pussy, he gasps and takes a deep breath. Then attempts to lift his hand of his school student’s pussy. Emma places her hand on top of his hand and presses his fingers against her wet slit.

When Emma pushes one of his fingers into her wet pussy David groans, “Oh god, she is wet.”

Without thinking if it was right or wrong David began finger fucking Emma’s pussy, something that he has often dreamed of doing to his students.

He is taken by surprised when Emma reaches over and squeezes his cock through his pants and shrieked, “Uncle Thomas … David’s cock is hard and feels much bigger than yours.”

David just closes his eyes and thinks he must be having a dream, only opening his eyes wide in shock when Emma opens his pants and slides her hand inside and wraps her fingers around his hard throbbing cock and starts stroking it.

“I shouldn’t, I mean we shouldn’t be doing this,” blurted David.

Emma doesn’t listen to her teacher and with her had still wrapped around his cock slips under the table and takes his hard cock dripping with pre-cum into her mouth. David gasps and closes his eyes and let’s out a soft moan as he feels Emma sucking on his cock.

When a young waitress comes over and asked, “Is there anything else I can get you; would you like another round of drinks?”

“Yes please, can we have another round of drinks,” said Thomas.

The waitress notices that Emma is under the table and asked, “Is everything alright, did you drop something, can I be of any assistance?”

Thomas smiled at the waitress and lifts the tablecloth up letting the waitress see what’s happening under the table. The waitress covers her mouth and giggles into her hand when she sees that Emma is giving David a head job.

She smiles and said, “I will go and fetch your drinks for you.”

The waitress walks away and when she returns with their drinks; she is accompanied by the restaurant manager who lifts up the tablecloth and looks under the table, just as David’s cock erupted and shoots his cum down Emma’s throat.

When Emma finished swallowing her teacher’s cum and climbed out from under the table, she sees that the waitress and restaurant manager had been watching her.

“My name is Gordon, I’m the manager of this restaurant, and I think that you should leave the restaurant… bostancı escort bayan unless,” he grinned staring at Emma.

“Unless what?” asked Thomas.

“Unless you use my office and let us join in,” smiled Gordon placing his hand on Emma’s shoulder.

“Thank you we would love to use your office and have you to join us,” said Thomas.

“What’s your name sweetheart?” asked Gordon.

“I’m Emma and this is my Uncle Thomas and David is my high school teacher,” giggled Emma.

The three of them stood up from the table and followed Gordon and waitress into his office. After Gordon has closed and locked the door, he turns around and his eyes light up when he sees that waitress has helped Emma remove her dress. Emma was stands there wearing only her red thong and her small breasts on display to everyone.

Gordon stepped closer to Emma and ran his hand over her bare breasts and cupped and squeezes each breast and said, “You’re fucking gorgeous, young lady.”

As he continued to run his hands over her body, Emma began removing his shirt and tie. After having taken them off, Emma knelt down, undoes his belt and lowers his pants and underwear down to his ankles. She stares at his hard fat cock pointing straight at her face, then wraps her hand around his cock and takes his cock into her mouth to suck. She begins moving her mouth up and down the restaurant manger’s cock, sucking it like the desperate cum slut she is.

David stands there in disbelief watching his student sucking the restaurant manager’s cock. Thomas and David are too busy watching Emma sucking Gordon’s cock to notice that the waitress has also undressed. It’s only after the waitress places her hand on their shoulders that they turn and see that she is completely naked.

They stare at her slim body and firm breasts and watch her pump her finger in and out of her wet bald pussy. She then removes her wet finger from her pussy and places it into her mouth to suck.

She then removes her finger from her mouth and asked, “Which one of you men is going to fuck me first?”

Thomas and David quickly remove their clothes and were soon standing naked on either side of the waitress running their hands over her naked body. When they heard Emma scream out in pleasure, the three of them turned and look over to see that Gordon had removed Emma’s red thong and had her laid out on his desk and was thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy.

He was thrusting his cock into her pussy with that much force that he was sliding her across the table and had to pull her back onto his cock before thrusting his cock back into her pussy.

“My name is Lisa and my husband loves females Emma’s age,” said the waitress.

Thomas smiles as he thinks about how the manager must have met his wife when she was Emma’s age, her breasts were slightly bigger than Emma’s small breasts and her pussy was bald just like Emma’s pussy.

Lisa gave Thomas a kiss and said, “Thank you for bringing Emma here tonight,” she then knelt down and took Thomas’s cock deep into her mouth.

Thomas held Lisa’s head steady and began driving his cock in and out of her mouth. David moved over beside Emma and the manager and began playing with Emma’s small breasts as the manager fucking her.

A few minutes later the manager grunted several times as his cock blasts his cum into Emma’s pussy and as soon as he had finished coming he pulled his spent cock out and sat down on the couch. David quickly moves between Emma’s legs and thrust his cock into her cum filled cunt with one quick thrust. Then begins thrusting his cock in and out of his student’s pussy, something that he had dreamed of doing many times as he taught at school. He often looked under his student’s skirts and dreamed of fucking his students, now here he was actually fucking one of them.

The manager sat there watching Thomas holding his wife’s head in both hands as he thrust his cock in and out of her mouth face fucking her roughly just the way Lisa liked it. Gordon thought about the first time that he had met his wife. Lisa was also dressed in her high school uniform just like Emma.

Lisa had come into his restaurant looking for work and he immediately fancied and desired her and he gave her a job washing dishes. He had her working late at night so that he could be alone with her. It didn’t take him long to seduce her and he was soon fucking her every night she worked.

Thomas pulled Lisa’s mouth all the way onto his cock and blasted his cum into her mouth. The manager knew that his wife would swallow every drop of cum that Thomas shot into her mouth. Lisa was like Emma and loved the taste of cum. After Thomas had finished coming, he withdrew his soft cock from Lisa’s mouth and helped her up onto her feet.

Lisa moved over and sat down next to her husband on the couch, Thomas sat down next to her and the three of them sat there watching David fucking Emma.

“Where did you find this horny slut,” asked Gordon.

“I meet her at the shopping center a few days ago,” replied Thomas.

“Is David really her high school teacher?” asked Lisa.

“Yes he is,” Thomas replied.

“How did you manage to fuck her?” Gordon asked.

“She likes fucking for money,” chuckled Thomas.

Gordon laughed and said, “I have plenty of friends that would be willing to pay to fuck a female like her.”

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