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Enslaving the Family Ch. 01

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Foreword: Welcome readers! My name is Grant and I enjoy writing, in fact I’ve written four novels as of now, some fantasy, some science fiction. Lately I’ve struggled with depression while pursuing a degree at University so I’ve turned to writing as a splendid pasttime. Exploring sexual topics, notably in writing gets me off like nothing else, and helps ease lots of the stress in my life. Consequently ,after reading many erotic stories on this site, I have decided to try my hand at the genre. There is something innately sexy about the taboo so this story will plunge right into the darkest corners of lust and hopefully leave you quivering with sexual pleasure. I welcome any and all feedback and will upload my story in chapters that will get progressively more and more sexually pleasing.

Disclaimer: * This is sexually explicit material, but it will take time to develop the story before the taboo reaches its peak. Of course it’s understood people reading this are over 18, and that all themes explored in this novel are purely imaginative, that is they will stay in the confines of the mind and not be acted on. I believe porn is a very good sexual release and helps alleviate stress, contribute to sexual satisfaction and actually decrease incidences of actual rape or crimes motivated out of a wish to tangibly enjoy sexuality.*

Feel free to post with comments and feedback if you enjoy this story. Thanks. Lean back, relax and enjoy. Cheers!

Plot Outline:

-Main character is 19, finished high school.
-Sister is 21, works at an insurance firm. (Katie)
-Dad perished in a car accident.
-Mom is 39.

I arrived home and retreated downstairs to my basement. Such was the living conditions established at my home, since I was unemployed and had just finished highschool. The basement was mine to do with as I pleased, posters of halo covered the wall, some depicting forerunner structures, others showing the hero masterchief as he stomped in alien’s skulls and proudly beat back the covenant. Warm incandescent lights glowed near each poster, and a very large 4-poster bed sat in the middle of the room. It was a nice large bed with comfy sheets and pillows, and I had ambitious plans for it. Around the bed was my desk, with skyrim proudly loaded on my laptop. I sat down and toyed with the mouse. My character had beautiful daedric armour that looked like it was forged in the fires of hell. It glowed with an iridescence that no mortal could comprehend and its skeletal ridged helmet made its wearer look like the lord of the universe. I pivoted around with the skyrim character, surveying the landscape from the throat of the world, a towering mountain that loomed over everything. I felt powerful, omnipotent and I had explored dungeons and completed quests and I was powerful.

I could do as I wished and no laws could hold me back. bahçeşehir escort I was a God. I enabled a shout for the hell of it and energy shot out of my character, striking a nearby frost troll. Just then, as I moved in for the kill, my Mom yelled from upstairs, “Come help me prepare supper!”

“In a minute!” I retorted as the frost troll and I dueled. The troll whacked me with its huge club but I blocked the impact with a shield and stabbed at the troll with a huge gnarled sword. I slew the troll, picked up a gem and some coins and moved on to attack an incoming horde of enemies.

I was irritated by my Mom constantly wanting me to do chores. After Dad had died the family received plenty of money in a cash settlement. He had been slew by a car and his life insurance awarded us a massive paycheque, well over a million dollars. My Mom was home all the time so she could easily do the chores, or just hire someone. My mom also only gave me a tiny fraction of the paycheque and kept the rest holed up in a bank account. There was no reason why I needed to contribute so much.

My sister, Katie, would have helped out, but she had moved out and was working for an insurance firm. She was very attractive, and looked nothing like me. She was blonde, with huge breasts.

One time, after she had had a shower, I peered in through the door crack and saw her large ample breasts that were crowned with dark brown areole and protruding nipples that stuck out like giant pencil erasers. Her curvy body, and large bulbous ass came together to present a highly desirable women. She had inherited it likely from our mother, who despite her age, 39, was still very attractive. My mother was similar to my sister, but had larger saggier breasts and auburn hair. She also had softer features and stunning blue eyes.

Just as I was thinking about her coincidentally she stuck her head down the basement stairs, her reddish brown hair falling across her face, “Get up here now! I need dinner ready! Enough with your stupid videogames.”

“They are not stupid!” I roared back at her as I slew the last attacking troll and paused the laptop screen. My Mom advanced down the stairs, folding her arms decisively against her cleavage confined in an ugly sweater. Oh god I wanted to tear off that sweater, and let her breasts be free. My Mom saw where my eyes were directed and scowled angrily, “Honestly, get up here now.”

“Fine,” I growled in defeat. I marched up the stairs and settled down for supper. Mom was already at the kitchen table enjoying a dish of spaghetti and pointed at the stove, “I finished it off because you took so long. Just get a dish and join me here.”

A pot of pasta simmered over the stove and I went and served up a generous helping and settled down at the table. I took a few mouthfuls bakırköy escort and then paused. My Mom was glaring at me, “We need a talk,” she said, she paused, shoveling more pasta into her mouth, “You need to go get a job and contribute to society. Your sister is off working for an insurance agency, you need to go do something like that! You have until tomorrow to make a decision. I’ve mollycoddled you long enough, you need to find a job or I’m evicting you.”

“Huh whaaat?” I said as I choked on spaghetti in surprise.

My Mom glared at me, and brushed a lock of auburn hair from her smooth face, “That’s right. Your sister had it all worked out. You need to find something or at least come up with a plan by tomorrow or I’ll evict you!”

Anger boiled to the surface and a devilish plan began to surface in my subconsciousness. I was going to turn the tables on my own mother so badly that she would regret ever crossing me. For the moment I would play along but tonight I was going to start off my plan with a bang. I pretended to take the news solemnly, as I knew any other reaction would arouse suspicion.

“But mom!” I protested. I angrily gathered up my plate and stormed downstairs. I set my dish next to skyrim, still paused on my laptop, and that was when my mom made a grave mistake. She stepped downstairs into my basement. I opened up my desk and took out a camera, scissors and duct tape and rope and subtly stuffed the contents in my clothes. Then I walked over toward my Mom, brushed past her and bolted the basement door shut.

“What are you doing?” she demanded.

“Making you my slave.” I retorted as I quickly overpowered her, pushed her to the ground and duct taped her mouth shut. She hyperventilated through her nose and her blue eyes were filled with panic as she lay on the ground. I leaned over and fastened rope tightly around her arms. Then I cut off two sections of rope and tied them on to her ankles. She tried to scream but the noise did not register through the duct tape that was expertly applied around her mouth and lower chin several times, wound in a circle that covered the back of her head too. She looked so utterly helpless, flailing around on the basement carpet floor. She wore a dress and that ugly sweater, and I intended to have fun with her, take many photos and blackmail her so no one would ever find out she was my personal sex slave.

I kicked her in the side and leaned close to her face and whispered, “Just calm down and relax and this will go over smoothly.” Her eyes flashed with panic and I pushed her over close to my bed and tied her legs to a bedpost, so they were spread out. She squirmed and flinched but was powerless as I peered into her dress. I cut away her underwear, exposing her tender pussy. There was a great deal of hair concentrated başakşehir escort there so I went to the basement washroom and brought over my shaving cream and a razor. She tried to move but I held her still by pressing my knees against her lower abdomen, and I shaved her pussy bare. I stuck my face into her vagina and she went wild, thrashing like a fish out of water. I smiled, enjoying her discomfort. I retracted out from between her legs and snapped a photo with my camera.

Then I set my camera on my bed and like a wild animal I tore off her blouse and ugly sweater. Her huge round breasts stood out like soccerballs sewn to her chest, crowned by glorious nipples that were beginning to lactate in arousal. I could smell the sweet breast milk and I sucked one of the nipples into my mouth, draining her breast of copious amounts of milk. Then I gave her other breast similar attention and wiped the creamy whiteness from around my lips. I pulled back her skirt and felt her nice round ass. I dug my fingernails into it and was rewarded when she convulsed with pain, then I stripped off my pants and thrust my raging cock deep into my mother’s pussy. It slid in easily because she was so aroused by now. I rammed my rock deep into her over and over again as I suckled at her breasts. I felt an unbelievable amount of cum rush out of my dick and into my mother, so much so that it began to leak out and lubricate the sex further. My Mom could be heard grunting audibly through her nose as she enjoyed the sick twisted incest. My Mom’s juices flowed out of her pussy, mingling with my sticky cum and I finally orgasmed. In the moment of my pleasure I bit down hard on my mother’s breasts, and a huge volume of frothy milk spurted forth. An inferno of warmth and absolute pleasure swelled out of the tip of my cock and enveloped me. I could feel like mother’s pussy convulse under me as she simultaneously orgasmed too. Her muscles tightened around my rock, and then loosened, several times and it was unbelievably intimate and sensual. I finally pulled out of her and snapped several more photographs.

Then I whispered into her ear and she listened calmly, exhausted from the tremendous mutual orgasms we had shared, “You are now my slave. You will do as I say or I will send all the photographs to all your friends and post them to the internet and ruin your life. Your pussy and tits belong to me. Tomorrow we will go to the bank, and buy you a collar and a milking stand, so you can be a true and proper slut. From now on your name is slut. Understand?”

Slut nodded weakly and I stripped off the tape and she gasped for air.

“I understand,” she gasped weakly, her cheeks flushed from the exertions.

“Good,” I said, “Now come into bed with your master.”

I untied the ropes and she weakly followed me into the large 4-poster bed and lay down, accepting her role as a subservient slut. I straddled my legs around her and placed my cock back into her vagina where it belonged. She sobbed bitterly but was powerless against my will as I sucked on her breasts and leaked more cum into her swollen slit. Slowly day faded into night and the warmth of my slave’s body seemed to merge with my own.

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