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English for Sinners Ch. 06

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Double Penetration

All characters involved in this story are of at least 18 years of age. All characters involved in this story are original creations of the author. Any resemblance to any real person, place, or event is purely coincidental. Please do not post anywhere else without author permission. Thank you!


It had become clear to me that getting the girls out of my life would be very difficult, possibly dangerous, task. Not once, but twice at least one of them had entered my home without my knowing, the latest event when I wasn’t even present (although I was witness to the events that went on in my bedroom). As pleasurable as both invasions were, I wasn’t so naive to think they would stay at this level forever. Sooner rather than later, the girls would ramp up their involvement in my life, bring me into more risky behaviors and eventually I would be caught or worse. So the first step was removing them from my class, a feat I had failed in achieving by speaking with Mr. Daley, the principal, but there are higher ranks to speak to in the world of school administration, such as the superintendant. More research into how to make that happen would need to be done, as I highly doubted I could just walk into the superintendant’s office like I had with Daley. Still, it was a route worth pursuing, as I had heard this new superintendant was the person to speak to in order to get things done.

I was plotting my next move as I graded papers. After a point, a teacher can more or less double task when grading papers, even ones like the short stories I was grading now. Improper grammar and syntax would jump out at a trained eye, and after so many red marks I knew what grade to give. Perhaps it would have done the students’ a better favor if I were to actually read through all their prose and thoughts as some may hope I would, but I could barely spare the focus. One paper did demand my attention, however.

I had come across Vivika’s paper, and I don’t know why the prospect of reading what was on her mind sent a chill up my spine, but as I would find I was not wrong in being anxious. The assignment was an open-ended writing prompt, just something for the students more so to practice proper sentence structure than share their unique thoughts. It no doubt would have been better to give more restrictions, force the student to work within the confines and get creative rather than have so much free range that they become intimidated by the endless possibilities, but I didn’t think that would be an issue for my students.

Vivika’s handwriting was immaculate, elegant and obviously practiced. It was like reading from an old manuscript, from the days before the printing press. She titled it “Intruder,” and I shuddered to think it was about how she broke into my home, either time. From the first paragraph I could tell this was an entirely different event she was describing, although whether or not it was fiction I could not yet tell, and I dreaded my name appearing anywhere else besides where it was at the top of the paper, along with the date and class number.

The night is not black, not really. When the sun leaves, and the lights dim, yes there is a darkness, a looming shadow that casts itself over a world we understand and leaves a landscape of mysteries, horrors, and delights alike, but it’s not black. The night is blue. Different shades of dark and light, affected by the moon and its many phases, sometimes hidden by clouds, wispy or thick. The night is not black, it is blue, but that creature, that creature is black.

No, perhaps not even black. Black is too easy to understand, too familiar and common. It’s a shade, half of a binary world, along with white. The creature that visited her is darker than that, darker than anything she had ever known or have come to know since then. Make no mistake, he’s not evil from this darkness. The shadowy presence is a product of necessity. This creature must be shrouded, be hidden. Its existence is based in things we do not allow ourselves to see so it must remain unseen. But that night, that blue, seductive night, she saw it.

She was alone in my bed, as she had been every night before then, and few nights since. She was no doubt a woman, fully matured in her body, lusciously full, but lacked the spirit to treat her body as obscenely as men would wish to see. She was innocent and naive. Afraid. Yet, as she would learn, she was just merely waiting for the right teacher.

When he came upon her, she was afraid, but with a blackened finger to his lips he silenced her, like a spell, and calmed my heart. The blood had already pumped through her. She blushes easily with her pale skin, and the red shone out against her cheeks and the tops of her breasts. They heaved, trying to leap from her sheer negligee, which did nothing to obscure their size and form. He enjoyed them, cupped them in ebony hands. Fingers, almost like claws, pressed into the milky flesh and palmed the pebbles beneath satin.

She mewed in such a way that spoke of her vulnerability and pleasure interior design masters izle in equal measures. His long tongue slithered out between moist lips and encircled her freed nipples. He managed a grip with just his wet muscle, and pulled up on her breast, pulling and pulling until the woman gave him the octave he craved and he released. The blankets pushed aside, her long legs pushed and pulled at the fitted sheets, tugging them loose from the corners. Around his hips she locked herself, desperately pulling him closer, begging for a new intrusion. Obviously, he was suited just fine with the foreplay, cackling against her full tit, amused by desperation.

A creature of pleasure can’t ignore pleas for more for long, however. Those ebony-stained digits dragged down her torso, cutting into the fabric and letting it naturally part to expose her quivering stomach. Her wish was fulfilled by his expert fingers. His blue and black body moved, sliding to her left and resting by her side while he worked. His lips suckled at her ear lobe while her lips pulled on his fingers below. Pale white thighs were spread obscenely, exposing the sexual skills being practiced on her. Her legs would close only when she cried out at her loudest. At her cries, the puddle-stain she bounced her ass upon would grow wider from her juices.

While he watched, he grew. It was not her body that aroused him, it was watching her fall deeper and deeper into a sexual frenzy. More than enough for any woman lay against her thigh. She could no longer form any new words of desire, he pulled himself from out of her and slowly sucked the juices off one finger, savoring them before sharing his other two, wet, fingers with her. Happily she tasted, obviously knowing herself in that way for the first time.

With inhuman speed and grace, he moved her, laying her on her stomach, facing the foot of the bed. Gripping her hair, he pulled up, forcing her to look at the mirror by her bedroom door. She gasped at the sight. When her hips rose to meet him, what she saw did not deter her desire. The creature admired his reflection, his muscles illuminated by the moonlight; crowded and rising against his pale blue flesh. After moving a strand of long dark hair from his face, he admired himself once more with those glowing blue eyes, and then entered her.

Instantly she came again, soaking his hips as they pounded against her ass. She wanted to lay her chest against the bare mattress, but he pulled her back up, so her large breasts would jump with her movements. He wanted her to watch herself in the mirror, see how her body moved and reacted to a sensual touch, and understand what a body like hers was for. No doubt he also wanted to watch himself, to view himself dominating this one fragile thing and witness her steady descent into her new perverted nature.

Though kneeling, the creature of the night was in no means a submissive pose. The bruised hand prints on her creamy hips and thighs, matching the red marks on her buttock, were testament to his control of the situation and the new worshipper to his cult of sex. Back straight, he seemed to be angling himself to the moonlight to better admire himself in the mirror. Flesh was blue like the night, but his hands were black, like his feet. It was as if he had plunged his hands into a deep, dark, oil; if he had, it had been done so quickly that the liquid splashed against his forearms and shins, creating a creeping pattern from his wrists and ankles and upward, gradually disappearing the further from his digits it rose.

Her hips leapt back against his with more ferocity than he was giving her, but this was not a being to be outdone. The more she delivered to him, the more he rose to meet her challenge and bring her to new heights of pleasure. Arms and legs weak from the constant barrage of orgasms, she collapsed onto her stomach. Gripping the edge of the bed, she did what she could to brace her body for his continuous onslaught, but could do nothing for her own state of mind. Drool passed from the corner of her lips, only some lapped back up by her lulling tongue.

As if an act of mercy, he pulled free of her, letting her body rest, albeit momentarily. Flipping her onto her back, he settled back down between her legs and quickly began his feast on her sex. Drinking in all of her juices, both in and out of her body, and running his hands over her flesh. His mysterious eyes looking at her face, when it was not obstructed by her considerable chest.

Now not only his hands enjoyed her body, but her own as well. From her thighs to her stomach to her breasts and her neck, she explored herself anew in ways she had once actively shunned as being filthy and perverse. What nectar that wasn’t lapped up with the demon between her thighs was transferred to her own lips and enjoyed with many moans and utterance of curses and praises alike.

Once more he found himself inside her, his hips bought back to meet hers. Legs iyi adamin 10 günü izle lifted up to rest against his broad chest and defined abdominals. Ankles locked behind his head when it lowered to watch her caress her writhing body. Upon yet another countless orgasm, he himself shuddered and released himself inside of her. Her eyes shot open wide. Lips parted in silent scream. She was being filled, completely and utterly, unknowingly to a degree she would never feel from another lover again.

While she lay there panting, eyes glassy and lips smiling, he came off the bed with an ease that spoke none of the vigorous stamina he must have exerted over the last countless climaxes and screams. Before he exited back into the shadows, he looked to the mirror by the bedroom door, and then past it to the door itself, and smiled. He aimed that white, almost fanged, grin at me. I, who had stood in the doorway, and watched the whole scene unfold. He, who had enjoyed the fruits of my mismanaged labor. My mother, who lay changed forever on the bed, still catching her breath. And with a crack of his thin tail, he vanished.

A powerful passage indeed. When I had pulled myself from the trance it put me in, I grinned at the evidence I was now holding. This vulgar piece would be a surefire way to get Vivika removed not only from my class, but possibly the school entirely. I did not bother to grade it, or any other papers, that night. I wanted it to be fresh when I handed it to Daley the following day.

Daley, once again, would be an unwitting partner in my crusade.. I had brought the essay to him first thing in the morning. I sat there, trying to hide my smile and play the part of the concerned teacher who only wanted to see Vivika held accountable for her actions and to get the help she needed. I was surprised he had read through the whole thing. I imagined at the first sight of the word “breast” he would blush, shove the paper back to me, and pick up the phone. Yet he sat, transfixed as I was, and when he finished he readjusted himself in his chair and addressed me.

“I don’t really see what the problem here is, Mr. Harper,” he said, his voice cracking at first.

“What are you talking about?” I exclaimed, dropping my act of concerned educator and speaking with honest shock. “This is filth! Pornographic filth! By one of your students!” I embellished a bit my outrage with the content. “You can’t possibly be okay with this!”

“Come now, Mr. Harper,” he started, trying to calm me with his tone. “This is just how the kids talk nowadays. What with your Twilight and your Fifty Shades and your sexting, this is just the norm for kids today. I’ll admit the content is not…ideal for a student, though. Certainly not extreme enough for you to have come in here this morning.”

I could give no response other than my agape silence.

“In fact, I would think you should be happy. This student’s work is not bad. A lot better than what the students in that class tend to turn in, as I understand it,” he went on to explain, and that’s when I formulated my next idea. I did in fact have evidence to help get her out of my class, but it just wasn’t the content I thought I would need.

“You’re right, yes you’re right. This student, as well as Vanessa and Valentina, have been showing some great promise in my class. I was shocked by the content, but the structure is leagues ahead of anyone else in the class,” I conceded, putting back on an act to further my goals. “although Valentina and Vanessa are doing better, as well,” I made sure to amend, not wanting just Vivika out of my class. “These girls are showing some real improvement,” I explained, my tone becoming more positive with each thought. “In fact, they may not need my class anymore.” I wanted to go on, to say they should be moved back into the regular classroom, but I didn’t want to sound demanding, not like last time.

“Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Mr. Harper. It’s still late in the school year; moving students back after this time is rare,” he reminded me. He could see the defeat forming on my face, and with some empathy he sighed and said, “But it’s not unheard of. I’ll keep an eye on the situation, see what I can do. I wouldn’t want you to have too much on your plate with your class.”

I left the office with a new sense of hope. I felt I finally had them. Their removal wouldn’t be immediate, nor would their being out of my class solve all my problems, but at least I would be able to get some real work done. Too often any attempts at actual teaching were interrupted by a dip in cleavage or flash of panties.

The next few days I gave the class relatively easy assignments. Somehow most were still flying under the average, but the progress of the class didn’t concern me. As soon as the girls’ papers came my way, I passed them with flying colors. Once Daley saw my grade book, he’d see how much better the girls were doing and how little they needed my instruction.

One jungle izle day, I returned to class after lunch to find Vanessa missing. This time, I made sure to keep my laptop closed. Once again, the girls proved to be one step ahead of me. The moment I sat down behind my desk, I felt deft hands working near my crotch. Nearly leaping out of my chair with a start, I saw the blonde beauty hidden under my desk, smiling up at me. I played the shock off, for the class, like I had seen a mouse, which unfortunately go them riled up too. I managed to calm them all down as my own heart beat raced faster and faster. Vanessa was sparing no seconds getting my cock out of my pants.

Throughout the class I had to teach while sitting at my desk. While I went over the lesson, Vanessa dragged her tongue over my flesh. Always avoiding the head. Once my shaft was soaked in her saliva, she took the engorged helmet and played with it between her lips. I could feel those eyes of hers on me, watching my face as I did my best to keep my composure and not let on what was happening below.

At one point her hands and lips left me, the cool air running across my wet flesh. I made the mistake of looking down under my desk, curious why she had stopped. Now she was trying to work buttoned shirt open. Some trouble was to be had in the cramped space, and she even bumped her head on the wood above her. I had to play that off with a cough. A weak ploy, but I doubted any of the students suspected there was a busty bimbo below my desk, taking a break from a blowjob to wrestle her tits out of her shirt. All except two.

Clearly she wanted to turn the blowjob into a titjob, but the cramped quarters did not allow for that. With a huff, she returned to enveloping my cock with her lips and tongue, and instead played with her tits rather than wrapping them around me. When she grabbed my hand with slick fingers and pulled it to her sticky nipple, I could tell she had been playing with herself. Now I too was playing with her. Palming her heavy tit, pinching and pulling her erect nipple. How did an 18 year old manage to get such perfect breasts? No, not breasts. Breasts feed children. She had tits. Tits were purely for pleasure. And these considerable melons were all about giving and receiving pleasure.

While class was dismissing, I filled her mouth and throat with my seed. Not a drop was wasted, her lips never leaving my rod until my hips stop lurching up to meet her face. As the noise of the departing class faded into the hallway, I could hear her give a final gulp of her meal. Clear of witnesses, I slid my chair back and begged her to emerge from under my desk.

Standing between me and my papers, she covered herself back up and wiped her plump lips clean with her tongue. “Thanks for the meal, Mr. Harper,” she cooed, rubbing her exposed belly. “I missed lunch.” She departed to meet Vivika and Val who were waiting for her outside my door.

Another day, I was walking down the hall, ready to hit up the teacher’s lounge to have lunch. Suddenly, I was grabbed and yanked into another room. Science classrooms are always the easiest to identify, with the equipment lining the walls and the long black tables filling the middle of the space. The room was empty, save for me and Valentina, my captor.

“What the hell are you doing?” I pointlessly asked as I was dragged over to one of the smooth black tables.

“I have a game coming up in an hour, and I need to get ready,” she explained, as if that would clear up any of the questions I obviously had.

“So then shouldn’t you be practicing? On the field, in the locker room? Something like that?”

She huffed, blowing a long bang from in front of her pierced and annoyed face. “I don’t need anything like that. What I need is to get fucked.”

My silence clearly told her of my confusion.

“Before every game, I make myself come.” I licked my lips at the thought of her in the locker room, stretched out on a bench, a toy buried deep inside. “Today, like an idiot, I left my dildo at home,” she went on to explain, turning her back to me and then yanking her shorts down to her knees. Bent over the table, she displayed her naked and wet pussy, demanding to be used.

“Well, come on!” she demanded. “I don’t know how much longer this room is going to be free, so you better work fast.” Perhaps I could have ran, but I suspected there could be a chance either or both of the remaining V-girls were at the doors; not to guard from someone coming in, but to keep me from leaving. And truthfully, I didn’t want to leave, not after seeing her brown slit welcoming me.

I only got to be inside her pussy for a few minutes. Then she pushed me back, slicked her fingers into herself, and then worked the juices into her asshole. Foolishly I tried to put myself back into her pussy. She cursed me, and corrected my path to her wet asshole. “Let’s go! I’m tired of not having a cock in my ass,” she crudely stated.

Twice as tight as her pussy, it took me awhile to build up the pace and rhythm she was demanding from me. She wanted it hard, fast, and rough. I was happy to oblige after she called me a dumb asshole for the 50th time. I slapped her ass as I fucked it, and pulled her short hair when her moans were interrupted by insults. She laughed at this. Licking her lips and teeth, she looked back over her shoulder at me, egging me on further.

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