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Endless Desire

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A note from the author:

I am extremely grateful to Robert Reams for editing this story. In addition to cleaning up my many errors he also provide advice and clarity suggestions that I feel helped elevate this story from good to great. Any errors that remain are mine and should not be attributed to his assistance in any way.

I would also like to thank those that read my first story and took time to provide constructive criticism, feedback and encouragement (and a few inspirational pictures). It took much longer to complete this story but I am very happy with the finished piece. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

This was meant to be a continuation of my first story but I feel it is better served as a stand alone story. The two stories still work together but also serve as a prime example as to why any story should be run past a good editor.

Finally, a thanks to “J”, the inspiration for this storyline.


Steam is building in the bathroom now. The large, luxurious room contains every amenity one could hope for away from home. A long, modern double vanity fills most of the forward wall, its open faced lower shelving is full of towels, lotions, perfumes and potions. A mirror covers the entire space above the counter. A floor to ceiling half-wall separates the area from the oversized shower in the right corner, its large shower head spewing a hot stream of water. A jacuzzi large enough for four dominates the corner opposite the shower on the right side wall. A door on the left leads to a smaller room containing the toilet and a small sink.

Jeff, my intimate friend, will be here soon so I don’t have time to enjoy the relaxing waterfall. I quickly lather and shave my most delicate areas, taking only moments, because my hair is so fine. I am finishing soaping and scrubbing the rest of my body when I hear the bathroom door open.

Jeff and I are both married, but have been seeing each other for a couple of years now. Between jobs, family and life in general, our meetings have never been frequent, once a month at best. We would chat often in the intervals, trading pictures and fantasies. Our all-too-quick meetings have never allowed us time to go “all the way” though. My deepest longing is to feel his massive manhood inside me.

Tonight, coincidence had placed us in the same hotel, in the same city, far from home. His conference and my sales meetings will allow us a rare night to ourselves. Having spent so much time fantasizing, each of us knows exactly what the other wants. We plan on satisfying all those needs tonight.

Earlier I had slipped my spare key under Jeff’s door. Now I can hear him entering the bathroom.

Keeping my back to him, I step out from under the gentle stream of water towards the shower door. I hear the soft hollow sounds of his shoes hitting the floor. Steam has fogged the glass, obscuring the view, but I know his eyes are locked on my body. I squeeze the washcloth I am holding so its foam runs down my spine. The sharp clink of his belt buckle falling to the tile floor, sends goose bumps skittering over me. I know he is leaning forward to slide his underwear down his legs so I press back against the glass, hoping his eye level is near my ass. My curvy cheeks form ovals against the glass, the space between clearly defined by the foamy soap. A moan escapes Jeff’s throat.

The door opens. I quickly step forward to allow him space. Wrapping his arms around my chest and stomach, Jeff pulls me tight against his muscular body. The fingers of his right hand tease my left nipple as he kisses and nibbles his way along my shoulders and neck.

I feel his manhood between my cheeks,surprised he remains flaccid. I grind back against his crotch, surprised again that he resists, pulling away from my body.

With a gentle pull on my shoulder, Jeff turns me to face him. His hands slide up to the sides of my face; he leans in to place his lips against mine. As his tongue enters my mouth, his left hand moves to the back of my head, pulling my face tighter against his. My hands roam his tight backside as our tongues struggle against each other. After a few brief moments, he grips my hair and pulls my face away.

I am a bit confused at first, but he flashes me his sexiest smile, pushing me down by his grip on my hair. Understanding completely, I slide to my knees. This is for me; we both know it.

I struggle to lean into his crotch, but his grip holds my mouth just out of reach. My hands are rubbing up and down his legs and ass. I could easily pull him forward, but he knows I won’t. I’m enjoying the feel of him controlling this moment, holding me back. I love the feel of his cock as it hardens in my mouth. He has been holding back to allow me this pleasure. His cock still hangs loosely. I can’t imagine what image he has been keeping in his mind to prevent his erection, but I am pleased that he has thought about giving me my fantasy too. Now I see that he is swelling with arousal. He will be brazzers fully hard in a moment. I pull forward harder against his grip. Relenting, Jeff allows me to move toward my reward.

Not wasting any time I plant gentle kisses, starting at his waist just above his manhood, working down his softened shaft till finally reaching the sensitive head. Upon reaching the tip I take him in to my mouth entirely. I have difficulty taking all of him when he is fully erect, which is one of the reasons I love swallowing him soft. He is quickly swelling now, pulling me roughly in while he can, without me gagging. This also allows me another favorite. Snaking my tongue along the underside of his shaft, out past my lips, I lick at his sack and balls pressed against my chin. I reach to caress his scrotum, pushing his balls closer to my greedy tongue. He rapidly becomes harder; my tongue retreats to prevent gagging. Jeff, like me, is a “grower”, extending directly toward my throat. He eases the grip on my head to allow me to pull back, but I place my hands on his ass to keep him deep.

Almost fully erect, his cock is pushing into my throat and I am fighting my natural reflexes. Tears are streaming down my face. I hover on the edge of my tolerance.

Finally, I am forced to relent. Backing off to half his length, I hold him there while my tongue plays along the sensitive underside. My hands roam his ass and muscular thighs. Jeff is massively erect now, but I feel the velvety flesh swell and stretch further. Past experiences of tasting Jeff’s wonderful cock have taught me this expansion is sign of his approaching climax. Quickly I release him from my mouth, hoping to keep him below the edge. I would love to have him explode on my face and mouth, but tonight I have other plans for his seed.

I look up to see him watching me with a playful smile on his lips.

“Don’t worry” he says. “I’m not ready to cum just yet.”

The first words that either of us has spoken, his voice is soft and soothing. I must have a look of disbelief on my face about his climax not being imminent because he lets out a chuckle and his smile broadens.

“Pucker up those sexy lips for me, David.”

His hold on my hair tightens again. I look back down his body. His right hand now grips the base of his cock, pointing it toward my face. His cock is harder than I have ever seen it, looking almost painfully erect. The veins stand out along its shaft, forming thick ridges. Its head has swollen to the size of a small plum, its skin shiny and taut, angry looking I can’t help but wonder how I can possibly fit that massive tool inside me, but want it now more that ever.

“Pucker up for me, David,” he says again.

I do as he says. He places the tip of his cock against my lips, slowly running his hand up the shaft, squeezing tightly. His always copious pre-cum flows freely onto my lips. He rubs his swollen cock around my mouth like some huge, obscene tube of lipstick.

Still holding my hair he leans to run the tip of his tongue across my mouth. Our lips touch, my tongue reaching out. Our tongues wrestle for dominance as Jeff helps me stand. Usually, kissing a guy does little for me, but my body now trembles with desire; I am glad to have his help standing.

Jeff breaks our kiss, turning me towards the spray of the shower. His arms wrap around me. As he steps forward, our bodies pressed together, I feel his hard cock snuggled between the cleft of my cheeks. His breathing is heavy. He begins kissing my neck and shoulders.

I pour some soap in my hand, reach back to quickly slick up his cock. I push back against him again. With that little lubrication I’m now able to grind my ass up and down the length of his shaft. All its wonderful ridges rub across the sensitive skin of my back door, causing me to moan low in approval.

Jeff runs his hand down my body to grasp my swollen member. Instead of stroking me, he simply grips the shaft, using the extra leverage to pull me more forcefully back against his crotch. His left hand lightly pinches and twists my nipple. The sensations are overwhelming, causing me to make a soft “Oh!” with each stroke of his cock along my tight hole.

After a few moments of wonderful grinding, Jeff releases my twitching member, running both hands over my chest and stomach. As he kisses along my neck again, he whispers, “Let’s move to the bed.”

I am in total agreement, so I shut off the water. He opens the door and steps out, already holding a towel for me. Fresh from the shower, water dripping down his body, Jeff looks sexier than ever. I resist the urge to go down on him again. We dry as fast as we can. I grab his cock and lead him out of the bathroom, gently stroking him as we walk.

Apparently, Jeff has spent a few moments prepping the bedroom before he entered the bathroom. The lights are off except for one dim lamp near the bed. Pillows have been piled up near the end of the king sized mattress, forming a crude ramp. Next to the pillows he cuckold porno has laid out the supplies I had placed on the nightstand. There is a bottle of lube, a slender vibrating plug, a larger plug that has a twirling head and rotating beads on the inside (my favorite!), and a short, black, rubber, three holed “tube” that I have never seen before.

I release my hold on Jeff to pick up the new object. I turn to face him with a look of curiosity.

“It’s called a cock-sling,” he says. “I love wearing it and thought you might like it as well.”

I take a few steps back. Feeling a bit silly, I sway my hips as I go, causing my erection to swing as well. The bed touches the back my legs so I sit, my butt landing conveniently on the bottom pillow of the pile. The rest of the pile allows me to recline comfortably in a semi upright position.

Holding out the toy towards him I say, “Show me.”

He reaches out to take the odd looking toy, but I grasp his hand, pulling him down towards me. A chill goes through me as his body presses against mine. My left hand still holds his right, the toy pressed between them. He has to brace himself against the bed with the other hand to keep from falling. I know its a bit awkward for him, but I enjoy the sensation as he leans to meet my lips. Our tongues intertwine for a few brief moments before he pushes up to stand, taking the toy with him.

“It needs some lubrication first,” he says, kneeling at the foot of the bed.

Running his hands along the inside of my thighs he pushes my legs apart. His hand finds my hard shaft and points me directly at his waiting mouth. With one fast swoop, he swallows me to the base. He continues to deep throat me until I feel his saliva sliding down my sack. Jeff releases me as quickly as he had swallowed me, working his slick spit on my shaft and balls with his hand.

I see him stretch out the toy, making it possible for him to slide my cock through the largest hole and out one of the smaller holes on the other side. I realize now that it’s a cock ring and my balls will fit through the other hole.

I raise my legs and rest the heels of my feet on the edge of the bed to give Jeff unfettered access. I feel totally exposed and more than a little slutty positioned this way. My cock is the center of his attention, though I have just put everything on display.

Jeff quickly takes advantage of the new position, his mouth moving lower to engulf my entire sack. His finger traces a line along my bottom, starting out teasingly close to my tight entrance, ending where his lips meet my balls. His tongue is never idle, swirling around the sensitive orbs inside his mouth.

I am a high and tight guy when it comes to testicles. They hang low only when I am in a very warm area. Because of this I wonder if we can even get them through the other hole of the sling. Jeff’s mouth is definitely warm; he is using it masterfully to pull and stretch my sack.

Jeff allows my thoroughly stretched and slicked up balls to fall from his mouth. I can feel his movements as he stretches out the other ring in the sling. Tenderly he places the ring around the base of my sack as his mouth kisses and licks on my shaft. There is a slight pinching so I reach down to adjust the ring around my balls. Jeff takes the head of my cock in his mouth and sucks hard, twirling his tongue around the tip.

He backs off, taking my shaft in his right hand, slowly stroking. My balls rest on the palm of his left hand while his fingers run along the crack of my ass, occasionally grazing my sensitive hole.

As Jeff begins licking his way down my shaft, I look down to see that my cock has become more swollen, harder than ever. Moving lower, his tongue plays along the skin of my balls, now stretched taut from the ring encircling their base. Opening his mouth, Jeff takes my balls in fully, applying a gentle suction while he aggressively attacks my testicles with sweet, sweet tongue lashes. My hands run through his hair. My soft moans fill the room.

Suddenly I feel the cold air on my sack as he removes the warm pleasure of his mouth. I can not help making a sigh of disappointment, quickly replaced by more pleasurable moans as he kisses along the sensitive area below my testicles.

Jeff grabs the cheeks of my ass with his strong hands, playfully squeezing them, then rubs down the back of my thighs. As his hands reach the back of my knees he pushes my legs upwards, exposing me fully.

With my pink forbidden hole on display, Jeff darts lower, brushing his lips across my tight rosebud center. My reaction is as instinctive as the first time. Shifting my hips forward, I reach to to pull his face in deeper. My efforts are quickly rewarded by the feeling of his tongue pushing against my ass hole.

“Yessss!” I hiss through clenched teeth.

I rest my feet on his shoulders and his hands move back to grab the cheeks of my ass again. He grips me hard, planting his face firmly between czech porno my cheeks. I feel his sharp stubble scratching the sensitive skin around my tender hole, but its roughness only turns me on more. His tongue probes farther. I fight to relax, allowing him to open my tight hole with his magic tongue.

I grind into his face, emitting constant grunts of pleasure that emanate from the center of my body to escape my lips. Jeff also moans in satisfaction, sending exciting vibrations through my lower regions. Releasing his firm grip from my ass cheek, his finger traces a line up the crack of my ass to join his tongue at the center.

His tongue backs out of my now well lubricated hole, quickly replaced by his probing finger. I release his head as he licks his way back toward my twitching testicles. His finger pushes deeper, wiggling slightly to open me more.

Jeff continues to kiss and lick along my taint and balls as his finger works to relax and spread my tight hole. Once more his mouth closes over my swollen balls, a second finger pushing into me alongside the first. Relaxed now, I offer little resistance to the second intruder, but I clench and unclench my sphincter around his fingers to show how anxious I am for the real thing. Jeff continues to open me wider, trying in vain to prepare me to receive him into my body. I enjoy the feelings his explorations excite, but tremble in anticipation of that final huge entry. I gasp as Jeff forces a third finger into my body.

My testicles slip from his mouth; Jeff asks, “Am I hurting you?”

“No,” I grunt, pushing my ass down on his fingers, “More!”

His left hand gives my cheek a hard squeeze before letting go. I hear the click of the lubricant bottle opening. His fingers withdraw from me. The cold of the lubricant being rubbed around and into my hole startles me. I jump slightly. His fingers push back into me much more easily now. There is almost no discomfort as they reach their maximum depth. His mouth sucks along my shaft as he begins to work his fingers lightly in and out.

The discomfort has ceased, replaced by an exquisite tingling of fullness. My moans begin anew as his strokes increase in length and pace. Soon, my ass no longer offers any resistance to his invading digits when he pushes deeply into me and holds there, wriggling all three fingers inside my now slick passage.

I hear his husky voice asking, “are you ready for a toy now?”

“No.” I reply crudely, sweeping the other toys roughly away and off the bed. “I only want you inside me tonight. Come lie down here,” I say, patting the place beside me.

His fingers withdraw, leaving a deep emptiness. Climbing to the beds center, Jeff lies on his back. As he settles, I slide up beside him, pushing the pillows out of the way as I go. I plant my mouth on his nipple. It’s Jeff’s turn now to moan with pleasure as I rub lubricant on his unyielding hardness.

Jeff gently urges me upward. I reluctantly relinquish my hold on his beautiful cock. Swinging my leg over, I climb atop his body, leaning down for the kiss I can see he aches for. Our lips meet, open to accept each other deeply. Lust reigns as our tongues wrestle; his hand presses my head harder against his mouth.

Reaching back, I grip his cock, rubbing the swollen tip teasingly along my back entrance. Finally, I position us both for the moment we have been wanting for so long. I am still relaxed and open from his touch, but he is so much larger than any touch or toy. I want that though, to feel him fill me, stretch me with his cock as my tightness struggles against his massive invasion.

The position is awkward, so I must pull away from his mouth to sit up. My left hand pushes against his strong chest while my right assists the smooth mushroom head pressing against my hole. His hands gently roam over my body, but the rest of his body is still as stone, allowing me me to control the pace of invasion.

Taking a deep breath, clamping my eyes shut, I push down hard on to his cock. There is a flash of pain; an involuntary cry leaps from my mouth. The pain passes quickly. I feel the fullness of his wide, velvety head inside my body.

Jeff’s hands have stopped moving; he is rigidly still. Opening my eyes I see a look of concern on his face. He is finally inside me, as we had fantasized for so long. Jeff is keeping his needs secondary to his concern for my comfort. His consideration only makes me want him that much more.

I can’t help but smile at his tenderness and concern. I watch the relief wash over his face with my silent sign that I am no longer in pain. I let go of his chest, noticing I had been holding on so hard that my nails have left red marks on his skin.

Holding his gaze, I reach back to spread my cheeks in the classic porn star style, then slowly slide my ass down the length of his shaft. I feel every vein, every wrinkle of the huge shaft that fills me as more and more of him slides past my tight hole. Despite his hardness there is a slight give and softness that creates an exquisitely delightful sensation I have never achieved with any toy. My thighs finally come to rest on his hips as I manage to work all the way down to the base of his cock. We both moan out “Oh!” as his cock bottoms out in my ass.

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